Roy Clark Chat Transcript

Here's the chat transcript of Roy Clark's visit into The Braves Show's chatroom on Tuesday night.

BillShanks:: Okay everyone... we please to welcome Roy Clark... the Braves Scouting Director to The Braves Show's chatroom. Welcome Roy Clark!
depley:: welcome Roy

RoyClark:: Bill, thanks for having me

1Cocoplz:: Thanks for taking time for us
depley:: Roy, what year do you consider your best draft class?

RoyClark:: look forward to it

BillShanks:: Here's a question Roy from an email I received from a poster who could not be here tonight: How compensation picks are awarded now, with A along with B level compensation picks now adding a pick in the sandwich round between rounds one and two as well as compensation picks for players not signed in the top three rounds of the previous years draft, you could easily add 30-45 additional picks in the first few rounds. It would almost seem that if you did not have a compensation pick in the sandwich round between one and two, that you did not have a second round pick. How do you see this affecting the draft?
060606:: Thanks for coming Mr. Clark-we hear that this years draft will be strong with high school talent,do you agree with that and how excited are you to have the 14th pick??
depley:: Best 3 hopes pitching wise for say 2009 that are currently in the system

RoyClark:: depley---it's tough to beat 2000 w/ Wainwright, Thorman, Kelly, Boyer, Miner, LaRoche but it takes about 5 years before you can evaluate a draft class

RoyClark:: Bill.....good question, until we go thru it we won't know for sure and then we'll adjust

RoyClark:: 060606.....I'd rather be drafting 30th

060606:: So would I
MDCD4:: Why is that?
depley:: means you won the WS
MDCD4:: Ah hah.....

RoyClark:: depley....tough call w/ all the guys we've added the past couple drafts and our quality draft and follows

depley:: better stocked with relievers or starters now?
BillShanks:: Another email question....What do you think about the changes to the draft? The elimination of draft & follows?
Coredor:: I was curious what you've thought about Kelly Johnson's working in the infield again and whether you think he has a chance to come back an take the second base job. I know before he got hurt I was really impressed with his approach at the plate and think he could be the leadoff guy we need.
RoyClark:: depley....good combination of starters and relievers. A lot of the relievers are college guys and they should come quicker
RoyClark:: Bill.....don't like elimination of draft and follows because we've gotten some studs that way But we will make the adjustments. Just tell us what the ground rules are and we'll be ready

1Cocoplz:: What young relief pitcher in our system has the most potential, in your opinion?
060606:: O.K now the big question-is there any way that our man Bill Shanks could be in the war room on draft day to send us updated reports on the goings-on. We promise to tape his mouth shut and just let him type. If he bothers you guys, we'll tie him up and let Paul Snyder blow cigar smoke in his face
BillShanks:: lol
BillShanks:: I didn't put them up to asking that Roy!
depley:: Roy a lot of us are eagerly anticipating the day Elvis enters the building, any plans to move him up the minor leagues this year?
060606:: He didn't

RoyClark:: Coredor....Kelly was drafted as a shortstop and the last year he played there was very good, so to answer, yes he will fine there and has always been a good offensive player

MDCD4:: Which of our starter prospects has the highest ceiling?
depley:: he didn't? what was that envelope under my door for then?
bj1133:: Roy - What are the chances Salty moves to a different position sometime soon?
Coredor:: cool thanks

RoyClark:: 1Cocoplz...Devine, Startup, Gunderson, Gustafson, Medlin are all possibles along with some others
RoyClark:: 060606....we all have a price</b>

BillShanks:: LOL
060606:: And shanks has the money
1Cocoplz:: Thanks, I'm a big Joey fan, I hope he does well for us.
BillShanks:: Another email question.... If you could add a scout to any country in the world (besides Cuba because that is a given) that you don't already have one in place, which country would that be?
060606:: Sorry, Shanks
BillShanks:: Them's the breaks!

