Complacent to Loss?

So you think nothing was different this postseason? Chipper Jones begs to differ.

So you think nothing was different this postseason? Well, here's something that wasn't the same as last October: 3B Chipper Jones was at his locker after the Braves lost the Division Series to the Astros at Turner Field. He was dressed, his duffel bag was stuffed with gear, and he was ready to leave while most of his teammates were toweling off. But he was there, answering questions.

A year ago, Jones was so upset about his poor performance that he never came out of the off-limits areas of the clubhouse, a subject that came up in February, even before spring training, when some of the pitchers reported for pitching coach Leo Mazzone's early throwing program.

RHP John Smoltz, holding court way back then on the subject of the team's failure in the 2003 postseason, took the opportunity to mention Jones' failure to face the post-series music.

Jones jibed back mildly, but nothing really flared; they both realized they were the veterans and they were both going to spend the year being the voice of the team.

Jones didn't deliver offensively in the Division Series this year, either, but because the Braves staged gritty comeback performances in their wins in the second and fourth games, the players didn't seem to be as upset about this loss as about the others.

And so Jones was ready for questions.

"It's a disappointing way to end our improbable season," he said "Obviously, we're all disappointed right now. In a week from now when we reflect back on our season, (we'll realize that) as a team, as a unit, we played well."

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