Chat Transcript: Kyle Davies

Here's the transcript from The Braves Show's visit with Kyle Davies.

BillShanks:: Good evening folks. If you are a month-to-month or three-month subscriber, please upgrade to an annual (yearly) subscription before Thursday in order to receive our first annual Prospect Guide. Call the Call Center at 888-501-5752. If you are already an annual subscriber, make sure your shipping address is in the system so you will receive your prospect magazine. Okay folks, we're pleased to welcome Braves' starting pitcher Kyle Davies to The Braves Show's chatroom!
thethe:: Kyle, first off how is the groin?
deroismyhero:: welcome kyle
KyleDavies:: whats going on guys, groin is 100%.
JamieSanders:: woohoo!
SJsftb27:: great news!
thethe:: Wonderful. What was your offseason plan to strengthen yourslef to hopefully your first full year in the majors?
depley:: Kyle, I won't beat around the bush :-) We are all waiting to see the Kyle Davies that showed so much promise in the minors, will you break out this year? Can we expect to see that pitcher we all hope for?
wowbobwow:: nothing will ever touch the chick-fil-a sandwich
wowbobwow:: i know, because we don't have them where i live now! my wife and i crave them all the time.
KyleDavies:: this has been my most beneficial offfseason so far. I feel like I'm the strongest I've been.
thethe:: Were you excited when you heard about the Horacio trade. Granted I am sure you guys were friends, but did that make you feel like you had the fifth starter role coming into 2007?
JamieSanders:: Kyle, what was it like pitching at Fenway park? Wasn't it your debute?
depley:: Did Roger talk or give you things to work on strength wise and pitch wise for the off season?
KyleDavies:: my biggest problem last year was feel for my off speed pitches and I've worked on those all off season.
thethe:: Yeah I am waiting to really see a consistent devistating changeup which I have heard that you have.
KyleDavies:: Jamie...Fenway is not the easiest place to pitch but will always be my favorite.
thethe:: How close does that wall seem when you are on the mound?
KyleDavies:: thethe... the change up is my pitch and I think by not using my legs (aka my groin) last year that my change up suffered but now my legs feel great.
thethe:: Wonderful, how do you feel about basically having the 5th starter role going into 2007.
depley:: Do you or any players you know of frequent this board to see what fans are saying?
KyleDavies:: depley...roger did great with us last year, I only wish I could have last year back.
depley:: Roger much better with you young guys than the previous coach eh?
larrysgurl:: kyle will you be at fanfest?
KyleDavies:: larrysgurl...Yes I will be at fanfest at the stadium
atl14braves:: what was it like when you first came up to the big leagues meeting guys like John Smoltz and Chipper Jones
KyleDavies:: atl14braves...kind of intimidating at first, but after a while you just become teammates
larrysgurl:: have you always been a pitcher?
depley:: Do you golf? If so has John Smoltz invited you out yet?
thethe:: What do you think are reasonable results that atlanta brave fans can expect out of you for 2007 Kyle?
KyleDavies:: I have played other positions back in highschool (first base, etc.)
gr82bAnAUTiger joined
SJsftb27:: Did you play any other sports?
atl14braves:: what was your favorite position
KyleDavies:: I love to play golf! Smoltz and I played Augusta last year
depley:: awesome
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Do you have a handicap (in golf)?
KyleDavies:: I hope to help the team get back in the playoffs and win the world series
thethe:: We hope so too.
KyleDavies:: I played basketball
striker42:: What did you learn from your "lost year" of 2006?
KyleDavies:: Handicap?? I just hit it around
ATL22:: Kyle, how did it feel to get your first big league homer last year?
CrimsonCowboy:: As a younger player, how much advice do you ask for from a veteran like John Smoltz?
gr82bAnAUTiger:: I hear Smoltz is pretty darned good at golf, don't let him sucker you into playing for money
KyleDavies:: ATL22... It was awesome
depley:: so far in your career who is the best catcher to throw to?
thethe:: haha...thats not putting him in a great position depley
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Sorry if this has already been asked, but where did the nickname "Hammer" come from?
atl14braves:: in high school did you consider yourself a pitcher, or did you like hitting more
JamieSanders:: Kyle, what was it like pitching the complete game against the Mets last year? I remember you had a huge smile on your face after the last out.
KyleDavies:: I try to watch John pitch, but I also realize that we are different pitchers, and what works for him doesn't always work for me and vice versa
KyleDavies:: McCann
depley:: I think we are all McCann fans here
SJsftb27:: yes... definitely
striker42:: Where did the nickname "Heap" come from?
KyleDavies:: In NY last year, McCann was making jokes the whole game that's why I had a huge smile
thethe:: Do you feel your the type of pitcher that can go the distance at a somewhat consistent rate? Do you like to pitch to contact or away from it?
