Chat Transcript: Tommy Hanson

Here's the transcript from Tommy Hanson's chat from Tuesday night.

Tommy Hanson joined

BillShanks:: Okay guys welcome Tommy Hanson to our chatroom. Tommy was with Danville last year and is an excellent pitching prospect. Ask away

striker42:: Tommy!
marzybrave:: Merry Christmas and welcome to Bill's chatroom where we talk about most anything including a little Braves baseball

TommyHanson:: hows everybody doing

striker42:: What do you throw?
Steely03:: gassssssss
TommyHanson:: striker...fastball, change slider and a slurve

marzybrave:: Where are you from Tommy?
TommyHanson:: marzybrave...redlands, ca

gilesfan:: Tommy, do you feel that being a draft and follow is risky? I mean, if your injured, it could really be bad for you. Was it something where you have a choice whether to sign or be a draft and follow?
TommyHanson:: when the braves drafted me they said they wanted me to play another year of juco ball

gilesfan:: Also, have you heard where your heading next year?
TommyHanson:: I havent heard anything yet

marzybrave:: What kind of career did you have at JUCO?
TommyHanson:: I did well I was an all-american and had some success both years I was there

gilesfan:: Fastball in the high 80's to low 90's, is that accurate?
TommyHanson:: gilesfan...ya thats accurate

marzybrave:: As a starter?
TommyHanson:: marzybrave...yes

striker42:: What's your best pitch?
TommyHanson:: striker42...besides my fastball, i would say slider but they dont want me to throw it right now
TommyHanson:: i just learned the slurve this summer in danville

striker42:: What team did you cheer for growing up?
TommyHanson:: striker42...never really cheered for a team but i would cheer for different players

striker42:: Who was your favorite player?
TommyHanson:: Griffey, chipper, randy johnson were my favorite

gilesfan:: Who do you feel was the most impressive hitter and pitcher in Danville this year.(besides yourself LOL)
TommyHanson:: pitchers no doubt were richmond and medlen, they just dominated.hitter is larry williams and willy cabrera

BillShanks:: Here is a comment from Tommy's pitching coach in Danville, Doug Henry. HENRY: I'll tell you what he's a special kid. He had a lot of innings this year. At the end of the season he was exhausted. He's going to be a special kid. I think we may have had four or five big leaguers on that Danville staff, and he's one of them. Tommy Hanson is a special kid. He's like Jamie Richmond: he listens and applies what he's learning and he puts it to work. He threw the ball 93-95 this summer. He gets it up there. He averages 91-92, but he's so tall and every once in a while he'll touch 94, 95. It's there – and he's only 19 years old too. I wouldn't be surprised if he's throwing the ball 94, 95 consistently real soon. His breaking stuff is still a little high schoolish; it's not real tight yet, but it's got potential. It's not far off. He's a great kid. He's the kind of kid you want your daughter to marry. Just a nice kid. Kind of looks like Orel Hershiser. I don't think he was sure about pro ball. We had a couple of talks and I told him, ‘hey you're six-foot-five, you've got to present yourself as six-foot-five.' And after that, boom, he took off. It was fun to watch too. He started believing in himself, and that's fun to see.
gilesfan:: You throw harder than I thought, Tommy.
striker42:: Man Bill, you're getting all excited about a pitcher in Danville that I wont see in Atlanta for a few years.
BillShanks:: That's my job striker!
marzybrave:: If he continues to put up numbers like that, he may be here sooner than later
BillShanks:: True

gilesfan:: I thought you would say Chase Fountaine.
TommyHanson:: gilesfan...dont get me wrong we had a ton of great players

gilesfan:: I know, the team was stacked. The guys you mentioned look like they had great years as well.
gilesfan:: GUys look at Medlen, Hanson, and Medlen's numbers when you get a chance.

Steely03:: TOmmy, got any friends on other teams?
TommyHanson:: steely03...ya I have a lot actually my cousin is in AA with the nationals
gilesfan:: name?

marzybrave:: Did you start out in the little leagues in California? Has baseball been a childhood dream of yours?
TommyHanson:: marzybrave...ya I started in little league when i was 5 and pretty much played year round my entire life.

