Jo Jo Reyes Chat Transcript

Here's the chat transcript with Braves' prospect Jo Jo Reyes.

Jo Jo Reyes joined

marzybrave:: Hello, Jo Jo!
TXBravesFan:: Welcome, JoJo.

JoJoReyes:: Hello everyone

BillShanks:: Okay folks... let's welcome Jo Jo Reyes into the chatroom. Ask away.
SJsftb27:: hello, Jo Jo
BillShanks:: And if you'd like to learn a bit about Jo Jo, his player profile is up.
BaseballGM2k2:: how's it going today jo jo
marzybrave:: Excited about spring training even though it's still a couple of months away

JoJoReyes:: BaseballGM2k2…Its going good just worked out in the morning and am stil recovering from the workout
JoJoReyes:: marzybrave… I'm ready to go back already i miss playing

marzybrave:: Lots of soreness this time of year?

JoJoReyes:: marzybrave...Um yes but in a good way just from getting back into shape muscle wise

striker42:: So JoJo, what do you throw?
TXBravesFan:: Is there anyone you'd compare your pitching style to?

JoJoReyes:: Striker42...I throw a fast ball changeup slider and a curve
JoJoReyes:: TXbravesFan...I cant say that i compare myself to anyone but ill leave that up top you guys

marzybrave:: What does your fastball clock out at?

JoJoReyes:: marzybrave...The fastest this year was 95mph
marzybrave:: Pretty good zip!
marzybrave:: Which MLB team did you grow up pulling for?

JoJoReyes:: Its not that every pitch i would say i sit around low 90's and can bump it up when the time calls for it
JoJoReyes:: Marzybrave... Seriously I grew up liking the Braves cause they were on TBS when i got home from school

marzybrave:: So it must be an honor to have been selected by the Braves
striker42:: How do you feel your injuries have affected you?
bravesfan247:: JoJo, in YOUR opinion, how far are you from the bigs?

JoJoReyes:: Yes i was very excited that braves drafted me
JoJoReyes:: Striker42... I dont think the injuries affected me it slowed me down from excelling but i learned alot from the injuries my body how to pitch with my best stuff

marzybrave:: Which pitch do you feel you have the best command of so far?

JoJoReyes:: Bravesfan247..I have no clue but whenever they are ready to call me up ill be ready to compete you can pput me up there now and i will still compete the way i do now ithere is no diffrence the way you prepare yourself

BABADOG:: Great season JoJo look foreward to seeing next year MR.Q
BaseballGM2k2:: Jo Jo if you could compare yourself to someone in the majors style wise who would it be?
striker42:: Who was your favorite player growing up?
SJsftb27:: if you weren't drafted out of HS... did you have any backup plans

JoJoReyes:: favorite pitcher was Nolan Ryan and favorite player was Mark McGwirre

striker42:: Looking at your stats, lefties seemed to hit you a little better than righties. Any particular reason?

JoJoReyes:: Sjstb27...If i wasnt drafted i wasng on attending the University of Souther California

BillShanks:: Thank God we nipped that in the bud!
SJsftb27:: haha...
SJsftb27:: yea... I'm glad you're with us instead!
striker42:: USC is like the Yankees of college. You hate them because they're always good.
BravesfanNChar:: JoJo, who's the best player that you've played with so far in your 3 yr's in the organization
BravesfanNChar:: other than ur self =P

JoJoReyes:: GO TROJANS!!!!!!

SJsftb27:: haha
SJsftb27:: did you have any plans as to what you were going to major in?
striker42:: Go Dawgs!... oh, they stink this year. I've just made myself sad.
SJsftb27:: ....well I'm from Mississippi so MSU football... no much to comment on there
BravesfanNChar:: Dawgs are way better than my blue devils so. . . . . .
marzybrave:: How did you like throwing to Clint Sammons, is he easy to throw to?

JoJoReyes:: BravesfannChar...Wow that's a hard one i have played with alot i played with McCann and Frenchy in Spring Training I played with Chucky Salty there are alot more we have a talented organization

marzybrave:: So true, we are blessed with great young recievers
striker42:: A lot's been said about your ability to reach back for that extra bit. Do you consider yourself clutch or do you always keep a little back for a tough situation?

JoJoReyes:: Marzybrave...Clint was a great catcher i was throwing to max ramirez in Rome he was very inexperienced he just started to really catch a couple of years ago and you can tell the difference in Clint he was really good back there
JoJoReyes:: Striker42...I love being in tight situations it just pumps me up to where i need to be in those spots its the best feeling to knowing you put it out there and you get out of it

SJsftb27:: Can you tell the difference between different catchers at times? you have your preference when you get used to one or does it make no difference to you
striker42:: That's awesome JoJo. I can't tell you how often I'm frustrated watching pitchers collapse under pressure.
marzybrave:: Pretty soon you will be throwing to McCann, now how cool will that be?
BravesfanNChar:: Thanks for signing my baseball btw in Kanapolis when you played the intimadators
SJsftb27:: yea... it's great to see someone shine under pressure
striker42:: Do you have any goals for 2007?

