Rumblings from the GM Meetings

Are the Braves going to trade Andruw Jones? Is Kevin Brown headed down South? Has John Smoltz agreed to renegotiate his contract to move back into the rotation? These rumors and more are the latest rumblings out of Key Biscayne, Florida and the GM Meetings.

  • Rumbling #1 - ESPN's Peter Gammons and several New York papers have floated a trade that has Andruw Jones headed to the New York Yankees for Kevin Brown in a deal whose primary function would effectively clear payroll to the tune of the $39 million left on Jones's contract, allowing the Braves to then resign JD Drew and make a move for a frontline starting pitcher.

    There's no way that the Braves are going to move Andruw Jones in this type of deal, if even at all. However, the Kevin Brown portion of this rumor does have legs. According to a report published in this evening's online edition of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution Braves GM John Schuerholz and Yankee GM Brian Cashman met briefly today, fueling speculation that the Braves may be very interested in making a move for Brown, a Macon, GA native.

  • Rumbling #2: The Yankees' have placed Jaret Wright fourth or fifth on their list of targeted free-agent pitchers.

    Doesn't bode well for Atlanta. The Braves have already made it amply clear this offseason that they will be conservative, fiscally responsible bidders. It's not likely they will engage in a bidding war for Wright if the Yankees so choose to go after him.

  • Rumbling #3: John Smoltz is the process of renegotiating his contract.

    The reason, of course, would be his possibly imminent return to the starting rotation. As it stands, Smoltz will make $12 million this season - however, if he starts a full seasons' slate of games, that number could reach $15M through incentive (100K per start). His willingness to come to a agreeable deal with Atlanta could spell out a lot of the Braves' offseason plans.

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