Brent Lillibridge Chat Transcript

Here's the transcript of the visit with Brent Lillibridge, acquired last week from the Pirates.

Brent Lillibridge joined
BillShanks:: Okay folks please welcome Brent Lillibridge, our newest Brave! Ask away. Brent - welcome to the Braves' family.
striker42:: BRENT!
thethe:: Brent, how do YOU do the chicken dance?
hudson2:: Hey Brent
ATL22:: welcome to the Braves family Brent
Chipperjfan:: Hi Brent welcome to the Braves
hudson2:: Brent how do u feel about coming to the Braves?
striker42:: What nickname are you known by that we can adopt for you here on the board?
MDCD4:: What's up Brent.
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Hi Brent! Welcome to the Braves!
larrysgurl:: Hey Brent!
BrentLillibridge:: thethe, the chicken dance? Im not much of a dancer sorry
thethe:: we were told to ask you that
thethe:: i guess not
TallahasseeBravo:: Welcome to the best organization in Sports Brent!
thethe:: a pirates fan said that it would resonate with you
BrentLillibridge:: Hudson2, i am excited to be on such a great team and organization
thethe:: What position in both the outfield and the lineup do you see yourself playing in the next three years?
tvsportscaster:: Does it flatter you to know that you were the main reason, the LaRoche-Gonzalez trade was finally finalized.
Chipperjfan:: Brent what position do you like the best?
hudson2:: good to hear Brent
BrentLillibridge:: thethe, i think that i can be a big league shortstop, but honestly i believe that i can play anywhere and will do anything to play MLB
gr82bAnAUTiger:: So, Brent what made you pick baseball? Did you play other sports in high school?
hudson2:: u got burned thethe. hahaha
thethe:: i did hudson
thethe:: great to hear that attitude brent
hudson2:: somebody tried to set Bill up
hudson2:: Brent, we were excited we got u in the deal
BrentLillibridge:: tvsportscaster, yes it does, you don't ever think that you would be apart of sucha big trade, or even known by other teams
BravesfanNChar:: yeah we're very happy to have you here!
BrentLillibridge:: chipperfan, i love playing SS, its the most challenge spot in the infield and i love being the reason our team is successful defensively
hudson2:: So Brent ur pretty fast.
striker42:: What's your 40 time?
BravesfanNChar:: dangit that was my Q striker!
gr82bAnAUTiger:: We heard you got invited to major league camp, is that true, and if so, how excited are you for the opportunity?
larrysgurl:: Brent, where did you grow up?
depley:: do you think college helped or hindered your baseball career to this point?
hudson2:: Brent will u be starting in AA this year?
BrentLillibridge:: gr82b, I played it with my neighbors growing up and they were about 5 years older than me and really didn't give me a break and i loved thowing the ball around and the love for the game increased and the success also
MDCD4:: It is so nice having someone with your on base skills and speed in our system. Do you see yourself as a leadoff guy, and how soon do you think you will be ready for the bigs?
BrentLillibridge:: striker42, honestly i have never run a 40. But my best time to first base was probably around 4.0 to 4.1
BrentLillibridge:: larrysgurl, i grew up all my life in Everett, WA just about 20 mins north or Seattle

gr82bAnAUTiger:: Baseball player since day 1, awesome
BravesfanNChar:: thats a really fast home to first time
BrentLillibridge:: depley, college was a huge blessing and i credit my career to attending college and maturing and getting stronger. They don't teach you how to work out it highschool like they do college
BravesfanNChar:: ichiro runs a 3.8
larrysgurl:: what was your favorite team growing up?
BrentLillibridge:: hudson2, your guess is as good as mine at this point, it is not set in stone, i was projected to be going to AA for the pirates but scenary has changed a little bit
tvsportscaster:: How soon do you think you'll be ready for Atlanta?
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Did you get an invite to Major League Camp, Brent?
striker42:: Your steals really went off the chart this year. What do you credit that to?
BrentLillibridge:: mdcd4, i love being the catalyst to an offense i have a lot of experience as a lead off hitter and i think my tools give a good chance to be one as a career but as long as i play you'll see a smile on my face
hudson2:: I hope ur in AA b/c u will be coming to my town in Jackson, TN and i hope to watch you play!
ATL22:: Brent, what part of your game are you most focused on improving this season?
BrentLillibridge:: larrysgurl, the A's were my favorite team, i loved the smash brothers growing up, but of course that love has changed a little along with their reputation.
thethe:: oh my an A's fan
larrysgurl:: That's awesome! the A's are my second favorite team
thethe:: we are going to have some problems
hudson2:: lol
TallahasseeBravo:: Brent, how excited are you to get the opportunity to play for Bobby Cox?
TallahasseeBravo:: thethe, thats the pre moneyball A's, so he gets a pass lol
BrentLillibridge:: tvsportscaster, honestly i feel like its a 2-3 year plan, feel i have a lot to learn still but i have been always thrown into challenging circumstances and i have excelled and i feel like that won't change it if am moved upi earlier than expected
BrentLillibridge:: gr82, Yes i was invited to Big league camp, so i am looking forward to that very much and its a great way to start things with the braves

