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Here is the transcript of Jarrod Saltalamacchia's chat from Tuesday night on

SALTY19 joined
larrysgurl:: hey salty
TommyL31:: hey salty
torxcombo:: hey salty welcome to the board
depley:: hi Salty and welcome
BravesFreak:: hey salty
FookieWookie:: hey salty!
Justmeherenow:: hi salty
jonestowers:: hello salty
MDCD4:: Hey Salty, you are the man.
ATL22:: Thanks for coming Salty
Yogi44:: there he is..welcome Salty
HRBravesnstuf:: Hello Salty
bravesfan247:: hey salty - IGNORE THE MESSAGE BOARD
BillShanks:: Ok guys ask away
SALTY19:: how is everybody doing..
060606:: Hey Salty, what do you think you need to work on defensively the most? Is it throwing out runners,calling pitches, blocking balls in the dirt?? Thanks for coming on with us!
SALTY19:: i dont think there is one thing i need to work on i think i need to continue to work on all aspects of my game
bravesfan247:: can you play 1B?
parfait:: Yeah, I think everyone wants to know if they're working you at first base at all.
dgonzal111139:: Salty, can you play other positions?
SALTY19:: i have not yet played any other positions in my minor league career but i did play 1st 3rd and outfield in high school and im willing to play any position the braves want me to
Lock827:: Good Answer
FookieWookie:: awesome!
tigger101023:: what if it weren'
tigger101023:: up to you?
FookieWookie:: if it were up to you, would you want to stay a catcher, or move to first/outfield?
SALTY19:: i would love to stay behind the dish but i would do whatever it takes to get me to the big leagues
tvsportscaster:: salty, how did it make you feel to know every team that wanted to talk trade with braves wanted you, but the braves weren't about to give you up.
SALTY19:: well it felt good that the braves wanted to hold on to me cause i really love the braves and there organization
tigger101023:: Do you consider yourself more a hitter? Like Andruw is most proud of his defense buy Kelly Johnson sayd he's a hitter who has to play somewhere?
SALTY19:: well as a catcher i always take pride in catching and handling my pitching staff but being a hitter is always a plus
MDCD4:: Are you a stronger hitter as a lefty or righty?
MDCD4:: Do you consider yourself more of a power hitter, or an average and OBP guy?
SALTY19:: it really does not matter which side i am hitting from i enjoy both sides i just like watching the coaches in the dugout trying to figure out whether to keep the righty in or put the lefty in
clvclv:: Considering all the craziness over the Marte for Renteria trade, have you and some of the other "prospects" and young guys talked about how realistic it is that several of you COULD be traded to help fill the big club's needs. For instance, it may take a package of a couple younger players and a starting pitcher to get a closer before the season starts. If you have, how would you describe the attitudes of the guys?
SALTY19:: well i have not talk to any of the guys but i think that you gotta do what you gotta do at this point its up to the organization so not much we could say about it but it is our job
rpres21:: are you finally getting to take a break from baseball you had a long season with afl and olympics to go with the regular season
SALTY19:: yes i got back 2 weeks ago and ever since i got back i have been working out with my personal trainer and getting ready for spring training
BravesFreak:: Did you grow up a Braves fan?
SALTY19:: i have always loved the braves
MDCD4:: You'll start the year in Mississippi, right?
SALTY19:: probably Mississippi
Licey:: From all our pitchers that you have caught, which one do you think will be a STUD in the big leagues?
SALTY19:: i think chuck james will be the toughest for the hitters to figure out
rpres21:: where are you from
SALTY19:: west palm beach fl
emk418:: What are your thoughts on possibly playing 1B
SALTY19:: i will play first if that is what they want me to do
depley:: when do you see yourself as being ready for the big leagues? 1/2 year , year more?
SALTY19:: im ready right now
depley:: I like that
emk418:: great answer
BravesFreak:: that's what I'm talking about
jonestowers:: did you steal any bases
SALTY19:: a couple im saving them for the big leagues
bravesfan247:: what will be your music as you come to the plate?
SALTY19:: something Kenny chesney
bravesfan247:: Get him to write a song called "Salty Dog
Yogi44:: there is a song called that already
Justmeherenow:: lol
bravesfan247:: oh
TommyL31:: yeah, it's a bluegrass song
Licey:: How was the experience in the AFL playing with guys like Drew, Barton, Young?
SALTY19:: they were great guys and fun to be around and great athletes
jonestowers:: what is your favorite number
SALTY19:: 19 now
Licey:: Which position player from our minor league system do you think has the most potential?
SALTY19:: josh Burrus
larrysgurl:: salty how long have you been playing baseball
SALTY19:: i have been playing ball since i was 4
weso1:: Salty... Is there a pitcher in the pros who you're most looking forward to facing? Unjinx
SALTY19:: Clemens
SALTY19:: so i can hit a grand slam in the playoffs
depley:: country music fan eh?
