Schuerholz, Devine chat transcript

Here is the transcript from the chat Tuesday night in the BravesCenter chat room with Jonathan Schuerholz and Joey Devine.

Jonathan Schuerholz joined
BillShanks:: Ok guys Jonathan's here. Ask away.
marzybrave:: Welcome Jonathan, how are you?
JonathanSchuerholz: I am well, thanks marzy
weso1:: Jonathan, thanks for doing this.
JonathanSchuerholz::thanks for allowing me to be here...
jonestowers:: Jonathon what is your favorite position?
JonathanSchuerholz: personally i prefer second base. I think that is my best fit
jonestowers:: Are you and Devine from the same area of Kansas
JonathanSchuerholz: Actually i don't think so. I am not sure exactly where he is from but i am not sure.
larrysgurl:: how old were you when your dad became the GM of the braves
JonathanSchuerholz: I was 11
marzybrave:: All is forgiven. Do you perfer Jonathan or Jon or maybe even Junior?
JonathanSchuerholz::<.b> Jonathan is preferable but i know how typing is and Jon is a lot easier so you won't offend me either way
tvsportscaster:: Jonathan, are you excited about the invite to Spring Training?
JonathanSchuerholz:<.b> i am pumped about spring training
larrysgurl:: have you always wanted to play baseball
JonathanSchuerholz: I've wanted to play since i can remember
weso1:: Is there a current MLB player that you look up to, or are a huge fan of?
JonathanSchuerholz: That is an interesting question weso, I always liked George Brett growing up
marzybrave:: Have you been working out since Christmas
JonathanSchuerholz: actually i have been working out since about just before thanksgiving
jonestowers:: did you like switch hitting or where you uncomfortable with it?
JonathanSchuerholz: switch hitting was an experience, i think that is the best way to explain it. i learned a lot during that process
PastorRog:: Jonathan, what is the best part of playing in the Braves organization
JonathanSchuerholz: well, growing up watching the braves play, and now playing for them means a lot
larrysgurl:: have you always been an infielder
JonathanSchuerholz: I have always been an infielder yes
tvsportscaster:: Jonathan with more and more young players making the Braves roster, does that make you excited about your prospects to do the same.
JonathanSchuerholz: having the guys you come up with in the minors already up there makes the transition easier. it's funny, most of them are younger but they will be the ones showing me the ropes in spring
weso1:: Offensively, what do you think is the area you need to improve on?
JonathanSchuerholz: I think consistancy is the thing i need to focus on the most. keeping the ball out of the air and doing things that help the team win
marzybrave:: I am supposing you grew up a huge Braves fan? Who did you look up to as a youngster?
JonathanSchuerholz: I always liked the way Lemke played...dirty. nothing better than ending a game all caked with dirt
tvsportscaster:: Jonathan can you talk about your experience in the Arizona Fall League?
JonathanSchuerholz: AFL was a great experience. tons of talent and everything was top of the line. It was almost like we got treated like big leaguers for a six week period
marzybrave:: Do you consider yourself a dirty player as in getting your uniform soiled?
JonathanSchuerholz: I just love the feeling that i worked my but off for nine or more innings
jonestowers:: Did you like your play in AFL?
JonathanSchuerholz: i thought i did a lot of the things i am capable of in the AFL
gr82bAnAUTiger:: War Eagle Jonathan!
JonathanSchuerholz: WDE
jonestowers:: Between the Hof game and AFL wich made you prouder?
JonathanSchuerholz: two totally different experiences. HOF game was cool because it was just one of those days where the sun is shining on you no matter what you do, and the AFL felt good because I performed well after a sub, sub, sub, sub par AAA showing
RedneckParamedic:: How good is your defense?
JonathanSchuerholz: my defense is something that i am proud of but still find room for improvement. i think i could work on range and reading balls a little better
weso1:: It looks like you did great last season in AA, but struggled a bit after the call up to AAA... why do you think you struggled after the call up?
JonathanSchuerholz: ah the AAA struggles, you know i don't think i can put my finger on the reason for the struggles. but i am thankful that it is behind me and that i can focus on AFL success
weso1:: How do you work on range?
JonathanSchuerholz: footwork drills and stuff like that
marzybrave:: Do you have a strong arm ?
JonathanSchuerholz: not a furcal arm but not a knobloch either
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Jonathan, can you discuss a little bit about your decision to give up switch hitting?
JonathanSchuerholz: you mean other than the fact that i was hitting like a buck 70 from the left side? ha...i just didn't feel like i was progressing as fast as i would have liked
gr82bAnAUTiger:: I guess that's what I meant, did you feel switch hitting was holding you back? Did any of the coaches talk to you about giving it up, or was it something you decided on your own?
JonathanSchuerholz: yeah, if i had started it when i was 16 or 17 i believe that i would have been able to do it for the rest of my life. 23 is a tad late
MSBraves27:: Johnathan i'm fortunate to live only a few minutes from Pearl so I was able to watch a lot of MS Braves games this year. Who else on that team do you think is close to being ready for Atlanta?
JonathanSchuerholz: I am bias because he has been my roommate for the past two years but i think Timmons could be a big leaguer
marzybrave:: Jonathan were you at the World Series game 6 in 1995?
JonathanSchuerholz: I was at that game, yes
MSBraves27:: Wes did stand out as having what it takes
MSBraves27:: real gritty player
marzybrave:: I wish that Wes was invited to training camp!
JonathanSchuerholz:me too
weso1:: Timmons is the one with the ridiculous OBP right?
JonathanSchuerholz: timmons has the best strike zone judement i have ever seen
jonestowers:: Did you ever play with Salty
JonathanSchuerholz: i played with him in the afl
jonestowers:: Did you enjoy having that stud hitting on your team
JonathanSchuerholz: yeah, he is quite a talent
larrysgurl:: jon what highschool did you go to
JonathanSchuerholz: i went to Lovett
tvsportscaster:: Jonathan, i covered you your senior year at lovett in the state playoffs when you came to Savannah to play Savannah Christian.
JonathanSchuerholz: yeah savannah christian put it to us that first game
jonestowers:: what is like knowing you are considered one of the top talents in baseballs best minors?
JonathanSchuerholz: it is humbling to say the least. i have worked my whole life to achieve this and i am very fortunate
JonathanSchuerholz: ok who is going to watch american idol tonight?
tigger101023:: that would be a no. Sorry man
weso1:: So JS, how freakin PO'd were you when Auburn got screwed by not being chosen for the BCS championship game?
larrysgurl:: jon what was the last movie you saw
jonestowers:: Do you like hitting with game on line or hitting like its a normal at bat?
weso1:: I guess prolonged slumps are just a part of baseball. Seems like every player has them.
jonestowers:: Jonathan many people give up switch-hitting after a while anyway
tigger101023:: is it common to start trying that late?
marzybrave:: Timmons or Salty?
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Jonathan, which coach, college, pro, or High school would you say contributed most to your career thus far?
weso1:: Do you ever ask other minor leager's for tips?
jonestowers:: what pitch do you have the most trouble hitting
PastorRog:: Jonathan - What is the best or most unique thing about playing for the Braves organization?
marzybrave:: And what pitch do you look for, I'm assuming the heater?
