Braves drop tough game but magic number at one

BravesCenter's Bill Shanks was in the Braves' lockerroom after Monday's loss to the Rockies. Here are the postgame comments from Bobby Cox, Chris Reitsma, Horacio Ramirez, and Blaine Boyer.


On Blaine Boyer:
"His bicep….I don't know what it is. We thought it was a tired arm before. He's been throwing the ball really well. I don't know. Day to day I guess. We'll see."

On the bullpen failing again:
"Reits(ma) made a great pitch. I don't know if he (Greene) was looking for a breaking ball or what, but the ball was outside and almost in the dirt when he hit it. I haven't seen it on TV, but from the dugout it looked as if it was a good pitch. It just didn't work out."

"We should've won it."


"It leaves a bitter taste in your mouth. It makes you realize that this game really isn't fair sometimes. But I take full responsibility. I blew it. I feel like I was pitching halfway decent. I got the ground ball when I was looking for a ground ball. He just hit it off the ground. I've got to tip my cap to Greene. That's baseball. It's not fun sometimes. It can be a game of inches, and it just didn't go my way tonight."


"I felt great out there. I felt good. I had decent location. In the sixth inning I got the ball up a little bit, and they ended up hitting it pretty hard."

"It is disappointing. We would have loved to have won it today and drop down the (magic) number to one. But we played well and they did too. They never gave up. "


Q: What happened?
A: I just had some stiffness there in my shoulder. We're just being cautious. We don't want to do anything too stupid, so we're just being cautious.

Q: When did it happen? Was it with that pitch?
A: Warmups (in the seventh inning)

Q: How did you feel before that in the sixth inning?
A: I felt good. It was probably the best I had felt all year.

Q: Is it related to the feeling you had before when you were hurting?
A: It's some stiffness in that same area. So we're just being cautious. Hopefully I'll be ready shortly.

Bill Shanks is the author of Scout's Honor: The Bravest Way To Build A Winning Team. He can be .reached at

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