Chat Transcript: Jarrod Saltalamacchia

Here's the transcript of Salty Dog's chat on The Braves Show.

BillShanks:: Okay folks here's JARROD SALTALAMACCHIA - SALTY19 - Go at it with your questions! Welcome Salty!
grooveone:: Thanks for coming, Salt-man!
ramadon101:: Welcome Salty! and congrats!
gilesfan:: So Salty, how many gloves do you have? Are there any 1B mitts in the bag?
BillShanks:: Trade talk later - let's talk to Salty now okay
SALTY19:: grooveone thanks for having me
CrimsonCowboy:: Thanks for stopping by
Steely03:: Jarrod, who are you working out with this year? I remember last year you said you trainied with Pratt.
SALTY19:: gilesfan no 1st base yet
BaseballGM2k2:: Ready to show that 2006 was a fluke Salty?
cjones4mvp:: congrats on the new addition, how are the injuries healing
grooveone:: what are your thoughts about last season and what it meant in terms of your development?
SALTY19:: steely03 curtis pride this year because tank is in atlanta
ramadon101:: What are your goals for 2007? What would you like to work on and improve this year?
SALTY19:: baseballgm2k2 definately a fluke
gilesfan:: When did you hurt your wrist/hand last year? Did it affect you the entire year?
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Hahahaha Stats = the bucksome Blonde of baseball. Nice to look at, fun for awhile, but not a long term commitment
Steely03:: I don't think you can consider anything a fluke when you are dealing with an injury...
grooveone:: depends on the blonde gr8 lol
BaseballGM2k2:: No doubt about it... your going to be competing with Howard in the HR contest in no time
SALTY19:: ramadon101 my goals and plans for this year are to get better and get to atlanta to win a world series
CrimsonCowboy:: Does being considered a top prospect add any pressure?
cjones4mvp:: now thats what i want to hear right there... WIN A WORLD SERIES
grooveone:: amen
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Hi Jarrod! Welcome. Can you take us through your injury last year, how it happened, and how it affected you?
Steely03:: Now that is what I am talking about!
hudson2:: Salty i watched u play some this year while u came and played Diamond Jaxx. I enjoyed watching u play, u have a very strong arm!
tvsportscaster:: Hey Salty with this potential trade talk surrounding LaRoche, are you willing to move to First Base if asked.
SALTY19:: crimsoncowboy it is no pressure being a top prospect in fact it is a lot of fun because everyone you play gives you there best and thats how you get better by playing the best
gilesfan:: Salty, who would win in a race to 2nd, Laroche, McCann, or Bobby Cox?
SJsftb27:: Salty... I enjoyed watching you play in MS this year!
SJsftb27:: ...congrats on the baby! how soon do yall plan to start teaching her to spell her name?
SALTY19:: gilesfan i think we would all lose to bobby dews
gilesfan:: haha
grooveone:: I like this guy lol
grooveone:: What do you feel you learned from last year Jarrod? What did it mean in terms of your development?
grooveone:: that's after gr8's question about the injury
grooveone:: also, who has the better bat waggle, you or sheff?
nsacpi:: any indication on whether you will start off in Richmond or Pearl?
gilesfan:: or atlanta
SALTY19:: gr82banautiger my injury last year started early in the season but did not want to come out of the game because i saw the year before how brian got called up so i knew i could not afford to miss a game and plus i dont like to wtch other people play and i cant
hudson2:: Salty did u like the Diamond Jaxx park?
SALTY19:: hudson2 not a bad park to play in
gjdunn2:: how many games a year does a batter bring a obnoxious smell into the batters box
jackmcpheeclone:: Was last year the first time you've faced that kind of adversity in the game, Salty?
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Too much of a competitor for your own good, Salty
hudson2:: u have a cannon of an arm
gilesfan:: Salty, what is your brother up to?
SALTY19:: nsacpi no clue where i am going next year but i am going to big league spring trainning and that is the team i am focused on making now
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Great attitude!
hudson2:: I'm hoping that Laroche is traded so that u can get to the bigs quicker!!
