Same ole' Father's Day game

This year's Father's Day game might be one to remember for the Atlanta Braves, but The Braves Show's Skip Seda says it had a strong resemblance to many Father's Day games he enjoyed years ago with his dad. And unfortunately, the results are the same now as they were then.

It Father's Day, and some of the best times I have ever had were with my father at old Fulton County Stadium. We would stop by Chick-Fil-A and sneak some sandwiches into the game for later. The Braves would usually lose, but those are the times I cherish. It is always fun to relive those childhood memories in my mind. The Braves never had a chance and they never disappointed.

One of my dreams back then was to get to go on the field. I always thought how great it would be to go into the locker room and see where my Braves dressed and played cards. Be careful what you wish for.

This Father's Day the Braves are doing what they did best when I was young (losing) and the memories are much better than the present. Losing like this when you expect it is one thing, losing like this after winning for so long is something else.

As a respected member of the media (RMM) I am not supposed to feel anything one way or the other. I should be stoic and act like it doesn't matter. Well folks…this sucks. And it actually makes me remember how much losing sucked when I was a kid.

Since I 1991 had almost forgotten about it, but now it comes rushing back. And it is worse! When Vic Correll, Rowland Office and Larvell Blanks were playing it was one thing, but when Jones, Jones Giles are in there you expect more.

This team lacks fire. Don't get me wrong, these guys do have heart, and some are the most competitive people you will ever see, but they need a leader. We have heard that for years, and usually there was someone to keep the fire going…but not this year.

Adam LaRoche, Brian McCann and Jeff Francoeur are still too young to be leaders. Andruw Jones is not the type. He is everyone's friend (and that is needed too). John Smoltz is a pitcher and even in Atlanta pitchers don't lead the position players. This is Chipper Jones' team and it has taken on his personality. It is nonchalant like him, and the team seems to be waiting for someone to step up.

But no one else has earned the right to lead yet. Maybe it isn't fair to expect Chipper to lead because he never has. But he made the statement last year that it was time for him to lead. He's right. The former MVP should lead from the front or be lead right out the door. We need something, maybe a bean ball war and a bench clearing brawl, a locker room fight, something… anything to break them out of this funk. They seem shell shocked every time they go to the pen, and as long as the "bulls" there don't change neither will the outcome.

(Ok…enough rant…back to Father's Day) The good news is this shows me what really was good about memories. It wasn't the Braves losing; it was the time with my Father. So at least I can be thankful for the Braves reminding me of what is important about baseball and family. And that is the chance to be together. So, lose if you have to, I will still show up with my son, and someday, hopefully he will remember what was the best part of losing too.

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