Chat Transcript: Matt Harrison

Here's the transcript of the chat with Braves' prospect Matt Harrison.

MatthewHarrison joined
BillShanks:: Okay folks... Here's Matt Harrison. Go at it with your questions.
SJsftb27:: Thanks for joining us Matt
MDCD4:: Hey Matt.
1Cocoplz:: hi
BravesFanSince85:: hello Matt
striker42:: Howdy Matt
TXBravesFan:: Hello Matt

xman12379:: Matt, what pitchers where your idols growing up?
MatthewHarrison:: randy johnson and john smoltz were my idols growing up

MDCD4:: How close do you feel you are to being ready for Atlanta?
MatthewHarrison:: I feel like I could be pitching in the big leagues now but its not up to me

BravesFanSince85:: What team did you follow growing up and who was your favorite player?
MatthewHarrison:: I liked the Braves growing up

BravesFanSince85:: what are your short term goals going into this season?
MatthewHarrison:: I would like to have a good spring training to begin with and follow with a great year

Chipperjfan:: Hey Matt enjoyed watching you pitch at the Beach this year.
MatthewHarrison:: thanks, I enjoyed playing there, close to home

striker42:: Matt, what current MLB pitcher would you compare yourself to?
weso1:: What pitcher currently pitching in the bigs would you compare yourself to?
MatthewHarrison:: that's a tough thing to do....all pitchers have there own style, i'd like to be compared to randy johnson

xman12379:: Are you going back to Mis or to Richmond to start the season?
MatthewHarrison:: I'm not sure where i'll start out, probably ms.

striker42:: What does your fastball top out at?
MatthewHarrison:: my fastball has topped out at 95,

MDCD4:: Tell us about your pitches.
weso1:: I think most Braves fans would like that comparison as well.

SJsftb27:: Matt, I enjoyed watching you in Mississippi this year! ....I don't believe there's anything like playing ball in the heat/humidity of MS in the dead of summer! I wish you the best of luck next year!
MatthewHarrison:: yeah the heat and humidity about killed me

gilesfan:: Hopefully, you get to skip Richmond, the stadium is a dump
MatthewHarrison:: gilesfan: i heard richmond was a dump, but gotta go wherever they send me
gilesfan:: I know Matt. Just giving you a hard time. THey need a better stadium situation, but at least its AAA. I thought you'd start out in Richmond though this year. Chances are within the next year you will be in Atlanta and that has to be exciting. Good luck to you.

DILLONTHEPAT:: Hey Matt, Hey Matt, I have heard scouts praise you for your command of 3 pitches for your young age. Who do you credit for this(any coaches) or do you feel you have always been a patient pitcher?
MatthewHarrison:: i've learned little things from every pitching coach i've had with the braves

MDCD4:: What all do you throw
MatthewHarrison:: I have a changeup, fastball, and curveball

weso1:: Is there a certain pitch that you'd like to add to your repertoire (i.e. cut fastball.. etc.).
MatthewHarrison:: weso: I don't want to add anything right now, but maybe in the future

slickdaddy:: hey matt, i appreciate you taking time to talk to us, how was it having jeff blauser as a manager at mississippi? he was a favorite of mine growing up
MatthewHarrison:: slickdaddy: blauser was a great manager, real laid back guy
slickdaddy:: awesome, thanks matt. see you at turner soon i hope!

gilesfan:: BTW, have the coaches allowed you more leeway in throwing pitches in different spots. I have heard in the lower minors, they want you to throw alot of fastballs to get that down
MatthewHarrison:: gilesfan: when i first got drafted, we threw more fastballs to work on location, now i have more leeway because i have better command on my pitches

MDCD4:: What is your best pitch?
MatthewHarrison:: mdcd: my best pitch is my changeup after my fastball

xman12379:: Besides Turner Field what stadium are you looking forward to pitching at the most?
MatthewHarrison:: xman: mile high stadium

weso1:: Who's been your favorite catcher to throw to so far in our system?
MatthewHarrison:: weso: sammons is a good one

weso1:: How big of a difference would you say having a good catcher helps you out?
MatthewHarrison:: weso: I have to be able to trust my catcher to be on the same page as me and to know he'll block a wild pitch with the runner in scoring position

weso1:: I think it makes a big difference also where they set up on the corners, and how they frame pitches for you.
MatthewHarrison:: yeah it's nice to have a good target to throw to

