Scouting Video: OF Josh Burrus

Outfielder <B>Josh Burrus</B> is the latest Braves Minor Leaguer featured in our exclusive scouting video. Burrus, 20, spent last season with Danville where he hit .254, and has already jumped out to a great start this year with Rome hitting .308 in 3 games for the R-Braves.

Josh Burrus Scouting Video (Premium)

Scouting Report: OF Josh Burrus

There were players who wrung up better statistical seasons than Josh Burrus in 2003 for Danville; and even in the context of his team's offensive production, the 0.657 OPS Burrus posted hardly looks impressive. The question thus raised, then, is what merits mention of Burrus as a standout among the Braves High-Rookie League team? Playing most of the season at the age of nineteen, Burrus raised his batting average from the 0.236 he posted in 2002 at Danville to 0.254 in 2003. Unfortunately, his on-base percentage fell – from 0.338 to 0.318. His walk rate also fell, to 12.6 at-bats per walk in 2003, and his strikeouts went up, averaging 3.94 at-bats per every strikeout. This caused a 0.27 drop in his walk-to-strikeout numbers. Of course, his power did go up a significant amount, from a 0.293 slugging percentage in 2002 to a 0.339 a year later.

The improvement on 2002, if Burrus's 2003 season can even be called that, was slight, which is the crucial difficultly with Burrus. Even at the relatively young age of 20, Josh Burrus has already played two seasons at Danville without putting up numbers of any significance. His initial foray was somewhat promising based on a 0.102 isolated on-base percentage and a 7.51 at-bat per walk rate, but both those numbers suffered serious falloffs in 2003, making the season almost a bit of a regression. Burrus is still very young, and he has all the physical tools to succeed, but presently he finds himself in quite a precarious situation. Now an outfield prospect, Burrus is behind a very deep field of young players, and next season may indeed be the deciding one. Even at his young age, a third year in Danville seems quite unlikely, which means he must battle in the spring to earn a spot in Rome's outfield: no simple task considering the Matt Esquivel's season in Danville and the three excellent outfielders (Steve Doetsch, Carl Loadenthal, and Carlos Moreta) from the GCL who have a good shot at skipping the High-Rookie level altogether. Burrus still has promise, but his future is nonetheless quite equivocal.

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