Blaine Boyer chat transcript

BravesCenter welcomed Atlanta reliever Blaine Boyer into the chat room a few weeks ago. Here is the transcript of his chat.

Blaine Boyer joined
depley:: hi Blaine
BillShanks:: Ok guys Blaine is here.
ATL22:: hey Blaine. Thanks for coming
depley:: welcome to the asylum
jonestowers:: Hello blaine
BlaineBoyer:: hey guys
UncleJed10:: hi blaine!
ATL22:: How's the shoulder feeling?
depley:: how is the shoulder doing Blaine? ready for spring training?
bravesfan247:: Blaine, what do you think your role will be this next year?
BlaineBoyer:: it is feeling much better i cant wait to get back on the mound next season
depley:: great, missed you being on the roster in the playoffs
BlaineBoyer:: I dont care what my role is as long as i can help this team win
jonestowers:: Blaine did you ever have a relative play for the braves
BlaineBoyer:: no i did not
UncleJed10:: blaine,will the braves pitchers have a camp mcdowell instead of camp leo this year to throw a little?
060606:: Thanks for joining us Blaine-who was the most influential pitching coach in the minor leagues?
Steely03:: How is deer season going? Rifle or bow?
BlaineBoyer:: no there wont be a camp mcdowell and kent willis is by far the greatest pitching coach i have ever had
bj1133:: Blaine, what was it like in the clubhouse after Game 4 in Houston?
bravesfan247:: blaine, can you call furcal and see what his plans are?
depley:: how fun was it to be a part of all those rookies last year?
weso1:: Thanks, I had forgotten about game 4 till now
BlaineBoyer:: it is going good both but now i am into duck season and i cant think about anything else other that chasing the duck
jonestowers:: Which vet from the pen do you want back ?
UncleJed10:: interesting,thought the camp leo stuff really helped the pitchers.
BlaineBoyer:: it was quiet
Steely03:: Head to Arkansas for the duck in Dec.
BlaineBoyer:: Reitsma
BlaineBoyer:: i love him he is a great person to havve around

jonestowers:: he is very talented and I am glad you want him back
060606:: Have you spoken with Mcdowell yet
BlaineBoyer:: i agree
BlaineBoyer:: yeah i have and i was very excited to hear from him and i am also looking forward to working with him
BlaineBoyer:: anybody have any good stories to tell me
MDCD4:: Do you or any other Brave ever check out
bravesfan247:: blaine, does management speak to you all about their plans this winter in putting together this team? And if they do, what was your input?
jonestowers:: Blaine I hope you plan on living in Atlanta forever we are not going to let you leave
Steely03:: I want some stories from Myrtle Beach! Where did you guys hang out?
UncleJed10:: it will be interesting to see how mcdowell's philosphies are different than leo's!
BillShanks:: LOL Steely!!!!!!!
tensixdad:: LOL
UncleJed10:: mcdowell likes to play hotfoot if that helps Blaine...better where some stiff shoes!
BlaineBoyer:: i cant remember the places we would go to at night but they got old after about 2 weeks in
weso1:: If you can't remember the places, then they must have been some really good places
BlaineBoyer:: the front office does not say a thing to us
jonestowers:: Blaine did you ever face Westside High in augusta in highschool
depley:: were you satisfied with your first year in the bigs, what do you think you need to improve on?
BlaineBoyer:: Yeah i thought that my first season was a ton of fun and very exciting. I learned so much being around all those guys
Steely03:: What colleges were you recruited by in high school?
BlaineBoyer:: I did not really go out all that much at myrtle beach
weso1:: Who was the toughest hitter you faced this past season?
MDCD4:: How important is Raffy to this team?
BlaineBoyer:: juan pierre because he is so little
jonestowers:: has salty ever been your catcher
weso1:: Did the fans who want us to trade for Pierre have you type that?
BlaineBoyer:: he is a huge part of the puzzle he makes plays and with such a young team it would reall be nice if he was leading off for us
rpres21:: who do you room with on the road
BlaineBoyer:: i have thrown to salty before on the side
MDCD4:: Is Salty really that good?
weso1:: McCann or Estrada? Actually maybe you shouldn't answer that one.
jonestowers:: how do you compare McCann and Salty
BlaineBoyer:: we do not havve roomates in the big leagues but in the minors it was mccann and wright
UncleJed10:: Blaine do you find major league hitters are adjusting to your pitching and are you making alot of adjustments as well to hitters to get them out?
bravesfan247:: when you found out you werent physically able to be on the playoff roster, did you ask to keep pitching or did you know to shut it down?
weso1:: Blaine, are you trying to learn (or just work on) some new pitches? I'm not saying you need any, I'm just curious.
BlaineBoyer:: they are both very talented i have seen brian mature at calling a game very nicely
parfait:: Hey Blaine thanks for doing this. I know everyone in here is rooting for you to be the closer real soon.
jonestowers:: What are the main pitches you throw ?
BlaineBoyer:: appreciate that par
weso1:: actually I was rooting for Devine. Just kidding!
BlaineBoyer:: i knew that when i woke up the next day in miami that they were not going to let me pick up a ball
Steely03:: Name one pitch you would like to have back from this past year...big league or minors.
BlaineBoyer:: devine is going to be a stud
BillShanks:: Can I answer that one for you Blaine? About the pitch you'd like back?
BlaineBoyer:: high outside fastball to piazza
BillShanks:: That's what I thought!
depley:: Joey had to be tired by the time October came around,didn't he?
Steely03:: What was the intended pitch?
BlaineBoyer:: high outside fastball
Steely03:: ha
BlaineBoyer:: he just crushed it
depley:: who was catching that day?
jonestowers:: Piazza is considered a special hitter so do not sweat it Boyer
Steely03:: yeah I remember now you mention it
BlaineBoyer:: Estrada
bravesfan247:: was Farns a good fit with the team and will he be missed?
weso1:: Lots of great pitchers have given up long dingers to Pizza
BlaineBoyer:: yeah he was a great pitcher
EagleT:: yeah, I hear this Piazza guy might catch on with someone, be a decent hitter someday…
BlaineBoyer:: i know
Steely03:: 60th rounder
parfait:: Blaine, is there a youngster in the minors that you played with that isn't up yet that you see really helping the Braves.
BlaineBoyer:: prado is going to be great for many years to come
Steely03:: Are you a Dawg like Shanks?
BlaineBoyer:: yes i am
MDCD4:: How is Jeff? Is he OK?
torxcombo:: do you or any of the guys play fantasy baseball or football
BlaineBoyer:: jeff is going to be fine
bj1133:: what's a typical off-season day like for you?
BlaineBoyer:: yes we do all of us are in a league together
torxcombo:: thats awesome
jonestowers:: does Smoltzie ever give you tips on being a great closer
depley:: so talk that Jeff was on his death bed are greatly exagerated eh?
BlaineBoyer:: work out hunt maggianos for dinner then hang out with this really cute girl
060606:: What's Bobby Cox really like
BlaineBoyer:: he is always trying to help me out
BlaineBoyer:: yeah he is fine
BlaineBoyer:: bobby is like your grandfather

