Chat Transcript: Will Startup

Here's the transcript from Will Startup's chat from Tuesday night.

Will Startup joined

BillShanks:: Ladies and Gents.... Here's Will Startup. Ask away.

BravesFanSince85:: Merry Christmas Will
SJsftb27:: Hey Will! Thanks for joining us!
striker42:: Howdy Will
marzybrave:: Hello Will, welcome to our little chat
WillStartup:: hey guys...sorry for being late. Technical difficulty

gilesfan:: Will, saw you pitch in Richmond late in the year. Your delivery reminds me of Billy Wagner. You didn't pattern your delivery after him did you?
WillStartup:: not really. I pattern more of my demeanor after billy.

gilesfan:: Thats good. We need a bad*** in the pen. Do you like being a reliever?
WillStartup:: gilesfan...I love being a reliever

tvsportscaster:: Will do you feel like you'll be in Atlanta before the 2007 season is over.
WillStartup:: tvsportscaster... I feel that I have a great opportunity to be in atlanta. I just have to work hard and wait for the chance.

MDCD4:: What do you throw?
WillStartup:: MDC4...fastball, change, slider

marzybrave:: What does your fastball clock at?
WillStartup:: marzybrave...I clock in the upper 80s low 90s. consistently 88-91

xman12379:: do you want to be a closer?
WillStartup:: xman...In the future I would love to. I was a closer at the universit of georgia and there is nothing like being on the mound when the game is over

NRVHokie:: Hey Will, Dawgs or Hokies in the CFA Bowl ??
WillStartup:: nrvhokie...gotta pull for my dawgs.

striker42:: Do you have tickets to it?
WillStartup:: i do not

BravesFanSince85:: What kind of Music do you like, Favorite Band, Artist?
WillStartup:: bravesfansince...I love gospel,contemporary, pop, classic rock, anything that sounds good I'll give it a shot

gilesfan:: Being from VA( an hour out of Richmond) how bad do you think VA Tech will beat the BUlldogs?
WillStartup:: comment

bluehose1:: You hear about a lot of bullpen mischief during games... you have any fun stories you could share?
WillStartup:: bluehose...the stories we tell last about 4 or 5 innings...I don't think we have enough time for a bullpen story. But there are many great ones

marzybrave:: Will, seeing that Atlanta is getting all these relievers in the offseason and now maybe even Chris Ray have you thought about it pushing your arrival time to Atlanta back a bit?
WillStartup:: marzy brave...I never think about when I will get my shot...All I can control is how hard I work.

slickdaddy:: thanks for taking time with us will, were u a braves fan growing up?
WillStartup:: slickdaddy...always a braves fan..grew up in jacksonville florida. The braves were the closest team at the time.

BravesFanSince85:: Favorite Team and Player growing up?
WillStartup:: braves player-dave justice

xman12379:: who was your fav brave growing up>?
WillStartup:: xman...dave justice and otis nixon after seeing him make that incredible catch on the wall

bluehose1:: How was competing in the AFL with all the other big prospects?
WillStartup:: was very tough. I learned a lot through failure and asking questions.

BravesFanSince85:: My Wife is from Jacksonville. what part were you from?
WillStartup:: southside
WillStartup:: bravesfansince....duval county. Grove park

striker42:: Did you go to the cocktail party every year?
WillStartup:: fact, I have never been even when I lived there for ten years

ianh100:: Will my mom works at UGA and taught your wife this semester
WillStartup:: janh100...she loved all of her classes
ianh100:: that is mom is diane hodson..i am her son ian
WillStartup:: ianh100...I your dad substituted for my classes in marine biology and my wife also had him. Your mom was her favorite lie. I went and sat in on your moms class when I got back from the fall league. She is great
ianh100:: my mom says thanks for the day you visited her class actually     
ianh100:: that's great man I am glad you liked the classes...I am a huge fan dude
ianh100:: she says she felt honored to meet you and very flattered you dropped by her class
WillStartup:: ianh...tell her my wife and I said hello

acelaw:: will-what high school did you attend in jax?
WillStartup:: acelaw...left in 5th grade...would have attended englewood though

bluehose1:: Was there anyone you were looking forward to facing there? Who was the biggest challenge?
WillStartup:: bluehose...I truly did not have my eye on anybody specific. I just wanted to get the best of all of them.

