Anthony Lerew chat transcript

Here is the transcript from Tuesday's chat with Atlanta pitcher Anthony Lerew.

ANTHONY LEREW:: Hello everyone.
thethe:: hello there Mr. Lerew!
RedneckParamedic:: howdy Lerew
larrysgurl:: Lerew are you ready for spring training
thethe:: good to have a future member of the braves come talk to us
ANTHONY LEREW:: larrysgurl…YES!
RedneckParamedic:: What's your favorite pitch
thethe:: have you ever hit 100 on the radar guns?
ANTHONY LEREW:: Fastball. I hit 99 against the Marlins last season.
RedneckParamedic:: oh yeah
thethe:: nasty!!!
ANTHONY LEREW:: I was watching the film after I went in and was surprised.
thethe:: what else do you showcase
thethe:: have any good breaking pitches?
ANTHONY LEREW:: Slider and splitter.
Marte4MVP2009:: you looked nasty when you came up last season
tvsportscaster:: You prefer Starting or Relieving?
PatioDaddio:: Bullpen, Starting or wherever is fine??
RedneckParamedic:: who's splitter is better? Yours or smoltz's?
ANTHONY LEREW:: I've always been a starter, but relieving was not bad.
ANTHONY LEREW:: Redneck....I think Smoltz!
larrysgurl:: are you from Georgia
Marte4MVP2009:: do you polish up your quarterback skills once in a while?
bellbell:: we want you as a starter!!
ANTHONY LEREW:: I'm from Pennsylvania
ramadon101:: Anthony- is there a buzz around camp (after the Braves early throwing program) about anyone in particular? I'm sure you impressed as well!
ANTHONY LEREW:: bellbell....I'd like to be one.
bellbell:: you will be!
tvsportscaster:: Do you like there being so much competition in camp for spots on the staff
thethe:: yeah we need a hard-thrower after Smoltz leaves the rotation
ANTHONY LEREW:: Marte4MVP.... I've always been good with the pigskin.
Marte4MVP2009:: anyone else good on the team? I guess Jeff was also a two-sport star
thethe:: how is your control in your opinion?
larrysgurl:: have you always been a pitcher
thethe:: are you a nibbler or a rear back and throw it
ANTHONY LEREW:: ramadon.... Roger McDowell is very personable. I like him a lot. He came in and took over the position well. He's got big shoes to fill.
ramadon101:: That's what I heard- excellent to hear it from you
PatioDaddio:: Who is making jaws drop, anyone???
ANTHONY LEREW:: tv.... Since I'm homegrown in the system I hope I'll have a chance to compete for a spot, but it will be competitive.
ramadon101:: any arms with a buzz? (it may be too early to know that as pitchers don't really rear back at 100% this early on)
Marte4MVP2009:: Anthony--- did you work much with Leo when you came up late last season?
ANTHONY LEREW:: Marte4MVP.... I heard Blaine was a QB
ANTHONY LEREW:: larrysgurl.. no i was an OF....CF...and utility man. I was a hitter in high school!
ANTHONY LEREW:: Patio... actually I couldn't single out one person. Everyone threw very well.
tvsportscaster:: When do you leave to head down for Disney
thethe:: Who have you modeled your pitching style after?
ANTHONY LEREW:: Yeah I worked with Leo a good bit. He definitely knows a lot about baseball and he's had some great pitchers to go along with it also.
ANTHONY LEREW:: I'm leaving the 16th with Chuckie James.
Marte4MVP2009:: Anthony-- who was your favorite MLB team when growing up? Who did you want to be drafted by?
ANTHONY LEREW:: thethe... I like to challenge people, so if I had to pick somebody on my team it would have to be Smoltz. I like to just come at people.
RedneckParamedic:: did you workout during offseason?
thethe:: you comfortable with challenging everyone with all of your pitches or at this stage is your fastball your only bread and better pitch?
ANTHONY LEREW:: Marte.... The Braves are actually my favorite team now, but the Phillies would have been nice since they were close to home. But I did want to be drafted by the Braves. Who wouldn't?
thethe:: Good answer for the braves brass!!!
Marte4MVP2009:: hehe
thethe:: your a smart guy Mr. Lerew!!!
ANTHONY LEREW:: thethe.... I've come from down in the count and thrown splitters. You can't always give into the hitter. You've got to throw what you want to throw when you want to throw it.
thethe:: thats great to hear
Marte4MVP2009:: Anthony--- who was your favorite big league player growing up?
thethe:: i hate to see pitcher throw fastballs right down the middle on a 2-0 count
thethe:: Let's hope you have his career!!!
larrysgurl:: how long have you been playing
ANTHONY LEREW:: From T-Ball on...
tvsportscaster:: Some have mentioned you as possible closer material, what do you think about that?
