Spring Training Report: 3/10

Bill Shanks reports in from Spring Training in Orlando where J.D Drew continues to tear the cover off the ball, and Andy Pratt is fighting hard to claim a spot in the Braves bullpen.

Hello from Tampa where the Braves beat the Yankees today. J.D. Drew is unbelievably hot. His home run today hit the road behind Legends Field. No one believed he could better his home run from Monday, but he did it today. It was a monster shot.

Johnny Estrada's grand slam was helped a bit by the wind, but it was a pretty good poke nonetheless. I also watched Johnny closely today behind the plate. He seems to do a good job working with his pitchers.

Good to see Nick Green and Kelly Johnson get hits today.

John Thompson got by this afternoon. He didn't have great stuff, but was good enough to get them out. I know it's still early and there's a lot of time left, but it looks like Andy Pratt is really wanting that bullpen job. He looked awesome again today. His slider has good control and his fastball was really popping.

Kyle Davies and Macay McBride were with the big league team again today but were not needed. Both were able to throw in front of Leo Mazzone on Monday at Disney and loved the experience.

In the minor league intrasquad games today, Chris Waters continued his good pitching with a solid two innings. He gave up a home run to Aaron Herr but had no other trouble. Waters will start the season in Greenville's rotation..

The first full squad minor league workout is on Friday.

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