RoyClark:: need to rush Elvis,normal development plan
RoyClark:: Bill, a lot of guys are volunteering for Costa Rica

depley:: It must be real satisfying to see the likes of Francoeur, McCann and James for examples to come up and do well
1Cocoplz:: Will Scott Thorman get a chance to play LF for us? He seems to have a ton of offensive potential.

RoyClark:: bj1133....don't know but he's certainly a good enough athlete
RoyClark:: is but we expect that from our kids

depley:: so do we lol
marzybrave:: A question for Roy or Bill, which of our young prospect pitchers rank out to be a number one starter in our rotation?
BillShanks:: Another email question...... I have noticed that the international scouting department has shrunk over the past five years or so, plus there were a few key loses in the past year to this department with Dayton Moore (who used to over see the department) taking Rene Francisco with him to Kansas City and the passing of Julian Perez. Also Marco Paddy who was also involved in the Latin America left for the Blue Jays. How will this affect the Braves internationally and who will step into the lead roles in this department?

RoyClark:: 1Cocoplz....Thorman will have a shot. He just keeps getting better and better

BillShanks:: My answer to that marzy would be that I hate to rate any young pitcher as an automatic number one. There are not many true number ones in any minor league system right now. Liriano was one last year obviously that came out of the Twins' system. If not for Santana, he could be a number one. But for us, I'd like to answer that question again in about two years after we see what the kids from the 2006 draft have a chance to pitch in Rome and Myrtle Beach.
depley:: Does it bother you when a guy like Wainright is traded and looks as good as you thought he would?

RoyClark:: Bill....Paul Snyder and I will be very involved internationally, as a matter of fact we both have plans to go to Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Venezuela in the next month.
RoyClark:: Depley....broke my heart when we traded him but I supported my boss then and still do. Our job is to get our kids ready to help our ML club win championships or to be used in trades to bring in high caliber players

depley:: Are there people within the organization that you have to battle with that think f the minors as trade bait rather than development?
BillShanks:: another email question... I know it's early in the process, but do you share the same enthusiasm about the 2007 draft class that seems to be the consensus among scouts polled by different publications?

RoyClark:: depley...not at all
RoyClark:: Bill...draft day is like Christmas day for me and in 2007. I know we will have a great day because there are a lot of good players out there.

cajunrevenge:: Do you think they should allow the trading of draft picks?
depley:: Roy what is a normal work day like for you? What are some of the things you do on a day-to-day basis?
Bravesfan19:: It has been said that our system is depleted at the higher levels but there is more value at the lower levels. How deep was this years draft and when can we expect this crop to surface?

RoyClark:: cajunrevenge....don't know about that one. It could open up a can of worms
RoyClark:: depley....up at the break of noon, on the internet the rest of the day and night this time of year. Lots of travel and communicating w/ our scouts most of the year

1Cocoplz:: With Eric Campbell possibly moving to 2B, will he be moving up faster then the normal 1 level at a time if he performs, because the Braves need of a 2B?
marzybrave:: which prospect can we expect to really break out and have the kind of season that will push them up the prospect charts, maybe someone that has struggled in the past?

RoyClark:: Bravesfan19.....At the higher levels it may be down a bit because most of the guys that would be there have graduated to Atlanta. Some w/in the org feel that the draft we just had could be our best ever.

depley:: If you could go back in time what one player did you not take in the draft you could have that you most regret?
auburngal75:: Yunel Escobar is having a great season in AFL. What are your thoughts about his "readiness" for the major leagues?
depley:: hey someone has to ask lol

RoyClark:: 1cocoplz… Eric will the one that decides how fast he moves

depley:: thanks
TXBravesFan:: Roy, how do you feel about the increased importance placed on statistics today? Are you familiar with some of the more advanced stats, and do they play a part in your evaluation of players?
BillShanks:: Bill just chokes at a stat question!
TXBravesFan:: I knew you'd like that one, Bill

RoyClark:: marzybrave....I think we're seeing 2 guys breaking out right now in Escobar and Holt

marzybrave:: Do you see Holt as a starter or a utility guy?