gilesfan:: I saw where you struggled some in the AFL, gave up more homers than you had all year. Many prospect have trouble there. I'm sure you'll do great again next year. (HOpefully in Atlanta)
WillStartup:: gilesfan...thanks for the encouragement

acelaw:: will...what do you consider your "out pitch" and what part of your game are going to focus on improving the most next season?
WillStartup:: acelaw...slider is my out pitch and I am going to focus on throwing my offspeed and breaking pitches more for strikes rather than chase

marzybrave:: Growing up a Braves fan, describe the feeling you had when you learned that the Braves had drafted you?
WillStartup:: loud scream...It was a dream come true. I could not contain myself...then I started in rome 30 minutes from my house. Could not have been scripted better

striker42:: What was it like on draft day getting the call from the Braves.
WillStartup:: striker...very sureal

gilesfan:: Will, you are among the highest in strikeouts per nine innings in the Braves system, what do you contribute your success in striking people out to? Is is the nasty slider?
WillStartup:: gilesfan...being aggressive
WillStartup:: gilesfan...getting ahead of batters and I think that many of my opponents took two strike swings with their eyes closed

gilesfan:: Also, did you get an invite to big league camp?
WillStartup:: gilesfan...not an invite yet.

marzybrave:: I love it when some of our own homegrown talent gets taken by the Braves....................Francoeur, McCann, Boyer and yourself
WillStartup:: marzybrave...I had the privilege of playing with francoeur and mccann...class act guys
marzybrave:: Just like yourself

bluehose1:: Will, who would you say have been your biggest influences since you joined the Braves organization?
WillStartup:: gilesfan...I learned more on how to pitch guys and play the game from my great roommate johnathan out for him at spring training. He's still got it
WillStartup:: bluehose... Eric schmitt in double A. He taught me the social side of pro ball . Johnathan Johnson...He taught me more about the pitching aspect. He would sit with me in the hotel room and comment about the games we were watching on tv and ask me questions about how I would pitch certain guys and what did I see with the hitters swings(weaknesses)

gilesfan:: Johnson can make the long as Boyer, Devine, and Startup do as well!
WillStartup:: gilesfan..amen to that

gilesfan:: How did McCann get the nickname Heap? LOL
WillStartup:: gilesfan...I've heard rumors but will not divulge 70% knowledge...good way to get in trouble or screw up

marzybrave:: Have you acquired any good nicknames since your career has started?
WillStartup:: marzybrave...crazy leg given to me by my brother in law and his team who I played against...the charolette knights
gilesfan:: Crazy leg is a good nickname. You've never accidently kicked yourself in the face while pitching have you?

marzybrave:: Is Crazyleg something to do with your footspeed. Are you a good baserunner? But do you get an opportunity to swing the bat?
WillStartup:: marzybrave...crazy leg is from my high leg kick before I deliver the ball

gilesfan:: If I tried your pitching motion, I'd be out of work for a week....LOL
WillStartup:: but I have hit myself in the back of the head with my hand...I come from straight behind my head

xman12379:: what major league hitter do you want to face the most?
WillStartup:: xman...anybody that would mean that I'm there....but seriously probably pujols...why not the best right?

acelaw:: will-what did lefties hit against you last year?
WillStartup:: triple a around 300 I think. Something higher than I wanted but it took me a while to make an adjustment there

striker42:: Do me a favor, the first time you face Bonds, bean him for me.
WillStartup:: striker...only if you will be in the stands to run out and intercept him before he gets to
striker42:: deal
striker42:: If he hits me, it's assault

bluehose1:: Will, play golf any? You know you need to golf to pitch in ATL WillStartup:: is something i'll focus on when I have more off time. I dabble a little but nothing PGA

acelaw:: will-what are you impressions of gregor blanco as a ballplayer?
WillStartup:: acelaw...natural ability...aggressive...if he makes mistakes I feel that they are at full speed

marzybrave:: Sort of like Dontrell Willis?
WillStartup:: marzybrave...yes but a little faster
gilesfan:: Marzybrave, think kinda like Billy Wagner. Real high, violent leg kick. Almost like Rob Dibble.
gilesfan:: Dontrelle is smooth, Startup is more violent is how I would describe it.

acelaw:: will-i think bill shanks is your biggest fan . Must be that UGA connection.
WillStartup:: doubt. He has been very nice to me. You would think after having a best-selling book that he would turn his nose up to minor leaguers:) He is nice to everybody. I am fortunate to have crossed paths with him

striker42:: Don't ever make a bet with Smoltz while playing golf.
WillStartup:: striker...I know that he plays with tiger and annika...he holds his own

striker42:: How does the leg kick affect you holding runners?
WillStartup:: striker...its so fast they do not have a lot of time to get a jump

1Cocoplz:: How much do you pay attention to the Braves offseason moves. And for that matter, the offseason in general?
WillStartup:: 1cocoplz...I am involuntarily informed by my wife most of the time but I think that it helps to build mental toughness and to realize I can't call myself why worry about other guys ahead of me. I just have to put in the work and that is how I can look myself in the mirror and sleep peacefully every night

striker42:: I asked Matt this question earlier and I'm sure we're all anxious to hear your answer: PS3, X-Box 360, or Wii?
WillStartup:: striker...If I could...probably PS3..the graphics are nuts.. It has the most technology too.

