John Foster Chat Transcript

Braves' reliever John Foster stopped by a few weeks ago to chat with BravesCenter's Premium subscribers. Here's the transcript from the chat.

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Justmeherenow:: Hey John
RedneckParamedic:: he here
clvclv:: anybody know the new guy???
johnfoster:: hello everybody
depley:: welcome John Foster and thanks for coming
BravesFanSince85:: Hey John happy holidays to you and your family! One questiion for you how is the arm feeling?
BillShanks:: Here he is. Go at it folks.
TallahasseeBravo:: The Tampa board? Were all three of their fans there?
Steely03:: Hey John, I am sure you have gone out with the other young guys on the team....Give me a good groupie story...seriously, I'm married and need a good story.
johnfoster:: thank you
BillShanks:: Go slow with him.
weso1:: Thanks John for coming.. what's up with the room???
johnfoster:: its feeling alright
tigger101023:: weso, you may need to elaborate
johnfoster:: what goes on in the clubhouse stays in the clubhouse
RedneckParamedic:: lol
Steely03:: true
weso1:: I knew you'd say that!!!!
tigger101023:: just kidding
clvclv:: OK John...give us the scoop we're all dying for...can Devine be our closer by the ASB??? Is his stuff that good?
RedneckParamedic:: why is it you always show yerself when camera shows bullpen?
RedneckParamedic:: yer there comin out the door everytime
johnfoster:: He has the stuff, but he needs the experience. The only to get that experience is to pitch in the big leagues. Can it happen? yes Will it? I don't know
Coredor:: Have you talked to McDowell yet and do you have any feel for any differences in philosphies or routines than with Leo?
weso1:: Foster, who is the toughest batter you have had to face?
johnfoster:: it started as a joke with Adam Bernero. there is one TV in the room and it's a live feed. Everytime they would go to the bullpen, i would yell out "TV time" and run out the door.
RedneckParamedic:: lol
johnfoster:: Then it became a habit
gr82bAnAUTiger:: haha
RedneckParamedic:: announcers loved it too
BravesFanSince85:: classic!
Steely03:: Hey John, name one pitch you wish you could have back from '05...
weso1:: You oughta give us some sort of Bravescenter sign when you do it next season. I don't know what that sign would be though.
johnfoster:: Yes, I have talked to McDowell. I don't think there will be that much of a difference. He is still a big league pitching coach.
BillShanks:: weso...he'll make me pay him if he did that.
clvclv:: Have you guys only spoken with Roger McDowell individually? And do you get the feeling he'll encourage you guys to "go after" hitters a little more than Leo did? More aggressively?
johnfoster:: The toughest batter I faced this season was Brad Wilkerson.
tigger101023:: Sounds like you're not worried at all that it's McDowell's first major league job. Not that you'd tell us otherwise even if you were
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Wilkerson is in the AL now
johnfoster:: The pitch I would want back from '05 was the fastball down and away to Ryan Howard or...
tigger101023:: The Nats will regret that...
weso1:: That's a good answer. I wasn't expecting that.
johnfoster:: the fastball for a hit in the playoffs against Berkman
tigger101023:: Berkman - that's a bad, bad name huh?
johnfoster:: Leo was aggressive. The pitchers dictate nibbling or going after hitters.
Steely03:: Tell us the story of how you got back with Atlanta...
johnfoster:: are you ready? here it goes....
clvclv:: So the idea that Leo reigned-in guys a little was a myth? Always wondered about that one.
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weso1:: John, a lot of fans look at lefty RP as guys that come in to only get out LH batter, but I think with your good changeup that you can be just as affective vs. righties. I'm just curious if you feel just as confident facing righties as you do lefties when you're up on the hill.
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johnfoster:: long story short: i called Dayton Moore myself and told him that I had surgery with the Cubs. I didn't pitch at the previous season and knew that Iwasn't 100% but I was getting there. I told him this was the only team I wanted to play for because I was a Braves born player and they saw me through the minors and majors.
tigger101023:: will Dayton be the next GM, John? Do players hear about that kind of thing?
gr82bAnAUTiger:: How do you feel about the news that the Braves are up for sale?
Coredor:: Did you think you could come back as strong as you did? You were way ahead of schedule from what I've heard and really came back well from the get go
johnfoster:: weso- i feel just as confident getting righties and lefties out. in previous years, i was better to right handed hitters, but this year i didn't face many righties, but i managed to do well. i don't think of myself as a lefty specialist. my goal is to get outs no matter who is up there.
BravesBlock:: When do you start throwing again? How long does it take you to feel like you are ready to face an opposing batter?
clvclv:: If you or other players were hooked up to a polygraph, what would you say when asked what you thought of sitting in on a chat with a bunch of people going nuts about baseball season the week before Christmas?
johnfoster:: tigger- NO DOUBT that Dayton will be the next GM. Players do not hear about that sort of thing.
Steely03:: You're a California guy...where do you surf, Steamer Lane or Trestles?
tigger101023:: yay - that made a lot of people here happy
RedneckParamedic:: yep
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clvclv:: Just how nuts do you guys think we are?
BravesBlock:: We are just devoted fans. No fair weather crap around here. :-)
johnfoster:: Coredor- my rehab schedule said it would take 18-24 months before I could play catch. I took it upon myself to let my body be the guide and it worked for me.
TallahasseeBravo:: Then there's Wilbo...
BillShanks:: And you were in the big leagues how long after your surgery? 12 months?
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BillShanks:: that shows you how much stronger you're going to be this year
johnfoster:: I've already started throwing, and will continue throwing bullpens and live hitters until spring training begins.
Coredor:: Yeah you were an extremely pleasant surprise. WE needed a lefty badly last year and it was an extremely pleasant surprise when you came back and were effective immediately
RedneckParamedic:: john, do u think u were wore down towaRD late in season?
TallahasseeBravo:: Do you think that you came back stronger after the surgury?
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johnfoster:: clvclv- i love talking baseball any time of the year. just because Baseball tonight is not on TV doesn't mean we can't have our own version
BravesFanSince85:: John have you helped the young kids with dealing with Big League hitters and what advice have you gave them?
tigger101023:: you don't need to tell us, John.. This place was a zoo during the winter meetings. It's a year round thing and we're just fans
BravesBlock:: Didn't take too much time off, did ya? Hopefully you and the rest of the guys will be ready when spring training begins. I don't have your autograph. Looking forward to adding a signed baseball to my collection.
BravesBlock:: See you at Disney.
johnfoster:: i was back in the big leagues on april 15th. my surgery was april 19th the year before.
OklahomaBrave:: I'd hope we have better questions than baseball tonight
gr82bAnAUTiger:: John, how big was the loss of Furcal? How important was he to our infield defense?
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BillShanks:: That's incredible John. Wow
tigger101023:: he's gone!
RedneckParamedic:: yeah that is amazing
BillShanks:: I think his wireless signal is knocking him off. Be patient. He's in NYC.
RedneckParamedic:: dang north
gr82bAnAUTiger:: NEW YORK CITY?!
weso1:: Well, guys I have to go. Give John a big group hug for me.
tigger101023:: bye weso
RedneckParamedic:: later wes
Justmeherenow:: bye weso
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tigger101023:: I'm glad I'm not in NYC - fine to visit, but that's it
RedneckParamedic:: ha
BillShanks:: He just called me. He did lose his AOL signal. He said it'll probably come back on in a minute.
BravesBlock:: NY internet went on strike too?
clvclv:: Just really hate that the fact that this organization has arguably the most rabid fans in MLB but it doesn't always seem to translate into numbers at the park. Do you guys ever catch a little flack from other players about the Ted sometimes not being sold-out even though we've won 14 straight Division Championships? Do they question the fans loyalty at times?
BravesBlock:: lol
depley:: I got to see the WTC in 2000, glad I got to see that anyway
RedneckParamedic:: i'll stick with my south thank u very much
BillShanks:: So we may have to ask him his questions again if they have not been answered, since he won't be able to see the questions you guys have asked.
BillShanks:: So when he gets back on, ask the questions again, ok?
Coredor:: dang AOL no interest in baseball and can't keep a solid internet signal lol
BravesBlock:: Crappy AOL. I can't believe they own our team.
BillShanks:: Yeah AOL is screwing us one way or the other.
tigger101023:: I wasn't going to ask him how there's NO DOUBT dayton will be the next GM, but that players don't hear that kind of thing.
BravesBlock:: Time Warner made a huge mistake by consolidating.
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tvsportscaster:: By the way guys word just in, the Cubs sign Jacques Jones to a three year deal.
tigger101023:: figured it must have been a typo, or he was making fun of me for asking such a thing
gr82bAnAUTiger:: hehe Tigger
clvclv:: bet AOL charges the players double for their service!!!
BillShanks:: I bet they overpaid for him too
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clvclv:: $16 million
BillShanks:: 3 years?
clvclv:: yep
BillShanks:: Tha'ts not bad
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Jacque Jones and Corey Patterson in the same outfield?!? OUCH.
depley:: J Jones, glad the cubs did it, I sure wouldn't
tigger101023:: they are raking in the overrated OF
tvsportscaster:: yes
DanDan:: i bet he can't wait to crash into the brick wall
tigger101023:: and juan pierre tiger
BillShanks:: Oh to be a free agent
gr82bAnAUTiger:: oh my god...
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Pierre - Jacque Jones - Corey Patterson.
depley:: gr8 can you say take an extra base?
tigger101023:: is Burnitz still a Gob?
Steely03:: 22 HR's combined in that OF
tvsportscaster:: no murton is going to play leftfield.
gr82bAnAUTiger:: That's quite possibly the most overrated, and most unproductive outfield EVER.
tigger101023:: *Cub?
depley:: no on Burnitz
clvclv:: Won't be Patterson by opening day...really think they've finally given up on him.
tigger101023:: you could be right clclv
BravesFanSince85:: Man its good to have JS as GM
gilesfan:: Where is Burnitz?
BillShanks:: Burnitz is a FA
tvsportscaster:: The article said Murton will play left
gilesfan:: Man, I'd like Jeromy
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Those are three VERY bad outfielders...
tigger101023:: another noodle arm
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BillShanks:: He's back!
tigger101023:: but he is a good hitter
BravesBlock:: Welcome back.
BravesFanSince85:: John have you given the young kids any advice
clvclv:: probably will be Murton
depley:: wb john
Justmeherenow:: welcome back john
RedneckParamedic:: John, Do you feel your arm, which may have been tired and overworked late in season, led to your difficulties late in season?
BillShanks:: Ask the questions again guys.
gr82bAnAUTiger:: welcome back John
tigger101023:: Murton's a Tech man, right?
johnfoster:: i'm back... i hate wireless internet
tvsportscaster:: yes tigger
gr82bAnAUTiger:: John, how do you feel about the Braves being up for sale?
