Kelly Johnson Chat Transcript

Here's the transcript from Kelly Johnson's chat with The Braves Show's premium subscribers Tuesday night.

Kelly Johnson joined
BillShanks:: Here's Kelly Johnson
depley:: welcome Kelly
BravesFanSince85:: hey Kelly!
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Hi Kelly!
BaseballGM2k2:: How's it going KJ?
xman12379:: Hi Kelly
BravesFanSince85:: Kelly......Kelly.....Kelly.....
BravesBlock:: And heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssss Kelly !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
larrysgurl:: Hey Kelly!
KellyJohnson:: hey guys, how are we doing?
thethe:: Kelly are you mindful that you are replacing a fan favorite in Giles? Does that thought come into your mind at all?
JamieSanders:: Welcome Kelly!
hudson2:: Hey Kelly
BravesFanSince85:: Hey Kelly, Hows the elbow doing?
thethe:: Hello kelly
PatioDaddio:: How many females do we have in here, so Kelly knows who his real fans are?
striker42:: Mainly we want to know how you are toing Kelly. How's the elbow?
KellyJohnson:: yeah, sorry guys, the females are the ones that count right?
hudson2:: WOW, is Rnikki not in here
hudson2:: lol
BravesAndGCocks:: ouch
depley:: the braves throng is getting restless Kell and ready for spring training to start
auburngal75:: I am female!!!
KellyJohnson:: i am too, try missing an entire season and watching from your couch
BravesFanSince85:: BS Kelly you are going to be the man at 2B and our OBP BEAST!
xman12379:: kelly what has it been like working with glenn hubbard?
JamieSanders:: Kelly, what has been the most interesting major leage ballpark to play in? How does the Ted compare in playability?
hudson2:: Kelly u excited about 2B?
KellyJohnson:: striker42, the elbow is great, everything has come along better than i had hoped
BravesFanSince85:: Hello Kelly, I was wondering who was your favorite team and player growing up?
striker42:: sweet
depley:: Kelly seems like the braves are looking for you to take over 2nd, are you ready?
KellyJohnson:: xman12379, Hubby is great
thethe:: Kelly are you mindful that you are replacing a fan favorite in Giles? Do you give any thought to that as you move on to the start of what will hopefully be a long successful career with the braves?
BravesAndGCocks:: Kelly, I have two weird questions 1)do the guys have a nickname for you 2)are you a college football fan? if so who do you pull for?
KellyJohnson:: thethe, i'm well aware of the popularity of Marcus, he was so much fun to watch play
KellyJohnson:: he really has a ton of energy
KellyJohnson:: bravesandcocks, no, i am not a Game Cocks fan, I'm a Longhorn fan, National Champs

BravesFanSince85:: I was wondering who was your favorite team and player growing up?
NRVHokie:: How many ground balls a day/week have you been taking during the offseason ?
KellyJohnson:: I would say KJ is the nickname that has stuck
BravesAndGCocks:: ouch
BravesAndGCocks:: lol
gr82bAnAUTiger:: How tough was it sitting on the sidelines last year during that stretch in June?
KellyJohnson:: bravesfansince85, i only really watch Braves and Cubs games growing up, so between Mark Grace and Chipper Jones
BravesAndGCocks:: The Gators(sec) are the champs now!
BravesFanSince85:: thanks
ATL22:: Kelly how would you feel about hitting leadoff rather than lower in the order?
KellyJohnson:: but my brother loved Will Clark and so of course I had to be like older bro
thethe:: I know you probably do not want to forcast numbers for yourself, but what kind of power do you think you can produce next year?
BaseballGM2k2:: Kelly how does it feel knowing Bobby and J love what you bring to the table day in and day out?
depley:: KJ, its been a while since you have faced live pitching, how long do you think it will take to get back into the swing of hitting ML pitchers?
tvsportscaster:: Kelly are you ready to embrace the leadoff role. With your eye and patience you seem like the perfect choice for the spot.
BaseballGM2k2:: JS*
larrysgurl:: Kelly will you be at Fan Fest?
Chipperjfan:: KJ what has been the toughest adjustment at 2nd?