JonathanSchuerholz:: all the time wes, i think the banter that goes on between players can't help but help you out
JonathanSchuerholz:: look for the fastball and react to other pitches. that said, there are times where you find patterns in a pitcher and you can hunt a certain pitch at a certain time
clvclv:: OK, OK, OK...did I miss the Jennifer Aniston or Angelina Jolie answer?
weso1:: Well, if you can manage to replicate your AA numbers in the pros, then you should make the big stage.
larrysgurl:: have you always wanted to play for the braves
tigger101023:: LOL clclv
marzybrave:: Jon, tell us some of the differences between playing SEC baseball and the lower minors?
JonathanSchuerholz:: pastor, i'll have to say, growing up on the front office side, and now being on the other side of the baselines, i think that is pretty cool
jonestowers:: no metal bat
weso1:: Although, I guess if you've replicated those numbers in the pros then you've already made it huh?
JonathanSchuerholz:: Aniston
tigger101023:: ah, the nice girl
weso1:: She's dating Vince Vaughn now. That gives us all hope guys!
tvsportscaster:: Jonathan which minor league coach has helped you the most and how has he helped you?
marzybrave:: I was really talking talent wise
clvclv:: Sorry JS...everybody gets asked that one
weso1:: Jonathan is a baseball player, though so he can basically get any woman he wants.
larrysgurl:: jon are you watching american idol
JonathanSchuerholz:: SEC facilities are better than the lower minors but the biggest thing is in the minors....NO CLASSES
gr82bAnAUTiger:: haha. What did you major in at Auburn by the way, and did you get your degree?
jonestowers:: Did you use a metal or wooden bat in collage
marzybrave:: No final exams!
JonathanSchuerholz:: Philip Wellman, Blauser, Maloof...all have helped in different stages in my career
gr82bAnAUTiger:: SEC uses aluminum bats, jonestower.
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tigger101023:: I don't think they'll let you use wood in college?
tigger101023:: ACC, too
JonathanSchuerholz:: and i can deffinitely NOT get any woman i want, besides, i have a gir friend
tigger101023:: good answer
weso1:: You can use wood in college...
JonathanSchuerholz:: i majored in business management
jonestowers:: I have heard players that use wood bats
tigger101023:: I didn't know that (about the bats)
marzybrave:: I know who's taking Mr. Schuerholz's place?
JonathanSchuerholz:: college wood bats are usually in JUCO's
tigger101023:: but why would you? That's what the Cape Cod League is for, right?
weso1:: bats?]
gr82bAnAUTiger:: So.... Jonathan... We've had a LONG running discussion on where Brian McCann got the nickname "Heep". Any chance you could clear that up for us once and for all?
RedneckParamedic:: John, Do you think dayton should succeed your dad when he retires?
SkipSeda41:: You have a girlfrined? Then you should have said I HAVE THE ONLY WOMAN I WANT!
JonathanSchuerholz:: That started with Mike Mueller. He deemed McCann The Heap...i'll have to let brian answer the rest of that one
marzybrave:: I can imagine!
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Well... at least we know who started it
JonathanSchuerholz:: i think dayton does a heck of a job at what he does.
larrysgurl:: i don't think we will ever get the real reason for mccann's nickname
marzybrave:: I second that Jon!
jonestowers:: Have you played against McCanns brother
JonathanSchuerholz:: and yes, i will be watching american idol
RedneckParamedic:: booooo
larrysgurl:: me too
SkipSeda41:: what if they guess right John....will you at least verify
JonathanSchuerholz:: yeah, when i was at auburn, he was at clemson for a year
larrysgurl:: i like you even more jon
clvclv:: Would you agree that our perceived notion of the "Braves Way" is more advantageous to young Pitchers? As in, draft the young arms out of high school rather than college. It seems to me that there are so few talented coaches to go around at the college level, having "our" way of doing things taught to the Pitchers is much more important than it is with the hitters. Do you feel that the younger arms in the Braves system seem to have more of an idea about getting guys out than many of the college guys you often face?
RedneckParamedic:: yuck. u went to auburn
jonestowers:: Is he as talented as they say
JonathanSchuerholz:: wow...long one give me a sec
weso1:: Larrysgurl may need to change her name to Jonathansgurl
larrysgurl:: lol
jonestowers:: What about LaRoches brother
tigger101023:: did Andy LaRcohe go to AFL this year?
jonestowers:: yes he did
jonestowers:: if not mistaken
JonathanSchuerholz:: um, i don't know. I think the track record of the scouting department and player development have showed that their philosophy has been a working diagram of how to bring a young pitcher along
JonathanSchuerholz:: yeah roach and i played together in arizona
JonathanSchuerholz:: brb
jonestowers:: Roach killed the florida league
marzybrave:: Jon, I watched you in a game last summer in Knoxville playing against the Tennessee Smokies. I told my inlaws that you were the son of John Schuerholz and they almost flipped
weso1:: he's a smart dude, huh?
tigger101023:: what is he? SS or 3B? I know he's with the Dodgers, but that's all I remember
jonestowers:: Yes he is in the dodgers organization
JonathanSchuerholz:: back
jonestowers:: 3base I believe
tigger101023:: ok, stop talking bad about Jon
JonathanSchuerholz:: roach? third base
tigger101023:: j/k
JonathanSchuerholz:: wouldn't be the first time tigger and it wont be the last. ha!
weso1:: What's your opinion on the present day love of OBP? Do you think OBP is the most important offensive stat a player can have?
JonathanSchuerholz:: but everyone here has been very cordial
jonestowers:: Do you think of yourself as super sub or regular position player
JonathanSchuerholz:: i can honestly tell you i have no idea what obp means...i am not a stat head
weso1:: That's cause Bill's got his pistols out.
BillShanks:: Stathead....someone mention stathead....
weso1:: On Base Percentage... and I'll assume the answer is no.
jonestowers:: do you hate stats like myself
tvsportscaster:: Johnathan, How special would it be if you got the call to Atlanta and someone special made the call to you?
JonathanSchuerholz:: i think obp is an important tool in evaluating players but is it the be all, end way
JonathanSchuerholz:: it would be the greatest moment of my life up to that point
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weso1:: Is their a current major league pitcher you'd like to face?
JonathanSchuerholz:: i don't hate stats, just don't think they show, stats don't lie, i will say that. but there is more to a player than just his stats
JonathanSchuerholz:: i wouldn't care one bit, as long as it was IN the big leagues
weso1:: Did someone say makeup?
JonathanSchuerholz:: i have faced a few ML pitchers in the minors, either on rehab or just being sent down to AAA
clvclv:: Since I came in late, I'm behind, sorry if it's been asked, the other guys around you tend to feel they have to walk on "pins and needles" or "impress" you at times because of who you are? Generally it's not the guys in your situation that tend to have "complexes" or act differently, it's the people around you acting differently because they feel they should.
tigger101023:: but I would think guys keep up with the basics, right? I mean they know their average and whether they draw walks, homers and stuff.
jonestowers:: Jonathan do you think you could hit a homer against Clemmens?
