Scott Thorman Chat Transcript

Braves' prospect Scott Thorman joined BravesCenter's premium subscribers Thursday afternoon. Here is a transcript of the chat.

BillShanks:: Okay Scott Thorman is here. Ask away.

emk418:: Scott!!! How has spring training been treating you?
Scott Thorman... Spring training has been going well. It's winding down now, so I'm ready for the season.

gilesfan:: Hey Scott, what's the nicest minor league park you played in? How does Norfolk compare?(I watch all the Richmond games there)
Scott Thorman... I would have to say Toledo would be the nicest. There are nice ones and ones with character. Montgomery is nice - near the train station.

emk418:: Tell us about your experience in the WBC
gilesfan:: How was the WBC?
Scott Thorman... It was a great experience. Unfortunately we bowed out a little early. I had limited playing time, but the experience was tremendous being around the big league guys.

striker42:: What was your favorite team as a kid?
Scott Thorman... The Toronto Blue Jays.

emk418:: What's the Braves plan for you....I remember reading something about you maybe getting some time in LF?
Scott Thorman.... Well I've worked out in LF there the last two weeks since I've been down from big league camp. If the circumstances call for me to be in LF, I think I'll okay out there.

murph3:: Scott, who was your idol growing up?
Scott Thorman... Being a Blue Jays fan I enjoyed watching Ernie Whitt, Kelly Gruber, and George Bell. I watched the early 90s Blue Jays.

gilesfan:: Have you hit lefties well? Do you feel comfortable around lefties? Is Richmond planning on putting you at first?
Scott Thorman... yes I feel just as comfortable against lefties. They all even out. I'm fine against both.

emk418:: Do you feel like your ready for Atlanta now?
Scott Thorman... absolutely. It's all about timing. I just want to be the next person available. When they need me, hopefully I'll be ready.

Steely03:: Who do you go out of your way to watch in spring training?
Scott Thorman... I'm a fan of the game just like anybody else. It's still cool for me to watch the Yankees take batting practice or to go to Vero Beach and see the names of the people I grew up watching.

emk418:: Which other Braves do you normally hang around with outside of the baseball field
Scott Thorman... Until they got called up.. Jeff and Brian and Kelly Johnson. We all came up together. We've got quite a bit of history.

BillShanks:: Thanks to Scott Thorman for joining us.

Bill Shanks is the author of Scout's Honor: The Bravest Way To Build A Winning Team, a look inside the Braves‘ traditional front office philosophies. Email Bill at

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