gilesfan:: WOuld you strike out Salty if you faced him?
WillStartup:: tough question...I think out of 10 at bats I would be able to get him...

bluehose1:: Will, have you read any good books lately? Have you read Scouts Honor?
WillStartup:: bluehose...I haven't read scouts honor but I have seen many guys in the minors carry it around.. I have to force myself to read. My wife read money ball and now she thinks she could be a GM... Right now I am reading exodus in the bible...slightly boring but I am trying to go in depth and study it

gilesfan:: Did you enjoy watching Thorman take batting practice? I was scared to park my car in the right field parking lot at the diamond.
WillStartup:: gilesfan...He is a monster...he doesn't get cheated

gilesfan:: Just a bit of advice...don't tell Bill you have a copy of moneyball in your house
WillStartup:: gilesfan...we don't have moneyball in the house...she borrowed it from her sister
striker42:: I sold Moneyball at my yardsale for a nickel

tvsportscaster:: So Will you think if LaRoche is traded, Thorman would do a good job at 1st Base?.
WillStartup:: tvsports....he would get the reps at first to let him catch a groove...He is sick when he slips into his coma.

gilesfan:: Your wife sounds like quite a baseball fan.
WillStartup:: gilesfan...she was forced into it... shes great

marzybrave:: Are you typically better against lefties than righties?
WillStartup:: marzybrave...about even...

DUnit24:: you play any golf will?
WillStartup:: DUnit..last time was in last year's off season for a charity with the was a scramble...thank the Lord

striker42:: What's your favorite movie?
1Cocoplz:: See any good movies lately?
WillStartup:: striker...I loved cinderella man...Nacho Libre is at the top of my list right now.
striker42:: Nacho Libre. I love Jack Black
tvsportscaster:: talladgea nights is good too Will, I just rented that last week.
50PoundHead:: Yeah for Nacho Libre!
WillStartup:: tvsports...I agree...shake and bake

1Cocoplz:: Prestige and Royal were must see, imo
WillStartup:: 1coco...prestige was awesome

marzybrave:: How would you pitch Barry Bonds if given an opportunity?
WillStartup:: marzybrave...fastball low and away...slider low and away... maybe a change up for him to yank foul and get his hopes up...and a fastball low and away....if you go in...He is very hard to beat

marzybrave:: What does your typical offseason workout regime consist of?
WillStartup:: marzybrave... running and lifting weights about 4 to 5 times a week. I am implementing a new explosive workout to work on what else but being explosive.

gilesfan:: Will, thanks for coming on. Hopefully you;ll be in Atlanta this year so I won't get to see you pitch in Richmond. Good luck. When you get to Atlanta, you have to take over the role of John Foster. Every time the camera goes to the bullpen, he's coming out of the room to get tv time.
WillStartup:: gilesfan...that is my dream...

bluehose1:: I'll come at you like a spider monkey!
striker42:: We'll build the box, we'll dig the hole.
WillStartup:: bluehose...thanks for my smokin' hot wife...amen
slickdaddy:: i think we'll see u up there this year will...good luck and say hi to eddie perez for me when u get there
SJsftb27:: Thanks for chatting with us, Will and good luck to you!
1Cocoplz:: Good luck Will, hope to see you in Atlanta soon! Don't get traded on us, lol
WillStartup:: striker...are you watching closely?
50PoundHead:: Good luck Will. See you in Atlanta soon. (I'll only see you TBS because I'm in Minnesota).
striker42:: The chat? yep
WillStartup:: 50pound...stay warm

WillStartup:: striker...sorry I pulled a quote from the prestige "are you watching closely?" not to sound vain...sorry
striker42:: Sorry
striker42:: Haven't seen that one
WillStartup:: marzy...thank you very much
1Cocoplz:: Thanks! Merry Christmas!
striker42:: Saw Talladega Nights
1Cocoplz:: You should, it was great
striker42:: I'll have to go rent it
WillStartup:: stiker....just say "I love creppes"

bluehose1:: Will, I hope you come by and chat with us again
marzybrave:: It's been a pleasure to talk to you Will, good luck next season and I want to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas!
WillStartup:: thanks once again everybody...I had a great time...hope to meet you guys in person some day
1Cocoplz:: Cya Will.
xman12379:: thanks for chatting will. merry christmas!
gilesfan:: Just leave 2 tickets in atlanta for me
tvsportscaster:: Thanks Will, we'll see you in Atlanta this year, I'm pretty sure.
BillShanks:: Will thank you so much for joining us. We're here every Tuesday so drop in if you want to. Have a Merry Christmas and thanks so much
WillStartup:: gilesfan...done
bluehose1:: Merry Christmas!
striker42:: Great talking with ya Will. Merry Christmas.
gilesfan:: thanks. Merry Christmas.
SJsftb27:: thanks Will! Merry Christmas
WillStartup:: Merry Christmas to all.. I'm out
WillStartup left

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