JonathanSchuerholz:: you mean like the heap?
jonestowers:: Yep
tigger101023:: he should have saved that homer for Game 4
weso1:: What a moment that was for Heep!
jonestowers:: He destroyed that ball didnt he
weso1:: He did hit one in game 4.
tigger101023:: Yeah, but I meant off of Clemens. Becuase if would have been in extra innings
weso1:: Deep right center at Turner. Yeah... that's a bomb!
jonestowers:: then gave a bad speech to the media
JonathanSchuerholz:: pins and needles? no, not any more. guys know me by now that they know that i am a down to earth guy and that my father and i have been able to keep family and business seperate
JonathanSchuerholz:: they make fun of me, yell at me, just like they would anyone else in the clubhouse
clvclv:: But it was a little odd in the beginning? Kinda figured it had to be.
jonestowers:: Jonathan your mother is so classy is she your agent
SkipSeda41:: Jonathon, I have heard the fans get on you because of what they perceive you to be....what fans are the worst?
JonathanSchuerholz:: Yeah, wehn mccann hit taht, we all went nuts
clvclv:: Just like when everyone was a kid...always a little afraid of the Principal's kid or the preacher's daughter.
JonathanSchuerholz:: she is not my agent...actually last week i fired my old agent and got a new one
weso1:: Is that why she's not your agent?? Cause you fired her??
weso1:: just kiddin
JonathanSchuerholz:: in the beginnign clv, it was, people didn't know me as well. I understood, but after a day or so, they realize that i am like them
JonathanSchuerholz:: no, i fired my dad
larrysgurl:: lol
jonestowers:: she is the classiest person I have ever seen how she stays in the background and stays outta of the buissness
clvclv:: Having him as your agent would make arbitration hearings a little tough in a few years.
JonathanSchuerholz:: fans get on me, yes, and they will continue to for the rest of my career. it is something taht i have had plenty of practice getting used to
JonathanSchuerholz:: yeah, thanks, i am kinda fond of her as well
tigger101023:: were you surprised when the Braves drafted you?
JonathanSchuerholz:: meetings could get a little harry.
JonathanSchuerholz:: he wouldn't let me over for dinner until we got things worked out and that woud not be good, becasue my mom can cook, boy
jonestowers:: Jonathan you should be your own agent these agents are acting wild these days
JonathanSchuerholz:: t minus 5 minutes till the idol, just letting you know
tigger101023:: ah, a mother would never let her son starve. It's your dad who'd be in trouble
JonathanSchuerholz:: i think the one i have can do a lot better than i could ever do
larrysgurl:: i'm excited
weso1:: Is it Boras?
clvclv:: Wonder if the arbitor would think he'd gone off the deep end because he had to get up and walk around to the other side of the table every time a different point was brought up because he had to argue for both sides.
jonestowers:: Johnathan does your dad ever get to sleep
JonathanSchuerholz:: no, i wouldn't ever be allowed in the neighborhood if he was mine..ha
clvclv:: Maybe he could just bring in a tape of what one case was and pause it while he argued with the TV.
JonathanSchuerholz:: it seems to be less and less as he gets older
tigger101023:: not that anyone wants to be in AAA, but Richmond may have a heck of a team this year. SO many talented guys and just not enough room on the major league roster
jonestowers:: Is he getting to the point where he wants to watch you enjoy playing the game while he sits in the stands
JonathanSchuerholz:: yeah, it will be a fun time...i am just ready for spring training. i am getting stir crazy at my place
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Are you scheduled to be in big league camp for spring training, Jonathan?
JonathanSchuerholz:: that is something that he will have to answer.
JonathanSchuerholz:: yes autiger
gr82bAnAUTiger:: That's got to be exciting, realizing how close you could be to the bigs.
jonestowers:: Well Jonathan we cant live without him or Bobby
gr82bAnAUTiger:: One injury to a middle infielder and you could be getting a call
JonathanSchuerholz:: when he does decide to hang up the suspenders, i have a pretty good feeling that he will leave the organization in a pretty good place for the next guy
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Idol is starting.
JonathanSchuerholz:: you never want to wish an injury upon anyone, but you never know...stranger things have happened
larrysgurl:: it's starting!!!
JonathanSchuerholz:: oh trust me, it is on my tv.
tigger101023:: this is hot stove time, of course. Do you guys all freak at the idea of being traded or do you always know it's part of the game?
tigger101023:: I imagine some guys handle it better than others
jonestowers:: Have you ever spent time around Bobby Cox
weso1:: Gilmore Girls is on for me... so I'll be back in an hour. Thanks for chatting with us Jonathan. I expect you to still be here when I get back!! just kiddin
tigger101023:: LOL weso
JonathanSchuerholz:: you know ryan seacrest's sister went to high school just down the road from me. some of my friends knew her pretty well...just a side note
JonathanSchuerholz:: i don't think they freak out about being traded. but it depends on each person's situation
gr82bAnAUTiger:: How did you feel when you heard Snitker was moving to manage AAA this year? How was it playing for him in AA last year?
JonathanSchuerholz:: yes ,jones, i was around him today as a matter of fact
JonathanSchuerholz:: I absoulutely loved playing for snit
jonestowers:: good guy isnt he
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Well, you'll get another chance this year
JonathanSchuerholz:: he createsa great clubhouse
tigger101023:: I know it's different for everyone, but if you had to choose - bench player on a great club and contender or starter on bad team?
jonestowers:: thats the secret to winning a great gm and a great manager
clvclv:: That's how some of us know we're getting old...never watched even 5 minutes of American Idol, and probably never will...of course that means we're acting more like "kids" spending time chatting about baseball in January.
PastorRog:: Having Been around Andy Marte, what is your opinion of the Marte for Renteria trade?
JonathanSchuerholz:: great club, there is nothign better than being on a winning team
jonestowers:: well you guys learn to win in the minors dont you
tigger101023:: ok
JonathanSchuerholz:: i think rente fills a hole we needed to fill
PastorRog:: and the loss of Marte?
JonathanSchuerholz:: it is bittersweet. you hate to lose a talent like him but at the same time, you are happy for him becasue he is getting a better chance
weso1:: That Rocker can belt can't he?
PastorRog:: so you think he will be an impact player in the bigs?
weso1:: he can sing?
marzybrave:: Jon is your father as hushed hushed about player moves to you as he is to the media? Has he ever secretivally ever told you something that may be done?
JonathanSchuerholz:: i thihk he can, yeah
JonathanSchuerholz:: yeah, when i was in high school and college i knew things in advance but now since i am in the system, we both think it is unfair that i knwo anything in advance anymore.
tigger101023:: I think he'll like Boston. They are crazy about their baseball
clvclv:: Do you catch yourself feeling like you need to qualify your remarks when asked questions at times? These days it always seems like reporters looking for "scoops" would take something you might say about other players out of context simply because they'd want to imply that you got certain "feelings" from chats with your Dad - you guys obviously will always try to keep business seperate, but you know the reporters won't.
larrysgurl:: why do some people think they can sing? LOL
tigger101023:: sometimes your voice just sounds better in your head
larrysgurl:: lol true
JonathanSchuerholz:: i don't catch myself. i guess it just is natural to me. there are things the media need to knwo and there are things that are none of thier business
jonestowers:: I agree
PastorRog:: So what was the biggest move you had advanced knowledge of back in the day?
tvsportscaster:: Johnathan can you talk about the season in Rome, the year you won the SALLY Leaague
jonestowers:: Jon be carefull when Bowman ask you a question he makes rude remarks
tigger101023:: So you won't be having to take the PR guy to the side for coaching, huh? Know all about the media...
