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You never know who might pop in on a BravesCenter premium chat. Along with Baseball America writer Bill Ballew, BravesCenter subscribers were surprised to chat Tuesday night with Steve Kent, a sixteen-year-old left-handed pitcher from Australia signed last summer by the Braves. Here is the transcript of the chat with Steve Kent.

BillShanks:: Folks we have a special guest with us tonight. Steve Kent...signed out of Australia last year. He's coming over to the states in a few days for his first spring training with the Braves. Please welcome Steve and ask away. For those of you who would like a little more information, here's my article on him from last year:
SteveKent::Hi Everyone
depley:: hi Steve and welcome to the USA
jonestowers:: hello steve
BoneThrower:: welcome, Steve
thethe:: hello Mr. Kent
jonestowers:: and welcome steve
jonestowers:: What is your favorite number
SteveKent:: thank you everyone
depley:: how exciting is it to come to your first Spring training
thethe:: how old are you again Steve?
SteveKent:: very exciting!! I can't wait to get there..I'm ready
SteveKent:: I'm 16
depley:: should we throw another shrimp on the barbie and is it true Aussies hate Fosters beer?
thethe:: dear god, this must be amazing for you
jonestowers:: where you proud of your country in the olympics
depley:: 16? first time out of Australia?
BoneThrower:: what made you choose the Braves over the other teams you were considering?
SteveKent:: yeah I was very proud of how we did in the was good to finally show we can compete at an international level
depley:: what position do you play?
thethe:: so what kind of pitches do you throw....what do you like to throw on the mound
jonestowers:: are you playing in the wbc?
depley:: Was Damian Moss someone you looked up to and is that part of the reason for the Braves?
SteveKent:: umm..I chose the Braves because when I came over to Atlanta last April and had my workout there I just felt really comfortable and I knew they were a great organization
SteveKent:: I'm not playing in the WBC
thethe:: did you watch mlb
jonestowers:: Have you met Bobby Cox yet
SteveKent:: no I havent met him....apparently he came down to instructional league right after i left
jonestowers:: Have you seen Mel Gibson's ranch?
SteveKent:: haha I have actually
thethe:: what pitches are you able to throw?
SteveKent:: fastball, curveball, changeup
thethe:: bread and butter pitch?
jonestowers:: Did you like his ranch ?
SteveKent:: it was my curveball but I have been working on my changeup a lot lately and it has improved a lot which is going to help me out a lot
thethe:: are you an over the top pitcher, three quarters, sidearm?
SteveKent:: three quarter
anglerule2:: glad to have you steve... bills article lists you at 5 foot 11''... wondering if you've grown any since then that you know of... how tall are your parents?
anglerule2:: is your curve a 12-6 curve or more of a slurve?
anglerule2:: ala zito
SteveKent:: yeah I'm 6 foot now 175 pounds
SteveKent:: its more 12-6
jonestowers:: Have you ever pitched a knuckle ball?
SteveKent:: dad throws a really good one though
thethe:: not bad, you will probably end up being 6'1-6'2
thethe:: you hit the weights at all?
jonestowers:: you think he will sign
SteveKent:: yeah i go to the weight room a lot...i love it in there
anglerule2:: so where does baseball rank down there among the sports?
thethe:: that's a nice sign
tvsportscaster:: Steve you're 16 what are you doing about the rest of your high school career or have you graduated already
depley:: So you actually paid your own way to pitch for the braves?
SteveKent:: yeah i paid for the workout i had in Atlanta before i signed
depley:: thats some confidence there lol
jonestowers:: Have yu always been a pitcher or did you move from another position?
SteveKent:: i've always pitched
jonestowers:: Can you hit?
thethe:: what type of velocity do you bring tot he table, i understand your still young, but to people project you as being a power pitcher?
depley:: fly ball or ground ball pitcher?
060606 joined
SteveKent:: i have hit 89 before but i think people project me as more of a finesse pitcher because i hit my spots pretty well
SteveKent:: i get a lot of groundballs
jonestowers:: Do you want to start or close
depley:: you must show some real maturity for your age if the braves signed you, hope everything works out and your dreams come true
SteveKent:: i'd love to start
SteveKent:: thankyou very much
thethe:: did you watch mlb in australia and if so, who did you emulate?
jonestowers:: I hope Zito
SteveKent:: yeah i watch it here...we dont get a whole lot of games here but I watch what i can
jonestowers:: I surprised the Yankees or Mets didn't try to buy you off
depley:: so when will you start in rookie league here?
