Spring Training Blog - March 1

BravesCenter's Bill Shanks has the latest from spring training.

Wednesday, March 1 - 5:07 pm

Okay so first of all the major league game. Horacio looked fine, even though he gave up the early run to UGA. I'm anxious to see Ho pitch more, but against real major league teams.

I only saw a bit of Villarreal, before taking off for the minor league fields. He's good folks. If he's healthy, which he swore to me yesterday that he is, he's going to help us tremendously. I guess Villarreal is off to the WBC. I saw him take his luggage to his car after the game. I've got an interview with him that will be up tonight or tomorrow.

The other pitcher I saw that caught me eye was Jose Ascanio. Holy cow he was throwing 99 mph out there. He three four pitches at 97, four at 96, and rared back and rocked one for 99 mph. His back is a worry, but he is healthy now and let's just hope he stays healthy. Jose will probably go to AA and start to get some innings, but let's not forget about him. There was a reason they put him on the 40-man roster, and I saw some of that today. The kid can chunk it.

Salty...well what's new. The kid can just hit. He was born to hit. I saw his second at bat, when he hit a gapper to the wall that got there in about two seconds. It's sickening how good this kid might be.

The Braves let Will Startup dress out today with the big league club. The former UGA star was thrilled to at least be in the bullpen as the Braves faced his former team.

I watched Elvis more today. I just can't stop watching him. He's fun to watch. And I saw Escobar hit a round of BP as well. Both are very refined players, well beyond their years.

Jon Mark Owings cranked some out of the park in his BP today. This kid's got a good swing.

Off to Vero Beach tomorrow. Good grief I hate the Dodgers.

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