Brian McCann Chat Transcript

Braves' starting catcher Brian McCann chatted with BravesCenter's premium subscribers Tuesday night. Here's a transcript of the chat.

BillShanks:: Okay's Brian
Brian McCann:: What's going on guys?
gr82bAnAUTiger:: HEEEAAAAP!
chrisgentry110401:: Hey Brian
larrysgurl:: Brian we are going to get this question out of the way. why do they call you heap?
BrianMcCann:: i used to sleep all day everyday so they said i was a heap of crap
larrysgurl:: lol nice
Justmeherenow:: lol
hudson2:: we have been wondering for a while, everybody kept giving us the runaround
Marte4MVP2009:: yes, finally an explanation
Marte4MVP2009:: !!
RedneckParamedic:: howdy Brian
Justmeherenow:: Hi Brian
Justmeherenow:: How are you?
hudson2:: How did it feel to hit that homerun in the playoffs off of Roger Clemens
BrianMcCann:: Hitting that homerun was the most exciting moment i have ever had on a baseball field
gk7602:: I was there it was pretty exciting for us too
Justmeherenow:: it was awesome to watch!
RedneckParamedic:: Have you met Todd Pratt yet or talked to him?
BrianMcCann:: i have not met Todd yet but i know he will teach me a lot
larrysgurl:: other then baseball what other sports or teams do you follow
BrianMcCann:: I'm a Ben Rothlisberger fan
hudson2:: big Ben
larrysgurl:: big Ben's having an awesome post season
hudson2:: the Steelers are on a roll
tvsportscaster:: Brian with Estrada traded you're now officially the Atlanta Braves Starting Catcher, what does that mean to you?
BrianMcCann:: being the starting catcher is everything that I have ever wanted to do and that being with the braves makes it that much better
Marte4MVP2009:: Brian -- Is there any major league player (or catcher) that you specifically modeled yourself after when growing up?
BrianMcCann:: i try to model my game after Eddie Perez
BamaLizzy2718:: Hi guys I just got in from work...Brian, I don't know if this has been asked or not, but how are Tyson & Brody? And which one is yours?
BrianMcCann:: they are good Tyson is mine
Steely03:: Brian, how could you let your brother go to Clemson!!!! Had you not been drafted by Atlanta, where do you think you would have gone to college?
BrianMcCann:: I was going to Alabama
BamaLizzy2718:: University of Alabama? You a fan?????????
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Alabama!?!?
RedneckParamedic:: good choice Alabama
RedneckParamedic:: hahaha tiger
BrianMcCann:: No I'm not a fan they just gave me the best scholarship
hudson2:: lol
RedneckParamedic:: booooooooo
BamaLizzy2718:: well, that is awesome too...and I just cant help it gr8, ROLL TIDE
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Yeah, I hear Alabama's scholarships are worth more than other schools if you know what I mean
Marte4MVP2009:: Brian - what part of the game do you feel you still have the most to work on?
BrianMcCann:: Everything. I still have to get a lot better to become a good major leaguer.
larrysgurl:: have you guys gotten settled into your new house
BrianMcCann:: Jeff sucks as a roommate. I'm thinking about kicking him out
hudson2:: lol
larrysgurl:: lol
Marte4MVP2009:: lol
BamaLizzy2718:: LOL
Justmeherenow:: lol
hudson2:: get somebody with a better throwing arm
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Doesn't help with the dishes?
BamaLizzy2718:: does he still sleep with his SI magazine?
BrianMcCann:: I'm just kidding
hudson2:: lol
BrianMcCann:: No now he sleeps with his jersey
gr82bAnAUTiger:: haha
auburngal75:: Are you heading down to Florida prior to the "required" reporting date?
BrianMcCann:: I'm leaving the 15th
Marte4MVP2009:: Brian, do you have any pre-game rituals?
BrianMcCann:: listen to music and focus on what i have to do
auburngal75:: Will you be at Roger McDowell's pitchers "get together" or is that strictly for the pitchers?
BrianMcCann:: I will be there for the pitchers work out
gr82bAnAUTiger:: A question all of our chat visitors have been asked: Jennifer Anniston or Angelina Jolie?
hudson2:: u beat me to it gr8
bp4de:: growing up a braves fan, watching these guys play then to be called up and catching John Smoltz,were you nervous?
Steely03:: How much of an impact, if any, did Mazzone have on your preparations?
BrianMcCann:: I would get with the starting pitchers and go over every hitter
Marte4MVP2009:: Brian, who gave you the most advice when you got called up?
