Randy Ingle Chat Transcript

Rome Manager Randy Ingle visited with BravesCenter's premium subscribers Thursday. Here is the transcript from the chat.

BillShanks:: Questions for Rome Manager Randy Ingle....

gilesfan:: Randy, pick the 3 most impressive players you've managed in the last 3 years?
Randy Ingle.... Marte, LaRoche, Thorman, McCann, Salty - there's 5!... and that Francoeur kid!

PastorRog:: What do you see as the biggest strength of the Braves minor league system?
Randy Ingle... The biggest strength? It's always been pitching, but now the position players are catching up. Catchers and shortstop - we've very strong.

gilesfan:: Have you opened up a spot for the trophy case this year? Andrus, Campbell, etc. When you figured out Andrus, Campbell, Ramirez, Kaaihu may be playing for you this year, did you throw a party? Man, they'll really make you look good this year. Ha ha
Randy Ingle...yeah I'm just going to sit back and stay out of their way.

hudson2:: Are u looking forward to managing Elvis this year.
Randy Ingle....Yes I am - very much so. He is a very special player. He's a joy to be around.

BaseballGM2k2:: what's the projected starting lineup?
Randy Ingle.... We're still trying to finalize things. We know Campbell will be at third, Elvis at short, Romak and Suero will be in the outfield. Davis and Schafer might be in the outfield. Max Ramirez will be our catcher. There are still some pieces of the puzzle we've got to figure out in the next couple of days.

SkipSeda41:: Have you ever seen a team with the system so loaded at every level?
Randy Ingle...Probably not. I can only speak for the Braves since that's the only team I've ever seen at every level. Cleveland's pretty strong from top to bottom.

gilesfan:: Rome is gonna be LOADED

bravesfan247:: Tell us something about yourself- where did you play ball and where have you coached?
Randy Ingle... I went to Appy State - First team All-American at SS - Signed with the Braves since 1979. I've been with them 28 years. I made it up to AAA. I've been managing for 16 or 17 years.

PastorRog:: Tell us what it is like to have a hand in helping players like Francoeur, McCann, Salty develop into big leaguers
Randy Ingle....That's our reward as a manager and a coaching staff. Hopefully they can say we had some part in their development - not only as a baseball player, but as a person. Watching these guys make it to the major league....last year was incredible. Seeing those kids do so well put a smile on our face every day. That was our reward.
gilesfan:: You've also gotta be proud to see just how great of people these kids are.

BaseballGM2k2:: based on what you have there it's probably safe to say that Andrus-Campbell is the most likely 3-4 combo...
Randy Ingle... We're not sure where Elvis will hit. He's been hitting second this month and Campbell third. We'll mix and match.

PastorRog:: The Natural of Field of Dreams?
Randy Ingle... Flip a coin Pastor Rog. I like them both.

gilesfan:: Can you compare the talent of Andruw Jones and Elvis Andrus. Is it possible that Elvis is a bigger prospect?
Randy Ingle....Well I don't know if he's a bigger prospect. they play two different positions. What I've seen so far from Elvis....in the last few days...he does remind me of Andruw when he was coming up. I had Andruw too when he was 18 when he was in Durham. Andruw had good work habits. He loved to play. Elvis seems the same way; he just has fun.

SkipSeda41:: Has anyone surprised you this spring?
Randy Ingle...Jordan Schafer has had a tremendous spring. He's really had a very good spring. He's got good composure. He's done well. Philip Britton has opened some eyes.

BillShanks:: Randy's gone folks. Thanks so much for the questions. Elvis, Thorman, Esquivel, and Ingle - not a bad quartet.

Bill Shanks is the author of Scout's Honor: The Bravest Way To Build A Winning Team, a look inside the Braves‘ traditional front office philosophies. Email Bill at thebravesshow@email.com.

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