JonathanSchuerholz:: 03 was awesome...nothing better than winning it all
jonestowers:: Just let Smoltzie do the talking
marzybrave:: Weren't you also drafted by Atlanta out of highschool as well?
tigger101023:: Mississippi had a terrible year after the callups last year. Is it easier to lose knowing that there's a reason like losing guys to the majors?
JonathanSchuerholz:: I am not going to hide from reporters, i'll tell them what i am thinking and if they don't like it, oh can't please everyone, you know
tvsportscaster:: Jon when your playing days are over hopefully 15 years down the road can you see yourself going to the front office like your dad and does that interest you at all.
gr82bAnAUTiger:: So, which of your teamates would do best in American Idol, Jonathan?
JonathanSchuerholz:: you know, i get that question a lot, and right now, i don't see myself in the front office....that is not to say i will never be there though
jonestowers:: Frenchy if it was clowning around
JonathanSchuerholz:: Francoeur would be the worst by far
gr82bAnAUTiger:: hahah
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Does he think he can sing?
PastorRog:: Jon - The Natural or Field Of Dreams?
JonathanSchuerholz:: i like wearing the uniform too much to wear a suit to work every day...sorry to all you suit-to-work people out there
tigger101023:: Oh, but Jeff would be great on that Fame show - I remember the booty shaking in the dugout!
JonathanSchuerholz:: tough question pastor...i like them both Major League....that is the best by far
tigger101023:: I like my desk job, no offense taken
marzybrave:: So you had rather be a coach after your playing days?
jonestowers:: Jon we might have to call you the field of dreams with Devine since both of you are from kansas
JonathanSchuerholz:: or bull durham
JonathanSchuerholz:: yeah, i think i might like the coaching aspect
marzybrave:: Rookie with Dennis Quaid!
PastorRog:: haha - says with the eternal laryngitis "forget about the curvball, give him the heater"
larrysgurl:: rookie was long and boring
clvclv:: Having gone through college baseball, if you were asked by a kid drafted in the later rounds out of high school, would you advise them that going ahead and taking the deal to go straight to the minors is the better option? It's obviously not always the case for guys who are recruited heavily by the college "powerhouses" because the instruction could be just as good at times, but say the guy's not going to an Auburn/FSU/bigger program.
larrysgurl:: i personally like rookie of the year
marzybrave:: Long, boring and very good!
marzybrave:: Baseball movie not worth seeing............Mr. 3000!
larrysgurl:: lol

JonathanSchuerholz:: situations are different for everyone. i can't tell one person to do whta i did, or not,
jonestowers:: Jon what did you think of moving from the wheat fields of Kansas to Georgia not long after dad helped the Royals win a world series
tigger101023:: with a business management major, I can see why people ask you about a FO job, your name aside. Why business?
JonathanSchuerholz:: i was too young to realize what was going on when we moved
larrysgurl:: how old were you
clvclv:: May have missed this one as well, but...Is Devine going to be as unhittable as many of us think he could be?
marzybrave:: Too young to remember Sid's slide?
JonathanSchuerholz:: because i grew up in a business house hold...i learned form watching my pops i guess
PastorRog:: Through the years, who would you say has been the most memorable Braves you have met?
jonestowers:: I wonder if they have feel like they have the Schuerholz jinx since they havent won a world series since
JonathanSchuerholz:: yeah, Joey, is nasty...he will be a great pitcher from the rest of his career
JonathanSchuerholz:: Deion is hard to forget
PastorRog:: in a good way or not? haha
tigger101023:: somehow, I'm not sure that is a compliment
clvclv:: Any truth to the rumor that he was sorta concealing an injury when he was called up last season?
jonestowers:: Neon Deon
JonathanSchuerholz:: both i would say...
marzybrave:: Were you an autograph hound back in those days?
JonathanSchuerholz:: i liked deion but i may have been too young to understand everything that came with the deion package
PastorRog:: Who was your favorite?
larrysgurl:: lol deion is interesting
tigger101023:: have you seen Joey pitch live since he skipped AAA?
JonathanSchuerholz:: i have never been an autograph seeker.
jonestowers:: Brett was the best if yu ask me
JonathanSchuerholz:: no, i have not
jonestowers:: never played for Atlanta but he was an awesome player
tigger101023:: I don't remember (for anyone, not just Jon). Did Chuck James get to AAA last year?
JonathanSchuerholz:: yeah
jonestowers:: Do the pitchers hit in the minors
JonathanSchuerholz:: so 1-10, how am i doing on this chat thing?
tigger101023:: what did you think him? We talk about him a lot since his stuff is so unhittable, byt no one's exactly sure why
tigger101023:: James, I mean
JonathanSchuerholz:: the pithcher hit in AA and AAA when you play at a NL park
weso1:: I've got so much passion... I just can't stand it.
JonathanSchuerholz:: Chuck throws the invisiball
jonestowers:: I hear chuck cant hit the ball
larrysgurl:: 10
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Great, Jonathan, and thanks for sharing the evening with us.
weso1:: I'd give you about a 2 I guess.
marzybrave:: Your're a 10. So far it's you and John Foster!
tigger101023:: 10
JonathanSchuerholz:: passion? i love passion!!!
gr82bAnAUTiger:: The
tigger101023:: uh oh, this is a family board
gr82bAnAUTiger:: oops... The "invisiball"???
clvclv:: Great taste or less filling?
gr82bAnAUTiger:: lol
weso1:: just kidding. You've done great.. definately a 4.
JonathanSchuerholz:: bud light
tigger101023:: beer sucks
BillShanks:: /maxposters 150
max viewers 150, max posters 150
jonestowers:: thanks for spending time to talk and letting us get to know you Jonathan
tigger101023:: Thanks for the time Jonathan!!
JonathanSchuerholz:: hey, no problem...glad to do it
JonathanSchuerholz:: are you guys kicking me out?
tigger101023:: nope
gr82bAnAUTiger:: not at all
clvclv:: Not if you're buying the next beer!
tigger101023:: maybe it was the way you aksed how you were doing
jonestowers:: nope I just wanted to make sure I thanked you
marzybrave:: It's been fun talking to you Jon, good luck in Florida next month!
jonestowers:: for you have been a true gentleman
JonathanSchuerholz:: thank you marzy
marzybrave:: Oh, I thought Devine was coming on now!
marzybrave:: Marzy, not Mary!
tigger101023:: I think his time was an estimate. And we can have mroe than one!
JonathanSchuerholz:: i'm cool here, seriously, all i'm doing right now is watching tv
jonestowers:: Hey Devine may want ask Jonathan questions
JonathanSchuerholz:: i just talked to him today
marzybrave:: Hey stay on while Joey is here!
tigger101023:: really? how do you know him>
tigger101023:: if you don't mind my asking
JonathanSchuerholz:: just from playing with him in AA
tigger101023:: ah
BillShanks:: Okay guys you can keep talking to Jonathan. Mr. Devine is warming up in the bullpen and will be with us in a few minutes.
tigger101023:: right on
clvclv:: Do you guys ever sit around and have a good laugh about all the "freaks" that go nuts and want to hang out on message boards and in chats about baseball in the dead of winter like this?
jonestowers:: yes
tigger101023:: so, did you and Boyer ever play together? He looked terrific before he wore down last year
marzybrave:: Tonight we get dual action from Jonathan and Joey!
tigger101023:: and he just seems sooooo nice
marzybrave:: We tagged Boyer as "Opie" last Tuesday night!
