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BravesCenter's Bill Shanks is grabbing players to chat with the premium subscribers. Wednesday it was Will Startup and Eric Campbell, two of Atlanta's top prospects. Here's the transcript of the chat with Campbell.

BillShanks:: Okay folks... Eric Campbell is with me. Questions for Braves' third base prospect Eric Campbell...

SkipSeda41: Welcome Eric

Steely03: Tell us about your batting stance? How did it evolve?
Eric Campbell:: Yeah in Extended Spring Training last year I changed it to get a little more comfortable. The ball jumped off the bat a little bit, so I decided to give it a try.

BillShanks:: For those of you who do not know…Eric's stance is much like LaRoche's stance. He stands upright until the ball is delivered. His right foot is a step behind the left foot in the box. Then when the ball is delivered he brings his feet together and follows through on his swing evenly.

tigger101023: for anyone - where is Eric playing this year?
bellbell: where are you going to be when the season starts
Eric Campbell:: Rome.

Steely03: Do you like the comparisons to Matt  Williams? Think they are correct?
Eric Campbell:: Of course. Hopefully I can be that player one day. Those are big shoes to fill. I'll take that comparison any day. I'd rather be compared to him than someone who didn't make it.

Steely03: Ever take BP in Turner Field?
Eric Campbell:: no I have never hit at Turner FIeld ?

Steely03: If you would have gone to college, where would you have gone? You should say South Carolina...
Eric Campbell:: Probably Pensacola JUCO. I signed with them and Alabama.

MDCD4: Do you project to be more of a hitter for average or power, and would you say you are stronger offensively or defensively?
Eric Campbell:: Power. That's what they've got me here for. They drafted me for my hitting, but I think they're pleased with how I'm doing defensively. Hopefully one day we can get a Gold Glove or two!

anglerule2: Eric... where is your power zone... up and in... low and in? is there any particular type of pitch or location of pitch that you believe you need to work particularly hard on?
Eric Campbell:: Of course middle in is what a power hitter wants to see. The outer half... I got caught taking a couple of third strikes from a lefty in Danville.. But now being away from the plate I've got to get used to that a bit

bellbell: where did you grow up? who did you root for as a kid?
Eric Campbell:: I grew up in Indiana. When I grew up I was a Dodger fan. My dad was a huge Dodger fan, but I did start rooting for the Braves. But when I was real young, it was the Dodgers.

anglerule2: Is there any one particular player that you look up to in the braves system... anyone that has taken you under his wing so to speak?
Eric Campbell:: Last spring training Brian McCann and Francoeur... we played golf together. I haven't really had a chance to meet many of the guys. But Francoeur and McCann are the only two I know that well. Everyone else was real nice.

grooveone: Eric, is McCann really a heep of crap?
Eric Campbell:: No Heep's a great guy. That's funny

SkipSeda41: Goals for 2006?
Eric Campbell:: My goals are .330 20 hr and 20 stolen bases. I usually set goals low, and the batting average goal is a bit higher.

MDCD4: Having you in our system makes losing Marte a lot easier to take. Can't wait to see you in Atlanta in a few short years.
BillShanks:: Okay guys any last question for Eric Campbell.

SkipSeda41:: I'll take that and when you do it we will see you at the Braves 400 Club won't we Bill?
Eric Campbell:: Thanks. I'll hopefully be there!

anglerule2:: Thanks Eric

grooveone:: Best of luck man, we hope to see you in ATL soon

Eric Campbell:: Okay guys.... Talk to you soon. Thanks for the questions.

Bill Shanks is the author of Scout's Honor: The Bravest Way To Build A Winning Team, a look inside the Braves‘ traditional front office philosophies. Email Bill at

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