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BillShanks:: Good Evening Everybody. Happy New Year. A couple of items first. Please make sure your updated address is in the profile so we can ship you a copy of the prospect guide in March. Do that before Monday. We will have Chad Rodgers in here at 9 pm. I hope all of you will stick around to meet one of our newest prospects. You can check the archive for Chad's Player Profile. Also speaking of player profiles I have 20 new profiles up on the site. Please read them and learn about our prospects. And now THE BRAVES SHOW is proud to introduce to you BLAINE BOYER back to our chatroom. Blaine welcome and guys ask away!
Blaine Boyer joined
BlaineBoyer:: hey everybody
thethe:: BOYER!!!
expo897:: hello blaine
thethe:: We missed you last year!
expo897:: Blaine, have you done anything different during the offseason this year that differs from last year's? Obviously, you have been rehabing, how is that going? We missed you much this past year, and can't wait for you to turn the lights out!
thethe:: We missed you Boyer! We needed you last year
expo897:: big time
BlaineBoyer:: thanks...i finished rehab in instructional league in orlando and have been doing regular arm feels awesome
thethe:: Thats great to hear
JamieSanders:: that's great
BillShanks:: Blaine why don't you explain in detail what the operation was and what they did to your shoulder.
gjdunn2:: Blaine, I took you deep in High School. Just kidding, glad you'll be back this year
thethe:: Do you spend time with the other young players on the braves that you have come up with in the offseason?
thethe:: Are you guys close?
BlaineBoyer:: yep...mccann and kelly johnson are two of my really good friends and they are here during the offseason too
thethe:: I guess you are pulling for kelly then?
expo897:: They live in Atlanta correct?
BlaineBoyer:: heck yeah...he is a great player with tremendous ability and he could possibly lead off for us this year
thethe:: Yeah I think we all liked what we saw of Kelly in 2005, it was a shame that you and he got hurt...THe braves would have been much stronger with your contributions
BlaineBoyer:: exp..yes
marzybrave:: Blaine, I'm sorry I am late as usual, but how is your health and are you ready for spring training?
BlaineBoyer:: thanks..i appreciate that
thethe:: What do you think of all trade rumors that have swirled around hte big league club this offseason...Do the young guys talk about that alot?
BlaineBoyer:: marz..i am feeling great and cant wait to get down there
BlaineBoyer:: well we cant listen to them because we have no control over that at all
BlaineBoyer:: we try not to talk about it
marzybrave:: I really missed you last year, we could have really used you to solidfy our pen a year ago
BlaineBoyer:: thanks marzy i appreciate that
Steely03:: How often do you guys get recognized when you go out down there?
expo897:: The best thing about "rumors" is they are just that "RUMORS."
thethe:: How do you feel about the major league club going into the 2007 year?
BlaineBoyer:: i dont ever go out
BlaineBoyer:: but...
Steely03:: ha ha
BlaineBoyer:: mccann is a well known figure around town now
nsacpi:: what is the medical staff telling you in terms of being ready to go at the start of spring training or perhaps having to go through extended spring and a rehab stint in the minors
Steely03:: Is he rockin the beard? He can't hide behind that thing now!
BlaineBoyer:: the.. i think that we have a ton of talent and cant wait to see this team in action
thethe:: Its better to be behind the shadows and come out of no where to surprise people
BlaineBoyer:: i am fully rehabilitated and i am ready to rock.
expo897:: This years team is full of tallent and with you being healthy, I do not see what will stop us.
BlaineBoyer:: yeah he is rocken the beard
thethe:: What are your long term goals Blaine. Do you want to close one day or return to the starting roation somday in the future?
marzybrave:: Blaine, give your thoughts on having Rafael Soriano in the pen this year
nsacpi:: what kind of surgery did you have
BlaineBoyer:: i like your attitude expo
expo897:: I'm glad to have you back and I'm relieved your arm is doing well.
BlaineBoyer:: soriano dominates
MDCD4:: What operation did you have?
