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BillShanks:: Good evening everyone and welcome to a special edition of The Braves Show's chat! Let me first let you know about a few new features we have on the message boards. At the top of the message boards (not the webpage, but right above the message board) you can see a navigation board. On the area marked "Team Info" you'll see the following new items: spring training schedule, organizational depth chart, positional depth chart, current payroll, long-term payroll, 2006 draft, and draft history. Enjoy those new features. And now folks, here's Mike Gonzalez.
MikeGonzalez joined
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Welcome Mike!
1Cocoplz:: Hola Mike
hudson2:: Hey Mike,great to have u on the team, been a big fan for while!
MDCD4:: Welcome Mike!
TXBravesFan:: Welcome Mike!
striker42:: Howdy!
UncleJed10:: Hi Mike ,great to have you as a Brave
paciorekpower:: glad you're on our side now
cjones4mvp:: welcome to braves mike, so what will you miss most from pittsburgh?? primanti brothers?? eat there much?
striker42:: Sure are, you had our number
JamieSanders:: Hey Mike! Welcome to Atlanta!! We are all stoked about you pitching for the Braves!
hudson2:: Mike Gonzalez is tha man!
UncleJed10:: As a Braves fan always hated having the Braves face you ,you were lights out
PatioDaddio:: the 6 inning game is here
striker42:: One of those things where you go ahead and change the channel. No way we were coming back.
1Cocoplz:: Hold on to what?
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Welcome to the Braves, Mike!
UncleJed10:: Hi Mike great to have you here
PatioDaddio:: Hey Mike
MDCD4:: Hey Mike.
MikeGonzalez:: unclejed10, Glad to be here.
striker42:: Hey Mikey!
hudson2:: Hey Mike, been a big fan of urs for awhile, great to have u on our side!!
cjones4mvp:: great to have you aboard!!! what will you miss most about pittsburgh?? primanti brothers?.. that place is awesome, eat there much?>
TXBravesFan:: Welcome Mike!
1Cocoplz:: Hola Mike
UncleJed10:: thanks so much
JamieSanders:: Mike, Welcome to Atlanta. Everyone is so excited to have you here!
hudson2:: Mike G is tha man!
striker42:: As we were saying we're so glad we don't have to face you any more. You owned us.
gr82bAnAUTiger:: How are you feeling, Mike? Is the elbow ready to go?
MDCD4:: Great to have you as a Brave!
JamieSanders:: Mike, is there a certain nickname you prefer?
marzybrave:: Welcome to the Braves, Mike. I am so glad you are with us instead of against us!
MDCD4:: Have you had a chance to meet any of the guys yet?
UncleJed10:: Alot better weather in atlanta vs pitt mike in the winter
MikeGonzalez:: cjones4mvp, been there a couple of times, love it!
MikeGonzalez:: Jamiesanders, I'm so exctied to be here, Its the BRAVES man!

striker42:: Have you gotten a chance to meet Bobby yet?
marzybrave:: Having you with us means we don't have to face that heater of yours in the 9th inning.
MikeGonzalez:: mdcd4, No I haven't had an opportunity yet, but I'm looking forward to it next week.
cjones4mvp:: awesome, i live in west virginia so ive been to pitts a few times and its almost tradition to stop and have lunch there
BravesFanSince85:: Glad to have you aboard Mike!
hudson2:: Ur really gonna make this team ALOT better!
MikeGonzalez:: striker42, No I haven't, but he left me amessage and sounded really cool.
UncleJed10:: Its going to be great having a bullpen that is lights out and a pen other teams fear how do you feel about joining wickman,soriano etc etc plus the starters in smoltz hudson,hamtpon?
MDCD4:: When will you get to Disney?
gr82bAnAUTiger:: the players seem to love him, he's a real players coach.
MikeGonzalez:: unclejed10, After the 6th inning its lights out!
UncleJed10:: great, I am pumped
marzybrave:: Mike, how does it feel to be a part of something special like our bullpen? With you our pen should be the best in the game!
striker42:: What's the highest your fastball has topped out at?
hudson2:: U killed us last year Mike!
paciorekpower:: mike, watching you against us last year was awesome. we never had a chance when you were on the mound... i know you're from texas but do you think the heat of atlanta will be a problem for you at all?
hudson2:: U have alot of intensity out there.