Justmeherenow:: John, will we have a closer next season?
tigger101023:: wireless rocks when it's a good connection
tigger101023:: but not traveling, I guess
BravesBlock:: Well, we know John isn't traveling on a subway this evening.
gilesfan:: Im sure someone already asked about the bathroom, right?
tigger101023:: yes, giles
gr82bAnAUTiger:: it's not a bathroom Giles
clvclv:: AOL charge you guys double for your wireless service? Do they write that into your contracts to try to get some of their $$$ back???
BravesFanSince85:: "TVTIME"
johnfoster:: going back to your question... i did feel that i was tired late in the season. people didn't realize i had been throwing since the previous october.
BravesBlock:: Gilesfan, I knew you wouldn't miss this. I wondered where you were.
RedneckParamedic:: i thought u may have. still love havin ya john
johnfoster:: The Braves being up for sale doesn't really affect me.
gilesfan:: Maybe Blank will buy th Braves and give you a raise!
johnfoster:: Of course we'll have a closer next season, buy who knows who that will be.
gr82bAnAUTiger:: What impact if any do you feel there will be from the loss of Furcal. How important was he in the leadoff spot and to the infield defense?
BravesBlock:: Where do you live in the offseason John?
johnfoster:: yes, no subway, bus, or taxi :)
tigger101023:: that's it? that's what we know. you gotta know somethng else!
BravesFanSince85:: Bobby what is your Feeling on Bobby Cox as a manager?
tvsportscaster:: John, would you guys have confidence in reitsma if he starts the year as closer?
BravesFanSince85:: i mean John sorry
gilesfan:: Who has the better stuff out of the 3 young guys, Devine, Boyer, and McBride?
Steely03:: Hey John, is it easier on the setup guys if there is an established closer?
tigger101023:: I understand it you don't want to rate guys, but I can almost see BOyer closing the best of everyone at the moment
tigger101023:: at least until Devine gets going
johnfoster:: Gilesfan- Based on my surgery, I'm just happy to be playing right now.
mariann36:: John - have you talked with Roger McDowell yet? If so, what was your impression of him?
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clvclv:: Do players on other teams ever give you guys flack about the perceived lack of loyalty from fans? As in, lack of sellouts at the Ted? Braves fans are quite possibly the most rabid in MLB, but unfortunately are more spread out and it doesn't translate into the number of fans at games.
OklahomaBrave:: Hey John, who from our pitching staff would you say helps out the young pitchers the most?
RedneckParamedic:: amen clvclv
BravesBlock:: Hey John: Have you spoken with Hampton? How is his recovery and reconditioning program working? Has Smolz stayed in contact with him offering him some personal advice?
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johnfoster:: The loss of furcal will have a huge impact. Not taking anything away from Renteria, but Furcal has the strongest arm and is one of the quickest shortstops.
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BravesFanSince85:: What kind of Hobbies do you enjoy in the offseason?
tigger101023:: Media made it sound like that Smolltz was a gerat helpd to the kids. Was that the case?
clvclv:: evidently re-establishing his wireless connection BF85!!!
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BillShanks:: Guys you may want to copy and paste your questions in another window if he keeps getting knocked out of the chatroom. He might not be able to read the questions after he's been knocked out.
BravesFanSince85:: Is he on
BillShanks:: He'll be back on in a minute
BravesBlock:: I just copied my question and I am ready when he returns.
BillShanks:: Don't think so.
Coredor:: LOl maybe AOL can get him to do promos for their wireless service this year.
tigger101023:: oh well
BravesFanSince85:: Damn nY lol
BravesBlock:: lol coredor
tigger101023:: AOL blows
BravesFanSince85:: Bill anything new tonight?
BravesBlock:: still lol
Coredor:: I've never used them but I've heard enough stories to know better
BravesBlock:: ing
gilesfan:: What did I miss?
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Wireless works great in my house...
BravesBlock:: funny jabs at AOL
BravesFanSince85:: Giles was traded again that all
tigger101023:: you know, I read an interesting article about domain name discrimination. Like what people think of you if you have a free e-mail addreess or an AOL address
tigger101023:: can affect getting job and everything, especially in the tech fields
Coredor:: I run a wireless network at my place but it's off of a Charter connection
gr82bAnAUTiger:: <--- email address
clvclv:: me too Tiger
DanDan:: bellsouth
BravesFanSince85:: Bellsouth for me
tigger101023:: I have like 5 email adressess myself
Justmeherenow:: yahoo for me
RedneckParamedic:: why's john in ny anyways?
BravesBlock:: I am on a wireless laptop. I have a router and I am pleased with the speed. I have never tried a wireless connection from AOL or Cingular or Verizon.
tigger101023:: and I LOVE wireless at home!
BravesFreak:: road runner for me
gr82bAnAUTiger:: bellsouth is my provider, but I don't want to switch email addresses if I switch carriers.
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BravesFreak:: hey john
RedneckParamedic:: he back
BravesFanSince85:: What kind of Hobbies do you enjoy in the offseason John?
gilesfan:: John, don't have the stats in front of me, but you seem to do welll with inherited runners. Is there a different mindset you have to have and a different way of pitching when you come in wiht runners on or are you just trying to get the batter out?
BravesBlock:: Comcast and Hotmail addresses for me.
tigger101023:: when we switched from DSL tro cable (earthlink to comcast) we pay earthlink a small fee to keep our addressess
tigger101023:: oops, john is back. sorry
johnfoster:: on bobby cox- whoever bobby puts out there, i'm OK with. I have full trust in his expertise.
BravesFanSince85:: thanks
tigger101023:: good answer
Steely03:: Hey John, you are friends with Spooneybarger right? How long have known him and how is he doing these days?
depley:: I am with redneck, why is a Southern California guy who plays in Atlanta in NY City? lol
BravesBlock:: gr8, that is why i have a hotmail address. I have a comcast account (looks more professional) automatically forward messages to the hotmail address. If I ever want to switch services, no problem.
RedneckParamedic:: lol dep
johnfoster:: on reitsma- i would be confident with reitsma as the closer. not having a closer did not put pressure on the setup guys. my job is to get outs.
BravesFanSince85:: They have the best Coffee in the worl havent you seen The Elf
BravesBlock:: BTW gr8, I pay the $20 bucks a year to hotmail to maintain my account. More storage space and you don't have to sign in every 30 days to keep you acct. active.
mariann36:: John - have you talked with Roger McDowell yet? If so, what did you think?
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clvclv:: he's there to see a Broadway TV Time in the's "Showtime"!!!
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BravesFanSince85:: John you have the most intense look when you are pitching I wouldnt want to face you, just wanted to say that
tigger101023:: can you see Boyer closing?
johnfoster:: in the offseason, I live in NYC. i enjoy playing HALO 2 online (not with wireless) and remote control. i guess you can call me a big kid
RedneckParamedic:: by the way john, MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY
tigger101023:: most men are (I can say that since I'm married to one)
tigger101023:: a big kid, that is
depley:: John we have heard in the past the with Atlanta summers players tend to lose weight and strength late in the summer due to the heat, did you feel those things?
Coredor:: That's cool I play Halo 2 also lol
BravesFanSince85:: My wife is married two one
OklahomaBrave:: Or happy Hanukah and Kwanza...whatever is your cup of tea
johnfoster:: inherited runs- i feel that if i give up 2 inherited runs, it makes me feel like i gave up one of my own. so i try not to give them up.
tigger101023:: LOL BFS85
johnfoster:: my mindest is to stay aggressive
Steely03:: Speaking of big kids, Bobby Dews always looks like he is having fun in the pen...what is he like down there?
BravesBlock:: Hey John: Have you spoken with Hampton? How is his recovery and reconditioning program working? Has Smoltz stayed in contact with him offering him some personal advice?
johnfoster:: Spooney- i've known him since 99. we played every year in the minors together and made it to the big leagues together. he just had tommy john surgery again.
BravesBlock:: Wish Spooney well from the Braves board. Hope he is pitching again soon.
johnfoster:: i am a northern california guy who plays in atlanta and lives in NYC... why not?
BillShanks:: lol
BravesFanSince85:: im a Jamacian in NY not really
johnfoster:: i can see Boyer as a possible closer.
tigger101023:: you and your 10 million city mates can have NYC
BravesFanSince85:: John have you been folowing all the offseason moves?
BravesBlock:: NY is probably a fun place to live if you have some money.
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johnfoster:: I love the heat and humidity. It doesn't bother me and surely doesn't make me lose weight.
tigger101023:: being from california, I'm surprised. It's not as humid out there, is it?
Steely03:: So it would be Steamer Lane right? Santa Cruz...
BravesBlock:: I have visited tigger. No it is not. BTW, I liked San Diego a lot more than LA.
johnfoster:: Dews is awesome!!! I can only hope to be as witty, fast, knowledgable, and succesful at his age.
tigger101023:: That's what everyone says, Block. That SD and SF > LA
BravesFanSince85:: Growing up who was your favorite team, and what player did you follow the most?
johnfoster:: i have not spoken to Hampton.
Steely03:: You a Nocal cold water surfer?
depley:: you have played out of couple different club houses, how different is the braves club house to some one elses?
tigger101023:: I've never been
gilesfan:: Have you talked to Mcdowell and if so, what kind of different philosophies will he bring?
BravesFanSince85:: already been asked Giles
johnfoster:: I haven't really been following offseason. i'm confident in any moves the braves make.
BravesBlock:: Just don't expect sweet tea with dinner tigger. lol
clvclv:: OK...since nobody's asked yet...Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Anniston?
RedneckParamedic:: lol
BravesFanSince85:: haha
tigger101023:: Oh, I know. how can only southerners be so smart when it comes to iced tea
BravesFanSince85:: Domestic or Import Beer?
Steely03:: Any celebrity spottings in NYC?
johnfoster:: it isn't humid in CA, but i lived in FL for a few years. Not a surfer. sorry
clvclv:: And along those lines...Redskins or Cowboys?
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johnfoster:: I grew up a Mets fan. I followed Dwight Gooden.
marzybrave:: John, pardon me if this question has been asked, but I have just now come on board, and welcome to you. But why did you start your're little "coming out of the back of the bullpen door" entrance evertime the camera would focus on you? It was funny seeing you do that last summer?
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tigger101023:: it was asked earleir if there were pitchers that helped the kids. I know tbe media made Smoltz sounds helpful. Were there veterans in particular helping the young pitchers?