BravesFanSince85:: Is one of your goals making the show this season?
MatthewHarrison:: of course, that would be great
BravesFanSince85:: hope you do!
MatthewHarrison:: thank you

xman12379:: Could see you on a ps3 game in the next year or two.
MatthewHarrison:: xman: ha, maybe so

MDCD4:: Have you always pitched, or did you ever play any other position early on.
MatthewHarrison:: i played center field in high school, but mainly pitcher

weso1:: Any other sports that you like?
MatthewHarrison:: I played basketball all throughout high school as well, and I love fishing and hunting during my time off

JamieSanders:: come to southern Oregon, there is plenty of that here!
MatthewHarrison:: i've heard, maybe i'll have to make a trip some time
BravesFanSince85:: Jamie we dont want him coming up missing
JamieSanders:: lol

xman12379:: are you going to the big league camp this spring?
MatthewHarrison:: I don't know that i'm going to big league camp, hopefully i'll get to show my stuff in a couple of games

MDCD4:: You've always had excellent control. What do you attribute that to?
MatthewHarrison:: I attribute my control to hard work, bullpens, pitching coaches, and game time

striker42:: What aspect of your game do you want to work on the most?
MatthewHarrison:: striker: getting left handers out and putting guys away when i have them in the hole

TallahasseeBravo:: What minor league instructor has had the most positive effect on your career?
MatthewHarrison:: bravo: I've picked up a few things from every one of them

SJsftb27:: Did you have plans if you had not been drafted?
MatthewHarrison:: I would've probably gone to college, maybe something in sports management

gr82bAnAUTiger:: Do you have an "out" pitch? Or are you comfortable throwing any of your pitches in any situation?
MatthewHarrison:: tiger: either fastball or changeup, but i still need some work on my curveball

striker42:: As a changeup pitcher I guess you're tougher on right handers.
MatthewHarrison:: i do get alot of right handers out on my changeup

BravesFanSince85:: Would you consider yourselft a decent hitter?
MatthewHarrison:: bravesfan: ha! NO
MatthewHarrison:: I wish they had the DH in both leagues
striker42:: All arms and legs at the plate?
striker42:: Randy Johnson like?
MatthewHarrison:: yeah i guess you could say that
SJsftb27:: haha

weso1:: So you haven't challenged Salty to a HR hitting contest yet?
MatthewHarrison:: nope probably not gonna either
xman12379:: just stick to pitchingmatt.
xman12379:: you will be just fine

TallahasseeBravo:: Who's the toughest hitter you've faced so far?
MatthewHarrison:: I've faced alot of good hitters, hard to pick out one

BravesFanSince85:: Whats your daily routine during the season?
BravesFanSince85:: like when you get to the park
MatthewHarrison:: get to the park at 2, work out, go out for pitchers practice, shag for batting practice, get ready to pitch or watch the game

striker42:: Favorite movie?
MatthewHarrison:: Wedding Crashers

TallahasseeBravo:: Matt, what advice would you give to a senior in high school who was trying to decide between playing college baseball and signing out of high school?
MatthewHarrison:: It all depends on the kid, and his situation, but if you get the opportunity to be drafted, they dont come around often

xman12379:: fav place to eat on the road?
MatthewHarrison:: bojangles
gilesfan:: Bojangles...good choice. Gotta get me a bisquit in the morning.