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Though, to be fair, there aren't a lot of spots open this year, its gonna be tough.
tensixdad:: gjdunn2....thats what the batters are wondering-lol
SALTY19:: gilesfan my bro is working and enjoying his 14 month old daughter
hudson2:: Salty how do u think u would do at 1st?
SALTY19:: jackmcphleeclone yes that was the first time i have struggled that bad but i am glad i did it in mississippi instead of atlanta
jackmcpheeclone:: lol, US TOO!
SALTY19:: hudson2 i would do pretty well at first i believe
hudson2:: how about LF
SALTY19:: hudson2 obviously you have never seen me run
gilesfan:: Salty, didn't you play other positions in high school? What is your feelings on playing catcher or another position in Atlanta?
gr82bAnAUTiger:: hahaha
jackmcpheeclone:: lol
grooveone:: owned you, owned himself
CrimsonCowboy:: lol
gilesfan:: Slower than Thorman and Klesko? OUCH
hudson2:: u would be a good target to throw to at 1st
gr82bAnAUTiger:: There's a rumor going around that you're up to 235, been hitting the weights or the doughnuts?
tensixdad:: I don't think anyone would run on any fly balls to LF
SALTY19:: gilesfan i did play other positions and i feel that i am athletic enough to play anywhere but catching is my love
jackmcpheeclone:: How do the constant trade rumors affect you, if at all? Do you just ignore them?
grooveone:: watch salty run:
gilesfan:: Salty with the way catchers break down (Piazza for example) be happy if they move you to first:) may sting right away, but you'll learn to love it.
hudson2:: What do u think about the Laroche trade rumors Salty? If he is traded then that gives u another shot at making the team.
gr82bAnAUTiger:: LOL Groove a still picture
SALTY19:: gr82banautiger I have hit the weight room more this offseason than any other i feel that it will prevent less injuries and less people coming in to home standing up
Steely03:: Jarrod, talk about managing a pitcher during a long does it take to really get to know a pitcher and his tendencies.
gilesfan:: That looks like Brian McCann. Helmet over the eyes and all.
hudson2:: lol
grooveone:: who you like in the superbowl salty?
SALTY19:: jackmcphleeclone the trade rumors dont really effect the players that much because we are away from our families so much that this is our down time so we just try to relax and not worry
SALTY19:: grooveone the saints
gilesfan:: Salty, what do you think about Vick at QB?
hudson2:: lol
SALTY19:: gilesfan he is fast
gilesfan:: But he sucks throwing, right?
gilesfan:: here here
grooveone:: giles, giles, giles, no, no, no
grooveone:: don't go there lol
SJsftb27:: Salty... my brother wants to know what your favorite food is?
gilesfan:: Can't wait for Taylor, NRV
SALTY19:: hudson2 i like larroche he is a great player and an even better team mate from what i saw in spring so i would hate to see him leave
NRVHokie:: TT Baby !!!!!
grooveone:: wondering if there are any major leaguers you're especially looking forward to hopefully competing against some day?
gilesfan:: Jorge Sosa and Horam
hudson2:: i wouldn't mind him leaving if it meant getting u to Atlanta
jackmcpheeclone:: What are a couple of your favorite tv shows these day...Heroes, Lost, Battlestar Galactica, something else?
tigger101023:: giles, that isn't nice...
SALTY19:: grooveone yes i want to face mike mussina so i can take him deep because my wife loves him
grooveone:: LOLOL
jackmcpheeclone:: lol
grooveone:: good reason
hudson2:: lol
SJsftb27:: haha
gilesfan:: HA HA
tensixdad:: How is your new baby doing?
Steely03:: Jarrod, who did you hit that 3 run walk off of in spring training last year? What was the count and what was the pitch?
SALTY19:: tensixdad she is amazing no better feeling than having a child its up there with the walkoff last year
gr82bAnAUTiger:: lol. Only a baseball player could say that with a straight face.
grooveone:: J, what areas of the game are you most wanting to improve on this year?
tensixdad:: That walkoff was against Broxton wasn't it?
gilesfan:: Salty....after the walkoff, we started penciling your name in the hall of fame.
