Send Chuckie-T A Message

BravesCenter is giving Braves fans a chance to send a message to the departing Charles Thomas. Bill Shanks tells you how you can wish "Chuckie-T" well as he heads to the Oakland Athletics.

Charles Thomas was one of the most electrifying players to ever wear an Atlanta Braves uniform. His hustle and impressive play was a main reason the Braves turned it around in late June of 2004. Even though he was with the Braves for a short time, his contributions will never be forgotten.

Several weeks ago I interviewed Thomas from the Dominican Republic, where he's playing winter ball. I mentioned to him that when his trade to the A's was announced, one of the main reasons there was any negative reaction to the big trade was his inclusion. Fans were disappointed to see such an inspiring player leave after only a little more than three months on the team. Since he's mostly been in the Dominican since the trade, he was a little surprised by that.

So we're opening up a thread on our message board for you to wish Charles the best and thank him for his tremendous play in 2004. At the end of this week, I'll collect the messages and mail them to Charles. Please wish him well and share with him your favorite memory from his tremendous rookie season.


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