JoJoReyes:: SJsftb27...Yes when you throw to a catcher for awhile you get used to them and they get used to you on what you want to throw it certain situations and when yhen you need to throw them
JoJoReyes:: It would be awesome to throw to Mcann one day Striker42

BillShanks:: Jo Jo what pitch do you think you need to work on and/or refine to take that next step?
striker42:: I'd love to see you throw to Brian
SJsftb27:: okay... I thought so... I play fastpitch and some people think I'm crazy when it comes to that

JoJoReyes:: Striker42..My goal is going to be the same from here on out after my injuries is to stay healthy and everything will fall in place

striker42:: It certainly worked for you this year.
SJsftb27:: is Jo Jo short for something else or is that?...
marzybrave:: Will you start in Myrtle Beach next spring?

JoJoReyes:: I think i need to work on my curve now that i have my slider back that helps alot i can control my slider to where i can throw it in any counts and my changeup is the same way i need to command my curveball after surgery it has never been the same

SJsftb27:: yea... I was wondering that as well marzy... I look forward to seeing you in MS soon JoJo ...I'm there pretty often

JoJoReyes:: Marzybrave...I have no clue where I will be starting next year where ever I do I will go out there and compete that all I can do I have no control on where they will send me

striker42:: When you're not pitching or working out, what are you doing?
BillShanks:: THE question has not been asked yet tonight. Thank God you guys didn't ask Roy Clark, but I'm surprised no one has asked Jo Jo.
marzybrave:: Which question?
BravesfanNChar:: MP?
marzybrave:: Jo Jo wouldn't know who the MP is ?
striker42:: Boxers or briefs?
SJsftb27:: wow... haha
BillShanks:: Jennifer Aniston or Angelina Jole?
SJsftb27:: I didn't expect to see that question
BravesfanNChar:: OOOO ROFL

JoJoReyes:: Striker42..well i go tothe gym 2x's a day but i just bouoght a new dog so im either taking care of the dog or sleeping but i usually just hang out with friends

marzybrave:: American Idol or Dancing With the Stars?
BillShanks:: lol
striker42:: Nice. I would have been worried if you said commando.

JoJoReyes:: Jennifer Aniston by Far!!!!!

SJsftb27:: what did you name the dog ...since we're asking random questions now
striker42:: Jolie is like a used toilet seat
cajunrevenge:: Do you ever google yourself on the internet to see what people like Bill are saying about you?

JoJoReyes:: I like watching Grey's Anatomy my

TXBravesFan:: You gettin' a PS3? Or a Wii?

JoJoReyes:: I named the dog Bizkit

marzybrave:: Jo Jo, have you been influenced by Kent Willis yet?

JoJoReyes:: Im not much into the video games but i recently bought a PsP for the bus rides it helps out alot
JoJoReyes:: Yes I have worked with KW or Kent Willis my first year in Rome I liked him a lot

marzybrave:: I gather you learned a lot from Willis?

JoJoReyes:: Yes i have we worked a lot with my delivery

marzybrave:: Did you get a chance last spring to work any with Roger?
striker42:: What's your out pitch?
SJsftb27:: what time do you normally get to the field for a normal game time?

JoJoReyes:: I have not yet had a chance to work with Roger but we talked a little when i got an award in Atl
JoJoReyes:: I would have to say it depends but i liek to use the fastball or slider
JoJoReyes:: The day you start you have to be at the field at 5pm

striker42:: Have you got to meet and talk to Bobby Cox?

JoJoReyes:: shook hands with Bobby but that;s about it I don't think he has any idea who I am
JoJoReyes:: Well guys any last questions for me

striker42:: Who's the toughest batter you've faced in your career?
SJsftb27:: I'm thinking... I didn't want to be too nosey...

JoJoReyes:: cant even remember we have

cjones4mvp:: just wondering if you've ever faced my cousin, david winfree, 3rd baseman w/ the twins (played HS ball w/ matt moses out in va beach)
BillShanks:: Okay guys Jo Jo will be leaving in a few minutes, so shoot any last questions to him.
marzybrave:: I'm sure Bobby knows who you are!

JoJoReyes:: i would have to say the whole Kinston lineup they gave me the worst time

SJsftb27:: yea.. if not ...he will soon!
marzybrave:: Thanks for stopping by and good luck next season, and we WILL see you wearing a Braves uniform one day!

JoJoReyes:: well hopefully soon i am working my butt off to get up there

SJsftb27:: good luck JoJo! ...I look forward to seeing you in Mississippi soon! Thanks for chatting with us!
cjones4mvp:: thanks for spending time with us braves fanatics
BillShanks:: Jo Jo Thank you so much for coming in and talking with us. We're in here every Tuesday so drop in and say hello once in a while.
mjbraves:: i've have seen you in Danville when you played here
striker42:: Thanks for stopping by JoJo. And thanks especially for talking about off the mound stuff. It's cool to get a glimpse into the baseball player life we all dream of living.

JoJoReyes:: Thanks everyone i had a good time answering all your questions

JoJoReyes left

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