Cox applauds Kyle Davies

With Jorge Sosa still not back from the WBC, Kyle Davies is taking control of a spot in the Braves' rotation. At least - that's what it sounds like from reading what Braves' Manager Bobby Cox had to say about his latest outing Friday afternoon.

Braves' right-hander Kyle Davies continues to try and pitch his way into Atlanta's starting rotation. He pitched brilliantly Friday, going four innings, allowing only one run on six hits. Davies now has an ERA of 1.00 in his three starts, with two walks, six strikeouts, and nine hits allowed in nine innings pitched.

With Jorge Sosa not back yet from the WBC, some wonder if Davies is taking his spot in the starting rotation. Or, with Davies doing so well this spring, the Braves can afford to trade a starter to make room for him in the rotation. Count Braves' Manager Bobby Cox as one man that was totally impressed with Davies' outing on Friday:

"Outstanding. It doesn't get any better than that today. The home run (Preston) Wilson hit - he tried to go in and didn't quite in and it blew out. Normally that would be a pop up to left. But that might be the best I've ever seen him - ever - even the Boston game. He was that good. I was thrilled with that performance. Everything was good. Down hill plane again. Kept the ball down. Changed speeds. Changeup was good. Breaking ball was good. Location was terrific. Looked like a twenty-game winner today. He really did. He can't pitch better than he did today. That was a ten.

With two weeks to go until Opening Day, a lot can happen. But Kyle Davies is looking more and more like a pitcher that will be in Atlanta's starting rotation.

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