RoyClark:: TXBravesFan....absolutely we look at stats but as a tool in piecing together a player

BillShanks:: Another email question....The Braves have seemingly shied away from taking fliers on top high school players that have fell in recent drafts. It has paid off in several cases for the organizations that have gambled and signed picks, seemingly losing nothing but a mid-to-late round pick if they fail to sign them. Now that draft and follows have been eliminated following the upcoming draft, will you be more inclined to take a run at a few of the earlier round talents the slide down to the later rounds?

RoyClark:: marzybrave.....he can play 2b or the OF. It just depends on the makeup of the team and how Bobby Cox wants to use him

Bravesfan19:: I hope you keep drafting guys with high ceilings and makeup--let the other teams keep taking the stat guys

RoyClark:: Bill...maybe
RoyClark:: Bravesfan19...we will not lower our standards

marzybrave:: Do you believe that Brandon Jones has the talent to make him a regular outfielder for Atlanta some day?

RoyClark:: doubt

marzybrave:: His ceiling is very high then?

RoyClark:: Marzybrave....very high ceiling

marzybrave:: Which other outfielders would you rate as having a high ceiling?

depley:: Do you think Will Startup is ready for the big leagues or does he still need time at AAA
1Cocoplz:: What do you think happened with Ryan Langerhans this year, after a very good 2005?
060606:: Roy, do you have a bird dog up in upper East Tennesse

RoyClark:: marzybrave.... Jordan Schafer, Josh Burrus, Jon Mark Owings , Willie Cabrera, Larry Williams are a few
RoyClark:: depley....he'll have a chance in 2007 whether it's out of ST or not?
RoyClark:: 060606....yes we do
RoyClark:: 1Cocoplz....I don't know but hope he can get it going again

Licey:: What's your take on Neftali Feliz ? Who would you compare him to at this stage of his career? Thanks
MDCD4:: Locke, Rodgers and Evart, are they really that good?
BravesfanNChar:: sweetness

RoyClark:: Licey...big arm,secondary pitches not quite as advanced.Some similarity to Capellan

depley:: When you evaluate a player you are looking to draft how many people are involved in making up the chart as to who to pick when at the final meeting?

RoyClark:: MDCD4....Put it this way we are very lucky to have each one of these kids. Excel on and off the field

marzybrave:: Roy, this question may have already been asked before I come on, but where do you see Salty playing over the long haul if he remains with the Braves?
depley:: Since Jo Jo Reyes will be in here tonight, just how good is he?

RoyClark:: depley....all of our scouts that see a young man play is involved by giving their report on him before we make a final opinion
RoyClark:: depley....not only one of our best but one of the top LHP's in all the minor leagues

depley:: a #1 type pitcher?
TXBravesFan:: How good is Elvis Andrus going to be?

RoyClark:: marzybrave.....Salty is athletic enough to play a number of positions, I'm just hoping it's w/ ATL

seanyates:: was there any debate about taking a chance and seeing if cody johnson slipped into the Braves lap in a later round rather than picking him in the first?
060606:: Roy has the scouting budget changed much over the years like our Major League budget has
marzybrave:: I am hoping it's with Atlanta too!

RoyClark:: TXBravesfan.....a special player if he stays healthy
RoyClark::, budget has been consistent
RoyClark:: seanyates....No, we saw way too much of Cody to take a chance on losing him

BravesfanNChar:: Roy, how heavily does your opinion of a prospect way in on JS's decisions on trading prospects?? I'd imagine pretty dang heavily
marzybrave:: Has health been an issue with Elvis?
1Cocoplz:: I hope so, I'd love to see Salty and Elvis play here
depley:: what are your feelings about Lerew? After a disasterous last year can he recover?
striker42:: I hope this hasn't been asked as I just got back from Georgia State but what are your thoughts on Neftali Feliz?
Licey:: If you had to pick right now&.Matt Harrison or Jo Jo Reyes?
BillShanks:: It has striker. I'll have it in the transcript
seanyates:: what are the biggest differences in measuring the potential of a high schooler and a collegiate player?
BillShanks:: STATISTICS?

