The Braves Show's Offseason Coverage

The Braves Show will provide extensive coverage of the 2006-07 offseason. Bill Shanks previews the coverage for our premium subscribers.

The Braves Show is ready for what could be a very big offseason for the Atlanta Braves. After not making the playoffs for the first time since 1990, the Braves could be primed for a number of changes as they prepare for 2007.

Our coverage starts Monday, October 2nd, as all this week we will talk with a number of reporters that covered the team this season. We'll have audio podcasts with Mark Bowman, Travis Haney, Guy Cutright, Mark Lemke, Brad Golder, Grant McAuley, and Edgar Tragets.

We'll also start a 35-part series on the top questions facing the Braves this winter. This is the second season in a row we've looked at 35 big issues regarding the Braves.

Here's a look at our 35 topics for this winter:

1 October 02 Why did the Braves not make the playoffs?
2 October 03 What went right in 2006?
3 October 04 What's happening with the sale of the Braves?
4 October 05 Can John Smoltz be the Braves' ace in 2007?
5 October 06 Why has Tim Hudson been mediocre?
6 October 07 How good is Chuck James?
7 October 08 Can Mike Hampton return next season?
8 October 09 Will Kyle Davies round out the rotation?
9 October 10 Is Horacio Ramirez tradebait?
10 October 11 Will the Braves bring back Tom Glavine?
11 October 12 Who else might help out in the rotation in 2007?
12 October 13 Can the Braves trade for a young ace?
13 October 14 How good can Bob Wickman be in 2007?
14 October 15 Who will be Wickman's setup man?
15 October 16 How good is Macay McBride?
16 October 17 Can Cormier and Villarreal be counted on next year?
17 October 18 Has Joey Devine recovered?
18 October 19 Paronto or Moylan: Who will stick in 2007?
19 October 20 Can Blaine Boyer return next season?
20 October 21 Who else might help in the bullpen?
21 October 22 Is Brian McCann the best catcher in the NL?
22 October 23 Who will backup McCann in 2007?
23 October 24 Has Adam LaRoche turned the corner?
24 October 25 Will Marcus Giles be traded?
25 October 26 If Giles is traded, who will play second base?
26 October 27 Has Edgar Renteria gotten back on track?
27 October 28 Can Chipper Jones stay healthy?
28 October 29 Will Andruw Jones be traded?
29 October 30 How good is Jeff Francoeur?
30 October 31 Who will play left field in 2007?
31 November 01 Is Scott Thorman a big league starter?
32 November 02 Who will be the reserves next season?
33 November 03 Which prospects could contribute in 2007?
34 November 04 How long will Bobby Cox continue as manager?
35 November 05 How long will John Schuerholz stay as GM?

And then on November 6th, we will start our minor league player profiles. We will profile 114 players in the Braves' farm system, with a look at the stats, comments from coaches and scouts, and their projection for the future.

Here's the tentative schedule for the player profiles:

November 07     Van Pope     
November 08     J.C. Holt     
November 09     Michael Nix     
November 10     Matt Harrison     
November 11     Jamie Richmond     
November 12     Eric Campbell     
November 13     Steve Pyzik
November 14     Steve Evarts     
November 15     Jo Jo Reyes     
November 16     Carl Loadenthal     
November 17     Brady Endl     
November 18     Larry Williams     
November 19     Peter Moylan     
November 20     James Parr     
November 21     Adam Coe     
November 22     Tyler Bullock     
November 23     Isaiah Ka'aihue     
November 24     Jonny Venters     
November 25     Zach Schreiber     
November 26     James Jurries     
November 27     Matt Young     
November 28     Francisley Bueno     
November 29     Cody Johnson     
November 30     Wes Timmons     
December 01     Charlie Morton     
December 02     Jarrod Saltalamacchia     
December 03     Moises Hernandez     
December 04     Chad Rodgers
December 05     Asher Demme     
December 06     Tyler Wilson     
December 07     Josh Burrus     
December 08     Kevin Gunderson     
December 09     Phil Britton     
December 10     Brandon Jones     
December 11     Kris Medlen     
December 12     Steve Russell     
December 13     Steve Doetsch     
December 14     Jose Ascanio     
December 15     Clint Sammons     
December 16     Lee Hyde     
December 17     Ryan Basner     
December 18     Babaro Canizares     
December 19     David Watkins
December 20     Beau Jones     
December 21     Will Startup     
December 22     Josh Morris     
December 23     Steven Garcia     
December 24     Elvis Andrus     
December 25     Casey Beck     
December 26     Matt Kennelly     
December 27     Jonathan Schuerholz     
December 28     Matt Esquivel     
December 29     Tim Gustafson     
December 30     Jamie Romak     
December 31     Martin Prado     
January 01     Jeff Lyman      
January 02     Diory Hernandez     
January 03     Tommy Hanson     
January 04     Brayan Pena     
January 05     Deunte Heath
January 06     Junior Guerra     
January 07     Neftali Feliz     
January 08     Rudy Quinonez     
January 09     Billy McCarthy     
January 10     Chris Vines     
January 11     Jordan Schafer     
January 12     Danny Brezeale     
January 13     Brad Nelson
January 14     Dustin Evans     
January 15     Chase Fontaine     
January 16     Anthony Lerew     
January 17     Kyle Cofield     
January 18     Steve Kent     
January 19     James Curtis     
January 20     Yunel Escobar     
January 21     Mike Broadway     
January 22     Jon Mark Owings     
January 23     Jake Stevens     
January 24     Ryne Reynoso     
January 25     Carlos Sencion     
January 26     Gonzalo Lopez
January 27     Quentin Davis     
January 28     Cory Rasmus     
January 29     Cole Miles     
January 30     Takumi Hamaoka     
January 31     Sergio Valenzuela     
February 01     Concepcion Rodriguez     
February 02     Jose Ortegano     
February 03     Jairo Cuevas     
February 04     Tony Pena, Jr.     
February 05     Manny Acosta     
February 06     Adam Stanley     
February 07     Ernesto Mejia     
February 08     Yeliar Castro     
February 09     Kelvin Villa     
February 10     Tyler Flowers     
February 11     Dan Smith     
February 12     David Williams     
February 13     Brandon Monk     
February 14     Jeff Locke     
February 15     Steve Figueroa     
February 16     Paul Bush
February 17     Gregor Blanco     
February 18     Edgar Osuna
February 19     Willie Cabrera
February 20     Joe Johnson
February 21     Adam Parliament
February 22     Derrick Himpsl
February 23     Derrick Arnold
February 24     Carlos Rivas
February 25     Mike Rozema
February 26     Eliazar Carmona     
February 27     Mike Mehlich
February 28     Jaye Chapman

As always, The Braves Show will be the place to turn for breaking news and complete coverage of the Hot Stove League. We'll have the latest rumors and all the news on any Braves' free agent signing or trade. Plus, regular audio podcasts will discuss the latest rumors and player moves.

Plus, we'll have weekly chats every Tuesday at 7:00 pm ET and occasionally have some players drop in to join us. Last year we had Brian McCann, Chuck James, Macay McBride, Kevin Barry, John Foster, Blaine Boyer, and Jarrod Saltalamacchia join us in the chatroom. So you never know who might pop in to talk Braves' Baseball.

So for the best coverage of the Braves' offseason, become a premium subscriber of The Braves Show today. Click here to go to The Braves Show's home page. Click on the green "GO" button on the right side of the page to sign up for extensive coverage of the offseason as a premium subscriber of the best Braves' website, The Braves

Bill Shanks is the author of Scout's Honor: The Bravest Way To Build A Winning Team, a look inside the Braves‘ traditional scouting and player development philosophies. He can also be heard regularly on the Braves Radio Network. Email Bill at

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