RedneckParamedic:: ahhhhhhhhhhh a mets fan???????/
RedneckParamedic:: nooooooooooooooooo
BravesFanSince85:: hahah thanks
BravesFanSince85:: Gooden was the man
Steely03:: Did you know this Obermueller guy in Milwaukee? What is he like?
tigger101023:: at leaast it's not the Dodgers being from southern cal
depley:: John, you have a rough outing, how hard is it to recover and be ready the next day?
johnfoster:: Braves clubhouse is the best by far. The atmosphere, locker size, and overall setup are better than Milwaukee.
gilesfan:: I live in the Hampton Roads area(Mets AAA team), Gooden, Strawberry, etc. were great to watch in person. Hope you got your Mets love out of your system.
tigger101023:: we hear good things about Yost, though
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Who had the cursed locker last year? Wasn't it Estrada?
BravesBlock:: Locker size. I guess it is truly a job for you. lol
BravesFanSince85:: Kolb maybe
depley:: Do you have any pre-game rituals you follow?
tigger101023:: BFS!
BravesFanSince85:: oopppss
johnfoster:: I'll either Angelina and Jennifer. Both equally as hot.
RedneckParamedic:: wooohooooo
BravesFanSince85:: good cuz ill take anything
Coredor:: I'll take both
tigger101023:: I think I'd rather fight Brad Pitt - Vince Vaughn is huge
clvclv:: first time I've seen that one answered
johnfoster:: Beer is not my thing. It is only a chaser.
tigger101023:: not that I'd fight either one
RedneckParamedic:: lol
BravesFanSince85:: Foster would beat thos guys to the ground
clvclv:: Cuervo 1800???
RedneckParamedic:: oooooooooo
gr82bAnAUTiger:: But... Foster is Australian for Beer
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tigger101023:: beer is gross
BravesFanSince85:: A Chaser whooohoo
RedneckParamedic:: beer is gr8
depley:: Bull Pens always seem to be a close knit bunch of guys, how hard was it to see a guy like Kolb who seems like a really nice guy struggle?
BravesBlock:: Foster and Spooney could probably do some damage in a bar. To the alcohol and the guys who want to start trouble. lol
gilesfan:: No, Foster is Austalian for out. Came up with that one.
tigger101023:: LOL Giles
johnfoster:: Not too many celebrity sightings... Spike Lee, Eliza Duschku, Al Sharpton, Jamie Foxx, Tom Cruise... ok so maybe a few than I'd see hanging out in Buckhead
clvclv:: Eliza...nice!
BravesFanSince85:: Al Sharpton Oh Boy
tigger101023:: yeah man, I was a big Buffy fan
RedneckParamedic:: boooooooooooo\
Justmeherenow:: more than i have seen
BravesFanSince85:: What kind of Music you in to John?
RedneckParamedic:: Do you hunt or fish John?
tigger101023:: My guess on the hunting and fishing? NO
depley:: lots of big game hunting in NYC.....
RedneckParamedic:: hahaha. are u john too?
BravesBlock:: Any particular reason that you chose to live in NY during the offseason? And will you be returning home (N. California) for the holidays?
johnfoster:: All of the veterans wanted to help out. Who wouldn't try to help your team win, especially with so many young guys?
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tigger101023:: of course. but wanting to is different than actually being good at it
tigger101023:: I was a terrible teacher, myself
johnfoster:: I played with Obermueller in Milwaukee. He's a good pitcher with good stuff and the right mindset.
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gilesfan:: Is it there a requirement that you have to hunt and/or fish to play for the Braves?
RedneckParamedic:: no
OklahomaBrave:: or golf
BravesFanSince85:: maybe lets ask John lol
johnfoster:: Bad outings happen. You have to be able bounce back and deal with humility. Bad outings keep you grounded so that you can realize you are not invincible.
gilesfan:: well, thats a positive spin
tigger101023:: LOL oklahoma
johnfoster:: pre grame rituals - 30 min. run EVERYDAY except Sundays; turkey sandwich with salami and smoked Tabasco hot sauce, salt and pepper;
RedneckParamedic:: mmmmmmmmmm, good
BravesFanSince85:: yummy
tigger101023:: yikes!
Justmeherenow:: yummy!
clvclv:: Do you feel that the mysterious reason for Braves' pitchers' track-record of success is just as attributable to the clubhouse environment Bobby Cox creates? Obviously other teams' fans are howling that the streak will come to an end now that Leo's gone.
BravesBlock:: Who do you give credit too? Who helped you suceed and become the person you are today? Did your parents or a particular coach have the biggest impact on you?
johnfoster:: Jack Danielas all the way
marzybrave:: Have you had a chance to meet yet with McDowell?
tigger101023:: whiskey is vile
tigger101023:: he asnwered that one marzy
BravesFanSince85:: Jack Daniels has made an impact in my life as well
marzybrave:: I'm sorry I just got here!
tigger101023:: wellm not meet with, but he did talk to McDowell
tigger101023:: it's ok
johnfoster:: Kolb took it really well. He couldn't wait to be on the road so he wouldn't get booed. I felt sorry for him because he is a good friend a very, very nice guy.
gilesfan:: Mr. Daniels, Mr. Seagrams 7, and Mr. Yegarmiester are my best friends
BravesFanSince85:: you could see he was a nice guy but man he had a rough year
tigger101023:: You could tell that Milwaukee still loved Kolb. He must have like that series.
BravesBlock:: Not you too giles. lol
Coredor:: hopefully going back to Milwualkee where he had a lot of success will be good for him
johnfoster:: I listen to Dave Matthews Band. Just saw them at Madison Square Garden both nights backstage. Incredible!!
tigger101023:: every single one of those things is gross giles. I just must like girly drinks
gr82bAnAUTiger:: If Boras lets him sign there.
johnfoster:: I enjoy fishing. No hunting.
BravesBlock:: You are a girl tigger.
RedneckParamedic:: ha
tigger101023:: I know I'm a gril
gilesfan:: tigger, u don't know whats good for you
tigger101023:: oh no, I do. I've had whiskey and Jaeger - hate both
DanDan left
depley:: do you have an agent that seeks out endorsements for you or do people just come to you? Do you have an endorsements?
tigger101023:: give me a good comso
tigger101023:: *cosmo
BravesFanSince85:: Favorite ALL TIME MOVIE
johnfoster:: Majority of the guys are from Georgia or some part of the South. I guess that what you guys do
tigger101023:: anyway Toger, if Kolb wants to be in Milawaukee, he can pull an Andruw or tell him to do the deal.
marzybrave:: Do you still keep in touch with Spooney?
50PoundHead joined
tigger101023:: *Tiger
50PoundHead:: What's the latest?
gilesfan:: who is the funniest guy on the team? DOes Andruw talk alot in the clubhouse, he seems quiet?
BillShanks:: John's chatting with us.
johnfoster:: I don't think the streak will come to an end anytime soon.

clvclv:: The latest is that Foster is Australian for Jack Daniels...not beer.
tigger101023:: LOL clclv
BravesFanSince85:: Im guessing Smoltie is the funniest or Eddie Perez
RedneckParamedic:: or hudson
BravesBlock:: My guess is Hudson.
tigger101023:: It might be Huddy now - he's quite the prankster
50PoundHead:: Hey John. Great season. You really stepped up.
BravesBlock:: Did you get pranked this year John? And did you have any part in pranking others?
johnfoster:: My dad, my college coaches, a trainer in Idaho, and former Braves catcher Jeff Horn are the people who helped me most throughout my career
clvclv:: Cheetah3 or Scores?
bp4de:: im sorry i missed the question but whats the story with the bullpen?
gilesfan:: yes, John good job this season. It was a big help to have a lefty that can get batters out and not let inherited runners score.
johnfoster:: I have an agent and my endorsements are Rawlings and Adidas.
marzybrave:: yes, I want to hear the story of the bullpen door story as well!
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BravesFanSince85:: joke between him and Bennero
RedneckParamedic:: *bernero
BravesFanSince85:: thnks
RedneckParamedic:: anytime
johnfoster:: All time favorite movies are BLOW, Donnie Brasco, Scarface, 7 layer cake...
BravesBlock:: Marzy: Joke then became a habit. Live TV feed into the room behind the bullpen. OHHHHH 'TV TIME'
BravesFanSince85:: good choices
RedneckParamedic:: yeah blow and scarface
mariann36 left
johnfoster:: Yes, I keep in touch with Spooney. just talked the other day
RedneckParamedic:: no field of dreams?
marzybrave:: Will Spooney be ready to pitch this spring?
BravesBlock:: What is your favorite vacation destination? And why?
clvclv:: he just had TJ surgery marzy
BravesBlock:: again
BravesFanSince85:: BravesBlock sounds like Orbitz travel agent
gilesfan:: I just thought John got extra money for appearences and thought that being on tv was considered an appearance!
RedneckParamedic:: mountains. beautiful, quiet and good fishing as well as huntin
johnfoster:: I don't pull pranks unless pranks are pulled on me. i think giles is one of the funniest guys.
BravesBlock:: lol gilesfan
BravesFanSince85:: Gilly haha
tigger101023:: Giles (the real one) seems to have a ton of energy.
BillShanks:: Ever had anyone pull a prank on you when doing an interview? Tell them the story John.
tigger101023:: Love him!!!
BravesFanSince85:: Dominoes or Cards?
gilesfan:: what am I fake?
BravesBlock:: What did you do Bill.
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tigger101023:: yes giles. you are fake
RedneckParamedic:: lol
johnfoster:: if that was the case, I had 250 appearances this season.. at least
tigger101023:: LOL
johnfoster:: hopefully spooney will be ready
RedneckParamedic:: do you trive a truck or car?
johnfoster:: Grand Cayman Islands. Went there for the first time this year. Love the water
RedneckParamedic:: *drive
gilesfan:: Need to talk to JS about that then. 250 AP = $$$$$$$$$
BravesBlock:: Favorite Ice Cream or are you a Dip N' Dots fanatic?
marzybrave:: Do you scuba dive?
tigger101023:: I worked for a doctor that loved the fly fishing at Grand Cayman. Bonefish or someghing
BravesFanSince85:: Whats your proudest moment in MLB up till now?
RedneckParamedic:: what story is bill talkin bout john?
johnfoster:: When I was with the Brewers, I was doing an interview with the Braves Show and one of my teammates came with a towel of shaving cream during the middle of the interview.
RedneckParamedic:: loll
BravesFanSince85:: sweet
Justmeherenow:: lol
BillShanks:: The entire Turner Field was watching us. We were right by the Brewers dugout.
BravesBlock:: Do you enjoy traveling a lot during the offseason or are you just sick of flying. You guys do travel a lot.
tigger101023:: sounds like Francoeur's first MLB interview
BillShanks:: Of course, I was NOT an accomplice!
BillShanks:: Yeah right.
johnfoster:: cards
gr82bAnAUTiger:: haaha Bill.
