BravesCenter Exclusive: Jorge Sosa Interview

BravesCenter's Bill Shanks and Kike Seda talked exclusively with Braves' right-hander Jorge Sosa after his performance Monday against the New York Yankees.

BravesCenter: How do you feel about tonight's game?
Sosa: I feel good. Of the four innings that I pitched the only bad pitch was the one to Alex (Rodriguez). The pitch was supposed to go inside and it ran outside. It's just one of those things that happens. Because of that I have to keep working real hard like I did last year.

BravesCenter: Did the WBC slow you down for spring training?
Sosa: Well, I will tell you I don't think it hurt me at all. On the contrary, I felt good because I was there representing my country. I knew they were going to use me a lot because I had been playing in the Dominincan League and then from here I had played in the Carrabean series in Venezuela.

BravesCenter: So you played winter ball?
Sosa: Yes, in the Dominican Republic. I have been playing in the Carrabean Series and the Classic. So I have thrown a lot of pitches.

BravesCenter: Are you prepared for the season?
Sosa: Yes, I'm prepared to work. That one pitch (tonight) ran outside instead of inside. I felt good, and I am prepared to work hard to not let that happen.

BravesCenter: The Braves have 6 starting pitchers and 5 roster spots. What do you think the rotation will be?
Sosa: Well, I know that I will be opening up the fourth game because the manager already told me. There are six pitchers, but he has told me I will start the fourth game. Maybe he already knows who is going to be the third pitcher, but I don't. He hasn't said anything to me. All I know is Hudson is going to be number one and Smoltz will be our number two. I don't know about number three or number five.

BravesCenter: There is perception that you don't want to pitch in the bullpen. Is that true?
Sosa: They know that I have been doing that for four years in Tampa Bay and here. I will start, I will relieve, I will go short relief, or long relief whatever they want me to do.

BravesCenter: Which one do you prefer: rotation or as a starter?
Sosa: If I had the choice I would start, but I think now I am a big league pitcher.

BravesCenter:You seem to be good at getting out of trouble. Does that better suit you as a relief pitcher?
Sosa: I'm just like all the other pitchers. All pitchers get into trouble but some can't get out of it. I got into a lot of trouble last year, but I got out of a lot of trouble too.

Bill Shanks is the author of Scout's Honor: The Bravest Way To Build A Winning Team, a look inside the Braves‘ traditional front office philosophies. Email Bill at

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