JonathanSchuerholz:: yeah, blaine and i played together in rome, myrtle, and mississippi
jonestowers:: Opie got the right stuff
tigger101023:: I suppose I should know these things, but I'm still learning about the minors
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JonathanSchuerholz:: no prob
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Jonathan, what are your thoughts about your double player partner from Mississippi last year, Luis Hernandez?
marzybrave:: Good question Gr8!
tigger101023:: They say his glove is terrific
JonathanSchuerholz:: he has made me a much better infielder. being able to be on the other end of the double play from that guy, can only help a player
JonathanSchuerholz:: that is an understatement tigger
marzybrave:: Have you ever seen Elvis play yet?
gr82bAnAUTiger:: I saw the two of you play this year in Birmingham
jonestowers:: Ihear escobar has the stuff
JonathanSchuerholz:: just for the week in instructs before th afl
JonathanSchuerholz:: escobar whistles while he plays...that is different to me
jonestowers:: cool
tigger101023:: LOL
gr82bAnAUTiger:: You guys should nickname him "Dixie"
jonestowers:: is he learning the american language
larrysgurl:: that audition was awesome
JonathanSchuerholz:: i have no idea. i may have said ten words to him...not that i don't like him, i just have not had the opportunity to get to know him
tigger101023:: oh, more AI
marzybrave:: Maybe Escobar should appear on American Idol!
tigger101023:: so, is AI rigged?
larrysgurl:: i don't think it's rigged
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Jonathan, can Thor rake or what?
clvclv:: Our system is renowned for having more pitcher-friendly parks in the minors. Do you think that causes some of the organizations to undervalue our position players a bit? Knowing that tends to make many of us get possibly overly excited when we see guys put up numbers like Salty did in MB last season.
JonathanSchuerholz:: scott hit two of the farthest balls i have seen in birmingham last year
gr82bAnAUTiger:: I know... I was at those two games.
gr82bAnAUTiger:: I couldn't believe how far they went
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Does he hit like that everywhere or was that out of the ordinary?
marzybrave:: I saw Scott in that Knoxville game last summer too!
JonathanSchuerholz:: he has pop...that is for sure
gr82bAnAUTiger:: You think Thorman is another Klesko?
JonathanSchuerholz:: to put up the numbers salty did at the beach is something special...having played there i understand how tough it is to hit there... you can ask anyone about that
tigger101023:: You've played with Jurries, right?
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JonathanSchuerholz:: yeah, i played with jurries for a week in danville and then last year when i got to AAA
gr82bAnAUTiger:: You hit a couple of homers yourself this year. I saw the in the parker in Birmingham.
tigger101023:: I've read a lot of man love for McCann hitting well at the Beach, too. I guess it makes a good impression
JonathanSchuerholz:: yeah that was crazy
Joey Devine joined
tigger101023:: Hi Joey!!
jonestowers:: Joey is it okay if we nickname you devinely ?
larrysgurl:: hi joey
JoeyDevine:: hello everybody
marzybrave:: Welcome aboard Joey, hope your stay is enjoyable!
Justmeherenow:: Hi Joey
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Hi Joey!
jonestowers:: hello joey
Number41:: Hi Joe
hudson2 joined
marzybrave:: Ready for camp to begin?
JoeyDevine:: cant wait
JoeyDevine:: wish it were tomorrow
Pack11:: Joey D! greetings from wilson
JoeyDevine:: whats goin on jeff
marzybrave:: We do too!
Pack11:: just waiting for you
tigger101023:: not that we're ignoring Jonathan or anything
tigger101023:: Pack, haven't seen you in a while
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Jonathan Schuerholtz is here too, btw Joey
PastorRog:: Thanks for joining us Mr. Devine
clvclv:: Most important question of the night do you feel after your boys came into Chapel Thrill as the higher ranked team for the first time in ages and had to take that long ride back down I-40 with the big L???
Pack11:: been resting up for pack and braves baseball
tigger101023:: I think last time I saw Pack, you were getting rid of Tech tickets to go to the NLDS
JoeyDevine:: that was a pretty good game
hudson2:: hey everybody
JoeyDevine:: tough loss for the pack
JoeyDevine:: thats for sure
PastorRog:: Joey, what was it like going to college to pitching in the NLDS in a matter of months?
jonestowers:: Devine how many pitches do you throw and wich ones are they ?
Pack11::'s happened the other way in baseball the past three years, huh joey?
JoeyDevine:: absolutely unbelievable
tigger101023:: I'm mad at State right now - they finally beat Tech in football and we don't return the favor in bassketball
tigger101023:: there's always baseball
marzybrave:: Are you going into spring training with the mentality of I have to earn a spot in the pen or I have one locked up already?
JoeyDevine:: very blessed to have that opportunity
JoeyDevine:: definitely with the mentality of earning a spot
JoeyDevine:: i've always been that kind of player, cant take anything for granted
JoeyDevine:: thats for sure
hudson2:: Joey looking forward to seeing u take over the closers role this year!
JoeyDevine:: especially at this level
bravesfan05 left
JoeyDevine:: i appreciate the support
larrysgurl:: would you perfer to be a closer joey
gr82bAnAUTiger:: So, Joey, how tired were you at the end of the year. That was a ton of innings you pitched last year.
clvclv:: know we Heels fans can't pass up an opportunity to get on you guys. Oh, by the way, did the "" website pop up after another loss to us as well? (I'll stop after that one, I promise.)
hudson2:: no problem
Steely03:: Joey, did you have an opportunity to go play for Ray Tanner at South Carolina?
JoeyDevine:: yea just because i've done that the past three years in college
JoeyDevine:: but i'll do anything the braves need
marzybrave:: Especially without a bonified closer, you are definatly in the thick of the closer role
JoeyDevine:: it was definitely an exhausting year
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Is your hip good to go
gr82bAnAUTiger:: /?
hudson2:: heck with going out and getting outside help, i really think u will nail it down this year
JoeyDevine:: i didnt, went on an un-official visit, but nothing came out of it
JoeyDevine:: hips perfect
Number41:: Jonathan, does your Dad being GM give you any clubhouse "grief"... or do they pretty much treat you as an equal?
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Have you got a nickname for that slider? That thing is NASTY.
jonestowers:: Did you add any pitches to your arsenal
marzybrave:: Are you going to early camp in Atlanta?
tigger101023:: is it a delivery related injury, or just a freak thing?
clvclv:: Can you strike JS Jr out?
hudson2:: JS are u hoping to get a spot out on the big club this year
JoeyDevine:: just working on a cutt fastball
JoeyDevine:: yes i'll be there on the 27th, looking forward to that first day on the first
PastorRog:: Jon and Joey - Having been around the major leagues and minor leagues, how much of a role does Christian faith play in clubhouse atmosphere and what not (purely personal curiosity here)
JonathanSchuerholz:: i am just hoping to get a good look...i am guessing i am going back to AAA to start, but like we saw last yea, anything can happen
tigger101023:: You talked much to McDowell yet?
jonestowers:: Devine would you settle on being the 7th or 8th inning specialist
JoeyDevine:: my faith plays a huge role in everything that i do, very helpful
larrysgurl:: there's about to be a fight in american idol
JoeyDevine:: yea i talked with mcdowell a couple times, cant wait to meet him
hudson2:: good
marzybrave:: Good to hear that Joey!
jonestowers:: Devine I love your 1st game when your dad gave the umpire a fit
SkipSeda41:: Did you get to know Leo enough to compare the two of the Joey?