BlaineBoyer:: my only goal is to pitch in the big leagues as long as possible
thethe:: Well if we have you and Joey ready to contribute the way Bravesnation thinks you can, the bullpen is going to be a force to rekon with. THat was the only thing that stopped the braves from making the playoffs last year
BlaineBoyer:: mdc.. they shaved a litte bit of my labrum off and cleaned up the back part of my rotator cuff
gjdunn2:: Blaine, have you had a chance to get to know Wick? It's gotta be cool to have a guy like that to anchor the pen.
thethe:: Who do you think is going to take over the fifth starter role on the Braves Blaine?
BlaineBoyer:: i have not spent as much time as i would have liked with wick but he is an awsome guy from the little bit i know of him
BlaineBoyer:: the guys love him
expo897:: Heck, we all do! I'm glad he's there. What is your opinion on Reitsma?
BlaineBoyer:: i am not sure it will be a battle
marzybrave:: Us fans loved him too, we needed a lights out closer and he fit the bill perfectly
tvsportscaster:: The bullpen is good now, but if they add Mike Gonzalez to it, it might be the best in baseball.
gjdunn2:: can't help but think with all you guys being so close and laid back that there will some funny dugout and bullpen moments
BlaineBoyer:: i hate that i wont be with him. he is a great guy with a ton of knowledge and he is a lot of fun to be around as well
Steely03:: How tough was it to be on the sideline last season while our bullpen was really struggling? Did that make it even tougher to be out - watching them struggle so much?
Steely03:: And where did you watch from?
marzybrave:: Blaine, long term do you vision yourself as a closer or as a part of the pen or does it matter?
gjdunn2:: What's the funniest thing ever said to you on the mound or happen to you during a game?
expo897:: I could tell he was disappointed in his performance, he is a player with much potential and it hurt to see Atlanta fans "boo" him. We are not in Yankee stadium every game you know?
BlaineBoyer:: steely.. it was extremely hard for me to watch form the sidelines. I watched on tv and from the dugoutsome too
BlaineBoyer:: well there was this one time in myrtle beach when i was getting lit up and a guy from the stands was screaming "everybody get a bat" it was a rough night for me
BlaineBoyer:: mccann has said some stupid stuff as well
MDCD4:: What all do you throw, and what is your best pitch?
tvsportscaster:: Blaine when is the early season throwing program at Turner Field.
BlaineBoyer:: he asked me last night
BlaineBoyer:: i throw a fast ball curve and change
BlaineBoyer:: best pitch is the fastball
xman12379:: what do you consider your best pitch?
BlaineBoyer:: start of feb
ramadon101:: Blaine- Thanks for chatting! When you pitch, do you try to pitch to contact or do you always have the K in the back of your mind? (or is situation specific in most instances?)
nsacpi:: are you 100% a reliever now, or does a part of you hope for a chance to start someday
BlaineBoyer:: i dont pitch to contact. but i dont try to strike anybody out either. i really just try to hit my spots. if that makes any sense
larrysgurl:: Blaine will you be at fanfest this year?
xman12379:: what hitter past or current do you most want to face?
ramadon101:: yeah it does-- thanks
gjdunn2:: What are your thoughts on hitters wearing protective armor?
BlaineBoyer:: yes i will be at fan fest
marzybrave:: You are a Greg Maddux with a better heater!
BlaineBoyer:: nsacpi... i like relieving
BlaineBoyer:: xman....
BlaineBoyer:: i want bonds
expo897:: everyone wants bonds....
xman12379:: that a boy!!
BlaineBoyer:: if they need it oh well...
BlaineBoyer:: thanks marzy...
MDCD4:: Pitchers and catchers report on Feb 15th. You said you'll be there early Feb. Is there some type of pitching camp that starts then?
expo897:: i want you to really get bonds... send him back to the dugout!!!!!
Steely03:: Talked to Davies lately? How is the hammy?
ramadon101:: I joined recently, so I hope you haven't already answered this question, but what are you working on this winter and what, if anything, do you hope to accomplish in 07?
BlaineBoyer:: steely hammer is doing good i forgot to mention him earlier but we hang out quite a bit as well
BlaineBoyer:: he is doing great
BlaineBoyer:: i just want a spot on that roster......
