Orr Ready For Major League Opportunity

One of the Braves' minor leaguers to watch this spring will be infielder Pete Orr, who had a tremendous season at AAA Richmond last year. As he prepares for his first big league spring training, Orr spoke with BravesCenter's Bill Shanks about the excitement of getting a chance at making the Atlanta roster.

SHANKS: Are you nervous? Excited? What's the feeling as you prepare to head south?

ORR: Unbelievably excited. I'm nervous in a way, but I think it's a good nervous. I think if I wasn't a bit nervous, that would be a bad thing, I think. I don't think anyone else could be more excited about just going down there and playing than I am.

SHANKS: Do you feel you're going to get a legit chance to make the team?

ORR: I think I have to go in there with that attitude if you want to make the team. That's why you're there. You can't control it; it's up to other people. All you can do is play hard and play well and make them make a tough decision. That's what I plan to do.

SHANKS: What was it like when you were told you were on the 40-man roster?

ORR: Yea five years in the minors of being like, "Man, what's going to happen? What's going on?" So just being put on the 40-man was kind of like, "Wow, I've gotten to another step." It's an honor and it's exciting, too. I can't wait.

SHANKS: Do you think since people don't know as much about you, you are really going to have to simply prove to them what you can do? Is it kind of like what Charles Thomas had to do last year?

ORR: I think I'm going to have to just play the way I play. If I try to do things that I don't do, then that's when I'll get in trouble. I've just got to go play the way I play and I know I'm going to play as hard as I can and do everything that way. That's what I'm going to do. Hopefully, everything works out.

SHANKS: You know what Charles Thomas went through last year. He got that chance and made that first good impression. Do you feel that's important for you as well this year?

ORR: Very much so. I think anytime you meet new people, which I'll be doing, it's very important to make a good first impression. You want people to like you. Hopefully, I'll go about my business the right way and definitely treat everyone there with respect. That's just the way I am, though. Charles and I are very close. First impressions are pretty big, and you want to make sure everybody likes you.

SHANKS: Was it easy to think when you were sitting on the bench in the minor leagues that you just were not going to make it? Did you have to fight that?

ORR: You have to fight it everyday. My five years have been a roller coaster. You go through times where you think you're doing the right thing, and then all of a sudden, for reasons you don't even know, the stuff isn't working out. You fight through it. It's a battle. I can admit it that I've had tons of doubts; you just start doubting yourself. It's not easy, that's for sure. Confidence is a huge thing to have, and hopefully I have enough confidence to go in and do what I can do.

SHANKS: What does the Bill Lucas Award mean to you?

ORR: Oh, it's a huge award, especially for the type of award it is (sportsmanship). It's an award for being a good person, I guess. It's a huge honor. That's family. I can really thank my parents for raising me the right way. It's a big honor.

Bill Shanks can be reached at thebravesshow@email.com

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