Pack11:: lol jones
JoeyDevine:: i would settle for anything just to have the opportunity to play for this organization
hudson2:: Jon are u gonna take over for your dad one day and be our GM
jonestowers:: It was awesome how he ragged the umpire he needs to go on the comedy circuit
marzybrave:: Tell us about your debut last summer, lot's of butterflies?
larrysgurl:: joey after your first two appearances how did you keep your confidence up
tigger101023:: Well, don't be discouraged if you start the year in AAA, Joey. Sounds like the competition for the pen is very stiff
tigger101023:: but we'll be rooting for you!!
JonathanSchuerholz:: i don't know the answer to that question yet hudson
TallahasseeBravo:: Joey, from your perspective, what is so special about playing for Bobby Cox?
marzybrave:: Tigger, don't tell Joey negative stuff like that! He is going to be one of the 12 pitchers going north in April!
jonestowers:: Devine I can tell you are Bobbys kinda pitcher a sidewinder
JoeyDevine:: definetly had some butterflies marzy
tigger101023:: I know he's talented enough, but there's like 50 bullpen pitchers in ST
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Talk to us about what it was like to pitch in a post season game in the majors the same year you got drafted, Joey, I wonder if that's ever happened...
Pack11:: butterflies, no sleep, and 102 degrees
JoeyDevine:: confidence is important, just stayed positive
PastorRog:: Joey, the final game of the regular season, Bobby Cox comes out and puts him arm around you, do you remember what he told you?
hudson2:: lol
marzybrave:: But about half of those don't stand a chance!
hudson2:: u couldn't have a better teacher
jonestowers:: Joey do you jump over lines and crazy stuff like that?
mlhowa03:: I look forward to watching you grow as a ball player Joey...Good Luck
larrysgurl:: bobby let you close the game where you guys clinched right? how awesome was that
marzybrave:: I look forward to seeing you become our next big closer!
JoeyDevine:: having the opportunity to play for bobby is very special
tigger101023:: everyone says he's great
JoeyDevine:: i appreciate that marzybrave
JoeyDevine:: thanks mlhowa
jonestowers:: Have you ever pitched a knuckleball
Bobbaganeusch left
JoeyDevine:: never have
tvsportscaster:: Joey with the closer position up in the air how much does that make you want to prove you can handle that position.
jonestowers:: If you wanna learn old knucksie might teach you
marzybrave:: Tell us a little about your hitting ability, will we ever see it?!
tigger101023:: So, does Smoltz help out in the bullpen, too? We heard stories about him helping the rookie starters last year (Davies and Colon)
Steely03:: Joey, is it important for you to develop another pitch to battle lefties or do you go with what you got?
JoeyDevine:: hitting ability is ok i guess
JoeyDevine:: haha
marzybrave:: Only ok!
JoeyDevine:: dont know when the last time it was that i actually took some swings, did a little bit in college
jonestowers:: I take it you have not been asked to hit much
Pack11:: warning track power
JoeyDevine:: haha
marzybrave:: You know the Braves pitchers takes their hitting serious!
JoeyDevine:: big flies
Pack11:: lol
tigger101023:: it seemed like ever time a reliever was asked to hit last year, it didn't go well
Steely03:: cans o corn?
jonestowers:: So you are no Davies
clvclv:: Having put in your years in Raleigh, do you feel that it conceivably could have been beneficial having spent more time in the minors? Not that your coaches were "lacking", but do you feel that the Braves' MO of drafting high school Pitchers and having them develop in our system rather than someone else's college system can be an advantage?
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marzybrave:: Devine is more of a Mario Mendoza!
tigger101023:: well, they can't all be Mike Hampton
tigger101023:: now he can rake for a pitcher
jonestowers:: Devine what are some of your pregame rituals
marzybrave:: Hammy is pretty good. Smoltz was good several years ago!
JoeyDevine:: i dont really have any, just hang out, play cards
JoeyDevine:: thats about all
Steely03:: Who was that pitcher back in 90'ish that hit 2 hr's in one game?
tigger101023:: no idea
JoeyDevine:: i feel like my years in raleigh really helped me prepare myself
Steely03:: Liliquist?
jonestowers:: You dont cut any chickens up or anything
tigger101023:: LOL
Number41:: Years ago - -Tony Cloninger hit 2 GS Homers
tigger101023:: you watch too many movies, jones
larrysgurl:: joey how old are you
JoeyDevine:: 22
jonestowers:: Raliegh is a beautifull peacefull town
marzybrave:: Rick Wise once hit two homers in a game and won the game 2-0!
clvclv:: Almost forgot...Js already answered the one everybody gets asked...Jenifer Aniston or Angelina Jolie?
BravesfanNChar joined
Yogi44:: Joey... what part of Raleigh did you like the best. Used to be that Hillsborough STreet had evrything!
tigger101023:: Maybe, but I'll never go to Carter-Finley ever again...
JoeyDevine:: both
Pack11:: nice
PastorRog:: Joey - The Natural or Field of Dreams?
JoeyDevine:: field of dreams
jonestowers:: Field of dreams team with Jonathan
PastorRog:: No love for The Natural
tigger101023:: so, have you started throwing yet?
JoeyDevine:: i love them both
Steely03:: Joey, when you got hurt did you think you had a chance at making the post season roster?
JoeyDevine:: yea i started a couple weeks ago
marzybrave:: Really, Robert Redford as a baseball player?
jonestowers:: Both Kansas boys deserve the field of dreams title
JoeyDevine:: i wasnt for sure
Number41:: Joey, JS, what do you do in the off-season? weights?
clvclv:: Jimmy V's or Ruth's Criss?
weso1:: I come back and Devin eis chattin with us! Thanks for chatting!
marzybrave:: I can see Kevin Costner playing ball but not Redford!
Yogi44:: Amedeo's
JoeyDevine:: i took the first two months totally off
tigger101023:: probably smart
jonestowers:: Jimmy V was the man
weso1:: How'd you like NCSU?
JoeyDevine:: absolutely loved it
BravesfanNChar:: Yeah thanks for taking time outta your day's to talk some baseball with us!
JonathanSchuerholz:: well it was different this year playing in arizona. i didn't start lifting until around thanksgiving. usually i start around oct. 1
JoeyDevine:: meant a lot of wonderful people
PastorRog:: Ok, how about this one, Angels in the Outfield or The Sandlot
marzybrave:: Walmart or Target?
jonestowers:: Jimmy V reminds me of Bobby Cox
JoeyDevine:: met
JonathanSchuerholz:: sandlot rocks
Number41:: paper or plastic?
clvclv:: Those are restaurants in Raleigh jonestowers...not people.
Percival:: The two months off surely were great. Last season was probably real long considering the college season starts in February, huh?
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gr82bAnAUTiger:: Joey, has Bobby given you a nickname yet?
marzybrave:: There was a big dog in Sandlot, right?
larrysgurl:: angels in the outfield is awesome
tigger101023:: We asked Jonathan about SEC baseball. You feel that ACC baseball was competitive
BravesfanNChar:: Which team do you dislike the most Yanks or Mets?!?
