THE HOT LIST: Braves' Top 20 Pitching Prospects

BravesCenter's Bill Shanks takes a look at how the Braves' best pitching prospects stack up in the Top 20 Hot List.

1. Anthony Lerew – Richmond has not slowed him down one bit. With Davies up, Lerew takes over as the number one prospect.

2. Chuck James – Hate to label James as a #2, but maybe #1b would be more appropriate. He's just been dominant since the day he put on a Braves' uniform.

3. Joey Devine – Does he deserve to be this high? Absolutely. If he continues being perfect, he'll be in Atlanta in mid-August.

4. Zach Miner – Having a solid season in Richmond. Zach has some of the best stuff in the organization and deserves a chance.

5. Matt Harrison – Of all the Rome pitchers, he's having the best season. The lefty version of Millwood is their comparison – not bad.

6. Jake Stevens – While not as dominating as 2004, Stevens is still having a solid developmental season in Myrtle Beach. Still one of the best young lefties around.

7. Brady Endl – The surprise of the year opened eyes in spring training and has not stopped. He could wind up in Mississippi before it's all over this year.

8. James Parr – The 2004 4th rounder has been the hottest pitcher in the organization for the last three weeks, including an 8-inning no-hitter.

9. Kevin Barry – While the numbers aren't great, Barry is showing that he's close to being ready to contribute at the big league level.

10. Macay McBride – Is he a starter or a reliever? Right now, he's a lefty reliever with more development needed.

11. Chris Vines – The Rome staff has been very impressive, and Vines is having a very solid season. He's got great size and great stuff.

12. Luis Atilano – See Vines' comment and add Atilano's name. Pretty much the same story. How good might Atilano and Vines be in two years?

13. Matt Wright – Wright has had some good appearances in AA this season. Wonder if he could develop into a Gryboski-type reliever?

14. Sean White – The benefactor of run support in Myrtle Beach, White has still pitched well this season. He and Endl are two solid college draft picks.

15. Glenn Tucker – Mississippi's closer has really never struggled in his pro career. He's a sidearmer that confuses hitters and gets people out.

16. Jairo Cuevas – The fast start in Danville gives him some attention. He's a big righty with great control and is taking off this year.

17. Frank Brooks – Expect him to get a spring invite next year. He's having a solid season in Richmond.

18. Matt Coenen – Inconsistent a bit in Mississippi, but the good games are outnumbering the bad ones.

19. Will Startup – He's not been perfect like Devine, but he's showing that Rome won't be his last stop in 2004.

20. Chris Waters – Probably a surprise but he's showing he's healthy again and he's left-handed. Never count out a lefty.

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