BillShanks:: It was that Shane....something I believe...right John?
tigger101023:: right on. Cards >>>>>> Dominoes
RedneckParamedic:: you should be ashamed bill. lol
johnfoster:: don't drive anything at the moment. my car was stolen. gotta love NYC
RedneckParamedic:: ouch
BravesFanSince85:: yikes
RedneckParamedic:: hope it wasn't an expensive one
Justmeherenow:: im sorry john
johnfoster:: i love dippin dots- mint chocolate
Justmeherenow:: that sucks
tigger101023:: how can anyone have a car in the city. Don't you have to rent a space or something? More than my old apartment
johnfoster:: no scuba yet
marzybrave:: I wonder if they knew they stole "John Foster's" car?
Coredor left
tigger101023:: sucks about the car, though
gilesfan:: John, you need to move. no public transit and no car?
RedneckParamedic:: do ya walk?
clvclv:: While it's understandable that Furcal accepted the Dodgers' offer, is there even the slightest bit of animosity towards him after seeing guys like Chipper re-negotiating his deal to provide salary-relief or guys like Hudson offering a bit of a "hometown discount", especially after Furcal said publicly how much he supposedly wanted to stay here?
johnfoster:: Proudest moment was coming back from surgery when I was told I couldn't do it
marzybrave:: South Ga would be a great place to live!
RedneckParamedic:: yeah john i would agree
RedneckParamedic:: yes it would
BravesBlock:: My best friend is from NY. Always have a "hoopty" for the city and a nice ride when traveling. lol
RedneckParamedic:: lol
BravesFanSince85:: Congrats on that we are proud to have ya in the pen.
tigger101023:: I liked the subway in NYC. Is it because I was a visitor?
clvclv:: I've got a hoopty for both!
tigger101023:: I evern rode the buses
tigger101023:: oh yea, and good job coming back after surgery
BravesBlock:: lol clv
johnfoster:: They probably realized it was my car when they got autographed bats by Andruw Jones, chipper jones, kelly johnson, langerhans, pete orr, and julio franco.
RedneckParamedic:: lol
BillShanks:: OH MY GOD
RedneckParamedic:: wow
Justmeherenow:: lol
BravesFanSince85:: DAMN
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Last time I was in NYC was right before 9/11, actually stayed in the towers, haven't been back since.
tigger101023:: or a crazy fan like us!
depley:: John, when you are out in public be it Atlanta or NYC do people recognize you?
BravesFanSince85:: check ebay fellas lets hunt them down
tigger101023:: pawn shop is more likely than eBay
gilesfan:: Wow, what was worth more, the autographs or the car?
RedneckParamedic:: what kind a car was it?
BravesFanSince85:: thugs
marzybrave:: I may have bought that Pete Orr bat!
johnfoster:: i believe that furcal is worth over 10 million a year
RedneckParamedic:: lol
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BravesBlock:: I already have singed bats by Chipper, Andruw, and Julio. If I get another, I will trade it to you for a signed Greg Maddux ball. Been goin' to Disney for the last 7 years and never got his. The only one from the big four (Maddux, Glavine, Smoltz, Avery) that I am missing. :-(
clvclv:: is it true that the trees used to make Franco's bats were growing during the Ice Age?
tigger101023:: too bad JS's budget didn't agree with Furcal being worth that much. Oh well.
RedneckParamedic:: muhahahahaha
tigger101023:: clclv!
BillShanks:: clvclv that was classic
tigger101023:: hey now, leave Julio alone. Even though he's plaing for the stinkin Mutts
johnfoster:: Julio played with Babe Ruth
BravesFanSince85:: hahahaha
RedneckParamedic:: lol
BravesFanSince85:: oh shheeeaaaatttt
BravesFanSince85:: LMAO
tigger101023:: never mind, if John's jining in
jbird22 left
OklahomaBrave:: Smoltz signed my glove that was atleast 30 years old that had been passed down through a lot of different players
BravesFanSince85:: Julio has underware older than John
marzybrave:: Julio was a veteran when the Babe broke in!
OklahomaBrave:: An old old Zett
clvclv:: shoulda helped him with his workout routine...maybe he coulda shared his Jesus Juice with the Babe!
RedneckParamedic:: hahahaha
johnfoster:: He was roomates with Lou Gherig
BravesFanSince85:: Babe had his own Juice
RedneckParamedic:: hehehehehe
tigger101023:: man, the girls at Baseball 101 asked to see Julio's arm - that think is no joke. His biceps were HUGE
clvclv:: that's the problem 85...he used the same juice I do!
tigger101023:: *thing
BravesFanSince85:: haha
gilesfan:: Well, Julio's bat wights about 25 pounds
marzybrave:: Julio was in Cooperstown when Abner Doubleday discovered the game
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tigger101023:: man, a lot of old ballplayers were drinkers, huh?
OklahomaBrave left
BravesBlock:: When do you go back to Atlanta John?
gr82bAnAUTiger:: A lot of current ballplayers are drinkers Tigger
BravesFanSince85:: Ok enough making fun of Julio he was my Great Great Grand Dads best friend
marzybrave:: Mickey was an alcoholic
johnfoster:: Going back to Atlanta in 2 days to get a new car
tigger101023:: I know Tige
gilesfan:: John, do you have a nickname? Does Bobby call you Fosty or Johnny?
tigger101023:: *tiger
BravesFanSince85:: John which minor league Pitcher helped you out the most?
johnfoster:: Just FOS
BravesFanSince85:: coach
BravesFanSince85:: pitching coach*
BravesBlock:: I see, purchase and register the car in GA and save a lot of money. lol
bravesfan05 left
tigger101023:: speaking of baseball 101, my friend that dragged me to it and made me a braves fan. She gave you that Livestrong bracelet
tigger101023:: when she say you wear it later, she almost died!
tigger101023:: so, you made one fan very happy
gilesfan:: FOS is much better than the new fad. If you follewed the fad, it would be JoFo
RedneckParamedic:: good job fos
johnfoster:: I had a lot of help through the Braves organization. I've taken something positive that I use everyday from each one. Recently, Mike Alvarez and Derrick Lewis helped me a lot during spring training with my arm issues
depley:: what was it that one of them helped you with that others missed?
johnfoster:: save money... if i want to pay 25% tax
BravesBlock:: I get it giles but I wonder how many other poster don't. lol
johnfoster:: tell her thank you and that i still have it. i still wear it.
tigger101023:: I'll let her know
clvclv:: Why in the world did you have bats autographed by Chipper/Andruw/Julio/etc., aren't bats with your autograph just as valuable???
tigger101023:: clclv!
marzybrave:: John, when you were coming up did you play any other positions other than pitcher? And what other sports did you play?
depley:: I was wondering if Julios signature was chiseled in rather than written?
BravesBlock:: If a fan were to purchase you a present (within reason) what do you like?
tigger101023:: what do you think of LaRoche in his bullpen sessions?
johnfoster:: they taught me how to pitch vs. throwing. i learned the mental aspect of the game
BeltHigh joined
gilesfan:: John, don't let Roachy steal your lefty specialist job
RedneckParamedic:: lol
depley:: tomorrow Bill will try to recruit another player to come in next week, will you tell they it was fun or watch out these guys are tough ?:-)
johnfoster:: not valuable to me. if you were greg maddux, would you sign 6 dozen baseballs and put them on your mantle?
clvclv:: Absolutely!
BravesBlock:: Hopefully you will tell them that we are a decent group and we love and support our team and its' players.
tigger101023:: Not greg maddux, but some guys might!
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Jose Canseco probably did...
johnfoster:: i've always been a pitcher and didn't play any other sports
RedneckParamedic:: John< what are yer plans when yer done with baseball? any ideas?
BillShanks:: John can you talk about that game in NYC after you had just gotten back. You got Cliff Floyd to pop up. That must have been a great thrill.
clvclv:: Here's a more serious one...Pete Rose - in the Hall of Fame or not?
BravesFanSince85:: that was awesome
RedneckParamedic:: or when ya struck out delgado
johnfoster:: i love gadgets and toys... anything in SkyMall magazine
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BravesFanSince85:: watched your interview after the game
BravesBlock:: cool
gilesfan:: I have my own signed baseballs on my mantle. Although I'll trade you one for a signed Giles ball
tigger101023:: need to teach Sosa how to K Delgado
RedneckParamedic:: Do you think sosa could close?
johnfoster:: I'd like to be a head coach somewhere, whether it be college or professional and open up a baseball academy.
RedneckParamedic:: cool
BravesBlock:: You heard that Kelly and Ryan are coaching in Texas during this offseason, right?
gilesfan:: Well, if you need an assistant coach, give me a call.
RedneckParamedic:: what?
tigger101023:: Nepotism (j/k)
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depley:: when you have an injury, does the team pay for the medical treaments of do they supply you with a health care coverage, or do you have to get your own, how does that work?
BravesFanSince85:: i would send my boy to your school he is 4 months old now?
RedneckParamedic:: good ? depley
johnfoster:: There were a million things going through my head. After all, I grew up a mets fan and always wanted to play at Shea. It was a huge accomplishment for me. Especially since 1 year to the date, I was watching a Braves vs. Mets game at Shea with a sling on.
RedneckParamedic:: cool
BillShanks:: It was one hell of a performance.
BravesFanSince85:: that game was the what you call putting the fire out!
johnfoster:: hopefully he'll be ten when the school opens
BeltHigh:: If this already has been covered, I apologize for joining late. But I wondered how the rest of the pen handles a situation like the Kolb meltdown last year. Give him space, offer suggestions, or what?
johnfoster:: Sosa could definitely be a closer, but why? he's great as a starter.
marzybrave:: Are you more nervous pitching in Shea than in any other ballpark?
RedneckParamedic:: ya hear that bill? lol
BravesBlock:: lol
tigger101023:: because we have 8 potential starters and no closers?
RedneckParamedic:: hahahaha. good pt tigger
tigger101023:: well, potential closers, but it would take some experimenting
BravesFanSince85:: what do you think of Kyle Davies is he ready to be a full time Starter in the bigs?
weso1:: We want Davies in the rotation. If Sosa is starting then Davies is out.
BravesBlock:: If you were the GM and could acquire any relief pitcher to join you team, who would it be?
marzybrave:: Somehow I wouldn't mind both Davies and Sosa in the rotation!
tigger101023:: Sosa better not go back to middle relief (no offense John)
weso1:: That would be 6 starters though.
tigger101023:: without a trade, there is no Davies
marzybrave:: Subtract Thomson from the mix!
johnfoster:: depends on your circumstance with insurance. i had surgery and then was released by the Cubs so workman's comp paid for rehab. had i not been released, i would've been rehabbed through their system. Instead, I had the same services any other person with a rotator cuff injury would have. Just enough to get me back to a normal job, not a baseball player.
tigger101023:: or so it would seem
gilesfan:: We could always trade Horam, right Bill?