Steely03:: no pressure there
SALTY19:: steely03 jonathan broxton and 2 strikes i know because i told my self just put in play and he had thrown a lot of dirty sliders but left that fastball up
Steely03:: you told yourself right! You put it out of play!
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Seems like more players hit homers when they're not trying to hit one...
BaseballGM2k2:: I called that HR...def was awsome
jackmcpheeclone:: Is there video of that homer?
SALTY19:: grooveone i want and always need to improve on all aspects of the game its not fare to say just one because everybody needs o get better at something so i just say everything
tigger101023:: isn't there video of everything somewhere>
jackmcpheeclone:: true...I'll call Washington after the chat.
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Thanks to YouTube
SJsftb27:: How was it with Eddie being there in Mississippi?
tensixdad:: I believe the walk-off video is on Youtube tigger
tigger101023:: nice, safe answer LOL
tigger101023:: not for Salty, but who's the new AA manager? I forgot
SJsftb27:: Phillip Wellman
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Tough question here, so don't shoot the messenger. If playing in the majors next year meant a trade from the Braves, how would you feel about that, Jarrod?
tigger101023:: that the walkoff, giles?
SALTY19:: gr82banautiger well that is a tough question but i would like to stay a brave but as you know i have no control over that
gr82bAnAUTiger:: That's awesome GF, it's the whole AB
gilesfan:: Started out 0-2
gr82bAnAUTiger:: everything is on Youtube...
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Do you ever go to the plate looking for a walk, or are you just looking for something to hit?
gilesfan:: Salty almost falls down on 1 swing
hudson2:: Big powerful switch hitter, yeah i hope ur not traded
grooveone:: Salty, exactly how much did you play around at first base last year during batting practice?
tensixdad:: Ah yes but that cat-like balance prevents that GF-lol
BillShanks:: okay folks - a few minutes more - FINAL QUESTIONS
gilesfan:: Just trying to see if I liked Salty or not. It all depends on his opinion of Vick.
CrimsonCowboy:: Do you have a goal of when you want to get into the Major Leagues?
BillShanks:: Final questions for Salty - go at it
grooveone:: how much did you play around at first base last year during batting practice?
SALTY19:: crimsoncowboy yes tonight if possible
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Salty, can you go through your approach at the plate. Do you ever go up there looking for a walk if a pitcher is wild, or are you looking for something to hit?
hudson2:: Salty which do u prefer to hit RH or LH?
Steely03:: Jarrod, what are you rexpectation if you have another good year and Mccann keeps it going in ATL?
SALTY19:: hudson2 either or it does not matter
gilesfan:: Salty, can't wait to see you play in Atlanta....hope you get to skip that dump they call Richmond. Anything in particular you really want to work on this year? Do you make a concious effort to be patient at the plate?
hudson2:: good
SALTY19:: grooveone a little bit when ever blauser let me
wowbobwow:: salty, who has the best fastball that you've faced in aa
tigger101023:: are you about the same on both sides as far as poewr and stuff?
tigger101023:: Pretty good OBP last year *runs and hides*
SALTY19:: steely 03 im just gonna play the best ball i can and if the good lord willing it will happen
grooveone:: salty, do you expect to see more time at 1B this year, and do you mind people calling you Salty?
gr82bAnAUTiger:: great attitude. Your chance will come.
Steely03:: good answer!
SALTY19:: grooveone don mind at all and im gonna do what ever they want me too
Steely03:: Jarrod, Baby Einstein videos work wonders!
SALTY19:: alright everybody i gotta go look forward to seeing everyone in spring dont forget to stop me and say hey
tigger101023:: bye!
BillShanks:: Thanks Salty - go take care of Sidney! See you soon!
hudson2:: I hope to see u come back and play at the Diamond Jaxx this year but i'd rather see u in Atlanta. Good luck this year! And Congrats on the baby!
grooveone:: awesome bro, thanks for coming by. We really appreciate it
CrimsonCowboy:: Thanks for stopping by. See you in an Atlanta uni soon.
SJsftb27:: look forward to it Salty
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Take care, and thanks for joining us! Take care of that baby girl!
SALTY19 left

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