SJsftb27:: How early do yall get to the field when yall are on the road?
MatthewHarrison:: we get to the field at 3:30

gilesfan:: Your one of the most consistent pitchers I've ever seen. Every year in the minors, you have similar stats despite moving up a level and being young for each level. Is there one thing you contribute your consistency to?

torxcombo:: matt do you collect your own baseballcards
MatthewHarrison:: combo: I do have a few, my girlfriend makes me keep them of myself

xman12379:: do you workany odd jobs in the off season, like chuck james did for lowe's?
MatthewHarrison:: xman: i'm currently doing some surveying and giving pitching lessons

nsacpi:: sorry if this has been asked before, but have they given you an idea of if you will be starting in AAA or AA next year?
MatthewHarrison:: nsacpi: probably AA, not sure til spring training
SJsftb27:: if you do come back to MS, I'll look forward to watching you pitch again!
SJsftb27:: I'll definitely be there supporting!
MatthewHarrison:: Well thanks, i love the support of my fans

gilesfan:: How do you think you'd fare pitching to Salty?
MatthewHarrison:: gilesfan: it would be a pretty good matchup, maybe one day

nsacpi:: i noticed your teammate Dan Smith really picked it up once he moved into the rotation. How would you compare his pitching style to yours?
MatthewHarrison:: nsacpi: He's more of a strikeout pitcher, and i'm a groundball pitcher

striker42:: What do you bench?
MatthewHarrison:: striker: i havent benched since high school

striker42:: Will you be my MySpace friend? JK
MatthewHarrison:: i dont have myspace

paciorekpower:: how much attention do you pay to players in the organization getting
traded, released, etc and the impact it could have on yourself
MatthewHarrison:: kpower: i like to follow that stuff, i like to see where i stand in the organization

acelaw:: good luck next year seem to have your feet on the ground
MatthewHarrison:: acelaw: thanks

TallahasseeBravo:: Matt, were you a multi sport guy in school, or did you stick to baseball?
MatthewHarrison:: bravo: I played basketball in high school, and was decent, but decided to go with baseball instead

paciorekpower:: what does your off-season conditioning program consist of?
MatthewHarrison:: I run ALOT and lower body strenghining

gilesfan:: Matt, have you guys ever done anything crazy during the games that your not pitching? I heard some guy from KC was eating tacos during a game in the Mexican league.
MatthewHarrison:: gilesfan: I wouldnt say i've done anything crazy, i've been very bored and hot, but never done anything

striker42:: Where does your fastball consistantly sit at?
MatthewHarrison:: My fastball is usually 88-92

paciorekpower:: during the season, how many hours a week do pitchers work on hitting
MatthewHarrison:: we work on hitting 2-3 times a week, mostly bunting

TallahasseeBravo:: Alot of the kids in North Florida are going with the traveling teams and playing baseball exclusively from about age 12. Do you think this is an advantage or a disadvantage for kids?
MatthewHarrison:: bravo: i think this is an advantage, better competition in traveling ball

SJsftb27:: would you rather be in the dugout when yall are charting pitches instead of in the stands as yall did in Pearl
MatthewHarrison:: in the dugout, theres a fan in there

gilesfan:: How do you compares your "stuff" to James. Are you guys similar? You obviously throw harder than James.....LOL
MatthewHarrison:: gilesfan: we both have good control and changeups

striker42:: A lot of good changeups seem to be coming though the system recently. You, James, Davies, etc. Is there a focus on that in the minors or is it just chance?
MatthewHarrison:: striker: just chance

gr82bAnAUTiger:: Sorry if I missed it Matt, but did you get an invite to Big League camp?
MatthewHarrison:: tiger: no i didn't
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Not to late, you could still get one, though it'll definitely happen for you soon

TallahasseeBravo:: How old do you think a kid needs to be before they start throwing breaking balls?
MatthewHarrison:: bravo: i think they should be 14 before they are allowed to, to give the arms time to develop

paciorekpower:: where was your favorite place to play last year
MatthewHarrison:: power: myrtle beach was close to home

gilesfan:: Do you think your fastball will sit 90-94 this year with the improved velocity you've seen this summer?
MatthewHarrison:: gilesfan: hopefully so, been working my butt off this offseason