BravesFanSince85:: no
kingphatcow left
RedneckParamedic:: yes
BillShanks:: Ok let's not debate that now. Let's ask John questions while he's still in here with us.
tigger101023:: stop trading our pitchers in front of the guest!
johnfoster:: Pitching at shea is no different for me.
BravesFanSince85:: John you are a great example of someone refusing to except no for an example, and a good role model for all young kids playing ball..
BravesFanSince85:: Thanks for taking time out of your schedule, im off see all of you later
marzybrave:: Who was your baseball role model as a youngster growing up, I'm guessing a pitcher?
depley:: I just want to say thanks for coming John, and happy holidays and best wishes on th upcoming season
johnfoster:: Dwight Gooden and the entire 86 Mets team
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Wow... Dodgers non-tendered Jason Phillips.
tigger101023:: wow
BravesBlock:: Big question: Now that you have been a part of our routine chat, would you consider doing it again sometime........perhaps during spring training and during the season?
clvclv:: saw that this morning Tiger
weso1:: John, if you get a chance to bat this coming season, which side of the field are you going to hit the ball over the fence.. left or right?
BravesFanSince85 left
gilesfan:: John, have you read the book about the 86 Mets......its a must read
tigger101023:: lefy specialist bat? what are you smoking?
johnfoster:: i would love to do this again.
tigger101023:: good answer
johnfoster:: left field
depley:: welcome anytime John, we do this every time there is a hint at some move lol
johnfoster:: haven't read it yet.
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Red Sox non tendered Wade Miller and Chad Bradford.
tigger101023:: what do youlike to read?
clvclv:: Rose for Hall of Fame? What about Bonds or McGwire if the steroids rumor is ever proven?
gilesfan:: Other than yourself John, pick 1 pitcher that is going to really surprise us next year...on the Braves
johnfoster:: Maxim
tigger101023:: LOL
BravesBlock:: We have a chat each Tuesday at a minimum. Oftentimes several per week. You are always welcome.
tigger101023:: read, or look at the pretty pictures in Maxim?
Steely03 joined
clvclv:: There are pictures in Maxim???
Justmeherenow:: lol
tigger101023:: ROFLMAO
gilesfan:: of course, every man likes to read the articles
weso1:: Now we know what John is doing in that room.. did I??? what??
RedneckParamedic:: lol
johnfoster:: Yes. rRose for hall of Fame. Bonds and McGwire-Steroids don't make them hit the ball
BravesBlock:: lol
bj1133 joined
depley:: John in a shameless plug for our fearless leader have you read his wonderful book Souct's honor yet?
tigger101023:: are we still talking about Mazim
depley:: Scout's honor that is
clvclv:: ATTABOY on Rose
gr82bAnAUTiger:: John, what do you think of the young (now starting catcher) Brian McCann?
BravesBlock:: And the newly acquired backup Todd Pratt?
Steely03:: John, ever been to Rosa Mexicano or Tao for dinner in NYC?
marzybrave:: Steroids just makes them hit the ball farter. A warning track ball is now 12 rows in the bleachers!
gilesfan:: also, has Bobby Cox ever came into the clubhouse and reamed the players a new one?
johnfoster:: yes, i couldn't get past the first page. I read it when i get in bed. it put's me to sleep. it's really action-packed
depley:: lol
gr82bAnAUTiger:: HAHA
tigger101023:: LOL
BravesBlock:: Other than the ritualistic sandwich with hot sauce, what is your favorite dish?
BillShanks:: Funny that happened when I was writing it too.
Steely03:: ha
larrysgurl joined
gilesfan:: ha ha , not the ringing endorsement Bill was looking for, I'm sure
johnfoster:: Just kidding Bill
larrysgurl:: i just got home how was foster
tigger101023:: as long as John didn't read Money ball and lke it
gr82bAnAUTiger:: He's still here LG
BillShanks:: Well if you hadn't gotten traded two years ago that chapter on you and Spooney would have put me on the best sellers list.
Justmeherenow:: hes
tigger101023:: still here larrysgurl
johnfoster:: I think that McCann is ready for a 10 year career in the big leagues
gilesfan:: John Foster never showed Larry. Sorry
weso1:: Foster you oughta come out of the mystery room holding up Bill's book.
Justmeherenow:: lol
Steely03:: Hey John, ever been called 'Bananas'?
larrysgurl:: what's his name
johnfoster:: i like anything Mexican
larrysgurl:: it's obvious never mind
tigger101023:: LOL
gilesfan:: LG, Johnfoster, he's original
weso1:: Mexican food can help give you a little extra velocity on the fastball.
larrysgurl:: lol
johnfoster:: haven't had a chance to eat at those spots. i've heard of them though. i'm perfectly content with my neighborhood deli
marzybrave:: I hope McCann last longer than 10 years
clvclv:: Thanks again for joining us John...really appreciate the insight...great treat for the fans to get to talk to you guys like this. Good luck and continued success in '06. Gotta bolt...just have to read the rest of the transcript in the AM...don't let this crowd get you to say anything you shouldn't, and thanks for letting me know Maxim has pictures...gonna have to subscribe to it again!!!
larrysgurl:: so who asked the question
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Plus, John doesn't have a car to drive to the restaraunt anymore.
clvclv left
johnfoster:: Dang right, Bill
johnfoster:: Chapter? could've had a whole book
BillShanks:: No kidding!
murph3 joined
BillShanks:: The heck with the Braves Show - we could have had a reality show with you two and won an emmy!
BravesBlock:: Don't worry about saying anything you shouldn't. Bill will just delete anything that you don't want peramanently posted on the message board. Right Bill?
tigger101023:: alright murph - no trades. Foster is still here
BillShanks:: Sure
depley:: or the new Abbott and Costello
bp4de:: they say when a hitter is in the zone,they see the ball like a beachball,you never hear that for a pitcher,but do you get in a zone like that too?
Steely03:: Was John ever on the original Braves Show?
larrysgurl:: did anyone ask him why he's always on camera
BillShanks:: Oh yes he was a star in the first season of the Braves Show.
murph3:: I will hold off.
depley:: asked almost an hour and a half ago Larrysgurl
johnfoster:: random questio: does anyone play x-box live?
johnfoster:: i'm addicted
BillShanks:: Do you know that Bill Champion, our former pitching coach in Greenville, told our audience that year that John was going to be a successful big league reliever.
larrysgurl:: what was the answer
murph3:: Halo 2 myself
depley:: no xbox here, spend to much time in braves chatrooms
tigger101023:: nope to the x-box. Only game system not in our house
larrysgurl:: i don't have enough patience to play video games
BravesBlock:: yes lg: started out as a joke, then became a habit. TV in room behind bullpen. Oh man, it's "TV TIME" (synopsis)
larrysgurl:: lol
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Some of my co-workers do Halo 2 on Xbox live.
gilesfan:: PS2. John, your not supposed to be asking questions!
murph3:: Halo 2 rocks! SO does John Foster.
murph3:: Plug for an autograph.
Steely03:: All this talk about Devine and Reits about you John? Ever give it a thought?
marzybrave:: John as a rookie did your're teamates ever dress you up like a woman and parade you through the airport?
buddie joined
BillShanks:: I have a feeling this chat will not be transcribed.
gilesfan:: what's the difference between X box and Xbox live?
BravesBlock:: I had a video game but I got mad and accidentally broke it. lol
tigger101023:: LOL Block
weso1:: I'm a nintendo guy myself.
tigger101023:: I'm a nintendo girl, weso
gr82bAnAUTiger:: gilesfan, xbox live is connected to the internet, and you can play people all over the world
depley:: I play an online golf game about the only game I am playing now
larrysgurl:: john how old are you
bp4de:: what do you play John,against other people ?
tigger101023:: the hubby keeps trying to get me to play Madden - insists I'll learn more about plays and formations and stuff
Steely03:: I play the PGA Tour /Golden Tee thing in sports barss
gilesfan:: John, odes AOL give you free service?
tigger101023:: I just fumble the ball. Bad
BravesBlock:: He has been here for several hours now gilesfan. Let him ask some questions, maybe he will want to become a regular and subscribe to the premium board.
johnfoster:: no free AOL service for me
gr82bAnAUTiger:: LOL BB
johnfoster:: i play Halo 2
bp4de:: kewl
gr82bAnAUTiger:: John, have you gotten an XBOX 360 yet?
depley:: if you like golf games, try that one, you will recognize the name at the top of the chipping game list
tigger101023:: are the older players into video games too, or more the younger ones?
gilesfan:: I got to try that. Do you play against other guys on the team? WHo?
johnfoster:: i wasn't dressed up as a rookie, but i did this last year. Not like a woman, but as a clown with red and white wig and a purple boa
RedneckParamedic:: lol
depley:: did you make little kids cry in that get up?
tigger101023:: the purple Boa rocks. Didn't Langy have one of those?
murph3:: Sounds sexy
johnfoster:: no xbox 360 yet. do you have one for sale.
gr82bAnAUTiger:: hahaha
murph3:: JK of course
gilesfan:: Also, who's your football team. Don't say Giants, John?
tigger101023:: eBay will have one for sale
murph3:: Ebay has a ton of them.
depley:: onyl guys being paid pro sports money can afford one off ebay
johnfoster:: younger guys are into the video games. Julio still plays Pong
gr82bAnAUTiger:: hahah
tigger101023:: HAHAHA
RedneckParamedic:: lol
Steely03:: Julio plays tic tac toe
bp4de:: do you guys have xbox in the clubhouse?
BravesBlock:: According to the latest ChopTalk, Neo and/or Frenchie as he is called here and Heep and his brother appear to be semi-professional game junkies.
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Rock/Paper/Scissors?
gilesfan:: Did Julio get Atari installed in the clubhouse?
tvsportscaster:: John thanks again for taking time out to chat with us minions, i look forward to seeing you down at disney when my tv job takes me down there, i''ll be down there for macay mcbride i covered him in high school.
tigger101023:: Smoltz seemed more the cards and golf type. I menat more that late 30s early 40s range
johnfoster:: i brought my own xbox to the clubhouse
tigger101023:: Julio is unique
bp4de:: hahaha
Justmeherenow:: lol
marzybrave:: Julio still can't get used to color tv!
tigger101023:: LOL marzy
gr82bAnAUTiger:: John, any idea where Brian McCann got the nickname "Heep"?
depley:: at least it will be heavily editted?
murph3:: LOL!
marzybrave:: Any nicknames for you John? What does Bobby call you?
johnfoster:: Sorry Bill
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Marzy - FOS
johnfoster:: You wouldn't expect anything less from me
gilesfan:: FOS, I asked him
BravesBlock:: Maybe just transcribe the beginning Bill.
