Braves send Kolb back to Milwaukee

The Braves have swapped relievers with the Brewers, sending Dan Kolb back to Milwaukee for right-hander Wes Obermueller. BravesCenter's Bill Shanks has the story.

Almost a year to the day from being traded from the Brewers to the Braves, right-hander Dan Kolb has been sent back to Milwaukee in a swap of relievers.

In exchange for Kolb, the Braves acquired right-hander Wes Obermueller, who went 1-4 in 23 games (8 starts) in 2005 with an ERA of 5.26. He allowed 74 hits in 65 innings pitched, along with 36 walks and 36 strikeouts.

The Braves got Kolb to replace John Smoltz, who headed back to the starting rotation. But Kolb struggled from the very beginning, pitching poorly in spring training, and then having his troubles carry over into the regular season.

Kolb had a 7.20 ERA in April, 4.22 ERA in May, and a 6.75 ERA in June. In the first half of the season he blew three saves and lost five games. Kolb did better in July and August, posting a 3.27 ERA in 25 games as a setup man to Chris Reitsma, but then he was horrific in September, posting a 15.19 ERA in 7 games. Overall, Kolb lost 8 games, blew 7 saves, and had an ERA of 5.93.

Obermueller was a starter for the Brewers in 2003 and 2004, starting 31 of 37 games. He was 6-8 in 2004 with a 5.80 ERA. Last season he started only 8 of 23 games and was 1-4 with a 5.26 ERA. He allowed 74 hits in 65 innings pitched, along with 36 walks and 33 strikeouts.

The Braves will throw Obermueller into the competition for a bullpen job in spring training.

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