BlaineBoyer:: he is awesome
Steely03:: Does Bobby ever come in the clubhouse and go off or is he more laid back and one on one?
BlaineBoyer:: he is very laid back
rpres21:: are you excited to work with Roger McDowell
jonestowers:: he seems like a player always teaching people in Smoltzie
BlaineBoyer:: yeah i cant wait to work with him
weso1:: Were there some funny pranks done by the rookes this past season that we may not know about?
BlaineBoyer:: absolutely not
BlaineBoyer:: ?

rpres21:: were you dissapointed leo moved on
bravesfan247:: Did Leo try to tinker with you alot?
060606:: Will you miss Leo any-we'll keep the answer in here
BlaineBoyer:: no leo did not mess around with me a whole lot
BlaineBoyer:: I am really looking forward to meeting Roger

MDCD4:: How much longer do you think Bobby will manage?
BlaineBoyer:: Leo had a ton of knowledge and i am glad i got to pitch or him
weso1:: Did you have a favorite baseball player growing up?
torxcombo:: what kind of changes do you see happening this offseason
rpres21:: do you have a favorite pro football team
depley:: Ginger or Mary Ann?
BlaineBoyer:: hopefully forever
BlaineBoyer:: packers

060606:: Do the Braves have an offseason conditioning program for you or are you on your own
BlaineBoyer:: go favre!!!!!
jonestowers:: Did it make you happy that Bobby kept giving you more responsibities in the pen ?
BlaineBoyer:: Who are they?
depley:: oh no
depley:: you are making me feel old
BlaineBoyer:: i am working out with smoltzie
UncleJed10:: does smoltize work out hard?
weso1:: Is Andruw working out with you guys also. I read that somewhere.
depley:: is ANdruw working out with you guys too?
BlaineBoyer:: yes he does very hard and he keeps everyone motivated
BlaineBoyer:: yeah he is as well

UncleJed10:: great leader smoltz is!
weso1:: Blaine, let's end this once and for all. Is Andruw fat?
Steely03:: Who is the better golfer of the Ga. rookies?
depley:: Smoltz is not only a great athlete but a great person as well, someone to learn from without a doubt
BlaineBoyer:: Not at all did you guys see the bombs this year it dosent matter
060606:: best stadium you played in last year and the worst................
jonestowers:: do you feel the reporters robbed Andruw on the Mvp votes
BlaineBoyer:: frenchy
weso1:: You don't need speed when all you have to do is trot
BlaineBoyer:: yeah i do
BlaineBoyer:: good point weso