Steely03:: John, ever hit one out in BP???
RedneckParamedic:: bill has some transcribin to do after this. lol
bj1133 left
marzybrave:: SOrry, I must have missed that
BravesBlock:: And then throw-in the "Thanks for coming John" gratuities.
larrysgurl:: john how old are you
gilesfan:: John, your not a Giants fan are you? If so, I'll be on the other side this weekend
tigger101023:: I thought Mets fans were often Jets fans? other way around?
johnfoster:: yes, i've hit one out in 2002
johnfoster:: i'm 27
RedneckParamedic:: hahaha. boy it must be great to be a jets fan this yr
johnfoster:: not a football fan
marzybrave:: It's easy to re-ask questions when you come in late.
larrysgurl:: are you from new yord
tigger101023:: Not a football fan?!?!?!?!
larrysgurl:: york*
Justmeherenow:: lol
tigger101023:: man, no wonder you don't live in the south
Steely03:: Were you recruited by any colleges?
RedneckParamedic:: lol
tigger101023:: college football is hardcore here
RedneckParamedic:: college football more
gilesfan:: John, if you had to bat in a game, who;s bat would you use? Gotta go for the little guy, Giles?
johnfoster:: let me guess.. do you still go to high school football games?
RedneckParamedic:: i love me some SEC
BravesBlock:: lg: He said he was from Northern California. Didn't give the town.
larrysgurl:: oh thanks
tigger101023:: Only when they come to the playoffs in atlanta once a year
gilesfan:: Yes, we all agree that Georgia Tech sucks, right, Bill?
Steely03:: ooooo snap
tigger101023:: But I do go to college games and yes, I love it
depley:: I have not been to a high school football game in 35 years and I live in the south
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RedneckParamedic:: GO DAWGS
tigger101023:: giles, you better watch it
tigger101023:: losing to FREIKIN F$U
johnfoster:: i have my own bats. they were in the car so i guess i'll have to use someone elses
marzybrave:: Do you enjoy any sports other than baseball?
larrysgurl:: what happened to your car
gr82bAnAUTiger:: I've been to high school football games for schools that I never even attended
Steely03:: I missed the care thing...someone retell
depley:: how many bats does a relief pitcher have for a whole season? 2?
RedneckParamedic:: got stolen larry
Steely03:: car
tigger101023:: oh Tiger ...
larrysgurl:: i still go to parkview football games
Steely03:: nice
Steely03:: Better get Geico
RedneckParamedic:: lol
tigger101023:: larrygurl, do you see Francoeur there
weso1:: I had to go to a high school soccer game one time, and I didn't attend either school. If that's not hell, then I don't want to find out what is.
Steely03:: Do you still hit on Freshmen?
marzybrave:: larrysgurl.......Did you ever see Frenchie play as a highschooler?
gilesfan:: John, Im kinda sorta a stathead. Are some players statheads as well? What about yourself? Could you tell me what DIPS is?
larrysgurl:: yeah i saw frenchie play all the time in highschool
Steely03:: John,
Steely03:: John, in to any kind of music?
weso1:: Isn't DIPS that stuff Chipper does?
johnfoster:: other sports i enjoy are fencing, polo, yachting, barrel racing, calf roping, pole vault..
RedneckParamedic:: COPENHAGEN BABY. YEAH
BravesBlock:: kinda, sorta giles. You amaze me sometimes how quickly you can recall player stats.
depley:: I need to head out for a bit, and thanks again John for coming and sharing your insite stories and answers with us.
Steely03:: skinnibg skiing, going to bullfights on acid...
RedneckParamedic:: polo?yachting>polevaulting?
depley left
Steely03:: skinny
johnfoster:: parallel bars, triple jump, figure skating, floor exercises...
RedneckParamedic:: i do like rodeos
weso1:: You don't really seem like a parallel bars kind of guy..
gilesfan:: How did you like Richmond? The city, not playing in AAA. I live not too far from there. Let's just say I didn't want to see Marte go
Steely03:: Anyone see that big bull on espn last week?
johnfoster:: naaahhh.... i'm serious
RedneckParamedic:: wow
Steely03:: pommel horse?
johnfoster:: just kidding :)
marzybrave:: Chris Berman?
BravesBlock:: lol
RedneckParamedic:: lol
Steely03:: ha
gilesfan:: and do your really weigh 200 pounds like your bio says?
RedneckParamedic:: i doubt that even when he's wet
weso1:: Is Furcal the most hyper baseball player of all time?
BravesBlock:: How tall are you John?
johnfoster:: I don't look at stats at all during the season. I think it's bad luck I know when I'm doing good or bad.
BravesBlock:: weso, you know that title belongs to Giles.
gilesfan:: How about after the year?
RedneckParamedic:: doesn't work bill
RedneckParamedic:: what is it?
larrysgurl:: it works for me
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BillShanks:: Arthur Blank talking about possibly buying the Braves.
RedneckParamedic:: woohooo
BillShanks:: Pop up blocker might be stopping it redneck
Steely03:: Woo Hoo 2
RedneckParamedic left
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gilesfan:: Nice. Maybe John could get some Home Depot stock for cheap
BravesBlock:: Hey, good news John. A raise may be on the way.
larrysgurl:: john what do you think about the braves possibly getting a new owner
RedneckParamedic:: lol
weso1:: Interesting article there Bill.
gilesfan:: no affect LG
Steely03:: Go ahead and spend that Blank money!!!!!!
larrysgurl:: man everything has been asked
johnfoster:: The field is not the best i've played on, but the city seemed nice. we stayed in the short pump area which up and coming at the time (2002). heard it's really different now.
bp4de:: wow thats good news
gilesfan:: Its really grown up. It's a nice area. The city is pretty crappy. Murder capital of the world, serious
weso1:: Blank knows what the heck is up man.
johnfoster:: i weigh more than 200 lbs. This past season I was at 210 the whole time
RedneckParamedic:: no way
larrysgurl:: how tall are you
gilesfan:: Is that with Giles in your pocket?
RedneckParamedic:: lol
murph3:: How much can Julio Franco bench press?
Steely03:: is uncertain if he wants to make the emotional commitment of owning a third pro sports franchise.....Jeez blank, just buy it and let JS do his job!
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gilesfan:: The city of Richmond was the murder capital of the world. City crappy, suberbs is nice
larrysgurl left
weso1:: Blank is soooo buying the Braves.
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BravesBlock:: Do you visit Disney, Bush Gardens, Universal Studios while you are in Orlando? What is your favorite ride? And I feel confident that you have tried the Petty Driving Experience. Am I right?
johnfoster:: i'm 6 foot
RedneckParamedic:: on stilts maybe
johnfoster:: julio can bench press a Volkswagon
larrysgurl joined
murph3:: I thought so
gilesfan:: How many times did you have to take a steriod test?
Steely03:: How excited were you to see the young guys get called up from AA...did it bring back any memories of your call up?
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gilesfan:: John, weren't you in Richmond this year as well?
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marzybrave:: Julio can benchpress a model T
gilesfan:: Julio used to bench press Babe Ruth
murph3:: I could bench press more than Julio until this past July.
johnfoster:: I did the Petty Driving experience with Spooney, Corey Aldrige, and Matt Belisle. I enjoy all of those parks. Love Tower of Terror; Not a fan of Spiderman
BillShanks:: Oh crap I think I just choked on my Cocoa Krispies. Damn that was funny.
murph3:: Not that that is important.
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johnfoster:: i was in Richmond for 10 days, but we were on the road most of the time
BravesBlock:: What about the Aerosmith rollercoaster?
060606:: Hi guys, just got in from Christmas shopping, any big scoop??
larrysgurl:: john do you live in new york
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johnfoster:: never rode it
johnfoster:: manhattan
larrysgurl:: nice
marzybrave:: Where were you when the Twin Towers went down?
gilesfan:: John, what pitches do you throw. You get a lot of k's for a lefty specialist 8 per 9 innings
johnfoster:: so Bill... how much work do you have to do tonight?
RedneckParamedic:: wow john asked a ?
gilesfan:: BIll doesn't work
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larrysgurl:: bill has a job?
johnfoster:: fastball, curveball, slider, changeup
RedneckParamedic:: lol
johnfoster:: not here on 9/11 moved here in 2004
BillShanks:: Well I've got to pack to go home for Christmas. I've got to do a podcast talking about our catchers and then convince someone on this board to transcribe this epic chat we're having!
BravesBlock:: OMG: It is right beside the Tower of Terror. You have to ride it this year. It is awesome. An indoor rollercoaster with Aerosmith's music rocking the entire time. You will like it. And don't forget to go to the Alien Escapes at (I think it was Epcot), you will be surprised. lol
Steely03:: Any roommates?
BillShanks:: I think these folks are enjoying talking with you John!
marzybrave:: Bill, is this the longest chat we have had with a player?
murph3:: Aerosmith coaster does pretty much rock.
060606:: Hey John, how's the traffic up there now??
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BillShanks:: So far
RedneckParamedic:: YES WE ARE JOHN
BillShanks:: God help us when Frenchy comes on here.
weso1:: Calm down Redneck.. calm down..
murph3:: Does Andruw Jones play XBox live?
RedneckParamedic:: lol
Justmeherenow:: i Love this chat...even though im mostly
marzybrave:: He's more chatty friendly than the others I guess
larrysgurl:: john if you like roller coasters go on the hulk at islands of adventures
BillShanks:: IF I SEE ONE MORE "seems like everyone is making moves except us" THREAD on our board....
gilesfan:: Do you guys joke on Roachy about not remembering stuff, like how many outs
BillShanks:: I'm going to vomit
BravesBlock:: Frenchy or Neo (take your pick) better take No-Doz before he enters this chat room
gilesfan:: BAN
johnfoster:: been on that one.... almost 10 times in a row when the park was closed for the Braves in 2002
weso1:: Ban that Bitch Bill!!!
larrysgurl:: it's amazing
larrysgurl:: did you ride the dualing dragons
060606:: Bill, everyones making moves except us
Justmeherenow:: awsomr!
gilesfan:: John, some of our posters have nicknamed Francoer, NEO for the chosen one
060606:: just kidding
Justmeherenow:: Awsome*
BillShanks:: Good - I'll take our roster right now!
RedneckParamedic:: yer in trouble now 0606
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Bill any word about any Braves that might have been non-tendored?
gilesfan:: I heard Foster was non tendered, ha ha
RedneckParamedic:: lol
Steely03:: John, In your opinion is this team missing anything? Would you do anything any differently than what they have done the last few years?
marzybrave:: Give us a ligitimite leadoff hitter and I'll take our lineup right now!
