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With the winter meetings getting close, you'll want to keep close to BravesCenter for all the latest breaking news. This weekend, you can read all of our premium content for free as a preview.

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We are very happy you have checked out our site, and this weekend we'd like to give you a chance to read our premium content as a free preview. provides exclusive content on the Atlanta Braves and its minor league system. Bill Shanks is the publisher of BravesCenter. He has covered the Braves for almost twenty years, and he has recently written a book on the Braves and their scouting and player development philosophies called Scout's Honor: The Bravest Way To Build A Winning Team.

Shanks provides excellent coverage on the Braves, including exclusive interviews, breaking news, and analysis on the team and its future. During this preview, you can check out the 35-part series Shanks recently wrote on the top issues facing the Braves this winter.

Here are some of the other premium articles you can check out for free this weekend:

Braves make several minor league signings

Breaking news on several six-year free agent signings by the Braves

Here's what I would do

A look at what Shanks would do this winter if he were the Braves' General Manager.

First on BravesCenter: Moore stays with the Braves

BravesCenter gives the news on Dayton Moore first!

Matt Esquivel Interview

BravesCenter talks with Braves' prospect Matt Esquivel

Salty Dog's Journal from the Arizona Fall League

Braves' prospect Jarrod Saltalamacchia provides a journal exclusively for BravesCenter's premium subscribers

The only things not covered in this free premium holiday weekend are the video and audio, and our premium board and chats.

Click here to sign up for and enjoy all the benefits of being a premium subscriber. In December, BravesCenter will start a weekly audio program discussing the Braves, along with complete coverage of the winter meetings.

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