BlaineBoyer:: i have been working on the consistency of the spin on the curveball
BillShanks:: Okay I've got to stop everybody for a minute - sorry - but hearing that Blaine Boyer and Kyle Davies are healthy and ready to be on the roster is really getting me ready for spring training!
BlaineBoyer:: get em bill
marzybrave:: Just pitch well in the spring and you should have a roster spot in my opinion
expo897:: i'm ready!!!
thethe:: Do you feel that you need to have a good spring training to make the team Blaine, or just show that you are healthy?
expo897:: my fiance gave me the exact date to when pitchers and catchers report. Who could ask for a better fiance? She knows more about you, than I do. That's awesome!
elvislovedthebraves:: Blaine, do you have any nicknames???
BlaineBoyer:: oh i have to have a great spring there is no doubt about that
JamieSanders:: I like your hard-nosed attitude Blaine, nice to hear you want to go after tough hitters. I think everyone feels you'll make the roster
thethe:: haha, your story was the one I liked the best Blaine, when you fainted on the mound in front of hte braves scouts
hudson2:: Blaine i hope ur in the bullpen out of ST, u were kickin ass before u got hurt
BlaineBoyer:: not really
BlaineBoyer:: any nicknames
expo897:: she counts the days down.... now that's what I call dedicated.
BillShanks:: You were sick that day, weren't you Blaine?
BlaineBoyer:: the... i did not faint but i almost did. i was sick
thethe:: he still showed enough obviously to get drafted
thethe:: I must have forgot the exact detailes
BlaineBoyer:: expo sounds like you got a good one
marzybrave:: Blaine did you attend alot of Braves games growing up?
BlaineBoyer:: absolutely marzy
expo897:: thanks bro. she roots you on! got upset when you went down.
marzybrave:: Who did you always admire as a kid?
BlaineBoyer:: Nolan Ryan
marzybrave:: I mean as a Brave
gjdunn2:: b/c of the spat w/ Robin Ventura?
BlaineBoyer:: ohhh Dave Justice was the man
expo897:: who was it Nolan hit and then beat the mess out of. I just remember it being while he was with Texas and him putting the batter in a massive headlock.
hudson2:: Ventera
marzybrave:: You must remember his blast in the 1995 WS?
expo897:: that batter should have took his bass
expo897:: that's right - ventera
BlaineBoyer:: yeah it was robin ventura it was a great moment in baseball
thethe:: You said that you were working with your curve this offseason and that your fastball was your best pitch. How do you feel about your changeup?
BlaineBoyer:: my change will be there i just need to get my curve back to where it used to be
hudson2:: Blaine has anybody ever charged the mound on u? Which MLB hitter would u hate to see charge the mound on u?
BlaineBoyer:: nobody yet ummm......
marzybrave:: Well Blaine, promise me if given an opportunity you will put Barry Bonds in a massive headlock at some point this summer
nsacpi:: does it take a bit longer for the offspeed stuff to come back after surgery?
BlaineBoyer:: whoever it would be needs to remember that the wick isnt far away
hudson2:: ahahhahahahahaha
BlaineBoyer:: we will see
gjdunn2:: the good thing is that Bonds is slow enough now that Heap should be able to catch him from behind before he gets to the mound
hudson2:: is Wick really easy to get along with
BlaineBoyer:: i dont think that he is that slow
marzybrave:: It would have to be massive to get that head in a headlock!
BlaineBoyer:: yeah
hudson2:: I'd hate for Sheffield to charge the mound
JamieSanders:: Blaine, what is your favorite food?
hudson2:: He just seems crazy
expo897:: Well, i'm going to leave the chat running for a while and read up what was said later... I have to cook supper for the lovely catch of a woman I have. She is the one that turned this chat on.... I'm telling you, she's hardcore about the braves and their players. Take care Blaine, it was awesome to speak to you and I'm relieved your arm is doing great. If you get a moment, will you please say hello to "Claire" on the chat. She'll trip when she reads it.
ramadon101:: If there was one player who would like to see on the Braves, who would it be? (realistically)
BlaineBoyer:: jamie.... I love chic-fil-a
Steely03:: Do you think you may have to start out in Richmond just to get your feet wet, since you missed so much time?
expo897:: everyone take care!!!
