Braves May not be Done Dealing

Sources tell BravesCenter that the Braves may be talking to the Milwaukee Brewers about relief pitcher <B>Danny Kolb</B>.

Kolb, a hard throwing right hander who has been reportedly clocked at over 100 MPH this spring, would be another acquisition for the bullpen, which has seen Juan Cruz and Chris Reitsma added already this week.

If the Braves do make a move again for the pen, the source suggests that one player that might be out is already maligned Antonio Alfonseca, who has struggled mightily this spring, possibly sparking the recent trades.

If Alfonseca is released, the Braves would be on the hook for the entirety of his 1.3 million dollar contract, assuming that he clears waivers.

Another possibility is Will Cunnane, but he too would have to clear waivers and accept his assignment to the minors, as Russ Branyan did last week.

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