Yogi44:: bet you like Jimmy Buffett music also then.
SALTY19:: love jimmy buffet
larrysgurl:: are you a football fan
SALTY19:: yes love the dolphins and Florida state
larrysgurl:: did you go to college at all or were you drafted straight out of high school
SALTY19:: straight out of high school
jonestowers:: do you consider yourself a pure hitter or power
SALTY19:: both i like to think
larrysgurl:: if you weren't playing baseball what would you be doing
SALTY19:: i would be coaching baseball
BravesFreak:: how did you develop your batting stance?
SALTY19:: i just messed around with a lot of stances and just picked the one most comfortable
weso1:: Salty, you've been compared to such crappy hitters as Sheffield and Piazza. Do you feel any pressure at all being compared to those guys?
SALTY19:: no pressure everybody is there own player i will continue to play my game
Steely03:: Jarrod, ever take BP in Atlanta? What do you think of the yard? Hitter or pitchers park? SALTY19:: never hit in Atlanta
SALTY19:: looking forward to it

MDCD4:: You will soon
BravesBlock:: Don't worry, you will be soon.
BravesFreak:: for many years hopefully
BravesBlock:: Especially if the fans have anything to do with it.
hudson2:: Jarrod do u hope to make it to the majors this year
SALTY19:: yes
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Sorry if this has already been asked, Jarrod, but are you getting an invite to Spring Training with the Major League club this year?
SALTY19:: haven't heard anything yet but hope to!
Licey:: What do you think about Kevin Villa? He struggle in Myrtle Beach this year but was outstanding prior to that?
SALTY19:: he's a bulldog, best 0-10 pitcher
jonestowers:: when you signed with Atlanta I remember you saying that the braves was your childhood team is this true
SALTY19:: yes, always have been my favorite
Licey:: What about Jake Stevens?
SALTY19:: never played against him, just with him
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Jarrod, who do you model your swing after if anyone?
SALTY19:: No models for hitting, I just do whatever is comfortable
Steely03:: Jarrod, is there a catcher that you maybe emulated growing up? Or was it another position player?
SALTY19:: catching I just watched everyone and picked and chose what I wanted
jonestowers:: do you have any pets
SALTY19:: yes, dogs!!!!!!! and a fish
hudson2:: Jarrod everybody on the board thinks u are awesome and we can't wait to see u in the lineup killing the ball!
SALTY19:: Thanks, I appreciate the support, it really drives me hudson2
Licey:: Having played with Martin Prado, do you think he's capable of replacing Giles in 3-4 years?
SALTY19:: PRADO is ready to play in the bigs NOW
weso1:: Stadium you'd most like to play in?
SALTY19:: Yankee stadium, and Fenway
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Have you ever caught a knuckleballer?
SALTY19:: no
Licey:: What's the word among the player about ELVIS ANDRUS? Have you seen him play?
SALTY19:: never seen Andrus play but have heard nothing but good things about him
jonestowers:: have you ever had your cannons speed tested
SALTY19:: never had arm tested from behind the plate
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Looking forward to see you play for Mississippi when you guys come to Birmingham this year.
hudson2:: ur an awesome talent, and luckily the city i live in (Jackson, TN) has the AA diamond jaxx and I'll get to come out and support u when u play here
Yogi44:: same here in Carolina vs. the Mudcats
SALTY19:: thanks we'll see you there
BravesBlock:: What do you like to do for fun? Away from the game.
BravesFreak:: video games?SALTY19:: hunt and fish
Percival:: I'll be 'catching' you guys in Knoxville and/or Chattanooga. Try and hit a whopper for me, Salty.
SALTY19:: coming at you Percival
weso1:: Do you have any pre game rituals?
SALTY19:: always at the ballpark early
Steely03:: What do you prefer? 20 pound redfish, 10 pound bass, or 12 point buck?
SALTY19:: whatevers biting
SALTY19:: just went hunting this weekend and came up negative
BravesBlock:: You said you grew up in West Palm Beach, right?
SALTY19:: wp yes
Steely03:: Bow or rifle?
SALTY19:: both
jonestowers:: salty do you do anything strange like where t-shirt under your jersey or different sox or anything
SALTY19:: I've been known to wear the same clothes a couple of days
clvclv:: Any tips you can send Chris Berman for what to say when he calls your first bomb on Sports Center?
SALTY19:: good luck
ramadon101:: lol
hudson2:: lol
BravesBlock:: Isn't West Palm the spring training home for the Dodgers? I think they moved to Arizona now
SALTY19:: Cardinals and Marlins, use to be Expos and Braves
hudson2:: salty, sorry if it has been asked but when u get the callup what position do u think u will be playing?