PastorRog:: "You're killin me Smalls!"
BravesfanNChar:: both JS and JD
JonathanSchuerholz:: first off sec kills acc...but go ahead joey...answer that
jonestowers:: I know but I just loved the way Jimmy V got the best outta of his players and he reminds me of Bobby Cox
weso1:: Jonathan said earlier that he played against you in college and hit a 450 ft homerun off of you? Is that true?
JoeyDevine:: definitely, johnny knows the acc is much better than the sec
tigger101023:: ACC ACC ACC
gr82bAnAUTiger:: SEC SEC
BravesfanNChar:: ACC all the way
PastorRog:: ATL all the way!!!
Steely03:: ACC better than SEC? Ha...
marzybrave:: SEC, no question!
Yogi44:: JOey .. you had to leave just when they got Doak Field looking good again
Percival:: SEC is great, except for that Auburn
SkipSeda41:: I hear the SEC has some really good gymnastics teams
Yogi44:: But I think Turner Field may be better
tigger101023:: LOL Skip
jonestowers:: You tell them ACC all the way
JoeyDevine:: yea really, who goes to auburn anyway
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Huddy for one Joey
Steely03:: Clemson...Auburn with a lake
marzybrave:: ACC has some good sliderule classes too!
JoeyDevine:: THE DOAK
clvclv:: Which one of those conferences does State play in? Hard to tell since they're one of the cupcakes on the Heels schedule every year!!!
jonestowers:: Georgia Tech was my collage
JoeyDevine:: well besides huddy, just giving JS a hard time
weso1:: States in the ACC!
BoneThrower:: Big XII baby
JonathanSchuerholz:: nobody really, frank thomas, bo, hudson....who wants to go to NCState?
tigger101023:: they are good, bonethrower
JoeyDevine:: my brother went to auburn as well
Steely03:: Bo knows Auburn
PastorRog:: Bo's hip...
jonestowers:: Joey does your brother play baseball
BoneThrower:: I believe my Huskers beat Joey's Wolfpack last year, in one of the baseball regionals. Sorry Joey
mlhowa03 left
marzybrave:: Bo could have been the best of alltime!
JoeyDevine:: yea, doesnt anymore, he know works for PACK11
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Bo was a freak...
Percival:: He may well have been the best as it was.
JonathanSchuerholz:: bo was unbelieveable
tigger101023:: Hey, I was reading today and I think Tech may be among the tops schools for most alum active in the majors
Steely03:: you read?
Percival:: He did take that vacation day in Knoxville though.
marzybrave:: I have never seen another athlete like Bo!
tigger101023:: but I don't a defitive list was every found....
clvclv:: That's a first...tigger read something today!!!
weso1:: Joey, did you ever happen to watch Todd Helton pitch in college? You kind of have the same arm motion as he did.
jonestowers:: would not surprise me we have one of the finest defenders
jonestowers:: in the nfl
tigger101023:: I can read - I don't just do calculus all day, you know
Pack11:: clv is being tough on the pack tonight!
Pack11:: lol
JoeyDevine:: lol
clvclv:: All true bluebloods always are Pack11
Pack11:: no doubt
PastorRog:: Everyone remember when Bo ran over Brian "The Boz", classic
Steely03:: Joey, have you always thrown sidearm? Did you learn to throw that way or were you taught?
marzybrave:: I wonder if Bill planned on having one member of both the SEC and the ACC as his guest tonight?
tigger101023:: I love watching the college guys that are the best hitters on the team and close. It's awesome
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Joey, where did that arm angle come from? Was it something you came up with on your own, or did someone somewhere along the line suggest it to you?
JoeyDevine:: just developed into it as i grew into my body
Pack11:: you will have to make it over to boshamer and have a cold one with us when the pack heads back to chapel hill this spring
jonestowers:: Veritech may get taken over by his unknown twin Heap
larrysgurl:: joey have you always been a pitcher
jonestowers:: Heap is compared to Veritech
tigger101023:: Tek's going nowhere, but McCann could be better and that would be fine by me
marzybrave:: Have you always pitched Joey? Even in the little leagues?
Steely03:: I threw sidearm some growing up but it was more for the deception because I didn't have the gas...
JoeyDevine:: no, all through high school i was a position player/pitcher
marzybrave:: When did you develope gas?
JoeyDevine:: did both pretty much all my life
tigger101023:: did NCState recruit you as a pitcher?
jonestowers:: Nomar and Payton have embarassed the techs
weso1:: after eating burritos
Yogi44:: Boshamer is a sweet looking field
JoeyDevine:: both
jonestowers:: they stay injured
JonathanSchuerholz:: how has nomar embarassed the techs?
larrysgurl:: so joey can you tell us why McCann is called heep
Steely03:: It was fish tacos
tigger101023:: embarassed? What?
Pack11:: the first time i heard about joey was fall practice before his freshman year when i was told about this new infielder from KS who could pitch a little in a pinch
weso1:: Why did you choose State of all schools?
tigger101023:: Man, being an MVP is so embarassing to your alma mater...
JoeyDevine:: i think because he always lays around
Steely03:: Yeah why NCS? Why not USC!!!!
marzybrave:: Let me rephrase the question......... When did your fastball get to what it is today?
larrysgurl:: really
JoeyDevine:: i loved the university/coaching staff
weso1:: eating burritos
Steely03:: Joey, had you ever hurt your hip before?
JoeyDevine:: plus the offered me a nice scholarship
Steely03:: any change under the table?
JoeyDevine:: no that was the first time
weso1:: Did you throw it down in college? Partying I mean.. I go to State, and the kids their know how to party.
jonestowers:: Do you think you just over did your body
Steely03:: He's 22, he's partying right now!
JoeyDevine:: haha
tigger101023:: Joey, were you surprised to be drafted by a HS pitcher club like the Braves
PastorRog:: Joey, you planning on pitching to Andruw and Chipper in spring?
tigger101023:: or were you just excited because you knew it menat that we REALLY needed bullpen pitchers?
JoeyDevine:: cant wait
jonestowers:: I was surprised Joey was not taken in the top 10
weso1:: Oh.. I didn't see PastorRog in here. Nevermind Joey.. don't mention the partying.
marzybrave:: Being from NC were you always a Braves fan?
PastorRog:: hahaha
weso1:: O
weso1:: I really do feel like I'm better then Carrie Underwood by the way.
Justmeherenow:: lmao
larrysgurl:: me too! LOL
tigger101023:: really? She sounded good to me
marzybrave:: Is PastorRog really a pastor?
weso1:: Well, if he's not he's a good liar.
weso1:: He knows his stuff.
PastorRog:: yep
tigger101023:: yes. YOu can even ask him a question in the BBQ board
PastorRog:: I really am
weso1:: Devine.. or Schuerholz.. you guys need to make some confessions to the pastor?
marzybrave:: Great, what denomination?
jonestowers:: If Atlanta had not taken you would you have gone to another team
gr82bAnAUTiger:: He's a pastor not a priest
JonathanSchuerholz:: i'm not catholic
PastorRog:: Southern Baptist, wasn't this chat about Jon and Joey?
tigger101023:: there's a difference (j/k)
gr82bAnAUTiger:: lol Rog
marzybrave:: I am also Southern Baptist!
tigger101023:: Methodist
weso1:: Satanist
JoeyDevine:: arizona was gonna take me at 31 if i was still around jonestowers
PastorRog:: hahahaha
jonestowers:: I am catholic
gr82bAnAUTiger:: alright weso...