thethe:: are you going to eventually enter into the braves pitchers hitting contest?
thethe:: can you hit at all?
ANTHONY LEREW:: I like that idea! I think it's a role I would enjoy performing. I think it would just be different in how you prepare yourself. As a starter, it's every five days, so you'd just have to change your mindset.
Marte4MVP2009:: Anthony-- major or minor league hitter.. which player has worked you the best?
ANTHONY LEREW:: thethe... Yeah I had a .330 batting average in AA - with a triple and a stolen base! Not to throw any statistics out there or anything!
larrysgurl:: lol
Marte4MVP2009:: wow, Smoltz would be jealous
thethe:: haha...Smoltz will have his work cut out for him at some point this year or next year!!!
thethe:: he will probably make you on his team
ANTHONY LEREW:: Marte4.... Not really sure. I can't remember one guy that was that tough to get out.
thethe:: Do you typically go deep into games Mr. Lerew?
ANTHONY LEREW:: Usually....I try to.
thethe:: and if so, can you throw gas in the 6th inning on?
ANTHONY LEREW:: That's always the plan.
ANTHONY LEREW:: Yes I can. I think last year against Charlotte I hit 97 in the 7th inning.
Marte4MVP2009:: Anthony-- I realize you didn't have many major league innings last year, but did you "feel" a difference in how batters worked you compared to the minors? thethe:: thats encouraging?
thethe:: no question mark
Marte4MVP2009:: and somewhat related, what level did you feel was the biggest "jump"?
ANTHONY LEREW:: Marte4.... A little bit. It's definitely different. The minor leaguers are not necessarily looking for a certain pitch. They are hitting what you are throwing. In the bigs, they're sometimes looking for a certain pitch, and if they're looking what you're throwing, they're going to do some damage.
ANTHONY LEREW:: Marte4.... Probably single A to double A. At the beginning of my AA year I was getting hit around a lot. It was the first time I was not really able to blow fastballs by guys.
BillShanks:: Tell us about the time when your velocity increased and you were on the mound...
thethe:: Who is your closest friend in the Braves organization?
ANTHONY LEREW:: I started to get hit around a lot more at first. When I was throwing slower I was able to control it a bit more, so that's why my stats went up a bit late in the 04 season. But it started feeling better than when I started throwing harder. I just wasn't trying as hard as I had had to before to throw hard. The ball just started coming out of my hand differently.
ANTHONY LEREW:: thethe... I have a bunch of friends. It's hard to single out one of them. Chuck James, Tim Hudson, Giles.
thethe:: so your already friend with some on the big league team eh?
Marte4MVP2009:: which minor league pitching coach do you feel helped you most?
ANTHONY LEREW:: Yeah but they made me dress up going through Shea Stadium!
ANTHONY LEREW:: Marte4.... Kent Willis. He was terrific.
SkipSeda41:: great legs Ant'ny
ANTHONY LEREW:: Thanks Skipper
SkipSeda41:: anytime
BillShanks:: No one has asked THE question....
Marte4MVP2009:: larrysgurl:: Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Anniston
ANTHONY LEREW:: Where did you find that picture? I want it for my wallet.
Marte4MVP2009:: it was on yahoo sports, lol
Marte4MVP2009:: "unnamed braves rookies"
ANTHONY LEREW:: Did you just search for it.
thethe:: so you like the sexy women eh Lerew?
larrysgurl:: you're one of the only ones to pick her
Marte4MVP2009:: yeah
thethe:: you hitched or almost at this point Mr. Lerew?
ANTHONY LEREW:: I just got married.
SkipSeda41:: He only picked her because you were one of his choices Larrysgurl
thethe:: Awesome...good luck with that
thethe:: what did you do for her today
thethe:: i personally don't believe in Valentines Days
Marte4MVP2009:: seems like a lot of braves got married recently
larrysgurl:: lol oh I see
MDCD4:: Can't wait until you get into our rotation. You will dominate.
Marte4MVP2009:: do you guys pay attention to the moves of other teams in the division like the Mets?
ANTHONY LEREW:: Marte4.... I don't personally.
ANTHONY LEREW:: Okay guys thanks for chatting with me tonight. Root for us this year.
larrysgurl:: thanks Anthony
SkipSeda41:: Thanks for coming by
thethe:: we always do!!!
Marte4MVP2009:: nice chatting with you, Anthony
MDCD4:: Best of luck, Anthony.
thethe:: go dominate for us in the future!!!

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