RoyClark:: Bravesfan NCar......JS is excel at getting everyone's opinion. Great man to work for
RoyClark:: seanyates....the high school kid is obviously farther away but we like to raise our own kids by bringing them in at a younger age to train w/ what we consider the best player dev staff in the game. That being said we will not shy away from college kids that have the ability and makeup we look for i.e. ...Devine, Sammons, Startup, Hyde, etc.

Bravesfan19:: When do you see Will Startup getting to the big leagues?
Licey:: Is Kyle's little brother on your "keep an EYE on list" for the 2008 Draft?

RoyClark:: Licey......that's like asking…which one of my kids do I love the most?...both of them

BeltHigh:: thanks, I'll know who to believe
1Cocoplz:: Thanks for answering my, and everyone else's questions, Roy. I better get going. Cya all.
Licey:: Good answer...
striker42:: Have we talked about the pitcher from Taiwan yet?
BillShanks:: no
cajunrevenge:: Do you think Willy Aybar is capable defensivly to be able to play 2B?
cajunrevenge:: full time that is
striker42:: So what's the word on him, I can't remember his name off the top of my head.
marzybrave:: what makes Chucky James such a good pitcher when it seems his stuff is not outstanding?
depley:: I hate to have to sign off but my pork chops are done grilling! Thanks Ruy and here is hoping you continue to draft quality players for many many years to come!

RoyClark:: striker42...I'd have to ask Paul Snyder about him
RoyClark:: marzybrave...tremendous makeup, fearless on the mound

marzybrave:: Is there a sleeper in this years draft that maybe hasn't been spotted in the radar that you may be interested in?
BillShanks:: I saw Chen En Hung at Instructs. He throws gas but we've got to be careful with him. Still young and raw. I think they're going to keep him in Australia with Phil Dale in 2007.
striker42:: Cool
SkipSeda41:: Speaking of Startup did I miss what you have said about him Roy? (Hello by the way)
striker42:: We talked about Steve Kent?

RoyClark:: marzybrave....yes

BillShanks:: no striker
seanyates:: how do you think the braves organization weighs character issues compared to the other teams in the league?

RoyClark:: SkipSeda41......he is very well thought of and this could be his year

striker42:: Steve drops in to chat with us every now and again, so what's your take on our young aussie friend?
marzybrave:: Who are some of the sleeper draft picks from the last draft that maybe we hear little of that may make an impact?

RoyClark:: seanyates....not sure how everyone else looks at it but that is definitely an area we will not compromise

Licey:: In your opinion, what would be the best way to pursue a career Baseball? Preferably in Baseball Operations? Thanks

RoyClark:: marzybrave.....Medlin, Heath , Reynoso are a few

TXBravesFan:: Thoughts on Kala Kaaihue? (hope I spelled that right)
marzybrave:: Those are real sleepers, hadn't heard of any of them! I must have slept through that portion of the draft!
BillShanks:: Okay any final questions for Roy Clark... real quick he's got to leave in a few minutes
marzybrave:: Ok, give us your thought on the Braves for 2007?
striker42:: Which pick over your tenure are you most proud of?

RoyClark:: TxBravesFan....I love KK, could be Galarraga-type

PastorRog:: This has probably been asked, but who, in the Braves system, is the sleeper that people are overlooking?

RoyClark:: marzybrave....let you know when I get back from ORL
RoyClark:: striker42....I love all my boys
RoyClark:: Bill....Thanks for having me, gotta go

BillShanks:: Okay Roy thank you so much for chatting with us. We really appreciate it. Thank you.
marzybrave:: Good luck with the 2007 draft!
TXBravesFan:: Thanks for chattin' with us, Roy.
060606:: Thanks for coming in Roy-hope to have you back-maybe after the draft you can give us the low down on all our picks-thanks again
SJsftb27:: Thanks Roy!
seanyates:: thanks roy
marzybrave:: Appreciate it!
BeltHigh:: thanks
striker42:: You are truely a rock star among scouting directors.

RoyClark left

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