KellyJohnson:: ATL22, I love hitting high in the batting order, lead off is not something I've done a lot of but I've always had very good success in the games that I have lead off
hudson2:: Kelly who are u goin for in the Super Bowl?
ramadon101:: Kelly-- thanks for doing this chat! It is much appreciated. Question-- Bobby has made some noises about you filling the role of our leadoff man this year.. What are some things you'd like to work on from an offensive perspective? (since most of the focus will be on your position switch in Spring...)
KellyJohnson:: I will be at FanFest
xman12379:: have you worked with edgar yet?
striker42:: What's your favorite position to play?
KellyJohnson:: 2nd base has been fun to get after, the hardest part for me is my part of the double play where I'm fielding the ground ball
BravesFanSince85:: Kelly what are your short term goals this season?
JamieSanders:: Kelly, ever since we chatted with Blaine Boyer, the board keeps talking about Chik-Fil-a. Are you down?
BravesFanSince85:: lol
BravesAndGCocks:: lol
KellyJohnson:: xman, i have no worked with Edgar, but I've talked to him a little at the end of last year and he is very helpful
depley:: lol jamie
BravesAndGCocks:: Blaine liked the nuggets
KellyJohnson:: bravesfan, my goals for the season are number one to stay healthy, spring training last year I tried to impress everyone everyday, this year I want to get all the way through it
gr82bAnAUTiger:: How big of an adjustment has it been moving back to the infield after spending the last few in the outfield?
hudson2:: Kelly, u goin for the Colts or the Bears?
tvsportscaster:: Kelly this is a strange question, but what made you decide to change numbers.
thethe:: what kind of speed should brave fans expect from you kelly? Are you going to be able to leg out some grounders deep in the hole?
KellyJohnson:: and second, obviously I would like to break camp with the team, i've worked very hard this off season, i've improved my speed tremendously, my flexibility, and i've taken far more groundballs this offseason than i ever did when i was a shortstop in the minors
BravesFanSince85:: Whats has been your most memorable moment with the Braves so far?, Im guessing the game vs. the Rangers! two years ago
BravesAndGCocks:: Kelly, do you(like us fans) project stats(goals) for yourself going into a season? And do you pay any attention to stats that are projected for you?
BravesAndGCocks:: I think we all do it on paper for you guys
striker42:: Do you ever get recognized on the street and is it annoying when you do?
KellyJohnson:: gr82banautiger, its been a minor adjustment so far, i feel like i'm a decent athlete and i did play infield my entire life, getting some game action will be a different story i'm sure
Steely03:: Kelly, other than Hubbard, who have you trained with this offseason?
Chipperjfan:: KJ what do you think of the new bullpen?
KellyJohnson:: bravesandcocks, i never like to set goals and follow them, some guys can do that, i can't... my season in macon i was easily going to hit .300 and figured out how many hits i needed in the final month, well i ended at .289 so you can figure it out right
BravesAndGCocks:: lol, i understand
KellyJohnson:: steely03, Brian Snitker has also helped with hitting me grounders this winter, but i work out with Blaine a little, at the same place anyway, i've really made a point this yera to get after it and attack it myself
thethe:: what kind of speed should brave fans expect from you kelly? Are you going to be able to leg out some grounders deep in the hole?
gr82bAnAUTiger:: We've heard great things about Hubby helping you make the adjustment. How great has he been and can you go over what you think he's helped you improve the most?
depley:: one game at a time, one at bat at a time one pitch at a time, no need to put pressure on yourself, relax and play ball KJ you will do just fine
KellyJohnson:: chipperjfan, i LOVE the bullpen!, I'm extremely excited about a potential Gonzalez to Soriano to Wickman 7, 8, 9, easy work for me at 2nd!
marzybrave:: Have you ever played 2nd in professional ball?
thethe:: i am sorry, i think i am having problems iwth my chat window
Chipperjfan:: I thought that you would I know we do!
BravesAndGCocks:: Kelly, is there a pitcher that you look forward to facing this season?
KellyJohnson:: thethe, my speed has really improved a lot this offseason, i had some coaching on proper running and it has really paid off
AuburnAlum03:: Kelly if you had your choice what spot in the lineup do you feel the most comfortable hitting in?
KellyJohnson:: gr82banautiger, Hubby is just very positive, a huge asset as a coach is to provide encouragement, he can make me feel like I'm doing everything just right and that is very big for my confidence
BravesFanSince85:: Kelly I read where you fel more into the game in the IF, why is this?