hudson2:: I hope u come out in ST and really impress
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Congrats!
BravesFanSince85:: Hello Brent who was your favorite player growing up?
MDCD4:: Would you say your greatest strength is your hitting or defense?
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Bobby really tries to get the young guys in and give them a look early in camp, so be ready to hit the ground running
BrentLillibridge:: striker 42, i credit the steals to learning how to steal. Plain and simple, i am not the fastest guy, but i learned to read pitchers tipping pitches and moves, and running on offspeed counts.
striker42:: That's the most important thing
gr82bAnAUTiger:: 4.0 to first is pretty darn fast, I think you're selling yourself short
BravesfanNChar:: Which do you have more pride in, your offense or defense?
SJsftb27:: Welcome to the Braves Brent! If you are sent to AA this year, I'm there most of the time and look forward to watching you play!
BrentLillibridge:: atl22 defensively i pride myself on my ability to be consistent at SS, and i am going to put a lot of energy to become a defensive stand out
clvclv:: Welcome to the "family" Brent. Considering the apparent glut of middle infielders already in the system, do you have any inkling that you might be asked to move back to the OF? The system seems to be much shorter on guys with the serious "upside" you possess in the OF than on the IF.
BrentLillibridge:: Tallahassee, of course he is one of the greats in baseball today and i have watched his teams as different as they have been win, you can't complain when he always wins.
BrentLillibridge:: bravesfan, Omar vizquel, that guy was so much fun to watch when he was in seattle, i've always wanted to be as good defensively as him
BrentLillibridge:: mdcd4, right now hitting is my stronger trait, i learned so much this last year about hitting and i learned it quick and put it into play, but i came a long ways fielding too. I am a perfectionist to my game and i will never be satisfied with it until i retire

striker42:: Great attitude
striker42:: Sounds like Chipper Jones to tell you the truth
hudson2:: Awesome outlook
SJsftb27:: agreed!
grooveone:: brent, after everything I've read and heard about you, I'm really excited to have you with us. We had no idea we'd get a player of your caliber (John Schuerholz's favorite word) in the LaRoche trade.
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Can you talk about your approach at the plate. Do you look to make the pitcher throw you a strike, or are you looking for something to hit?
BrentLillibridge:: clvclv, i haven't heard anything i am going to work out and keep improving as a SS but like i said on Bill Shanks Show, i want to play and if my bat keeps me in the lineup and they need me in the outfield than i'll be the best i can be and help us win another pennant and hopefully more
grooveone:: do you feel like you've adjusted to being traded yet, and if not, how long do you think that might take?
hudson2:: really like the attitude
MDCD4:: Welcome to the Braves organization. We are very excited to have you and very much look forward to seeing you one day in Atlanta.
BrentLillibridge:: gr82b, my approach really is dictated in the situation in the game, as a lead off, i always work the count, i feel i have been successful when i get to 3-2 whether or not i get a hit, because i see all the pitches and so do my teammates and later in the game i cash in.
larrysgurl:: Brent, what was your major in college?
striker42:: I gotta go. Welcome to the Braves Brent. I look foward to seeing you in Atlanta for many years to come. Great to have you aboard.
grooveone:: that's a breath of fresh air for us brent, our forum hates it when our guys just swing away, especially after a pitcher has been wild
BrentLillibridge:: gooveone, not really it hasn't sunk in to much, i think when i put the navy, red and white on than it will click and hit me a little more but baseball is baseball i am going to show up and prepare for another great year
BrentLillibridge:: larrysgurl, Human Anthropology, study of culture

