Adam LaRoche Interview

Braves First Baseman Adam LaRoche tied Thursday's Game 2 at 2 with a double in the 8th inning. After the game, BravesCenter's Bill Shanks had a chance to talk with "Rochy" about the Braves 4-2 win.

SHANKS: Can you talk about the double.
LAROCHE: It was good. It felt good to come out and get three (hits) today. I really can't talk about the hit. I've got to talk about the whole team and the heart that they showed. Whether we're down by five or down by one, we don't give up and that really showed today.
SHANKS: Oswalt was extremely tough today. He's got great stuff doesn't he?
LAROCHE: He does. You've got to sit on one pitch - either the big curve ball or the fastball. It's either 95 or a 70 mile an hour curve ball. He's very tough and that's why he won 20 games this year. We didn't get to him, but it just happened to go our way there at the end. He threw great.

SHANKS: vI was scared in the 8th inning when Garner came out there that he was going to bring a lefty in (which would have seen LaRoche pinch hit for).
LAROCHE: I know I was too. I knew if he does that I'm done. That crossed my mind.

SHANKS: They had you played straight away and you hit it to left.
LAROCHE: I didn't notice that but they are normally shading me that way. He threw a few sliders down. I kinda got an idea of what he was doing. Then I fouled one off and then he threw another that he left up. It was up and out over the plate and I was just trying to hit it hard somewhere. I got lucky and it fell in.

SHANKS: You needed a win, but you also needed a win like this (with Fookie hitting the game winner in dramatic fashion).
LAROCHE: It's important. It's a big momentum swing. I think everybody knew that today's game had to be won. You can't go into Houston down two and expect to go in and sweep in there and come how and win. They're not a team like that. They're tough at home - tougher at home than they are here obviously. It was big. It was big. And to do it the way we did I hope it carries over for the rest of the series.

SHANKS: I know you want to win every game, but since they are so tough at home do you think a split out there would be good and bring it home for Game 5 or can you not think like that?
LAROCHE: No you can't. You've got to go out to win every game. We'll see what happens the day after tomorrow. I would like to think we could take both of them from them, especially with Clemens and Oswalt out of the way. I don't know who they're throwing tomorrow. They do have some tough pitchers, but their two toughest are out of the way for now. So let's see what happens.

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