060606:: KJ- have you talked to Bobby about what his expectations are for you this year
KellyJohnson:: auburnalum03, the spots most managers have had me in coming up have been 2, 3, 6, 7.... i like 2 and 3 the most, 6 is nice because there's always somebody on base
gr82bAnAUTiger:: My wife wants to know what made you pick baseball as a sport?
AuburnAlum03:: Kelly have you ever had a season where you were consistently asked to lead off?
depley:: KJ, I am a big fan and like Bill have been very excited about your chance at 2nd, I have read from some scouts who say you could win a batting title one day, do you see yourself as that type of a hitter?
KellyJohnson:: bravesfansince85, yeah you know the infield is very interactive at all times, there's more agility, more athletic movements, it keeps my blood pumping and i think more prepared for hitting, base running, all of it
striker42:: What was draft day like for you?
tvsportscaster:: I do recall a few times in 2005 you led off and seemed to thrive in the position, the most impressive thing to me was your patience and your eye, which is key in that spot.
JamieSanders:: Kelly, what has been the most interesting major leage ballpark to play in? How does the Ted compare in playability?
TXBravesFan:: Anyone on the team that you are particularly close with?
KellyJohnson:: gr82banautiger, i actually came very close to quitting baseball to play basketball right before high school believe it or not, some people convinced me to stick it out and i had a very good summer baseball season that year
marzybrave:: I know that sitting on the bench was hard for you last summer, but did you feel you learned alot by watching the game closer and talking to some of the other players while on the bench?
Steely03:: Kelly, how much of an adjustment is it switching to leadoff hitter considering you might really on leadoff 1 time in a 9 inning game?
thethe:: Kelly, you are a much faster typer then most others that have been in here. Thats very helpful for the mad fans in here.
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Lucky for us you didn't quit!
KellyJohnson:: i guess to help with the lead off questions, i think i'm good in that role, i do have a tendancy to take a few more pitches than most, i'd be lying however if i told you that is a very good thing, sometimes its my achilies heel
KellyJohnson:: i would like to be more aggresive than i was in 2005, i took far too many called 3rd strikes and look to improve on that this spring

BravesAndGCocks:: Kelly, I'll be pulling hard for you this season! Good luck and we know you'll do great! Later guys!
marzybrave:: That's what impressed me about you two years ago was your patience
NRVHokie:: what are some good things you learned early on about hitting...I have 2 sons (8/4) that are curious. Thanks!
depley:: were you trying to hard to guess pitches rather than react?
KellyJohnson:: txxbravesfan, i'm close with a lot of the guys, Langerhans and I have known of each other since i was a soph in high school and he was killing my team with game winning home runs, McCann and I hang out the most on the road
KellyJohnson:: Blaine was the first friend I made in pro baseball down in the Gulf Coast League

Steely03:: Kelly, did you read all of "Scouts Honor"; or just the part dedicated to you? And what did you think of the author? He's always on here pushing his book on us!
hudson2:: LOL
PatioDaddio:: lol
BaseballGM2k2:: haha
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Speaking of Langerhans, was he playing with a hurt wrist all last year? There are some rumors going around to that effect.
KellyJohnson:: NRVHokie, a lot of coaches left me alone, i was blessed at a young age and on top of that baseball is all i ever wanted to do when i was that young, its just about gaining experience in practice and games at that age i would say
depley:: who has been biggest influence on your baseball career
KellyJohnson:: you know I don't really know what was wrong with his wrist, i was very narrow sighted in the locker room this past summer, i was very focused on getting my rehab done each day and getting my elbow back to shape
KellyJohnson:: but he wasn't right this past year and we have not seen the best of him

TXBravesFan:: Yeah, I'm a big Langer fan.
KellyJohnson:: hopefully in his 3rd year he will relax and play his game
Steely03:: Kelly, hypothetical question here...let's say you blow up at 2B and win a gold glove, hit a bunch of home runs, etc...when it comes down to negotiating a contract do you take a hometown discount or do you play hardball with the possibility that you may have to leave the Braves? Or do you fire Scott Boras and negotiate yourself? Thanks!
marzybrave:: Did it bother you when you heard that LaRoche was dealt to Pittsburgh?
gr82bAnAUTiger:: I always enjoyed following you guys in the minors, and I agree that Ryan still has another level to his game that most Atlanta fans haven't seen yet.