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Started looking for a place to live in Atlanta? We hope your here for a long time
MikeGonzalez:: marzybrave, when I was told I would be part of that bull pen I was pumped! I know we're gonna be exciting to watch.
UncleJed10:: Alot of teams wanted you Mike I am so glad the Braves won out your one of the best in the game!
MikeGonzalez:: paciorekpower, I was really thrilled to know I would be down south, I love the HEAT, with the heat comes the HEAT!
UncleJed10:: haha
gr82bAnAUTiger:: awesome
hudson2:: lol
paciorekpower:: nice
UncleJed10:: no relaxing when your the other team with the braves pen now
striker42:: A man after my own heart. HEAT!
MikeGonzalez:: gr82banautiger, thank you and I really havent thought about that much yet.
marzybrave:: I hope it pumps you just to be a member of the Braves and the tradition that we have here!
UncleJed10:: I am sure the starting pitchers are going to love having you guys out there in the pen Mike its going to be alot more wins with the Nasty Boys 2 (Soriano,Gonzo,Wickman)out there
paciorekpower:: if you heard any rumors of you being traded to the Braves this off-season did you hear them from the piratres or word of mouth?
MDCD4:: Do you approach getting out a right handed hitter any differently than a left handed hitter?
MikeGonzalez:: marzybrave, DEFINATELY, names like, Smoltz; Hampton;Hudson; Chipper; Andrew;McCann; and the list goes on.
gr82bAnAUTiger:: You're leaving a pretty good pen in it's own right. Can you let us know how that depth in the pen helped you as a closer, and whether you expect it to help Wickman and the rest of the pen with the Braves?
MikeGonzalez:: Mdcd4, They are all the same to me! Either they get me or I get them, and most of the time, I GET THEM!
SJsftb27:: Thanks for joining us tonight Mike! Welcome to the Braves family! We're glad to have you!
JamieSanders:: Mike, do you have a nickname?
marzybrave:: How have you handled Barry Bonds in your head to head battles so far?
PatioDaddio:: With the heat comes the heat - I am stealing that for Happy Hour, Mike
MDCD4:: Could you tell a bit about your background?
NRVHokie:: Mike, when you have a guy down 1-2 what do you like to throw...HEAT !?
marzybrave:: Mike, who have you had trouble with over the years getting out?
MikeGonzalez:: gr82banautiger, Those guys were awesome, like family. We all really and truly were rooting for eachother, and for Wickman, I'm ready to get it to him!
1Cocoplz:: Do you have any goals set for yourself this year?
gr82bAnAUTiger:: awesome, can't wait!
striker42:: Who was your baseball idol growing up?
MikeGonzalez:: sjsftb27, I'm excited to be here, part of this tradition, a chance at the world series, LET'S GO!
paciorekpower:: mike, who is the toughest player in MLB that you've faced?
MikeGonzalez:: jamiesanders, GONZO
striker42:: You are truely "The Great Gonzo. I'm such a nerd
MikeGonzalez:: nrvhokie, and you know this maaan!
gr82bAnAUTiger:: GONZO! Love it :) That's a perfect Bobby Cox nick name
UncleJed10:: whats the toughest lineup in the national league for you to face Mike?
MikeGonzalez:: marzybrave, NOONE! MY BAD!<
MikeGonzalez:: LOL

striker42:: LOL
marzybrave:: I can see Bobby calling him Gonzie
TXBravesFan:: You still live in Texas, Mike? There are a few other Texans on the team, just so you know.
hudson2:: Chipper has a big ranch there
MikeGonzalez:: 1 cocoplz, NAH! JJ to finish the year healthy because if healthy I know I'll have a successful year!
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Our pen last year seemed to be a little tentative, and not agressive enough. Do you think you and Soriano can change that mindset a little, and take it to the hitters?
MikeGonzalez:: striker42, Fernando Valenzuela and Nolan Ryan
UncleJed10:: interesting!
striker42:: Good guys to base yourself on
hudson2:: Mike, what do u do for fun when ur not playing baseball?
