Saturday's Post Game Comments

Last night's win over the Florida Marlins was bittersweet as Mike Hampton's strong return from injury was overshadowed by yet another injury - this time to Mark DeRosa. Bill Shanks was at the game, and has commentary from Bobby Cox and Mike Hampton.


(On DeRosa): He said he just felt like it exploded. He's out. He's going to MRI'd tomorrow. Whatever they find out, it's not going to be good.

(On Hampton): Hampton was impressive and showed no wear and tear. Hopefully we'll get him out there another time and see how he is. But he pitched plenty good tonight. He was moving the ball around and had great movement on his sinker. He felt it just maybe a twinge, but nothing major. We've got our fingers crossed that he can cut it. We'll see what happens. He answered all our questions tonight, but you've got to remember that's a bad knee and it always could build up with fluid and he might not be able to pitch. We'll wait and see. He was plenty good for me.

(On Wise's Home Run): Well it doesn't surprise me. He's been hitting a lot of home runs foul. He got that one fair.

(On Pavano): Pavano was very impressive too. He pitched a great ballgame.


(On his performance):It went well. I can tell it's not 100% but I just made a conscience effort to go out there and not change anything and just pitch and try to put that out of my mind. I was able to do that tonight. I knew we were going to have quite a few guys with days off. They had me for five or six but fortunately enough I was able to keep the pitch count down and the defense made all the plays and I was able to go seven.

(On fielding his position with his bum knee): Yea I knew I was going to have to plant on it and it was in the back of my mind. But it came out all right and it really didn't bother me too much.

(On DeRosa): As soon as it happened I had in the back of my mind a little bit of a clue what happened. He was in a tremendous amount of pain. When I went back on the mound I was like, "Man and I'm worried about my knee." Just put that out of my mind and just make your pitches. It's bad for us. It's bad for DeRo. He's such a competitor and such a big part of this team coming off the bench. It's really unfortunate to see something like that happen to somebody who works so hard.

(On feeling a bit of a twinge): Not really. I felt it a little bit running. I kinda knew I was going to feel it a little bit. I tried to beat that thing out. That was the first thing that entered my man. I was like, "Man I could beat that thing out (if not injured)." But I've got to be smart about this. Something I don't think I've ever had to do in the past is try to be smart about my body. But overall I'm really happy with how it went tonight.

(On the pitcher's dual with Pavano): Yea you see why Pavano is in the running for the Cy Young. He uses both sides of the plate and changes speeds really well. He's a great pitcher. Fortunate enough for us we got a big hit. We didn't get too many of them but it was a big one.

(On whether Sunday - the day after - will be the test for his knee): It will. Tomorrow. We'll see. There will probably be some swelling, but that's something I'm going to have to battle for the rest of the year and the post season. We should get a good indication tomorrow. But I'm happy right now with how tonight went.

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