KellyJohnson:: depley, my biggest influence would probably be my father, he never pushed anything on me, but when he came home from work his first question was "do you want to go play catch before it gets too dark?"
BravesFanSince85:: LOL Steeley!
tvsportscaster:: Kelly I know LaRoche's power will be missed but I feel like Scott Thorman will do a good job there, what are your thoughts about Thor taking over at 1st.
BRAVEDAD:: No home town discounts to hell with that
KellyJohnson:: just being there for me to help me get better if I wanted to was very big for me, and i always took him up on the opportunity!
hudson2:: LOL Steely
DanDan:: hey Kelly, which is better coke or pepsi?
Steely03:: diet rite
NRVHokie:: That is great favorite thing to do in the afternoon is play catch with my sons!! (my dad did it w/me as well)
BravesFanSince85:: Blondes or Brunettes?
KellyJohnson:: both!
KellyJohnson:: why descriminate?

BravesFanSince85:: lol
striker42:: A man after my own heart
hudson2:: lol
PatioDaddio:: Chests or Cheeks
Steely03:: wow, never tried coke and pepsi at the same time!
hudson2:: lol
DanDan:: haha
BravesFanSince85:: lmao
marzybrave:: Can you tell the difference?
NRVHokie:: In is only Coke : )
Steely03:: right on
JamieSanders:: What is your favorite food?
KellyJohnson:: aren't i supposed to say Chic Fil A
striker42:: LOL
gr82bAnAUTiger:: hahah
KellyJohnson:: nah, texas bbq brisket
larrysgurl:: what's your favorite TV show?
DanDan:: or skip and pets bbQ
DanDan:: petes i mean lol
gmcauley:: Kelly, you're missing the Incubus show tonight - are you bummed about that at all?
BravesBlock:: What do you do for fun while you are at Spring Training? What are your hobbies?
Steely03:: Kelly, coolest free thing you have been given?
NRVHokie:: Heck yes....send me your address and I will send you some CFA : ) (I am an owner/operator)
striker42:: What player did you try to model yourself on? in other words when you were growing up and stepped into the box and did your own play by play, who were you imagineing yourself being?
marzybrave:: Do you ever visit the Theme Parks
BravesFanSince85:: Kelly how tough was it for you mentally starting off so slow your rookie season
Steely03:: What is the rule on having CFA's near each other?
KellyJohnson:: bravesblock, spring training is draining, we're up around 630, hitting at 8 in the cage, game at 1 and mostly not home til 5, most guys fall asleep as soon as the get home, or at least i do
KellyJohnson:: but i'll check out movies and new places to eat down there
KellyJohnson:: maybe i'll play some golf for once this year

gr82bAnAUTiger:: Just don't go with Smoltz, he'll take all your money
xman12379:: need to go to wolf gang pucks at downtown disney. best pizza you can find
NRVHokie:: Jeff F. was at a CFA grand opening a Saturday or 2 ago !!
FookieWookie:: kelly you should make smoltzie take you to his restaurant up in alpharetta
NRVHokie:: CFA Inc decides the locations....
Steely03:: Kelly, do you read books and if so what kind do you prefer?
striker42:: I worked at Chick-fil-a for a year. Back breaking work in the back there.
thethe:: Kelly what do ou think is the ideal position in the lineup for your skill set?
Steely03:: thank CFA man!
KellyJohnson:: bravesfansince85, the slow start was the toughest thing i've been through in baseball, i thought i had just blown my one and only opportunity and i would be back in Richmond
PatioDaddio:: Do you put one sock and one shoe at a time or two scocks and two shoes
JamieSanders:: when you are on the road, do you have to share a hotel room with a team mate? who have you bunked with? how is that decided?
KellyJohnson:: God bless our manager though
BravesFanSince85:: YES!
striker42:: Bobby is the greatest isn't he?
thethe:: i second that kelly
BravesFanSince85:: and you proved your worth!!!!
gr82bAnAUTiger:: KJ, has the ownership situation been a distraction to the team at all? Is it a topic of conversation in the clubhouse?
thethe:: bobby knows a godo thing when he sees it
marzybrave:: Bobby really stuck with you and I am glad
thethe:: what did he say the best 1-32 ever?