BlaineBoyer:: Hey Claire
hudson2:: later expo
expo897:: ha ha bye bye
elvislovedthebraves:: gotta love chick fil a
BlaineBoyer:: Rocco Baldelli
hudson2:: ur the man Blaine, i would love to get Baldelli
Steely03:: Heck yeah on Rocco!!!
BlaineBoyer:: steely.. I dont think i have too but i f they want me to i will
marzybrave:: I'm with you on Rocco! He is gonna to be Andruw's replacement some day
tvsportscaster:: funny you mentioned him Blaine, because the Braves want him too, but it looks like tampa bay wants too much for him.
depley:: Blaine if you like Chik-fil-a you really should try McDonalds new Southern Chicken sandwich, I thinks its even better than Chik-fil-a
BoneThrower:: Tampa ALWAYS want to much for their players
Steely03:: Are the players aware that Andruw is pretty much gone after this year?
thethe:: Thats a tough question there steely.
BlaineBoyer:: dep... they are good are they
elvislovedthebraves:: mcdonalds better than Chick fil a? pass what your smokin
larrysgurl:: nothing is better then chik-fil-a depley
depley:: even my wife likes them. try it you will be amazed
marzybrave:: I could go for some of their ice dream
elvislovedthebraves:: but i havent tried it depley, so i will try it
Steely03:: McDonalds cant hold a candle to Chic
BlaineBoyer:: nooooo the chic is number 1
NRVHokie:: I am a bit partial being a CFA operator....but CFA vs. McDs is no contest !!
depley:: I used to think so Blaine, not anymore lol
BillShanks:: I love Chick-fil-A too but everytime I think about going there it's Sunday!
BlaineBoyer:: just had it for supper
bluehose1:: Blaine, how do you think the Andruw situation will affect the team this year?
Steely03:: Same here Bill.
thethe:: So BLaine what did you think of the national championship game last night?
larrysgurl:: me too bill
elvislovedthebraves:: i worked there in college and i used to eat there even when i wasnt working because it is so good and the kitchen was so clean
BlaineBoyer:: number 1 with an 8 pack of nuggets sweet tea topped off with lemon aid
marzybrave:: Diet lemonaid rocks!
Steely03:: Man, I am all about sweet tea and lemonade.
BlaineBoyer:: i was not able to see it i was at the governor s inagural ball
Steely03:: I'm about to make a Sonic run...what do you all want?
elvislovedthebraves:: you should be a spokesperson blaine.
BlaineBoyer:: i hate that i missed it
depley:: just like a governor to get inagurating during the big football game eh?
elvislovedthebraves:: route 44 cherry limeade from sonic for me
BlaineBoyer:: chili dog with a cherry limeade
BlaineBoyer:: no kidding
elvislovedthebraves:: just like the GA guvnor
larrysgurl:: who are you rooting for in the NFL playoffs Blaine?
Steely03:: Cherry limeades all around.
marzybrave:: I didn't know the Governor had any balls
Steely03:: and a strawberry creme pie shake for me
BlaineBoyer:: the falcons?
elvislovedthebraves:: blaine, i work at an orphanage in india half the year and cricket is HUGE there. have you ever played?
NRVHokie:: CFA would love to have you down to the home office Blaine !
BlaineBoyer:: nope no cricket for me
BlaineBoyer:: i would love to get inon that
elvislovedthebraves:: fat bats and you get to bounce the balls i will bring you a bat next time i return
BlaineBoyer:: ok elvis sounds good
hudson2:: i don't think any pitcher would like a fat bat
NRVHokie:: You should give Steve Robinson a call at VP. Great guy!
BlaineBoyer:: any hunters in this crowd
hudson2:: yeah
Steely03:: Blaine, had you heard about Glavine almost coming back? Would you haved liked to have him around?
expo897:: me
hudson2:: my family are the largest land owners in Tennessee
BlaineBoyer:: that would have been cool
hudson2:: we all hunt
marzybrave:: Blaine, which prospect of the Braves are you looking forward to watching the most this spring?
expo897:: what do you hunt
BlaineBoyer:: prado
BlaineBoyer:: deer and ducks
elvislovedthebraves:: but when you bounce it it adds for some wicked spin. some "bowlers" can bounce it behind a batter and curve it around to knock the wickets. but enough of cricket. sorry to derail the talk
striker42:: You hunt prado?
expo897:: always wanted to duck hunt. my buddies went last weekend
expo897:: it sounds like a blast
bluehose1:: Blaine who do you think will win the job at second?