UncleJed10:: ryan had a bionic arm
MikeGonzalez:: unclejed10, Definately had to be the Cardinals
UncleJed10:: yeah there tough with all the righties in the lineup
thethe:: Mike it seemed like in your last month before you were made inactive you really started to gain more control. You only had 2 walks and 15 strikeouts in 9 innings in august. Do you remember doing anything different or were you feeling good that month?
MikeGonzalez:: marzybrave, Ryan volgelsong used to call me that
NRVHokie:: Gonzo....you have me pumped for the sason already !
thethe:: You didn't let up any runs that month as well, something had to click.
thethe:: wow, 2 hits in 9innings, not too shabby
MikeGonzalez:: gr82banautiger, Oh they'll be no doubt in anyones mind when we go out there
1Cocoplz:: cool, thx Mike.
marzybrave:: Bobby Cox will definately be the second one to call you Gonzie.
UncleJed10:: power pitching wins in the playoffs mostly with smoltz,hampton,huddy, and the pen of soriano,gonzo and closer wickman you could dominant in the playoffs
paciorekpower:: what's your favorite thig to do on an off-day?
paciorekpower:: *thing
PatioDaddio:: Mike, do you think you will get at least ten save opportunities this year??
MikeGonzalez:: hudson2, Im a homebody, love watching movies and having a good steak
hudson2:: hell yeah
UncleJed10:: yeah the braves have alot of golfers on the team mike hope you golf!
marzybrave:: Do you have a special song that you like to hear played as you come into games?
striker42:: Steak. Charcoal or gas?
UncleJed10:: and mushrooms on your steak? yum
MikeGonzalez:: thethe, I became more comfortable in my role. Jim Tracy and Jim Colborn helped me control my emotions
gr82bAnAUTiger:: So, from someone that saw the Braves from the outside last year, what were your impressions of the team, and do you think we'll be better this year?
MikeGonzalez:: patiodaddio, i definately
MikeGonzalez:: want as many opportunities as possible

hudson2:: I see Wickman retiring after this year and then u beint the closer here for a long time!
thethe:: what kind of strength training have you done with your forearms this offseason mike?
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Yeah I can definitely see you taking over the closers role fulltime again in 2008, and you'll probably get some opportunities this year.
BoneThrower:: forgot about the chat tonight......doh
PatioDaddio:: lol
MikeGonzalez:: unclejed10, NO CHANCE! Everyone says I need to start, but I'de rather sleep in than have a 7 am tee time
hudson2:: Yeah i think u'll definatley get alot of chances this year.
MikeGonzalez:: thethe, Im popey the sailor man!
gr82bAnAUTiger:: You and Brian Heap McCann will get along great, he sleeps a lot from what we understand
marzybrave:: I am sure Mike will get some closing chances this summer
BoneThrower:: wish you would've been in our pen last year, Mike!
MikeGonzalez:: bonethrower, its all good, join the party!
marzybrave:: Mike, do you prepare yourself differently if you are closing rather than setting up?
BoneThrower:: Welcome aboard and can't wait to see you in a Braves uniform!
UncleJed10:: your like me mike I am a late sleeper love watching movies,sports fan etc etc
paciorekpower:: any pre-game rituals or things you do while on the mound besides bring it every day?
thethe:: is there one hitter that you have more trouble with when you go to the mound mike?
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Atlanta is a great city, outside the traffic, I'm sure you'll love it.
striker42:: Yeah, gotta watch out for the traffic. There was a chicken convention in town today that messed everything up.
UncleJed10:: mike whos your bet on the super bowl BEARS VS COLTS?
striker42:: But its a great place
NRVHokie:: Who said chicken !?
JamieSanders:: lol
MikeGonzalez:: marzybrave, its alittle different, being in the set up role your not sure you'll have the whole inning with a stud like Soriano. When you are closing its your inning! But I'm quick to adjustments, and there will be no problem1
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Bobby likes his relievers to go a full inning most of the time.
thethe:: I have a feeling that for at least this year the times when Wickman is rested the 8th inning is going to be yours
UncleJed10:: Mike have you heard good things about Roger Mcdowell has far as a pitching coach?
