Elvis Andrus Chat Transcript

Braves shortstop prospect Elvis Andrus chatted Thursday with BravesCenter's premium subscribers. Here's a transcript from the chat.

BillShanks:: ELVIS IS HERE....ask away

dragitoff:: beinvenidos Elvis

emk418:: Elvis!! how was your first experience in a big league camp
Elvis Andrus.... wow. It was a super experience. It was very emotional.

dragitoff:: other than your family, who would say was your biggest influence growing up?
Elvis Andrus... my father and my brothers were very influential. Also, Hector Gruber is my mother's boyfriend. He's been training me and working with me for several years.

BaseballGM2k2:: how does it feel being possibly the most touted braves prospect ever
Elvis Andrus... It's an honor for people to think that way. As a prospect, I've got to continue to work hard.

bravesfan247:: can you play any other positions?
Elvis Andrus... I play second or short or third. But the Braves are planning on me playing shortstop. When I was in Venezuela growing up I played all positions, even a pitcher.

ramadon101:: If there is one major leaguer (past or current) that you would like to emulate, who would it be and why?
Elvis Andrus... I like Miguel Tejada, the way he plays and his Latin influence. And Derek Jeter for the way he is carries himself, the leadership he shows. He's a winner. It's a very principled thing.

emk418:: What part of your game do you feel is your strongest
Elvis Andrus... Really defense and offense. Both of them. I feel like I'm strong in both of them.

startdawg:: Elvis...who has been really helpful to you in the Braves organization to keep you on track and to make you feel a part of the Braves family...player or front office folks?
Elvis Andrus... Dayton has been one. Rafael Belliard. Argenis Salazar. And the Latin players have made me feel at home, like I've been here a long time.

BaseballGM2k2:: Elvis do you think you can be as good at ss as andruw is in cf?
Elvis Andrus... wow. Andruw went through the same thing I'm going through now. So with hard work, hopefully I can be there too. I want to work hard. He does things in the major leagues that seem so easy, and hopefully with hard work I'll be able to do that too.

Steely03:: Can you describe your signature/autograph? I have an autographed card of yours and your signature is very interesting!!!
Elvis Andrus... The first letter is an E and then the second letter is an A and then the third letter is a T and then the other is just some accessories. So it's really E - A - T. I practiced when I was in school.

emk418:: Is the plan for you to play the entire year at Rome this season
Elvis Andrus... I don't know yet. They haven't told me if I am going to spend the whole year there. I'm just going to work hard to see. I plan on having a good year. If I have good health...I'll be fine.

dragitoff:: is there any competition between you and your brother in the Twins organization?
Elvis Andrus... No. We have never been that competitive. I embrace my brother and he embraces us. We'd just like to play in a game in the big leagues against each other. It would be a dream to play in the World Series against him.

ramadon101:: Elvis - you took a good number of walks for your age/level last year. That is a VERY positive sign as it shows maturity and discipline. Do you see yourself as a very patient hitter?
Elvis Andrus... I practiced being a patient hitter, but also an aggressive hitter. If the ball is in my zone, then I"m going after it. But I'm not going to swing at bad pitches. As a hitter, you've got your zone, and I'm going to do my best to hit it.

Steely03:: Is being the next Derek Jeter too much to ask? Are you worried about the comparisons?
Elvis Andrus... That's a good thing for people to think that way (about the comparisons). But I want to be Elvis Andrus and leave my own imprint on the game. Derek Jeter is Derek Jeter. I just want to do my thing and be the best I can be. I'm just striving to do the best I can do.

SkipSeda41:: Other than missing his family what has been the hardest for him since coming to the Braves
Elvis Andrus... Language barrier. A whole new country. I miss my friends I grew up with from an early age. Friends I grew up playing ball with. It's just a whole new world.

dragitoff:: is it difficult to stay so humble sometimes with all the hype surrounding you and the expectations. You certainly seem like a grounded and respectful young man
Elvis Andrus... My mom and dad have brought me up to be humble. Sometimes when you're a ballplayer people misinterpret some things you might say. They might think you are changing, but I always want to be real humble and real grounded. I want to have friends long after playing baseball. I'm humble, but I always have God first. It's a very principled part of my life. God gave me this talent.
dragitoff:: simply amazing and refreshing in this day and age of egomaniacs!
dragitoff:: Amen!
dragitoff:: great answer
BaseballGM2k2:: most def

BaseballGM2k2:: elvis what # do you want to be...I need to get me a customized Andrus jersey...
Elvis Andrus... The number I would like is number 17. I've used it all my life because my dad used it when he was playing in Venezuela. But when I get to the big leagues, I'll take whatever number they'll give me.
BaseballGM2k2:: no ever really wears 17in ATL so that should def be there for the taking...

emk418:: Did you play any other sports growing up?
Elvis Andrus... I have always been a 100% sportsman. Soccer, basketball, run track. I liked the 100 yard dash.

BravesFreak:: Do you like all the attention you get from being a top prospect or are you more of a quiet person?
Elvis Andrus... I don't have any problems with the attention. I'm a quiet person. I enjoy having people saying nice things about me. People are very good to me.

dragitoff:: what have been the biggest differences between baseball/culture in Venezuela and the US?
Elvis Andrus... In baseball there's not much difference. In Venezuela they don't have the resources to have stadiums with lights. It's just not as good. All the teams here have the resources. But other than that, baseball is baseball. The fields in Venezuela are not great. So that's why we can play so well in the field. It's a lot easier than playing back home on those fields.

Steely03:: Which Elvis song would you like for them to play when you come to bat?????
Elvis Andrus... I don't know many Elvis songs. I'd like something quick and fast.
dragitoff:: maybe an endorsement deal for some blue suede cleats? lol
emk418:: im suprised it took this long for that type of question haha

striker42:: Did you have a favorite player growing up?
Elvis Andrus... Omar Vizquel was a favorite. Ozzie Smith also. My father and my brothers were my idols though.

BillShanks:: Okay guys... thank you so much to Elvis for joining us
Marte4MVP2009:: thanks Elvis
emk418:: thanks Elvis good luck this year......hopefully your in Atlanta soon
PurpleBrave:: Buena suerte Elvis
striker42:: Can't wait to see you in Atlanta.
dragitoff:: I've got a new favorite prospect/player!

Bill Shanks is the author of Scout's Honor: The Bravest Way To Build A Winning Team, a look inside the Braves‘ traditional front office philosophies. Email Bill at thebravesshow@email.com.

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