MOY Award overdue for Cox

The first was with the Blue Jays in 1985, the second in the Braves' 1991 worst-to-first season. But his many fans have been miffed every year since that he had not won the award again.

So now he wins in a year in which the Braves struggled and did not make it out of the Division Series.

It is his most satisfying win because it took all 25 players and raiding the farm system besides.

Cox did not foresee winning this award in spring training, but he did like this team. He said so over and over, even when the Braves were mired near the bottom of their division.

And at various points this season -- and in previous seasons -- Cox has stressed that every success he has had over the past 13 full seasons is because he had good players. General manager John Schuerholz signed them and the team's scouts found them.

"It's been a special year," Cox said. "Coming into the season and spending the winter looking forward to spring training with the names that we had on the board, I thought we had a real good ballclub that would contend. You never know if you're going to walk away with something or not. You just don't know.

"So many things happened to the ballclub early on in the season that it became questionable in a lot of people's minds. But we were saved, in my mind, by our farm system, which is pretty darn strong, I think."

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