BrianMcCann:: Eddie Perez he kind of took me under his wing
BamaLizzy2718:: I miss Eddie...I hope he stays with the organization for a long time
Marte4MVP2009:: cool, Eddie seems like he's coaching material
Steely03:: Brian, with the recent announcement that Sosa is heading back to the starting rotation, where does that leave our guy Kyle Davies. Is he ready to be an everyday pitcher in the majors?
BrianMcCann:: Kyle is more than ready. We will just have to see how it all works out
larrysgurl:: brian will you be at fanfest
BrianMcCann:: I will
larrysgurl:: good
hudson2:: Brian, how good is Chuck James and how does he strike so many people out?
BrianMcCann:: chuck locates as good as anyone that is what makes him so good
gr82bAnAUTiger:: How about Chuck's "Invisiball"?
BrianMcCann:: He just hides it well
Marte4MVP2009:: brian, which one of your minor league teammates do you most look forward to hazing?
BrianMcCann:: good question I don't know all of them
Steely03:: Brian, tell us about Salty. Do you guys battle it out over the next few years or does someone get some time at 1B?
BrianMcCann:: I think they will start him off in Double-A and if he does good he should get his chance. He can swing it.
Steely03:: But can he take the greatest RHP ever yard in the playoffs?
BrianMcCann:: he could
jonestowers:: not that I don't want you but I want both of you
BrianMcCann:: Salty is a great player it will work itself out over the next couple of years.
jonestowers:: Brian did Brad convince you to sign with Atlanta I sure wish he was a Brave
BrianMcCann:: I wish he was to
Marte4MVP2009:: Brian, blocking a plate, calling a game, or throwing out runners, which one do you think you do best in?
BrianMcCann:: I need to get better in all of them
larrysgurl:: brian what's the last movie you saw
BrianMcCann:: saw 2
DanDan:: would you be excited if a bunch of people showed up at braves games in cans calling themselves McCann's Cans?
BrianMcCann:: I would love it
DanDan:: yea I'm up for it man
Marte4MVP2009:: lol dandan, we should get together and do that
Steely03:: What is in the CD player?
BrianMcCann:: nickleback
gilesfan:: How much of an influence has Eddie Perez had on you?
BrianMcCann:: A lot. He guided me last year
jonestowers:: I take it your not into country music Brian
BrianMcCann:: I love country
BrianMcCann:: I listen to everything
Marte4MVP2009:: Brian - which pitcher did you have the hardest time catching in the minors or majors?
BrianMcCann:: Hudson has the most movement so he is tough
Steely03:: Brian, what will be your AB music this year?
BrianMcCann:: I like dierks alot i came to the plate to his music
BrianMcCann:: I dont know yet any suggestions
larrysgurl:: brian are you a dierks bentley fan
PastorRog:: Brian likes 2 types of music, Country and Western
PastorRog:: lol
jonestowers:: cool Brian the song they gave Frenchy Long gone made me get that album
jonestowers:: dirks bently cool
larrysgurl:: dierks is awesome
Steely03:: never heard of dirks
PastorRog:: Alive by POD
jonestowers:: sweet emotion
Steely03:: War Pigs by Sabbath!
DanDan:: enter sandman
Steely03:: Enter Canman!
gilesfan:: Coheed and Cambria
jonestowers:: sweet emotion by Aerosmith
hudson2:: YMCA! J/K
Bravesfan19:: Heep how is Boyer doing?
BrianMcCann:: good he said he is feeling good
Bravesfan19:: Is it Heep or Heap?
BrianMcCann:: heap
Marte4MVP2009:: brian: who's the biggest badass--- chuck norris, jack bauer, or vin diesel?
BrianMcCann:: Jack Bauer. I love 24
Marte4MVP2009:: yup, 24's awesome
PastorRog:: Thanks for spending the time with us Brian, I look forward to a great season...see you all later
BrianMcCann:: see ya
Bravesfan19:: Heap sorry if this has been asked but have you talked to Roger McDowell and what kind of influence do you think he'll have on the young pitchers in particular this season?
BrianMcCann:: I have not but I hear he it a great pitching coach
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Brian, Jennifer Anniston or Angelina Jolie?
BrianMcCann:: Anniston
hudson2:: good choice
jonestowers:: Brian are you looking forward to learning what Pratt has to offer
BrianMcCann:: can't wait
dgonzal111139:: Brian, what are your goals for this year
Bravesfan19:: Yeah what do you think you can do home run wise
BrianMcCann:: Goals for myself is to win a World Series
Marte4MVP2009:: good answer
Bravesfan19:: Amen to that
hudson2:: yep
Marte4MVP2009:: that would be sweet, chipper won the WS in his second year too
jonestowers:: Brian does your dad still operate a baseball school
BrianMcCann:: He does and he's the best
jonestowers:: I bet he is I hear he has pictures of you and Brad all over the school
Bravesfan19:: Did your dad teach you how to hit?