BlaineBoyer:: duck hunting is my favorite thing to do
expo897:: where do you recommend in GA
NRVHokie:: I love to fish for smallies here on the New small mouth
marzybrave:: Do you think that Prado is our best answer to secondbase?
BlaineBoyer:: Im thinking KJ
marzybrave:: Mine too!
elvislovedthebraves:: gotta go with KJ, its his job to lose.
BlaineBoyer:: olcumulgee is a great river to fish in middle ga
bluehose1:: I think we're all pulling for KJ to get it
expo897:: what about duck hunting
MDCD4:: Is Kelly's elbow ready to go?
elvislovedthebraves:: snipe hunting is my sport
gjdunn2:: I like to trap Wompus Cats
hudson2:: U ever go hunt at Stuttgart, Blaine?
expo897:: i live in macon, warner robins, so Ocmulgee is realy close
BlaineBoyer:: for duck hunting you got to hit up either a river or some flooded timber and catch those wood ducks
gjdunn2:: I grew up fishing the Ocmulgee
BlaineBoyer:: KJ s elbow is good to go
Steely03:: Just caught a bunch od spanish mackeral, trout, pompano, and red fish on a trip to SW FL.
expo897:: Are there any other players you hunt with?
BlaineBoyer:: davies and I went off shore and threw up all over each other
marzybrave:: Have you ever been to Chipper's ranch?
expo897:: ha ha
JamieSanders:: can we just skip January, and move to Feb 15 please?
BlaineBoyer:: no i havent
expo897:: sounds fun....
BlaineBoyer:: i am ready for feb too
expo897:: minus the throwing up part
marzybrave:: I am ready for Camp Leo, I
marzybrave:: I mean camp ROGER!
BlaineBoyer:: me too
expo897:: what do you like about Roger?
BlaineBoyer:: he is easy going and loves baseball
expo897:: He was a great relief pitcher and I am pulling for him more than most people I talk to!
marzybrave:: It will always be Camp Leo to me!
MDCD4:: What do you think of Bobby?
marzybrave:: Is he as crazy a coach as he was a player?
bluehose1:: Blaine who would you say has been your biggest influence since joining the Braves organization?
BlaineBoyer:: i think that bobby is the greatest thing to ever happen to the braves
expo897:: agreed!
MDCD4:: Excellent, I agree.
expo897:: braves lose bobby, braves lose a lot!
marzybrave:: Agreed as well!
BlaineBoyer:: as far as my pitching... kent willis
gjdunn2:: Any hope of getting an at bat this year?
TallahasseeBravo:: Blaine, do the players pay much attention to the ownership changes?
BlaineBoyer:: nope i am scared of the ball now
bluehose1:: Did you get hazed as a rookie?
gjdunn2:: maybe take Wagner deep
BlaineBoyer:: not really
BlaineBoyer:: no we dont
expo897:: I loved the Hudson prank that was on TV.... Do those types of things happen a lot when you guys are on the road.
marzybrave:: That was classic expo!
BlaineBoyer:: not a ton but when they do it is pretty hilarious
gjdunn2:: Good prank: put Jolly ranchers in the shower heads
marzybrave:: Eddie Perez will mean alot to that team this year
expo897:: what do you think of Eddie being in the pen with you guys this year?
BlaineBoyer:: i agree he is a big influence on a bunch of guys
SJsftb27:: I have that prank on my phone... I watch it when I need a laugh because it never fails me! priceless!
marzybrave:: He is such a class act
SJsftb27:: agreed... he really is
BlaineBoyer:: my wife Ginsey is typing for me now.. but i am here she wants to be apart of this so bad
MDCD4:: Blaine, I love your bulldog mentality. It will eventually separate you from the rest and one day make you our closer. Best of luck!