grooveone:: brent we gotta have you hit in front of francoeur to show him how to look at a pitch LOL
elvislovedthebraves:: sorry i am latei was busy at work doing the chicken dance
gr82bAnAUTiger:: So, do you know any of the guys you may end up playing with in AA? You probably saw several of them in A ball last year
cjones4mvp:: sweet, welcome to the braves family brent, good 2 have you aboard..just got here
elvislovedthebraves:: i am so happy you joined our NATION brent
BrentLillibridge:: gooveone, lol i have seen him in action, but he has had great success and i know he has inproved a lot, im looking forward to meeting and talking to him
grooveone:: we love our francoeur debates on this forum too LOL
hudson2:: Still can't believe the Pirates included u in the deal
hudson2:: Pirates loss is our gain!
gr82bAnAUTiger:: They were desperate to get LaRoche
cjones4mvp:: amen to that hudson
BrentLillibridge:: gr82b, the only guy that i had any real time talking to was Kahuae, (probably Spelled it wrong) 1B ended up in myrtle beach, great guy and ridiculous power
grooveone:: have you talked to bobby cox yet?
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Yeah, he was mashing the ball
gr82bAnAUTiger:: And it's okay, this isn't a spelling test
hudson2:: Yeah KK is a power hitter
BrentLillibridge:: grooveone, no probably won't talk to him till ST but i want to be around him just so i can grab anything that comes from him, i love being around smart baseball people, i learn more everyday
hudson2:: Bobby is the right man to learn from
hudson2:: the players adore him
cjones4mvp:: good attitude to have right there, soak it up like a sponge
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Talk to McCann in camp then Brent, he's a wealth of knowledge.
grooveone:: are you a seahawks fan brent, you're from WA right?
BrentLillibridge:: grooveone, lets not talk about it(JK) still upset with the whole thing. Been one since i was born, my dad was good friends and fishing buddies with Steve Largent
grooveone:: tough couple of years for seahawks fans, so close
grooveone:: but alexander has his madden curse out of the way now lol
BillShanks:: Okay folks Brent will be here for about ten more minutes, so please get your final questions in
gr82bAnAUTiger:: So Brent, tell us about yourself... What kind of things do you do for fun outside of baseball
grooveone:: if anyone asks you about vick, just say no comment, trust me
grooveone:: on this board anyway
grooveone:: have you spent much time in the south?
BrentLillibridge:: noWell hanging out with my wife, just got married last november, so been enjoying that and enjoying the wet and cold weather of Washington
gr82bAnAUTiger:: haha... Well get ready for some heat and humidity down here
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Congrats on the marriage, btw!
SJsftb27:: yes, Congrats!
hudson2:: Good luck Brent and i hope u come out and really impress everybody in ST, and are in ATL in no time!!!!
BrentLillibridge:: grooveone, i was in the NC for half the year and traveled to georgia plenty, i am not a big fan of the heat and humidity but its part of the game
grooveone:: I hear you completely
SJsftb27:: Good Luck to you Brent! I look forward to watching you play!
hudson2:: Brent out of the pitchers u faced from the Braves last year, which pitcher impressed u the most?
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Did you face Harrison or Jo Jo Reyes by any chance?
TXBravesFan:: Seems like you've got a good head on your shoulders, best of luck to you.
BrentLillibridge:: i am not good with names and my scouting book is in my baseball bag that i have on all the pitchers i have faced, but the closer for myrtle last year he was on rehab had big league time we was pretty dirty, name isn't coming to me
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Devine?
TXBravesFan:: Devine?
BrentLillibridge:: Devine, yeah that was his name, i faced him a few times can't remember what he did but that 3/4 arm slot with the slider was hard to pick up
tvsportscaster:: Joey Devine, throws the ball kind of three quarters motion
hudson2:: Devine is good
gr82bAnAUTiger:: That's definitely Devine
grooveone:: We appreciate your desire to always improve every element of your game, that's all we can ask for. Best of luck to you and welcome to the Braves organization.
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Sorry there aren;t more folks chiming in Brent, you're competing with the President and an Alabama-Auburn basketball game right now
hudson2:: Good luck Brent, great to have you on board!!!
gr82bAnAUTiger:: So, do you hunt, fish or play golf? Those are the three primary passtimes for most of our young players
BrentLillibridge:: Thanks to all of you for the questions make sure to say hi if you see me down in ST or during the year. Take care, if there isn't any other questions?
grooveone:: do us a favor and kill the mets for us some day
larrysgurl:: thanks for chatting Brent! good luck next season!
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Thanks for joining us Brent! We're really excited you're a Brave, and we're looking forward to seeing you in Spring Training.
MDCD4:: Thanks Brent. Best of luck and great to have you as a Brave.
SJsftb27:: thanks for talking with us tonight Brent and Good Luck!
grooveone:: and watch out for eddie perez, he's a joker
grooveone:: might show up in your closet some time with a mask on or something, him or huddy
BrentLillibridge:: Thanks for the heads up
BrentLillibridge:: Take care.

hudson2:: later Brent
SJsftb27:: Take Care and Good Luck!
BrentLillibridge left

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