SALTY19:: whatever position they want me to
OklahomaBrave:: What position do you feel you could do the most adequately other than catcher Salty?
SALTY19:: any position with my speed
Steely03:: 4.3/40?
jonestowers:: I hear you have some afterburners built for speed
jonestowers:: did you get to catch Devine any last season
SALTY19:: yes ,he did well for his debut
jonestowers:: boyer says Devine is stud
SALTY19:: Devine is a talent, exceptional pitcher
SALTY19:: I think with more experience he will be just fine
BravesBlock:: We know you like country music, hunting/fishing and the outdoors. What are some of your favorite movies?
SALTY19:: too many to name, bull Durham, old school etc
BravesBlock:: What is Salty- 6'1 or 6'2? He is tall and that would help him at first base.
SALTY19:: 6'4
fivetwofivedp:: how much do you weigh now Salty?
SALTY19:: before or after dinner?
SALTY19:: 230lbs.
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Jarrod, after the callups of McCann and Francoeur last year, have you let yourself think about how close to the majors you really could be?
SALTY19:: yes, I have given it some thought and it is pretty neat to think how close I actually am
hudson2:: ur gonna do great!
SALTY19:: thanks
BravesBlock:: Sorry, I haven't looked. Do you have a website?
SALTY19:: no website
jonestowers:: do you sign just salty or your whole last name
SALTY19:: the whole name
gr82bAnAUTiger:: I think someone asked who you work out with in the offseason
SALTY19:: Todd Pratt, Colt Martin
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Todd Pratt? Really? What did you think about him signing with the Braves?
SALTY19:: great guy we were lucky to get him
SALTY19:: he's gonna bring a lot of experience to the backstop
hudson2:: Have u caught Chuck James?
SALTY19:: yes, both in Rome and MB
gr82bAnAUTiger:: How does Chuck actually get people out? We haven't been able to figure it out
SALTY19:: neither have I
BillShanks:: Ok I think it would be good if all of you fessed up and admit to Salty who you traded him for today!
SALTY19:: yes let's hear it
clvclv:: NO ONE...I dodged the thread!!!
jonestowers:: I would never have traded him I promise
hudson2:: I had NOTHING to do with it
Yogi44:: i kept him with Atlanta
Percival:: I ain't trading' him for nobody. I like good catchers.
RedneckParamedic:: lidge
hudson2:: i voted nobody
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Sorry, Salty, but if the Marlins came calling with Dontrelle Willis or Miguel Cabrera, I'd at least have to consider it
Coredor:: Maybe Johann Santana was my opinion
larrysgurl:: i have never traded salty
hudson2:: I wouldn't trade u for lidge
OklahomaBrave:: Many people turned down Pujols for you straight up
Percival:: Certainly not for Julio Lugo.
jonestowers:: I figured they would say lidge
RedneckParamedic:: u figured right
SALTY19:: I thought that's what yall would say
BillShanks:: lol
hudson2:: thanks bill lol
RedneckParamedic:: no offense salty
SALTY19:: okay, I must call it a night - Christmas shopping to do. THANKS to everyone for your support. Keep it coming
RedneckParamedic:: later best of luck
BillShanks:: Thanks so much Salty for spending time with us.
Justmeherenow:: Thank you Salty, been fun
larrysgurl:: thanks salty
jonestowers:: thankyou so much salty
RedneckParamedic:: can't wait to see ya in majors in atl
Coredor:: Thanks for chatting with us.
Yogi44:: thanks, hope to see you in Carolina
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Thanks, Jarrod, see you in Birmingham when you guys come to town
Percival:: Later Salty, see you in AA, unless you hit Atlanta first.
hudson2:: Hey thanks alot and goodluck to u in the future and hope to see u up in the bigs soon!
060606:: Come back soon Salty
clvclv:: good luck Salty...look forward to seeing ya!!!
SALTY19:: it's been fun. hope to see and talk to yall again down the road
hudson2:: see u when u play the Jax
Steely03:: Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars…
BravesBlock:: Good luck with the shopping Salty. You are going to need it.
hudson2:: hopefully in Atlanta
hudson2:: good luck
fivetwofivedp:: Thanks Dog. Great answers. Best of luck in '06
baseballprn:: thanks for the chat J-rod hope to see you in Atlanta soon!
Percival:: J-Rod, hadn't seen that one, I think it'll stick.
fivetwofivedp:: J-Rod. Thats catchy
SALTY19 left
BravesBlock:: Thanks for inviting him Bill. I believe we all enjoyed chatting with him.
hudson2:: man that was great
hudson2:: u r the man bill
tvsportscaster:: sounds like a great kid bill, typical braves type of player.

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