Why can't the Braves win at Turner Field?

One of the biggest mysteries this season has been the Braves' home record: 26-33. The Braves Show's Bill Shanks wonders why the Braves can't win at Turner Field.

The 2006 season has obviously been disappointing for the Atlanta Braves, but nothing is more peculiar than the team's horrific record at Turner Field.

With the loss Wednesday night to Pittsburgh, the worst road team in the game, the Braves are now 26-33 at home. Only the Chicago Cubs (26-36) have a worse record in their home park in the major leagues.

When you ask the players, they have no answer. It's almost like the National League needs to allow the Braves to wear their road grey jerseys. Can they not see well at the Ted? Are they bothered by their families? Do they sleep too late before going to the park?

Yeah, it's crazy answers you think of when something just doesn't make sense. The Braves have averaged 49 home wins per season since 1991 (including the abbreviated 1994 season), but this year they are seven games under .500.

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