Steely03:: Can Frenchy beat Smoltz on the links?
BlaineBoyer:: turner was the best and the worst by far was the nats
BlaineBoyer:: no chance

rpres21:: do you get recognized when your out much in atlanta
BlaineBoyer:: no
rniki10:: that won't last long, you'll be a star here
ATL22:: Other than getting called up what was the most thrilling part of last season for you?
BlaineBoyer:: thanks
weso1:: I know Jeff Brantley thinks you'll be a star. He complimented you like crazy when he was in the booth
jonestowers:: did you come to Augusta with Smoltzie
Yogi44:: coming in late, this may have been asked... do you see yourself as a closer someday?
MDCD4:: Just curious, do ya'll get paid weekly or monthly?
BlaineBoyer:: i know this sounds kind of like a cliche but everyday when i woke up and realized that i got to go to the park for a living
Steely03:: I can respect that
depley:: best job in the world is the one you can't wait to get to, baseball has to be a blast
BlaineBoyer:: i was not in Augusta i dont play golf but brian was there
MDCD4:: I can't imagine the feeling you must have to actually be a Brave?
rpres21:: do you think the colts will run the table
BlaineBoyer:: i hopefully will be able to close one day
EagleT:: which is tougher on you physically - starting or relieving?
BlaineBoyer:: every two weeks (on getting paid)
TallahasseeBravo:: Do players ever check out the message boards?
BlaineBoyer:: yes i do i love manning as well (on the Colts)
depley:: make that day one instead of one day and a bunch of happy people will leave here tonight lol
BlaineBoyer:: relieving
060606:: Have you met Ted Turner yet
weso1:: Blaine, what was the deal with Foster coming out of the bathroom each time TBS had the bullpen camera up?
BlaineBoyer:: we are tooo busy during the season to even speak to our family
BlaineBoyer:: i appreciate that depley
BlaineBoyer:: no not yet

rpres21:: will ther be extra pressure trying to win the division for the 15th straight year
depley:: lets just say we are fans :-)
jonestowers:: I heard your grand dad got to see you pitch on television 1 this year
jonestowers:: how did that feel
BlaineBoyer:: i dont think so we just need a world series
BlaineBoyer:: he did and it was amazing to klnow that finally my grandparent have seen me play ball
Steely03:: What would you be doing if you werent in pro ball?
jonestowers:: I am glad he finally got to see you play
060606:: Do you ever talk to Don Sutton about pitching
MDCD4:: Blaine, you have closer written all over you. I love your bulldog mentality. Best of luck!
depley:: if he weren't in pro ball he would be looking for those good looking girls like the rest of us lol
BlaineBoyer:: i would be in the CIA or some sort of christian ministry
BlaineBoyer:: i do a lot

rpres21:: how long did it take to get over that wild game 4 loss
BaseballGM2k2:: Yes Blaine you and Devine will be a great DUO next yr...and Atlanta is lucky to have you both
BlaineBoyer:: thanks mdcd4
weso1:: Too bad you got hurt before this season's playoffs. Are you trying to improve your arm stamina in the SmoltzyDruw workouts?
BlaineBoyer:: that was hard for us all
BlaineBoyer:: yes i am i am also in physical therapy

Steely03:: Have been thru a full MLB spring training or were in the minors part?
jonestowers:: do you throw finesse or hard stuff
depley:: no setbacks, everything go for pitchers report?
BlaineBoyer:: i dont know finesse but i wish i did
BlaineBoyer:: oh yeah i will be ready

depley:: what do you want for christmas?
BlaineBoyer:: ok guys i appreciate your support i am going to eat dinner with the prettiest girl in america right now
BlaineBoyer:: are you guys jealous
ATL22:: Very jealous...
060606:: yes
BlaineBoyer:: i want a springer spaniel
UncleJed10:: thanks for chatting blaine we all appreciate it!
depley:: thanks Blaine for taking the time and best of luck in the upcoming season
MDCD4:: Thanks Blaine. Good luck next season!
BillShanks:: Hey Blaine Thanks so much. We appreciate you stopping by. Keep that rehab going!
weso1:: You having dinner with my WIFE!!! Thanks Blaine!
ATL22:: Thanks for coming Blaine!!
jonestowers:: thanks blaine
Steely03:: Be nice to her
torxcombo:: thanks again blaine
Yogi44:: thanks Blaine
BaseballGM2k2:: good luck in 06 blaine....thanks for the chat...don't eat to much
depley:: jealous? I will take the leftovers lol
TallahasseeBravo:: Best of luck this year Blaine
rniki10:: thanks for coming Blaine
UncleJed10:: World Series in 06!
BlaineBoyer:: thanks fellas see you in 06
BlaineBoyer left

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