JamieSanders:: was he joking about the Mets? I'd like to hear about some of that, if that's the case! lol
KyleDavies:: my dad always called me Hammer, not really sure why..I think its b/c I used to be able to hit
atl14braves:: what was the first car you bought after you made it to the big leagues
depley:: U2, Guns and Roses or Korn
SkipSeda41:: Kom?
KyleDavies:: i want to be the type of pitcher who wins no matter how many innings i go. 5 or 9.
gr82bAnAUTiger:: So Kyle, do you think that 5th starters spot is yours to lose in Spring Training?
KyleDavies:: a bob seger kind of guy
depley:: how much did the bullpen woes weigh on the rotation last year?
MDCD4:: Would you say your struggles last year were more a product of inexperience or injuries?
KyleDavies:: mdcd4...It was a little bit of both. I had a really bad injury that could of happened to anyone, i was just unlucky. it happened to me.
paciorekpower:: was there pain in the groin before the actual injury occured?
striker42:: Playing for the team you grew up watching, do you get into the rivalries more than other guys on the team? If so I bet that complete game against the Mets was really sweet.
gr82bAnAUTiger:: So, speaking of the injury... Did you feel it coming on prior to that night or did it just happen out of the blue?
KyleDavies:: it felt tight the entire game, but nothing i thought stretching wouldnt fix
larrysgurl:: Kyle who was your favorite player growing up?
bluehose1:: It looked pretty damn painfull
MDCD4:: I have a feeling that now that you are healthy, you are going to show everyone just how good you really are.
KyleDavies:: nolan ryan and dave stewart
depley:: as a young guy just getting there does it make it hard to say something about an injury worrying you might lose your spot?
KyleDavies:: it wasnt fun.
bluehose1:: Kyle, who would you say has been the biggest influence on your career so far?
KyleDavies:: depley... not really. i had pitched pretty good up until 1 start before it happened. and then in the 3rd inning it just popped
KyleDavies:: bluehose1... my family
depley:: many of us hope to see you and Chuck James be the future of the rotation, we wish you the best of luck this seaosn, after last season you deserve it!
DanDan left
bluehose1:: Does it help with them being pretty close by? (Family)
KyleDavies:: thanks, Chuck and i would love to be here forever and win a bunch of games
striker42:: Would you rather blow a guy away with your fastball, have him flailing on your change, or screw himself into the ground trying to hit the deuce?
MDCD4:: Wouldn't you agree that a rotation of Smoltz, Hudson, Hampton, James and yourself could be the best in baseball?
JamieSanders:: that's great to hear. I think everyone else feels the same.
KyleDavies:: mcdc4... without a doubt the best in baseball.
paciorekpower:: who's the toughest hitter you've faced so far and why?
KyleDavies:: striker42... whatever gets them out, and the braves back in the dugout.
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Can you compare Roger McDowell to Leo Mazzone?
striker42:: I personally like the change. It makes the hitter look the most foolish.
KyleDavies:: roger has more hair
gr82bAnAUTiger:: hahaha
JamieSanders:: lol
striker42:: Nice
hudson2:: lol
SJsftb27:: haha
depley:: thinking of running for public office? that was very much a politician type response lol
CrimsonCowboy:: What was the toughest thing about sitting out for so long last season?
KyleDavies:: the changeup is my pitch, i didnt use it enough last year.
depley:: we ave actually discussed that and we agree Kyle :-)
KyleDavies:: watching everyone playing and me not at least helping. june was tough
depley:: did it help you to come back at the end rather than just wait till this coming season?
atl14braves:: With Giles no longer on the team who do you think will fill the role of clubhouse prankster?
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Hudson!
KyleDavies:: i know i didnt pitch well at the end of last season. ive never been thru anything like that before in my career. And i am working my hardest to never let that happen again.
JamieSanders:: I dunno, Eddie Perez might fill that role, as he has some revenge to take care of!
SJsftb27:: haha... true
striker42:: Georgia Tech Football or UGA Football?
KyleDavies:: i signed to go to tech, but i root for both
striker42:: Another politician response
depley:: Last year do you think not throwing your changeup impacted your overall performance during games? You think batters were more or less waiting on fastballs?
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Kyle, I'm sure you've heard your name come up in trade rumors this offseason and in the past. Could you comment on how you deal with that?
KyleDavies:: my changeup helps me set up my fastball. but guys last year was terrible. i dont pitch like that.
striker42:: Is it hard to strike a balance between throwing the change too much and not enough?
depley:: do you and Mccann discuss how often and what situations you want to throw it prior to a game? DO you guys talk about a game plan prior to start?
