Matt Esquivel Chat Transcript

Braves' outfield prospect Matt Esquivel chatted Thursday with BravesCenter's premium subscribers. Here is the transcript from that chat.

BillShanks:: Matt Esquivel is with us.

striker42:: What's the best componant of your game?
Matt Esquivel: The ability to bring in runs, hitting for average and power.

emk418:: Matt how has spring training been
Matt Esquivel... spring training has been long but it's like any other spring training you just come do your work and get prepared for the season.

gilesfan:: Matt, you a big boy, how big are you really? Listed at 6-2 220
Matt Esquivel... I'm at 220. That's right.

gilesfan:: Matt, will you be in Miss? What are the things you think you need to work on?
Matt Esquivel... Yes I'll be in Mississippi. Cutting down strikeouts is one thing I need to work on. STrikeout to walk ratio. No one likes to strike out.

emk418:: what team did you grow up watching
Matt Esquivel... I wasn't really that big a baseball. I'm from Texas. I wasn't that good at baseball. My brother was. I'm a big Cowboys fan. Troy Aikman and all the Cowboys. Plus I love the Longhorns.

SkipSeda41:: When did you start getting good at baseball?
Matt Esquivel... High school was my biggest turning point. When I started feeling comfortable and make the game fun. That's what I try to do now. My freshman year I started getting into it. I realized I could hit the ball to all sides of the field.

gilesfan:: It'll be interesting to see your homerun totals jump up since your not in Myrtle this year
Matt Esquivel... hey gilesfan... I broke Giles' RBI record in Myrtle.
gilesfan:: Its not fair your twice the size of Giles..
gilesfan:: Hail to the Redskins.

gilesfan:: Who hits the ball further? You or Thorman. Anyone else hit bombs like you guys?
Matt Esquivel.... I'd say Thorman.

Matt Esquivel.... when you hit a home run you know you've got it. It's more fun to watch others hit - and Thorman's hit some bombs. I hit better from the right side than Thorman can!

gilesfan:: ha ha . I Know. And your a Cowboy fan. GEEZ.

SkipSeda41:: Matt, do you still miss football?
emk418:: did you ever play football
Matt Esquivel... Football has always been a sport I've loved playing. I've got awesome memories. I played running back. I like contact. I just try to bring that football mentality into baseball as much as I can. I was recruited by Nebraska and other schools to play running back.

Steely03:: Matt, What equipment do you use? Glove, bat, shoes, etc.
Matt Esquivel... Nike cleats. Old Hickory Bats. Rawlings glove.

gilesfan:: Do you feel relieved that you don't have to hit at the beach this year?
Matt Esquivel... No not really. Every team that I've ever played on they've always talked abotu how their park didn't hit well. There were only a couple of balls in Myrtle that I thought were knocked down by the wind. So I don't think that it's a relief. I'm just happy to move up the ladder. I would probably say that MB helps out the pitchers some, but if you get it, you get it.
gilesfan:: Especially when your 220!

gilesfan:: Are you mainly a right fielder or have you played elsewhere?
Matt Esquivel... Growing up I played center, but I always played outfield. I feel more comfortable in right and center. I've just never played left.

PastorRog:: Matt, what was the biggest challenge you faced this spring?
Matt Esquivel... Doing this chat! Just kidding. I don't think it's challenging, but I've been trying to go the other way a little more, and move guys over, be more of an all-around player than just someone who hits home runs.

SkipSeda41:: Matt has gone. Thanks to Matt for joining us.
hudson2:: Good luck Matt
gilesfan:: Matt, good luck this year, hope to see you in Richmond this year or next

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