BlaineBoyer:: thanks mdc
marzybrave:: Hey Ginsey, its MARZY
JamieSanders:: Welcome Ginsey
BlaineBoyer:: hey there
SJsftb27:: welcome Ginsey!
marzybrave:: I enjoyed the choptalk magazine that featured your wedding
hudson2:: Hey Ginsey
SJsftb27:: I met both of you in Mississippi last year in Feb during the "night with the stars"
striker42:: when you gonna leave that loser?
BlaineBoyer:: thanks we had lots of fun at our wedding
MDCD4:: Ginsey, what is it like to be married to a baseball star?
marzybrave:: There were several of you who married pretty close together, right?
thethe:: What is it like to be a major leaguers wife?
BlaineBoyer:: we had fun in mississippi..blaine likes it there
thethe:: Is Blaine lazy?
Steely03:: So do you two have a cool name like Brangelina or Bennifer??? Maybe Blinsey?
BlaineBoyer:: no...but i do clean
BlaineBoyer:: i like blinsey!!!
marzybrave:: Blainsley?
BlaineBoyer:: yeah a few married last year and a few getting hitched this year
thethe:: Are you close with the other players wives?
striker42:: Boxers or briefs?
BillShanks:: Angelina or Jennifer Aniston?
JamieSanders:: tastes great, or less filling?
marzybrave:: The Donald or Rosie?
BlaineBoyer:: yes..i like lots of the wives/girlfriends/fiances
BlaineBoyer:: DONALD!!!
Steely03:: Rosie!
expo897:: ha ha, his come-over alone wins!!! ha ha
BlaineBoyer:: NO WAY!!!!
thethe:: ugh I hate Rosie
marzybrave:: WWE fan?
striker42:: Slow death over both
BillShanks:: Rosie? Ugh.
thethe:: She has got to be the most disgusting thing on this planet
BlaineBoyer:: blaine doesnt care for rosie
xman12379:: that was awful last night. bad wwe
Steely03:: What, I ain't scared of a big fat lesbian.
thethe:: Yeah that was funny last night marzy
BillShanks:: She's a nasty human being.
marzybrave:: I thought so too!
Steely03:: Seriously, I am tired of both of them.
thethe:: i hate what they did to cena last night though
BlaineBoyer:: the whole thing is stupid
tvsportscaster:: I disliked Rosie from the moment she went on national tv and bad mouthed my hometown of Savannah.
Steely03:: Would much rather see Blinsey on the TV.
marzybrave:: They messed Cena up!
NRVHokie:: she's not nasty....she's a slob!!
thethe:: so what does Blaine do in his free time that he might not want any of his fans to know?
xman12379:: gonna suck with hhh out for 6 months
elvislovedthebraves:: ric flair says WOOOOOOOOOOO. thanks so much blaine for talking to us!!! ginsey , you too
BlaineBoyer:: no tv for me
BillShanks:: Okay Blaine (and Ginsey) thanks for being with us tonight. We really want you back in our bullpen this year and you know this crowd will be pulling for you.
expo897:: Blaine, is there any batter in the league or the braves team you are scared to pitch against, who would it be?
JamieSanders:: Thanks Blaine, tear it up this year!!
Steely03:: Everyone grab a bat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BlaineBoyer:: any free time he has.... he is hunting
MDCD4:: Thanks Blaine and Ginsey!
bluehose1:: Good luck, and God Bless!
xman12379:: go hunt some mets blaine
NRVHokie:: thanks BB !!
thethe:: good luck and be healthy this year Blaine!!
BlaineBoyer:: Thank to you soon
BillShanks:: Hey Ginsey - the heck with Blaine - we're going to want you in for a chat this season!
BlaineBoyer:: I appreciate it
BillShanks:: lol
marzybrave:: Blaine and Ginsey, I have thouroughly enjoyed you coming on tonight. I hope to see you at Turner Field this summer, we need pitchers and people like you!
BillShanks:: Thanks Blaine
BlaineBoyer:: sounds good bill
BlaineBoyer:: we hope to see you there
SJsftb27:: Thanks for joining us! and Good Luck!
BlaineBoyer left

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