BravesFanSince85:: Matt thanks for taking the time to stop by and chat with us all.......
MatthewHarrison:: bravesfan: yall are all welcome, love to answer questions from the fans

tvsportscaster:: Just remember Matt, Ken Ray didn't get a big league invite last year, but made a big impression on Cox late in Spring Training and wind up with the big club, same thing could happen to you.
MatthewHarrison:: caster: i hope so, that would be great

gilesfan:: Were you the youngest guy on the Miss team?
MatthewHarrison:: gilesfan: i believe so

xman12379:: what number do you want to wear in a tlanta?
MatthewHarrison:: xman: i'd like to wear 26

striker42:: Who has been your favorite teammate in the minors?
MatthewHarrison:: striker: i like cuevas, even tho we dont see each other much

gilesfan:: Do you know Davies?
MatthewHarrison:: gilesfan: yeah we played a few games together

gr82bAnAUTiger:: That's Kyle Davies number right now
MatthewHarrison:: tiger: well he can keep it, i wont fight him over it....i guess whatever number they give me, i'll just be happy to be there

gilesfan:: I guess your hoping for the Davies and Escobar for Baldelli trade then? LOL Then you get your number. How about playing with Excobar, weve heard some concerns about his attitude...whistling, etc. What is your opinion?
MatthewHarrison:: gilesfan: Escobar came from a different background, it's just the way he plays the game

gilesfan:: Is it something you just kinda get used to?(Escobar)
MatthewHarrison:: gilesfan: yeah, you play with alot of different cultures, everybody's different

striker42:: Here's the question we ALL want to know: PS3, X-Box 360, or Wii?
MatthewHarrison:: striker, i'm a playstation guy

striker42:: Do you create yourself in baseball video games?
MatthewHarrison:: striker: yeah

gilesfan:: So Escobar, PRado, or Kelly Johnson....who are you guessing starts at second base?
MatthewHarrison:: prado would be my guess

slickdaddy:: matt who's your all time favorite brave and why? smoltzie?
MatthewHarrison:: slickdaddy: yeah, quiet guy that does his job and doesn't complain
gilesfan:: Is there any pitcher you pattern yourself after?
MatthewHarrison:: gilesfan: I would like to be able to say randy johnson
xman12379:: well matt hurry up and get up to the bigs so you can help bring back the east title to atlanta
gilesfan:: ha ha. Just don't punch any NY cameramen.
gr82bAnAUTiger:: lol
MatthewHarrison:: i'll be there as soon as they call for me, and i'll do the best i can
slickdaddy:: no please do
gilesfan:: I expected you to say Glavine.
BravesFanSince85:: why would he want to pattern himself after a Met?

gilesfan:: Being a prospect, does the trading deadline scare you every year?
MatthewHarrison:: gilesfan: yeah, id love to be with the braves as long as i can be

paciorekpower:: what do you like to do during your down-time
MatthewHarrison:: i like to hunt, fish, 4-wheelin, and play with my dogs

striker42:: What kind of dogs?
MatthewHarrison:: husky and a yorkshire terrier
SJsftb27:: I remember seeing the husky... (at least I think I did) that is probably the most beautiful dog I've seen!
MatthewHarrison:: yeah my girlfriend brought the husky to the last game
SJsftb27:: okay.. yea that was it then
SJsftb27:: it's beautiful
MatthewHarrison:: thanks

TXBravesFan:: Do you pay attention to prospect ratings and things like that?
MatthewHarrison:: i look at it every once in a while, i think everybody does

MatthewHarrison:: alright guys, my times up, hope yall have a good christmas

xman12379:: matt good luck and thanks for chatting with us
BravesFanSince85:: take care Matt!
SJsftb27:: Yes, Thanks for chatting with us and good luck to you!
slickdaddy:: thanks a lot for taking time with us matt, best of luck to you
BillShanks:: Matt thank you so much for coming in with us. We're usually here every Tuesday night so drop in when you can. Thanks so much.
TXBravesFan:: Thanks Matt, Happy Holidays
paciorekpower:: come back and chat with us when you are big-time
xman12379:: merry christmas matt
SJsftb27:: Have a Merry Christmas!
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays
striker42:: Thanks Matt
MatthewHarrison:: okay i'll stop in sometime, bye
MatthewHarrison left

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