SteveKent:: I don't think the yankees have a scout in australia...the mets do though but they didnt make me an offer
SteveKent:: i'll start this year
tvsportscaster:: Steve do you think the Braves will let you pitch in the Gulf Coast League or are you going back to Austrailia after spring training
BoneThrower:: gotta run folks. Welcome to the Braves, Steve, and thanks for stopping in to chat with us
depley:: bye bone
SteveKent:: i think i am going to go to the GCL this year
SteveKent:: thanks bone
torxcombo:: what's the average age in the GCL
depley:: going to be a bit hard being so far from home?
jonestowers:: Steve you are awesome dude
jonestowers:: any plans on what number you plan on wearing
SteveKent:: yeah it will be a little tough being away from my family but they are going to make a trip over to see me during the year so i'll be fine
depley:: no girlfriend you are leaving behind broken hearted? lol
anglerule2:: steve... any one coach... that had a significant impact in steering you toward the sport of baseball?
jonestowers:: bring your gal with ya
jonestowers:: we would love to have her come to the usa
SteveKent:: well my dad had played for 40 years now and my mum had always been involved as well so I was born into baseball
jonestowers:: with you
SteveKent:: i love for her to come aswell but she has to finish school here but we'll see what happens in a few years
thethe:: how do you compare Australia with what you have seen of America thus far?
jonestowers:: tell her you need her to cuddle you
SteveKent:: in terms of baseball or the countries??
thethe:: country
jonestowers:: who is your agent ?
depley:: I have to run, nice chatting with you Steve, all the best and make all us Braves fans proud
SteveKent:: thanks depley
060606:: What has Bobby Cox said to you?
SteveKent:: really the countries are very similar, everything is bigger in the US though...
SteveKent:: my agent is trevor jarret...he is australian
SteveKent:: i haven't spoken to bobby cox yet
jonestowers:: havent heard much about him is he a power agent
thethe:: you guys party hard down under?
jonestowers:: you guys ski better thats for sure
anglerule2:: that's great to hear that your dads played ball for so long... any brothers or sisters?
BillShanks:: I really appreciate Steve Kent joining us from Australia. I can't wait to see him pitch.
SteveKent:: yeah i have a sister who is nearly 23
anglerule2:: she into softball?
jonestowers:: was she in the olympics
SteveKent:: she used to play softball but she doesnt play anymore
anglerule2:: bet your dad was pretty syked to have a son he could play ball with
thethe:: do you enjoy school steve?
thethe:: or do you prefer athletics?
jonestowers:: do you have any quirks or strange thangs you do ?
SteveKent:: yeah i'm sure he was..and he was so proud when i signed...i walked into his office at work yesterday and he had all the newspaper articles from when i signed up on his wall
anglerule2:: yeah that's gotta make you feel good
SteveKent:: yeah i always liked school and i was a pretty good student but i definitely like sports better
thethe:: whats your favorite subject?
SteveKent:: english or math
thethe:: two opposite sides of the spectrum
SteveKent:: lol yes
thethe:: i was math and science
SteveKent:: umm i don't really have any strange things i do...i never step on the foul line but i think there is a lot of people who do that
anglerule2:: just to get a sort of mental image about your pitching mechanics... high leg kick or low leg kick? anything or i should say anybody in the major leagues whose pitching motion you take after?
anglerule2:: you pick many people off at first?
SteveKent:: umm its just a regular leg kick...more high than low
SteveKent:: sorry everyone but i need to go now to get ready for practice
anglerule2:: thanks for being patient with all the questions... you seem to be a great kid
060606:: thanks for coming by
thethe:: it was great talking with you and giving us your time to answer questions
thethe:: hopefully we will hear great things from you from bill real soon
SteveKent:: yeah not a problem
SteveKent:: thanks everyone
SteveKent:: hopefully I'll talk to you again
BillShanks:: Thanks Steve for joining us.
SteveKent left

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