060606:: Marcus was non-tenored
weso1:: I liked your post Bill, looks like you actually did puke after all.
BravesBlock:: Just to let you know John, Gilesfan is the bravescenter prankster.
060606:: just kidding gilesfan
johnfoster:: no... whatever they do and what they've done have worked
gilesfan:: A coupele pranks and I get a bad rap
rniki10:: woah, Mr. Foster is still here?
marzybrave:: Didn't you start the whole Giambi fiasco?
weso1:: Foster who do you think would be a our best closer in 06 based on our current roster. Or should we go out and get Kolb again?
BillShanks:: Haven't heard nothing on Brower Tiger.
gilesfan:: yes, but he said he would not answer any questions about Kelly Johnson, rniki
Steely03:: and your an author?
Steely03:: jk
BillShanks:: Yeah DOB might get me on this scoop!
BravesBlock:: Gilefan actually put us up to pranking "the next poster that logs on" into a funny dialogue of a mock trade for Giambi. To make it even better, the mod played along and provided the details he was seeking. It was so freaking funny. Several of the posters left the chat in an attempt to corroborate the story, even some who had been here for the prank discussion. lol
rniki10:: shhhhhhhh! Gilesfan, I don't want him to think that I am stalking Kelly or anything
marzybrave:: Like Me!
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BillShanks:: Holy crap Hawks fans....Marvin Williams had 26 tonight.
eldealero left
weso1:: O'brien may just have to start making stuff up, and what sticks... sticks.
larrysgurl:: john what's the last movie you saw
gilesfan:: John, just so you know, rniki stalks braves players, Kelly Johnson in particular. So dont tell her were you live. You may have a lady following you.
johnfoster:: dukes of hazzard on DVD
marzybrave:: Break up the Hawks!
MikeAdams:: Maybe that will shut up those who constantly complain about the Hawks not getting Chris Paul
gilesfan:: that's nice John
BillShanks:: I doubt it Mike.
BillShanks:: Daisy Duke!
BillShanks:: She's available now I hear
larrysgurl:: she bugs me
gilesfan:: Yea, I told my wife I was getting a divorce
marzybrave:: She had some legs on her!
MikeAdams:: Judging a player by his first 20 games in the NBA is like judging a player on his first 50 ABs
Steely03:: Britney bugs me
gilesfan:: make a run for Jessica
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BillShanks:: Holy crap....Snow possible in ATL on Christmas Night
marzybrave:: Which celebrity bugs you John?
larrysgurl:: shut up
OklahomaBrave:: Gunna be 75 in Okla
gilesfan:: Marvin will be fine. The bad thing is they have 13 small forwards on the 12 man roster
larrysgurl:: is there really going to be snow on christmas
weso1:: weather.. finally a topic for me. I'll look into the Atlanta snow..
johnfoster:: Anna Nicole Smith and anyone on Road Rules or Real World
larrysgurl:: that's like my dream
Steely03:: Trim Spa!
rniki10:: if it snows in ATL I hope it snows in Augusta too, since that is where I will be
larrysgurl:: anna nicole smith is disgusting
RedneckParamedic:: worked wonders on anna steely
BillShanks:: Not when she's skinny
Steely03:: yup and John wait...
OklahomaBrave:: She's still to dirty to be hot
BravesBlock:: TrimSpa Baby!!! Damn, that stuff actually works. lol
RedneckParamedic:: loll
larrysgurl:: please she is disgusting fat or skinny
Steely03:: She's as smart as my left...
BillShanks:: Well she is rich as hell!
larrysgurl:: true
MikeAdams:: ACtually she was pretty smart to marry that 89 year old guy
larrysgurl:: john will you be spending christmas in manhattan
rniki10:: LOL
marzybrave:: She is a wacked out, pill popping, old-man stealing broad
murph3:: SHe is getting old. Evangeline Lilly is my baby, but my wife doesn't know.
BravesBlock:: Welcome home Renee. It was pretty nice here today. Very cold this morning but a beautiful afternoon.
weso1:: I just took a look at some stuff, and it looks like Atlanta actually does have a shot at some wrap around very light snow flurries Christmas night.
johnfoster:: No. We are going home to CA for the holidays
larrysgurl:: i love CA
marzybrave:: John, do you like Reese Witherspoon?
Steely03:: Who doesnt?
murph3:: Love me some Reese
larrysgurl:: i either need to move there or to boston
johnfoster:: I just met Evangeline on my last plane ride to Idaho. We sat next to each other.
BillShanks:: Good Lord, Russell Branyan got $800k from the Brewers.
murph3:: I hate you John Fotser!!
gilesfan:: We should have given Branyan that
Steely03:: this year or orover his career?
murph3:: Lucky man
gilesfan:: John, are you a basketball fan?
weso1:: I would've given Brayan that money and let him join Foster in the pen.
weso1:: Branyan
Steely03:: Who is Evangeline, a super model or something?
rniki10:: Well, I'm not home yet. My insurance came out of my account early so I have to stay an extra day and make some more money
marzybrave:: The Braves had Branyan in spring training and let him go!
johnfoster:: I've recently got hooked on LOST
gilesfan:: Branyan is a 3B, Weso
BillShanks:: Good God I just saw the pix of Evangeline Lilly. Wow
Steely03:: LOST is AWESOME
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weso1:: Lost is definately a good show.
larrysgurl:: i tried to watch lost and i got really confused
rniki10:: John, you sat next to Evangeline Lilly? Nice
gr82bAnAUTiger:: OMG I LOVE LOST!
larrysgurl:: all though i do love josh holloway
Steely03:: Did you stop short?
gilesfan:: never seen it.
weso1:: I know Giles, I was just kidding.
johnfoster:: not a basketball, football, hockey, whatever fan. i hate it when baseball tonight is not on
gr82bAnAUTiger:: You actually like hearing John Kruk and Harold Reynolds, John?
rniki10:: lol
weso1:: I like Kruky
larrysgurl:: kruk is the worst
marzybrave:: How did Baseball become such a love of yours?
gilesfan:: So do you hate Harold Reynolds (Brave hater and moron) like the rest of us? HR said teh braves offense struggled in 03, the year Javy and the offense went nuts
Steely03:: I liked Dibble
BillShanks:: What in the world did we do before Baseball Tonight.
johnfoster:: i like it when it's all baseball not when other sports are mixed in
murph3:: Lost rocks!! Bill, let me know if you need some pictures of Lilly!
BravesBlock:: Hey Renee. The ChopTalk did an article a while back about a female marketing rep. for the Braves. She is an Augusta native and graduated from Augusta State, do you know her?
MikeAdams:: You just have to laugh at Kruk, he's the Chris Farley of Baseball Tonight
BillShanks:: I just saw a few murph. She's on LOST? I might start watchin
weso1:: I can't believe they killed off that one chick in a lost.
Steely03:: He's Farley and he knows it, he plays it up
rniki10:: do you remember the name Block?
Steely03:: Oh, Evangeline is Kate...I'm slow...
murph3:: I have the DVDs of Lost season1 Bill. Hit me up
weso1:: Lost is a good show Bill.. a good show. I also highly recommend Prison Break.
gr82bAnAUTiger:: LOL Mike, I never looked at it like that, but you're right.
gilesfan:: John, do you tape the games and watch yourself? Do you still get goosebumps watching yourself on tv?
rniki10:: I can't think of anyone who went to ASU off the top of my head
weso1:: Exactly... Kruk is freakin hilarious. I don't care what he says.
murph3:: Kruk lives in a van down by the river.
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BravesBlock:: Let me find the magazine and I will get back to you.
rniki10:: okay
johnfoster:: We have a video guy that tapes it for us. Still exciting to see myself ptich.
gr82bAnAUTiger:: I just haven't been able to take Kruk seriously since the all-star game when he was bailing out against Randy Johnson
jonestowers:: Hello guys
OklahomaBrave:: Kruk is funny im still trying to find HR's purpose
larrysgurl:: the only ESPN guy i like is stuart scott
marzybrave:: I can't get serious about Kruk. But when Gammons comes on I perk up!
RedneckParamedic:: boooooooooyaaaaaaaaaaaa
weso1:: I don't think you're supposed to take Kruky seriously.
rniki10:: Stuart wore out his welcome with me about 8 years ago
johnfoster:: Been after Disc 6 of Season 1 for months... Blockbuster is always out
larrysgurl:: of lost?
MikeAdams:: There's no point in taking *ANYONE* on Baseball Tonight seriously - just watch for the highlights
Steely03:: Nothing is as bad as listeing to Joe Morgan
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OklahomaBrave:: I like JA Adonde(SP?)
weso1:: Baseball tonight was the best when Bobby Valentine was on IMO
jonestowers:: Get this Fox is just anouncing the trade from yesterday lok
jonestowers:: lol
weso1:: That guys was a great analyst.
RedneckParamedic:: joe morgan loves him some big red machine
murph3:: I got all 7 discs John.
rniki10:: I remember when I couldn't miss BBTN for anything
BillShanks:: Valentine was good.
larrysgurl:: jow morgan makes me sick
RedneckParamedic:: me too
larrysgurl:: joe*
MikeAdams:: Valentine was good but his voice drives me insane
marzybrave:: John, which Braves announcer is the best enterviewer?
larrysgurl:: he's horrendous
BillShanks:: Wonder if Morgan has read my book yet. I think he and I are the most hated duo in the stathead world.
johnfoster:: i zone out the announcers just to see if any of my friends made the highlights
gilesfan:: John, good thing you got traded from the Cubs, they will suck this year. There OF will need 3 cutoff guys and they may hit 75 homeruns outside of Lee
RedneckParamedic:: lol
larrysgurl:: joe morgan hates the A's for some reason maybe that's why i don't like him
OklahomaBrave:: No Bill, That would be Juan Pierre
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jonestowers:: me I like the guy on sports south ever since ernies johnson sr. retired
rniki10:: Bill atleast you have some rhyme or reason to what you say. I don't think Joe speaks before he talks and hatred of him doesn't seem to stop at statheads
BillShanks:: True
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rniki10:: I should have said "thinks" instead of speaks
weso1:: I'd really like for Smoltzy to join the baseball tonight desk when he retires.
gilesfan:: Also John, Bill needs a picture of you with the braves, on the front page you have a cubs hat on
weso1:: Smoltzy and Foster behind the baseball tonight desk.