BravesBlock:: Just don't forget about the fans. We have to be there even earlier only to decide if we think we can get more autographs at the fence or on the back side of the field. The Braves have some excellent fans regardless what other media outlets say.
KellyJohnson:: the ownership thing is not a distraction what so ever, i don't konw where media get that idea
marzybrave:: He has the knack of sticking to the players he likes
depley:: to a fault at times Marzy
KellyJohnson:: it'll be a problem if whoever runs the team drops the budget to $40 million but it could be great if the raise it to 120
hudson2:: yeah 40 million extra would be sweet
marzybrave:: Keith Lockhard appreciated the way Bobby stuck with him!
Steely03:: mo money = mo problems
JamieSanders:: dope even
gr82bAnAUTiger:: If they drop it to $40M that would be criminal, they made 26M last year and stuffed it in their pockets.
PatioDaddio:: Shareholders
Steely03:: 90m and we keep AJ
marzybrave:: Kelly, do you invision Andruw being back in 2008?
striker42:: Who's the coolest person you've met in pro ball? The guy you never thought you'd meet as a kid?
KellyJohnson:: marzybrave, I hope so! i just saw him this morning and he cracks me up, he's a great teammate and a great player
BravesBlock:: What is your favorite and not so favorite thing about being a professional ball player?
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Well next time you see him, tell him the fans really want him to stay, and tell him to dump Boras
marzybrave:: Andruw is one that is appreciated in the clubhouse?
PatioDaddio:: Patio or gilesfan
hudson2:: lol
KellyJohnson:: striker, to name a couple people i was in awe of meeting, Wayne Gretzky, Hank Aaron, Dale Murphy, Mark Grace
BravesfanNChar:: Hey Kelly! One of your biggest fans here!!! Heres my question, what stadium do you like the best that you've played in or been to so far
BravesFanSince85:: Dale Murphy !!!! HECK YEAH
marzybrave:: Are you a huge hockey fan?
BravesFanSince85:: Kelly favorie Music, Artist?
Chipperjfan:: KJ what was the best place you played in the minors? I enjoyed watching you at the Beach.
NRVHokie:: Go RedWings !!
BravesBlock:: I can't believe Renee is missing a chat with Kelly. She is such a huge fan.
hudson2:: i was thinkin that Block
coheedapc:: no question here Kelly, just wanted to say I was at Turner Field for your debut, sitting right behind you in left field. I wish you the best of luck and hope to see you contribute for the Braves for many years!
KellyJohnson:: bravesfannchar, my favorite stadium, well because i do like new and nice, either San Fran, Pitt, Milwaukee has the biggest clubhouse, but its hard to not drop your jaw in Wrigley when you start walking in the tunnel underneath the stadium and think about all the players before you that walked the same tunnel
KellyJohnson:: i am a hockey fan, i just saw the Thrashers play the Montreal Canadians

hudson2:: go Predators
marzybrave:: Wasn't it also Wrigley where the Babe pointed to centerfield>
Steely03:: if you believe urban legends
KellyJohnson:: Chipperfan, i like Greenville, SC as a city to live and play in, the stadium was a dump, i wasn't spoiled like Jeff and Brian and get new ballparks built for me coming up, (can you feel the bitterness)
striker42:: You gonna watch American Idol?
NRVHokie:: Original 6....old time hockey !!
marzybrave:: I believe it actually happened
gr82bAnAUTiger:: LOL
hudson2:: lol
tvsportscaster:: How did you like staying in Atlanta during the off season for the first time?
BravesfanNChar:: lol
Steely03:: Saw Chipper play in Greenville...
Steely03:: Kelly, you can go to Greenville, just stay far away from Clemson!
Steely03:: Far away!
gr82bAnAUTiger:: I saw you play in Birmingham a couple of times when you were with Greenville
BravesfanNChar:: Can yall play Xbox or ps3 on that mammoth TV in CF?
BravesFanSince85:: Favorite Music/Artist?
BravesfanNChar:: xbox 360**
Steely03:: No matter how good Frenchy claims he may have been at d back!