Steely03:: Tommy, if you had to project yourself, when do you see yourself in Atlanta???
TommyHanson:: just going to pitch to the best of my ability and when the braves think im ready ill definately be ready

striker42:: I've asked this of both Matt Harrison and Will Startup tonight: PS3, X-Box 360, or Wii?
TommyHanson:: strike42...xbox360 ive been living on that thing lately

Steely03:: Tommy, do you have a baseball card yet and if so which one is your favorite?
TommyHanson:: steely03...i have one from danville thats pretty cool its right when im about to release the ball

striker42:: Do you see yourself getting to Myrtle Beach in 07 or do you think a full year in Rome will be good for you?
TommyHanson:: striker42...that would be great

cjones4mvp:: tiger woods 07? lol im addicted to that on the 360
TommyHanson:: cjones4mvp...i want to buy that soo bad but my dad bought it for me for christmas so i have to wait another week
cjones4mvp:: its worth the wait

marzybrave:: Tommy, Bill and I like to discuss the Andy Griffith Show, are you a fan?
TommyHanson:: marzybrave...haha I havent seen that show in forever but ya ive seen a couple of them
BillShanks:: He lives in California marzy and he's 20! When he gets to Atlanta will southernize him and force him to watch the Andy Griffith show

Steely03:: TOmmy, what did you do in CA other than baseball?
TommyHanson:: steely03...I just started to golf but im workin at it, me and medlen went and played the other day and he was giving me some pointers

gilesfan:: What was your thought process in signing with the Braves over going back into the draft?
TommyHanson:: gilesfan...The braves have more guys in the major leagues than any other team, i wanted to go with the best.

gilesfan:: Are you a golfer Tommy? If so, don't bet against Smoltz on the course?
TommyHanson:: gilesfan...I try, and trust me i wont

marzybrave:: Did you play other sports in school?
TommyHanson:: marzybrave...i played football for a year but not a big fan of playing

striker42:: What you shoot?
Steely03:: If you had gone to college, where do you think you would have ended up?
TommyHanson:: steely03...I was committed to arizona state

marzybrave:: Were you a Dodgers fan growing up ?

gilesfan:: Tommy, who are your best friends in the braves system?
TommyHanson:: gilesfan...I got a long with everyone but if i had to choose a couple ill go with medlen,willy cabrera, and paul bennet

striker42:: USC or UCLA?
TommyHanson:: striker42...USC

Steely03:: Is it not cool to call Orange County the OC?
TommyHanson:: steely03... im actually from san bernardino county but orange county is a nice place for the most part

marzybrave:: Who was your favorite team growing up?
TommyHanson:: marzybrave...didnt really have one but I always watched the braves because they were always on

striker42:: You tore up the league with your K's last year while hardly walking anyone. Which is more important to your game, K's or no BBs?
TommyHanson:: striker42...Strikeouts are fun but walks will kill you

striker42:: Is there a major leaguer you'd compare yourself to.
TommyHanson:: not really, ill leave that up to you guys

gilesfan:: Millwood, maybe? What you think, Bill?
marzybrave:: Nolan Ryan?
TommyHanson:: marzybrave...haha come on
BillShanks:: I haven't seen Tommy pitch yet so I'll wait til I see him in March to make a comparision. I was hoping he'd be at Instructs but they gave him the time off.
BillShanks:: I think Millwood was a little bigger. Tommy's listed at 210 so he's a bit leaner than Millwood was.
gilesfan:: He's only 20, got time to grow
BillShanks:: yep
BillShanks:: Millwood was listed at 6'4", 205 after his first pro season in the GCL in 2003, so Tommy's bigger than Kevin was at about the same age.

striker42:: Favorite movie?
TommyHanson:: striker42...The boondock saints
cjones4mvp:: oh yes!! fantastic movie
cjones4mvp:: good old mcmanus brothers

gilesfan:: How'd you like Danville? Far cry from Cali, huh?
TommyHanson:: gilesfan...oh yeah, It wasnt that bad but a couple of times when we were on the road we had to eat out of the vending machines in the hotel because there was nowhere to eat at

marzybrave:: Tommy I asked Will Startup about a nickname that he has acquired, now I will ask you, have the Braves pegged a good nickname on you yet?
TommyHanson:: im still waiting

gilesfan:: Yeah, those small towns. Some places, you literally have to drive 20 minutes to find food
striker42:: Rome is better. Nice little town
TommyHanson:: ya rome was a bit better, i went there at the end of the year but didnt pitch