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OklahomaBrave:: Get Maddux back there
OklahomaBrave:: I'd love to hear his analysis
rniki10:: I can't imagine Maddux doing tv though
BoneThrower joined
larrysgurl:: maddux would be boring
OklahomaBrave:: Your boring!
johnfoster:: i know.. his nickname is 'bootleg bill'
weso1:: Maddux is going to teach classes on molecular genetics when he retires.
OklahomaBrave:: jk
larrysgurl:: lol
johnfoster:: that's hotlanta for you
marzybrave:: Furcal would be a natural, just no one would understand him!
gilesfan:: I lover Raffy, but he is hard to understand
OklahomaBrave:: Get Julio
BravesBlock:: Hey, flipping through one of my ChopTalk book looking for the name for Renee. Came across a picture of John and Bernero. It says "SURVIVORS, Once down-and-out, Bernero and Foster Rebuild their arms and careers" If you are 6' then Benero is HOW TALL??
gilesfan:: Eddie Perez would be great
jonestowers:: Maddux will be the assistant for Boras when he retires
RedneckParamedic:: hope not
OklahomaBrave:: He can tell stories about how basbeall was played back in the primordial ooze
marzybrave:: Julio would want to work beside Dizzy Dean!
weso1:: If they sat Giles behind the desk noone would see him.
rniki10:: lol
weso1:: He's not tall enough to look over the desk.
jonestowers:: It will be Boras and Maddux
OklahomaBrave:: He can sit on Kruks knee
rniki10:: be nice weso
bravesfan247 left
gr82bAnAUTiger:: They could get Giles a booster seat
gilesfan:: easy
johnfoster:: Bernero is about 6'7
bravesfan05 left
rniki10:: or a highchair
Steely03:: Hey, us vertically challenged people have feelings too....really small feelings but feeling notheless.
weso1:: Maybe Kruk can spoon feed him also.
gilesfan:: If John is 200 pounds, Andruw is 300
OklahomaBrave:: Im Giles height
rniki10:: I just always tell people that short people are cuter
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Hey John.... Is Andruw fat?
OklahomaBrave:: Then I am adorable
weso1:: You're 3'6"??
jonestowers:: I bet you guys anything Giles will make 4.25 is arrbitration
bp4de:: lol tiger
rniki10:: as am I OK
bp4de:: he is fluffy
pmb924 left
marzybrave:: This conversation is turning sour!
weso1:: I can't stand that Druw is humongously fat and smiles..
RedneckParamedic:: lol
OklahomaBrave:: LOL
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Me neither weso
gilesfan:: John, what batter gives you the toughest time? What one batter would you hate to face
murph3:: Only thing fat about Andruw is his wallet.
rniki10:: gotta love the Druw haters
Steely03:: John, do you love your glove as much as Walt Weiss did or is that a fielders facination?
rniki10:: hatin' on a guy because he smiles
johnfoster:: doesn't matter.. he can gain 100 lbs and still be a gold glover
BravesBlock:: Hey Renee: I found it. Her name is Sabrina Jenkins and she is the Braves' director of special events. She was featured in the July 2005 edition on page 35. Do you know her?
marzybrave:: John is going straight to Andruw and ask him if he is fat?
gr82bAnAUTiger:: So, you're saying Andruw is festively plump?
OklahomaBrave:: It makes him jolly
gilesfan:: I'll tell you guys what. I've been around a few ballplayers. Andruw is one of the nicest I've ever talked to
RedneckParamedic:: hahahahaha
johnfoster:: at this time, Brad Wilkerson
weso1:: Mike... care to disagree with the Gold Glove assesment??
marzybrave:: He gets to balls that skinny guys can't so get off of it!
OklahomaBrave:: Ahh don't Bring that up Make can't fight off 30 people
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Festively plump is a South Park reference, FYI.
gilesfan:: Yeah, John, I wanted the Braves to get him and have him bat leadoff. At least you woulnt have to face him, huh?
murph3:: Man I am itchin' to post a trade idea!!
rniki10:: I know who Sabrina is, Block, but I have never really spoken with her
OklahomaBrave:: It's his chosen lifestyle
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Resist the urge murph
RedneckParamedic:: post it murph
marzybrave:: Which player have you had the hardest time getting out so far?
murph3:: I am
BravesBlock:: Well, now you know that you have something in common.
gr82bAnAUTiger:: marzy - Brad Wilkerson.
rniki10:: yes we do
OklahomaBrave:: Anyone see King Kong?
BoneThrower:: hey murph, how many times have you traded John in one of your posts? LOL
RedneckParamedic:: hahaha
murph3:: Never
BravesBlock:: Could also be useful. Carpool to Augusta and save the gas money. Especially at over 2 bucks a gallon
gr82bAnAUTiger:: King Kong rocked after the first 1:15.
johnfoster:: WHAT??!!!
gilesfan:: After this great chat, the only person I'd trade Foster for is Pujols. Sorry, John, I'd make them throw in a prospect as well
larrysgurl:: john other then watching the game what do you guys do in the bullpen to keep yourselves entertained
Steely03:: Fantasy trade right?
marzybrave:: Murph3 lies!
murph3:: You came in late this year. i post most of my trades before the deadline and during the off-season.
weso1:: Foster... what would you do if you heard that the Braves traded you to Colorado. Would you cry for days or weeks?
gilesfan:: besides checking out women in th stands
gr82bAnAUTiger:: John, you'll have to forgive Murph, he's our resident "fantasy GM". I think he's traded everyone on the team at least 3 times each.
rniki10:: LOL, yeah really. I might have to move back there in May, though I am not looking forward to it. I would miss my boys too much
marzybrave:: Including you!
murph3:: Here goes
johnfoster:: i would cry because i wouldn't be with the braves anymore. not that i was in colorado.
OklahomaBrave:: I believe Murph actually traded JS once or twice so don't take it personally
gilesfan:: I think he traded Foster for Peavy, so it was a compliment.....
marzybrave:: Murph3 actually traded Bill Shanks for John Kruk straight up!
rniki10:: Todd, I think 3 times each is a low estimate
murph3:: Nothing but love for me!!
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Well, it was an average
weso1:: Well, I'd cry if you were traded as well.
rniki10:: because for every trade he reworks it about 3 or 4 times after someone disagrees
BravesBlock:: damn Marzy lol
gr82bAnAUTiger:: I think he's traded our groundscrew and Bobby Cox a few times...
jonestowers:: anything new on the braves front bill
murph3:: SO does JS niki
Steely03:: John, is Red Bull a banned substance...seriously are they that strict?
weso1:: And then Kruk ate Bill
rniki10:: I was just teasing you murph, you know we love ya
BillShanks:: Haven't heard anything tonight jonestowers - no word on Brower yet
OklahomaBrave:: LOL weso
gilesfan:: He traded me for Grissom and a prospect once, but I failed the physical
RedneckParamedic:: lol
rniki10:: which grissom?
gilesfan:: the poster Grissom
BillShanks:: Oh my God check out this post on the Q&A thread....
rniki10:: damn, that's harsh
BillShanks:: bill, are you going to post the foster chat up for all of us, like you did with the blaine boyer chat?
johnfoster:: red bull is not banned
jonestowers:: on fox it anounce how much Brower will get in arrbitration
marzybrave:: You do notice notice no mention of Kruk in Bill's book!
BravesBlock:: Oh hell no. Not the poster Grissom.
BillShanks:: I'm going to say gr82bAnAUTiger is going to do it!
gr82bAnAUTiger:: ummmm
BillShanks:: lol
RedneckParamedic:: haha. good luck tiger
Steely03:: is this a premium chat?
rniki10:: have fun Todd, lol
larrysgurl:: john other then the braves what is your favorite baseball team
BillShanks:: Only premium subscribers can chat.
jonestowers:: i am not sure if that means Brower will be a brave or not
gr82bAnAUTiger:: yeah, so Bill, I just ummm accidentally hit my clear button...
BillShanks:: LOL I bet you did!
Steely03:: Gotcha! Did not know dat
gilesfan:: People are still talking about lefties. We HAVE enough. Foster, McBride, James, etc.
BravesFreak:: Mets
BravesBlock:: Maybe you should just give the filtered hightlights Bill.
weso1:: Foster and McBride are our lefties folks.
BillShanks:: You guys keep talking. I'll be back and forth. I've got to pack up to go home for Christmas. But keep talking.
Steely03:: Natural lefty or coached lefty by a parent?
johnfoster:: natural leftly
Steely03:: Dont forget the black shirt!
marzybrave:: At least Bill doesn't call them the "Holidays"
jonestowers:: Grissom and White are ready for the retirement home
larrysgurl:: john do you have all your christmas shopping done
060606:: Does anyone know a good liquor to mix with egg nog??
Steely03:: bourbon
gilesfan:: YEgarmeister
jonestowers:: rum
Steely03:: Makers Mark
gilesfan:: Jack Daniels
rniki10:: plain ol' rum
gilesfan:: just kidding, put RUm
Steely03:: Gin and Tonic and Mint Juleps, drinks for the season
OklahomaBrave:: Rum and ice cubes
OklahomaBrave:: Leave ouyt the nog
weso1:: Foster, did you see the Halo movie?
Coredor joined
jonestowers:: go to the islands and get some rum while you at the island look for the braves a closer
johnfoster:: can't get aroun NYC to do any shopping. I wore the tread out on my shoes walking since there is no subway
OklahomaBrave:: There was a Halo movie?
rniki10:: I would hate to be in NYC right now
Steely03:: What do you live near in NY?
murph3:: Washington gets- Bobby Crosby, Horacio, and Kelly Johnson.....Oakland gets- Soriano and Lerew.....Braves get- Zito
rniki10:: that is just ridiculous
weso1:: Oh crap.. nah it was Doom..
BravesBlock:: Did you say that the taxi cab drivers were on strike to?
BravesBlock:: too?
weso1:: Nevermind
johnfoster:: peppermint schnapps
Steely03:: I would LOVE to be in NY right now.
marzybrave:: No subway and no car! What is a man to do in New York?
johnfoster:: no Halo movie, but i have the soundtrack
gilesfan:: No public transit guys
marzybrave:: TAXI!
Steely03:: You people say you hate NYC compared to here in the south, but that place is special...
jonestowers:: I would fire everyone of the bus drivers in Nyc
rniki10:: Murph, there you go, trading my boy again
gilesfan:: John, what CD was in the player when it was stolen?
RedneckParamedic:: south rules all
larrysgurl:: the A's just signed crosby to a long deal so i don't think they are going to trade him
Steely03:: They should be fired
murph3:: Sorry niki, got to trade talent to get talent
weso1:: I got news for you Foster... I just checked out and HALO is going to be in theaters in 07.
OklahomaBrave:: Is there any other kind of nog other than egg?
rniki10:: Steely, it's not about hating NYC, it'
johnfoster:: talk in chat rooms and play xbox live

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