Braves Young Arms Do Well In Debut

The Atlanta Braves no-hit Georgia Tech in the spring training opener Wednesday. BravesCenter's Bill Shanks had a chance to talk with several of the young pitchers who combined to shutout the Yellow Jackets.


SHANKS: How did you feel getting the start out there today?

MINER: I felt good. I had the jitters a little bit starting off. But I was happy when I got done. I don't know if I took a breath there for about two innings.

SHANKS: I know not many people may appreciate this, but how did it feel to make the walk to the dugout from the bullpen with Leo?

MINER: Yea I was definitely thinking about what I was doing. How many people in the world have ever done that? People who watched that might not have thought anything of it, but I sure did. Hopefully it won't be the last time I'll do that. I was trying to walk at a nice pace and soak it all in a little bit.

SHANKS: So you had two good innings?

MINER: The first couple of hitters my ball wasn't moving real well. Leo told me something at Camp Leo, come more over the top on the two-seamer than the four-seamer. To feel like I'm throwing more over-handed on that than the four-seamer. I was happy with it. Johnny (Estrada) told me my fastball was moving real well. I had to smile about that.

SHANKS: And a no-hitter was pretty cool?

MINER: Definitely. I know everybody was pumped. The five of us all had smiles on our faces when we left. To not give up any hits was amazing. It was cool to be apart of. Anybody who says they were just a college team, they were good. They had a lot of guys drafted and a lot of talent. That was awesome to do that.

SHANKS: Did the coaches say anything to you?

MINER: Leo shook my hand and told me I did a good job. Bobby said I threw the ball well. Everybody that went out there today did a great job. It was a good way to start the year off I think.


SHANKS: So how did you feel out there?

LEREW: I felt pretty good. I was pretty nervous actually. I just had to step back and get in the right frame of mind before I threw. It was pretty exciting though.

SHANKS: Well you didn't look too nervous with two perfect innings.

LEREW: Being nervous is a good thing I think. It helps me do better. I could feel the adrenaline and stuff. I just had to bear down.

SHANKS: And that was a good first test with your arm. I know you hit 95 on the gun. How did your arm feel?

LEREW: Everything felt good. I was floating out there.

SHANKS: Did they say anything to you afterwards?

LEREW: Leo said we started off good with a no hitter. I think we set the bar kind of high. I got that first one under my belt.


SHANKS: How did it feel to be out there in that uniform?

MCBRIDE: It felt good. That first outing you are always a little nervous, no matter who you are facing. But you get out there and throw some strikes, that's all that matters right now. We came out and had some good first results.

SHANKS: What's your goal in the first couple of appearances?

MCBRIDE: To go out there and throw some strikes and make a good first impression. Obviously, you're not playing the Astros or someone like that. But it's still baseball and they're still good. They can still hit. You want to go out and throw the ball well and mainly have command of your fastball. Basically that's what we all try to do early on.

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