BravesFanSince85:: Sorry if this has been asked, what does your FB top out at?
TommyHanson:: braves fansince85...96 in college but im not sure this summer

gilesfan:: ARe the Braves having you focus on the fastball? I know as you move up, they "allow" you to throw your offspeed pitches more.
TommyHanson:: gilesfan...ya they told me to wait on my slider for a couple years and
they want you to throw a lot of fastballs

PatioDaddio:: Tommy, what side of the rubber do you push off on and are you 3/4 or over the top
TommyHanson:: patiodaddio...all right handers have to push off of the right side of the rubber but in college i pushed off of the left, its not that big of a deal for me though

striker42:: Do you know if you'll be in a piggy back situation in Rome?
TommyHanson:: striker42...I havent heard anything yet

marzybrave:: How good a hitter were you in highschool?
TommyHanson:: marzybrave...i was decent but i didnt hit my junior or senior year so its been a while

gilesfan:: What kinda pitch count do they keep you at?
TommyHanson:: gilesfan...75 but you have to be doing really well to get there

hudson2:: hey Tommy, really excited about wathing u progress through the system ur college numbers were awesome
TommyHanson:: hudson2...thank you
hudson2:: yw

striker42:: What kind of differences have you seen between college and pro ball?
TommyHanson:: striker42...all around better players, guys you can see have some talent

hudson2:: sorry if it's been asked Tommy, but what do u top out fastball wise?
TommyHanson:: hudson 2...96
hudson2:: awesome

marzybrave:: Are you glad to not to have to face a big slugger using an aluminum bat?
TommyHanson:: ya but its not that big of a deal

striker42:: What was the round you were being talked at had you gone back to the draft instead of signed?
TommyHanson:: striker42...the draft is a little weired but i was hearing 2-5

marzybrave:: Have you ever been beened by a linedrive up the middle?
TommyHanson:: marzybrave...the last time was in college last year and i got hit in my forearm, and had a huge monkey bump, didnt feel good

Steely03:: Better wave...Malibu or Redondo?
TommyHanson:: might find this surprising but i have never surfed

striker42:: What do you do when you're not playing baseball?
TommyHanson:: striker42...workout, video games with some friends, golf

hudson2:: which one's hotter Tommy, Jessica Simpson or Jessica Alba
TommyHanson:: hudson2...tough but im going with Jessica Simpson

striker42:: Boxers or briefs?
TommyHanson:: boxers

marzybrave:: Peyton Manning or Tom Brady?
TommyHanson:: marzybrave...peyton

striker42:: When you're in a jam, what's your go to pitch?
TommyHanson:: striker42...fastball

Steely03:: What glove do you use?
TommyHanson:: steely03...rawlings are great

BillShanks:: So have you guys asked the Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Aniston question? When we get to these Tommy it's winding down! lol
TommyHanson:: Jennifer aniston

striker42:: Biggest game you've ever pitched in?
TommyHanson:: regional game last year in college

striker42:: How'd you do?
TommyHanson:: gave up 2 through 8 with 8 ks

BravesFanSince85:: Who do you look up to the most?
TommyHanson:: braves dad

hudson2:: when do u hope to make it to the bigs
TommyHanson:: hudson2... asap

marzybrave:: Tommy we appreciate the time you took to chat with us, I want to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and the best for your upcoming Braves season!
hudson2:: i hope u do really well
hudson2:: ditto what marzy said
TommyHanson:: its been fun merry christmas to everyone and take care
BravesFanSince85:: take care
hudson2:: Good luck Tommy, hope to see u with the big club soon!
BillShanks:: Tommy thanks so much for coming in with us. We wish you the best of luck and can't wait to see how you do in your first full pro season in 2007. Merry Christmas to you.
Tommy Hanson left

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