KyleDavies:: i try not to pay attention to them. but i would be sad to leave atl, its my home and my hometown team
gr82bAnAUTiger:: We'd be sad to see you go as well, Kyle. Most of us think you have a bright future ahead of you, and we'd like for it to be as an Atlanta Brave.
KyleDavies:: we go over the hitters before every start
expo897:: We think you're awesome. have you done anything different to prepare for this years season than last year??
CrimsonCowboy:: Has not making the playoffs last season provided motivation for the team for the coming season?
striker42:: At the risk of going off topic a bit (we've done this with nearly everyone who comes on here), favorite TV show?
CrimsonCowboy:: How much I meant to ask
KyleDavies:: expo897...stregthen my legs better and become more flexible
expo897:: who's the biggest prankster in the clubhouse
striker42:: Go work out with those dancers in the upper deck. Ballet would probably help.
depley:: married or single?
KyleDavies:: engaged
TallahasseeBravo:: Kyle, do you think you will get a couple of starts at Richmond, or will you be ready to go on opening day?
depley:: so McCann won't be moving in with you after Jeff gets married either huh? lol
gr82bAnAUTiger:: McCann's got his own house, Jeff is the freeloader
KyleDavies:: i am ready to pitch right now
depley:: ah
TallahasseeBravo:: kewl
striker42:: If you weren't a baseball player, what would you be doing?
expo897:: i'm for you to pitch right now, too.. I'm tired of football
depley:: will Roger have early pitching camp in Atlanta this year, or just waiting for Spring training?
skeeter31:: Who is your favorite pitcher to watch??
KyleDavies:: i love m.a.s.h, katie makes me watch greys anatomy
KyleDavies:: we will have early throwing at the stadium, same as last year
striker42:: M.A.S.H is awesome
KyleDavies:: smoltz
expo897:: who do you dread facing in the batter's box the most?
KyleDavies:: striker42...telling jokes on a message board
KyleDavies:: chat room sorry.
gr82bAnAUTiger:: So, I hear your brother is quite the baseball player as well, Kyle. When will he be eligible for the draft?
depley:: Klye get some payback make katie watch Heros
hudson2:: Kyle out of our minor league pitchers who do u think will be really good?
KyleDavies:: i had a chance to watch harrison pitch and he throws the ball pretty good
KyleDavies:: i dont think she go for heros
expo897:: what about the sopranos
depley:: my wife likes it
acelaw:: kyle..whar aspect of your game do you feel you need to improve the most to win consistently in the big leagues...control of the breaking ball?
KyleDavies:: my brother is a junior in high school
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Do you think he's got a chance to get drafted out of HS like you did?
KyleDavies:: acelaw...get back to pitching the way i know how to pitch.
BillShanks:: Kyle check your private message box
KyleDavies:: yes he has a really good shot of being drafted
acelaw:: kyle-is it just a confidence thing at this point?
BillShanks:: okay folks Kyle will be leaving in about eight minutes, so please get your final questions in to him.
depley:: Kyle have you read bill's book?
striker42:: You gonna watch American Idol tonight?
KyleDavies:: striker42...yes
atl14braves:: Whats your prediction for the 2007 season?
KyleDavies:: depley...most of it.
expo897:: Does the "tomahawk chop" distract you or get you pumped? And did you see Paula Abdul drunk on yet? If not, watch that vid.
KyleDavies:: atl14braves...i think we need to start another run
acelaw:: is roger mcdowell easier for you to relate to than leo was?
SkipSeda41:: Kyle I read the part about me...did you make it that part? It was th highlight of the book
BillShanks:: Okay folks final few questions.... quick round.... get em in now.
thethe:: Frenchy or Heap? Who is cleaner?
depley:: thanks for coming in and sharing time with us Kyle and best of luck leading the braves to the WS
JamieSanders:: Thanks for chatting Kyle, we can't wait to see how you'll do in 07!
SJsftb27:: Thanks for chatting with us Kyle and good luck to you!
KyleDavies:: acelaw...i didnt talk to leo a whole lot because i kept going up and down the whole year
BaseballGM2k2:: Good luck in 07 Hammer
CrimsonCowboy:: What's it like playing for Bobby Cox?
KyleDavies:: neither
thethe:: Funniest personality in the braves clubhouse?
thethe:: haha
SJsftb27:: lol
thethe:: doh....goodbye kyle
expo897:: Take care Kyle
SJsftb27:: lol
acelaw:: good luck this year kyle
expo897:: Please start another run this year. I hate met fans.
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Thanks Kyle!
SkipSeda41:: Bye Kyle
CrimsonCowboy:: Good luck. We're all rooting for you
BillShanks:: Kyle thank you so much for joining us tonight. We enjoyed having you in to talk Braves' Baseball!
KyleDavies:: thanks
KyleDavies left

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