NRVHokie:: Mike....what is your favorite mound to throw off of ??
PatioDaddio:: Mike, how is your offspeed stuff and have you tested your elbow with your offspeed stuff since you started throwing??
UncleJed10:: any fav tune you would like played when you enter the game Mike......(the terminator)?
MikeGonzalez:: pacioricpower, No pre game rituals other than I love to make up hand shakes with team mates and pray on the mound before I pitch
MikeGonzalez:: unclejed10, How about GAME OVER! oh I forgot, there will still be another inning left

marzybrave:: Those prayers have certainly been answered it looks like
UncleJed10:: I am sure you'll get some save opportunities when wickman rests
MikeGonzalez:: patiodaddio, off speeds great, elbow is great, mind is right, LETS DO THIS!
gr82bAnAUTiger:: We're ready for the season to start too!
paciorekpower:: what's your favorite and least favorite city or stadium to travel to?
thethe:: wow, its really nice to see your confidence
MikeGonzalez:: marzybrave, ALWAYS HAVE BEEN!
UncleJed10:: man great to heare smoltz especially is going to love the new pen
thethe:: you seem to have the perfect makeup to be a closer
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Have they mentioned anything about the early throwing program the Braves do?
marzybrave:: I love your attitude. Makes me want to get the season started right now!
striker42:: You follow college football? Let me guess...Longhorns
marzybrave:: When is the early throwing program?
hudson2:: Vince Young baby!!!
UncleJed10:: and your a cowboys fan mike?
MikeGonzalez:: pacioricpower, favorite is pittsburgh, its abeautiful field. Least favorite, Chicago because their clubhouse is like a trailer house.
PatioDaddio:: ouch
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Gonzo, did you ever face Adam LaRoche, and how'd you guys do against each other?
paciorekpower:: hahah
atl14braves:: struck him out
PatioDaddio:: The Windy Clubhouse
MikeGonzalez:: striker42, unfortunately I'm not really big on watching football
paciorekpower:: day game or night games?
MikeGonzalez:: gr82banautiger, good morning, good afternoon, and good night. SORRY ABOUT THAT!
marzybrave:: Dome or fresh air?
gr82bAnAUTiger:: hahaha!
UncleJed10:: haha
striker42:: Nice
UncleJed10:: Its going to be mighty nice having you in there mike vs the braves biggest rival the mets
MikeGonzalez:: pacioricpower, definately night games, don't even look at my stats on day games
BoneThrower:: Mike, this might've been asked earlier, but what number do you plan to wear for the Braves? Any meaning behind the number?
PatioDaddio:: Jolie or Aniston?
MikeGonzalez:: marzybrave, Freshair, preferably hot and humid
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Can you see yourself closing for Atlanta for a long time? We've lost a lot of guys to free agency over the last few years.
striker42:: A 3.10 ERA in day games is bad?
striker42:: .231 BAA in day games
marzybrave:: You'll love Hotlanta and its humidity!
UncleJed10:: its hall of fame from what we saw last year out of the pen
MikeGonzalez:: bonethrower, 51 not big on numbers, but have kept it since my first spring training
MikeGonzalez:: patiodaddio, those lips

PatioDaddio:: ok
Steely03:: Mike, what do you say to the critics who claim your success as a closer isn't legit yet since it was for the Pirates and not during any kind of penant chase? And welcome to the Braves! Can't wait to see you get after it this year!
paciorekpower:: is it just you coming to atlanta or do you have a family?
striker42:: You do like the heat. In July and August you're nearly untouchable.
striker42:: Both sub-2 ERAs
marzybrave:: Golly we finally get Mike Gonzalez to come on and chat and we have to hear about Jolie's lips?
PatioDaddio:: lol
MikeGonzalez:: gr82banautiger, definately, love playing down south. hand me my tomahawk
PatioDaddio:: Sounds good to me
UncleJed10:: surgical or non surgical(jolie or aniston)
BravesFan85:: just wanted to stop in and say welcome to atlanta mike!!!
thethe:: we would love to have you here for the next ten years shutting the door for us
gr82bAnAUTiger:: HAHA! Awesome!