Steely03:: Jonathan, do you go to Atlanta when your season is over and do you follow the big club closely?
larrysgurl:: i bet you're glad the braves chose you then
weso1:: Joey, are there any players at NCSU I should go watch play?
jonestowers:: yes now he does have to worrie about getting his check
tigger101023:: were you a KC fan growing up, Joey? I suppose that question could go to JS, as well
jonestowers:: doesnt
JonathanSchuerholz:: yeah i have a place in atlanta so when my season is over, i come home...i follow the big club all season
Steely03:: Thanks, didn't know if you lived elsewhere.
gr82bAnAUTiger:: LOL considering his dad was the GM for KC, chances are he was a royals fan at the time
JoeyDevine:: a lot, our whole team this year should be good
jonestowers:: arizona is supposedly in debt
weso1:: How much did the loss this postseason hurt? It was excruciating to me.
JoeyDevine:: i followed the red sox as a little kid, just b/c i have family there
weso1:: That question I asked is about the Braves by the way.. not NCSU
Steely03:: KC was my AL team growing up...had the George Brett Spotbilt #5 cleats and all!!!!
tigger101023:: oh that's right, Jon said he liked Brett
tigger101023:: I forgot
larrysgurl:: joey ever been to fenway
jonestowers:: Although Arizona gave Upton a huge major league contract to play in minors
marzybrave:: Joey, I know you do not know any of the new bullpen pitchers we have obtained but are you confident we have made some descent moves to shore up our pen from last year?
JoeyDevine:: never have
larrysgurl:: you need to go. it
larrysgurl:: it's amazing
tigger101023:: Well, if Joey wasn gonna hold out for more money, I doubt he'd have been drafted by the Braves
grooveone joined
tigger101023:: *was
Steely03:: JS, in your opinion, what has the big club been missing over the years since 95? Hitting? Pitching? Luck?
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Jon and Joey, what CD's are in you guys cars right now?
Steely03:: Joey, got a good story about getting 'the call'?
JoeyDevine:: xm radio, i dont have too many cd's
PastorRog:: what XM station then?
JonathanSchuerholz:: i have no idea...different things every year
JoeyDevine:: i listen to pretty much everything
Steely03:: channel 167
tigger101023:: I'm terrible - I use the XM to listen to ESPN radio
BravesfanNChar:: Got a good question for Mr. Shuerholz..... What was the first car your dad bought for you
JonathanSchuerholz:: mlb on xm for me
tigger101023:: I can get music on the radio
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Lots of Sports radio for me too
JoeyDevine:: 20's, 40's, 60's, and 70's
tigger101023:: man, they just made a great new station in ATL - 97.1
JonathanSchuerholz:: the river?
Steely03:: Thomas the Tank Engine in my ride!
tigger101023:: yup. It's older stuff, but commercial free!
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Sports radio sucks in Birmingham.
Steely03:: JS, were you ever on Bill's TV show?
tigger101023:: well, it is a smaller market
JonathanSchuerholz:: i was on the show
PastorRog:: Joey, what was your favorite moment in the bigs last year?
jonestowers:: hey john look at all that makeup crystal is wearring
weso1:: Sports Radio sucks in BHAM because they talke about the Tide. Anything about Alabama sucks!
jonestowers:: you could paint a building with her face
SkipSeda41:: Wasnt Bills camera man great Jonathon?
marzybrave:: Did Bill ask you those tough questions?
Pack11:: joey - any ballpark (that you didn't get to go to last year) that you are really looking forward to playing in?
JonathanSchuerholz:: absolute stud
SkipSeda41:: Thank you for being honest Jon
JonathanSchuerholz:: ha
tigger101023:: Did Joey like Wrigley? I love Chipper's comments about it - he apparently can't stand it
JoeyDevine:: everything, just the opportunity to be around all those guys, i was able to learn a lot, also being able to play in the stadiums
marzybrave:: Bill is an absolute stud?
tigger101023:: neither do visiting announcers (Wrigley)
BillShanks:: Okay guys Joey's gotta wrap it up in about five minutes, so squeeze any last questions in.
SkipSeda41:: No his camera man!
JoeyDevine:: all of them, it would be unbelievable to go to all of them
jonestowers:: Joey what number do plan on wearring this season
tigger101023:: well, I'm sure you'll be around long enough to hit most of them
PastorRog:: Joey, do you feel you are ready to close for Atl. this year?
BoneThrower left
JoeyDevine:: 28
jonestowers:: cool close to smoltzie
Pack11:: we went to wrigley for the first time with joey's brother - it was a blast
Steely03:: Who was your locker next to last year?
marzybrave:: Joey, here's wishing you all the best of luck this season. And I am very serious, I hope that you are one of the 12 pitchers that Bobby takes to Atlanta this spring. The sky is the limit to whatever success that you will have!
JoeyDevine:: i think so, time will tell
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Did any of the minor league coaches make an impression on you last year Joey?
JoeyDevine:: thank u so much marzy
weso1:: That guy jumping around with the back pack on.
hudson2:: lolthe cr
JoeyDevine:: i appreciate that
JonathanSchuerholz:: it has been fun guys and gals but i believe i am going to head out....any last questions/comments for me?
JoeyDevine:: all of them
tigger101023:: I guess it's a better question with more experience, but what hitter was the hardest to pitch to last year?
weso1:: Thanks, JS... good luck in the spring!
JoeyDevine:: i really enjoyed learning as i moved up
grooveone:: Thanks JS, have a great season
tigger101023:: Thanks Jonathan,!
larrysgurl:: thanks for chatting tonight guys
Steely03:: JS, keep it sharp, you are always a heartbeat away!!!!
gr82bAnAUTiger:: War Eagle, Jonathan! And thanks for spending some time with us crazies.
jonestowers:: thanks for spending your quality and free time with us Joey and thanks for letting us get to know you
SkipSeda41:: Thanks guys
JoeyDevine:: more than welcome, anytime
Pack11:: joey, it was a wild ride last year from doak to ATL - braves fans are really going to enjoy getting to know you in the coming years!
marzybrave:: The same goes to you Jon! I have enjoyed getting to know you and look forward to seeing you in training camp take Pete Orr's job from him!
JoeyDevine:: thanks for being great fans
JonathanSchuerholz:: it has been my pleasure...take care everyone. Joey...see you in a couple of weeks
jonestowers:: Thanks once again John
gr82bAnAUTiger:: I mean, how nuts are we? Talking about baseball in January
JoeyDevine: see ya johnny
Justmeherenow:: thanks for coming Joey! ill be looking forared to seeing you play
weso1:: We complete dorks
weso1:: We're complete dorks
PastorRog:: nice talking to you Joey, God bless
JoeyDevine: take care guys and gals, god bless
PastorRog:: Same to you Jonathan
tigger101023:: Bye Joey!!
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Looking forward to seeing you guys in spring training this year, make us proud!
JonathanSchuerholz left
weso1:: Yeah, Joey.. good luck man. You'll have a great career
marzybrave:: Goodnight MaryEllen!
JoeyDevine left

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