BrianMcCann:: he did
larrysgurl:: brian are you ready for the season to start
BrianMcCann:: i want to leave tomorrow
dgonzal111139:: Have you and Todd Pratt met, he can be a good help, because of his experience with batters
BrianMcCann:: I know he knows a lot and I'm going to try to take as much in as possible
jonestowers:: where you asked to participate in the world classic
BrianMcCann:: no I was not
hudson2:: Brian, who came up with the nick name baby fat?
BrianMcCann:: Chipper
hudson2:: lol
hudson2:: I thought it was
Marte4MVP2009:: Brian, is Frenchie around close to you?
BrianMcCann:: No, he's not here
Bravesfan19:: Hey do you think Frenchy listens to all this crap about his low walk total? Does he think it's as stupid as some of us do?
BrianMcCann:: No he doesn't listen to all that
Bravesfan19:: good
jonestowers:: do you think frenchie will ever get a more masculine nickname
Marte4MVP2009:: We should spread the nickname Hardcoeur!
BrianMcCann:: that would be good but he is not hard core
hudson2:: lol
gr82bAnAUTiger:: I kinds liked "Franchise"
Marte4MVP2009:: yeah, but pitchers will shake when they hear that Hardcoeur is coming up to bat
jonestowers:: I hear he is the easiest to pick on
BrianMcCann:: oh yeah easy to get under his skin
larrysgurl:: Brian what was it like when you first caught Smoltz
jonestowers:: Smoltzie says he is an easy target
BrianMcCann:: It was awesome catching him
DanDan:: have you ever asked a batter if he would like nude photos of his wife?
BrianMcCann:: Not yet
Marte4MVP2009:: Brian, Smoltz, Glavine, or Maddux, who was your favorite when you were young?
BrianMcCann:: Smoltz
larrysgurl:: were you nervous your first game
BrianMcCann:: I was more nervous in spring training, but yeah I was nervous.
Bravesfan19:: Brian what do you think Horacio has to do to become a more consistent pitcher? He seemed to nitpick a bit. When he's more aggressive, he seems to do better.
PatioDaddio:: Horacio will be fine in 2006
BrianMcCann:: Horacio is a great pitcher and he will be awesome this year
jonestowers:: leave Horacio alone
Bravesfan19:: I'm on Horacio's side. I just want him to be more consistent. I think he's going to do well for us.
BrianMcCann:: Me too
jonestowers:: Brian how close are you and Brad
BrianMcCann:: We are real close
larrysgurl:: last year how much say did you have in what pitches were thrown
BrianMcCann:: I didn't have any say. I was still getting to know the hitters better
Marte4MVP2009:: Brian, are you naturally left handed or right handed?
BrianMcCann:: Left-handed
Bravesfan19:: Do you think you'll call more pitches this season?
BrianMcCann:: I think I will
gr82bAnAUTiger:: What's it like playing for Bobby Cox, a guy you most likely watched on TV while you were growing up?
BrianMcCann:: bobby is the best he has everything to do with the Braves' success
gr82bAnAUTiger:: What's Bobby's nickname for you? Mac?
BrianMcCann:: Yeah
gr82bAnAUTiger:: He's got a nickname for everyone doesn't he?
BrianMcCann:: Yeah
Marte4MVP2009:: do you like him rooting for you when you're at bat? He seems like a great motivator
BrianMcCann:: I love it. He is.
jonestowers:: what pitches do you like hitting the most
jonestowers:: and which pitches give you fits
BrianMcCann:: no pitchers do
BrianMcCann:: I like catching all of them
Marte4MVP2009:: which pitcher did you feel was hardest hitting against last year?
BrianMcCann:: Pedro Martinez was tough
BrianMcCann:: Thank you guys for having me. I have to go now.
RedneckParamedic:: later
Justmeherenow:: Okay, thank you for coming Brian
Marte4MVP2009:: Later Brian
larrysgurl:: thanks Brian bye
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Thanks for chatting with us Brian, looking forward to seeing you in 2006!
Marte4MVP2009:: Thanks for coming
BillShanks:: Thanks so much Brian
Justmeherenow: cant wait to see you in a few months
BrianMcCann:: See you guys. Thanks Bill
BrianMcCann left

Bill Shanks is the author of Scout's Honor: The Bravest Way To Build A Winning Team, a look inside the Braves‘ traditional scouting and player development philosophies. The book includes a chapter on the Georgia Boys, including Brian McCann. You can email Bill at

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