Steely03:: What is bigger? Jolie's lips or her head (ego)?
PatioDaddio:: I'll tell her when she gets here marzy
paciorekpower:: i just saw that you only gave up one HR last year (delgado). very impressive. gah i can't wait for opening day
marzybrave:: I am more pumped about spring training than I have been in a while, well since last year I guess!
MikeGonzalez:: steely03, I tell them I didn't pitch against the pirates line up, check out my numbers against the stud teams and they will tell you what I'm about, and I live for big games
marzybrave:: Gonzo, the new Mr. October!
BillShanks:: Okay folks Mike will be here for five more minutes. So if you have any final questions, go ahead and get them in now.
UncleJed10:: Thats what the Braves need prime timers in big games.....LIGHTS OUT GONZO bring on the Mets
striker42:: What hitter do you like facing the most?
MikeGonzalez:: marzybrave, Come with it!
paciorekpower:: if you needed to retaliate against another team would there be any hesitation on your part?
hudson2:: Just think if we had Gonzo instead of Farnsworhless in Houston!
striker42:: ICE COLD
UncleJed10:: Since its getting close to waving bye bye have a great upcoming season you'll have alot of fans cheering for you Mike in Georgia and around the country since I live in Indiana!
marzybrave:: Has a batter ever charged you yet?
MikeGonzalez:: unclejed10, I got something for Delgado
TXBravesFan:: Nice.
JamieSanders:: lol yee-uh
UncleJed10:: haha! its going to be fun bringing the heat!
MikeGonzalez:: striker42. Pujols, he seems to bring out the best in me
thethe:: Oh i hope you strike him out many times this year.
hudson2:: Mike good luck and u made this offseason the best! Can wait for you to kick the Mets ass this year, and to show Wagner that he's the 2nd best LH in baseball.
NRVHokie:: High Heat for Mr. Delgado !!
marzybrave:: I want to see you throw one of those heaters up under Bonds neck
Steely03:: Mike, you're a Brave now...Bonds comes up sitting on 755...you got a hit him right?
striker42:: I can't wait to see Delgado looking silly against hte high heat and nasty slideer
thethe:: I want an autograph when you visit New York to play the mets MIke. I live in NY, I will be waiting for you!!!!
MikeGonzalez:: pacioricpower, what do you think? BIG BALLS!
slickdaddy:: so pumped to have you aboard mike...kick some ass this year!!
slickdaddy:: hahahaha
marzybrave:: You sort of remind me of John Rocker with better sense!
BravesFan85:: hahaha good one marzy!
thethe:: you seem like a wild guy!!
gr82bAnAUTiger:: We can't wait to bring the pain from the pen again. Since Smoltz went back to the rotation and Farnsy left, no one down there has really had a big arm.
NRVHokie:: GONZO....GONZO....GONZO....GONZO............good luck this season !!!!!
bravesgurl30:: welcome to atlanta gonzo!!! we are all so excited to have you in a Braves uni!
BillShanks:: Okay Gonzo thanks so much for joining us tonight. As you can see you've gotten everybody pumped up and ready for the season. Welcome to the Braves' family and know we'll all be pulling for you.
TXBravesFan:: Great chat Mike, best of luck!
MikeGonzalez:: For everyone, Definately makes this transition a lot smoother having fans like you guys. Look forward to being a part of it!
1Cocoplz:: thx Gonzo
Steely03:: BRING IT!!!
hudson2:: U THA MAN!!!
BravesFan85:: thanks mike have a great season!
UncleJed10:: thanks mike
hudson2:: Good luck!!
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Thanks Mike! And welcome to the Braves! Can't wait to see you in Spring Training!
BoneThrower:: Good luck and thanks Mike!
hudson2:: Thanks Mike!!
marzybrave:: Gonzo, you have pumped me up, good luck and God Bless!
1Cocoplz:: Thanks Mike, GL this year
striker42:: Thanks for coming in Mike! I'm looking foward to seeing you shut things down with the rest of that pen.
thethe:: SEE YAH MIKE!!!!!
MikeGonzalez left

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