BravesfanNChar:: i think it would be a blast
BravesBlock:: lol at BravesfanNChar
Chipperjfan:: LOL Yeah Greenville is a nice city but the stadium is why the Braves left
BillShanks:: Okay folks - FIVE MORE MINUTES with Kelly Johnson - get your final questions in now.
Steely03:: It's in Mauldin for pete's sake!
KellyJohnson:: tvsportscaster, i was in ATL last offseason as well, it really has helped me prepare for the season here, to go to the stadium and hit off your own coaches is a huge advantage
marzybrave:: I got soaked from the rain the last time I was in that old ball park, no place to stay dry in a rain delay
BravesBlock:: I guess he is going to watch American Idol.
gmcauley:: Catch you guys later. Good luck this year Kelly.
tvsportscaster:: Oh good I wasn't aware you stayed there last year.
Steely03:: I'd rather watch paint dry
BravesfanNChar:: lol me too steely
clvclv:: OK...biggest "insider" question of the night...Do you get the feeling that all the work you've put in with Hubbard this winter has resulted in enough success that the 2B job is yours if nothing unforseen happens in camp? Management certainly says all the right things about how they "hope" you're going to win the job, but do you get the feeling that it's yours yet? You do know fantasy drafts are starting soon - we've got to know!!!
KellyJohnson:: real quick too, I have a copy of Scouts Honor, it was based somewhat on my draft class and it was a great class and a great book
hudson2:: Kelly, Angelina Jolie or Jennifer Aniston?
KellyJohnson:: i find it hard to believe Bill would push that on you guys though
gr82bAnAUTiger:: KJ, with the Braves missing the playoffs for the first time in like 16 years last year, do you sense a real hunger in the guys you've spoken to this offseason? Are you guys chomping at the bit to get back there?
Chipperjfan:: Look forward to seeing you in orlando KJ Thanks for droping in
Steely03:: Checks in the mail!
marzybrave:: If you don't have a copy of his book he bans you from the message board
gr82bAnAUTiger:: LOL
BravesBlock:: lol
NRVHokie:: Thanks KJ !! ......good luck in '07
BravesfanNChar:: plz dont ban me bill, i just dont like reading
KellyJohnson:: clvclv, that is really pretty irrelevant, i've worked my butt off all offseason, i feel good about going into camp there, but bottom line is with our pitching staff, we need guys behind them that can catch the ball, i definitely have to prove that i'm capable first and foremost and yes I'm up to that challenge
jackmcpheeclone:: Can you make it a comic book next time, Bill?
BravesFanSince85:: Thanks for stopping bye Kelly, wish you the best of Luck and hope you get everything you are reaching for!
BillShanks:: Comic book? You mean on last year's bullpen?
gr82bAnAUTiger:: We didn't say the funny papers Bill
Steely03:: ha ha
BravesfanNChar:: rofl
tvsportscaster:: Thanks for coming in KJ, we're looking for big things from you, there's no doubt in my mind you'll do a great job at 2nd.
JamieSanders:: last years bp was a most wanted list
clvclv:: Good answer. Guess you pass the makeup test.
marzybrave:: Kelly, I'm banking on you being our 2nd baseman this spring and here's hoping you have a very productive season as our leadoff hitter as well!
BravesfanNChar:: Kelly, how do you think Thor will handle 1st base?
jackmcpheeclone:: Good luck, Kelly! We're all rooting for you!
KellyJohnson:: alright guys, i really appreciate all of you stopping by, I'm glad to do it and loved hearing from everyone
TXBravesFan:: Thanks for chatting Kelly, good luck!
KellyJohnson:: hope to see you at all the games
BravesBlock:: Good luck Kelly. We appreciate you taking time out of your day to chat. We hope you continue to improve at your new position and hope you have a ALL STAR type season. See you in Orlando in a few weeks.
Steely03:: Take it easy Kelly. Hit 'em where they ain't!
jackmcpheeclone:: Break a leg! (no wait)
KellyJohnson:: have a good night!
BravesfanNChar:: bye kelly, take it ez
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Thanks for chatting with us Kelly! It's really impressive to give the fans your time like this!
gr82bAnAUTiger:: We're all rooting for you!
striker42:: Thanks for coming in Kelly. It means a lot.
Steely03:: top shelf stuff
KellyJohnson left

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