Ryan Langerhans Chat Transcript

Here's the transcript from the chat with Braves' outfielder Ryan Langerhans.

Ryan Langerhans joined
BillShanks:: Okay folks please welcome Ryan Langerhans to our chat! Ryan thanks so much for being with us. Ask away guys...
JamieSanders:: Ryan, thanks for joining us! What are your expectations for yourself this year?
SJsftb27:: Welcome Ryan! Thanks for joining us tonight!
thethe:: Hey Ryan, I was just asking Bill why it didn't click for you last year. I for one was expecting a nice little breakout year for you. Was it the platoon aspect or something else that I might not be thinking of?
BravesFanSince85:: Hey Langerbanger!!!!
bellbell:: sid is entitled to his opinion, but don't tell me that
RyanLangerhans:: sanders...just to go into spring training and help us get back where we belong at the top of the NL east
striker42:: How did the hand injury affect you last year?
striker42:: How did the hand injury affect you last year?
marzybrave:: Hey Ryan, welcome to our chat. Ryan, I had the pleasure of meeting you a couple of years ago at the Braves Clubhouse Store at CNN and you even had a picture made with me. You were a class act for doing that, I appreciate it!
thethe:: Ryan I was asking Bill earlier what was the reason you seemed to struggle last year. I for one was expecting a nice breakout year for you. Was it the platoon aspect or something else that I might not be thinking of?
RyanLangerhans:: the hand injury was part of it , it made me conscious of inside pitches... but overall my swing was just out of whack last year... and i wasn't ever to really able to get hot and confident
RyanLangerhans:: thanks for the compliment marzybrave
striker42:: You were awesome in the second half of 2005 so we know you have it in you.
RyanLangerhans:: i've spent a lot of time this winter working on my swing, and it feels better than it EVER has... now that just has to transfer to the field
thethe:: Even with the "bad" year you had last year, you managed to still have an OBP of 350, so you definately have the right idea at the plate
striker42:: Raul Mondesi of all people had some nice things to say about you.
thethe:: Its bittersweet, but I would really like to see you traded so you finally get everyday action for a whole year just to demonstrate to the league what you can do.
JamieSanders:: that's great news Ryan. You are an awesome outfielder, and if your swing is hot it will be awesome
slickdaddy:: hey ryan, had the pleasure of meeting you in spring training last year...thanks for taking the time to sign an autograph! i was just wondering, the game last year where you played center and made two of the best catches I've ever seen...did everybody give andruw a hard time about you coming for his job out there?
RyanLangerhans:: thank you thethe... i try to be patient up there, but at the same time i lost some of my aggresiveness with the hand injury and maybe should have said something about it sooner
striker42:: I was at the Marlins game where you just dominated in the field. That is the best defense I've ever seen by an outfielder not named Andruw.
RyanLangerhans:: slickdaddy... some guys did, andruw was actually great about it. he came over joking and said "what you trying to do out there? stay in your lane langy"
slickdaddy:: haha, thats awesome
hudson2:: lol
hudson2:: definately slick with the glove
striker42:: KJ said you killed his high school team with walk off HRs. You got any stories from the glory days of high school?
RyanLangerhans:: haha
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Hi Ryan, I'm a big fan. I like your combination of offense and defense, and followed you through the minors. What kind of numbers do you think you could put up if you were given a full season of ABs? (550 or so)?
RyanLangerhans:: yeah, i give KJ a hard time because he was a soph. when i was a sr. and his coach DHed for him when i pitched against them
striker42:: You pitched?
marzybrave:: Ryan, I suppose you are happy all the Rocco Baldelli rumors have finally been put to rest!
Steely03:: All good athletes pitch at some time.
RyanLangerhans:: gr82....i'm not sure, i never really worry too much about numbers. my dad always taught me to just play the game hard, and play to win...numbers will take care of themselves... i know i'm capable of much more than i have shown,
striker42:: You certainly do play hard. That's for sure.
RyanLangerhans:: striker... i pitched in high school
thethe:: I think the majority of brave fans on this board would classify you as a better player then we have seen yet
gr82bAnAUTiger:: I think so too Ryan... How much did your hand/wrist injury affect you last year? (sorry if this was already asked, I just got here).
marzybrave:: Fastball or offspeed?
RyanLangerhans:: gr82... a good deal but i probably should have said something instead of playing through it when i could see it wasn't getting better
RyanLangerhans:: marzy??
marzybrave:: What?
RyanLangerhans:: fastball or offspeed????
RyanLangerhans:: pitcher?
Steely03:: Ryan, in AJ's case...home team discount or take the money?
marzybrave:: What did you throw in highschool?
marzybrave:: Yes? Were you a fastball pitcher or more of a changup type?
striker42:: Would you rather hit a HR or take one away?
RyanLangerhans:: tough call steely... i love the guy so i would like to see him stay, but money's a touchy subject in any profession
BravesFanSince85:: Most exciting game you ever played in? Im guessing the Houston game a few years back!
RyanLangerhans:: marzy.... about 87-91mph, good changeup....TERRIBLE curveball
striker42:: LOL
Steely03:: Ryan, what about your favorite defensive play last year? Anything come to mind?
Steely03:: There were a few!
RyanLangerhans:: take one away striker...unless it's a big HR to give us a lead late in the game
marzybrave:: Are you excited about our new bullpen?
RyanLangerhans:: BravesFan...the 18 inning game was awesome... i also loved Game 2 when Smoltz faced Clemens... Turner Field was rockin' that night
BravesFanSince85:: yes it was!
BravesFanSince85:: Favorite Beer?
RyanLangerhans:: marzy.... i am, i hate to see one of my best friends leave, but i think a good arguement could be made that now we have the best bullpen in the league
RyanLangerhans:: Shiner Bock... it's a Texas beer... Dos Equis is a close 2nd
Steely03:: Ryan, what is Bobby like in the clubhouse? What is it like to be called into his office? Intimidating, easy going...?
BravesFanSince85:: nice
marzybrave:: Will Craig Wilson take some of your at-bats away from you? What do you feel your role will be now?
BaseballGM2k2:: Ryan as good as you 3 are....how does it feel playing defense along side the 2 guys to your right?
gr82bAnAUTiger:: (that would be to his left )
RyanLangerhans:: sorry bill
Steely03:: Ryan, what is Bobby like in the clubhouse? What is it like to be called into his office? Intimidating, easy going...?
BillShanks:: That's okay - no problem
Steely03:: I would think a big league guy could afford to get off dial up!
Steely03:: I keed.
marzybrave:: How has your role changed since Craig Wilson has been signed?
striker42:: What player did you idolize growing up and what team did you cheer for?
RyanLangerhans:: steely... he's great. probably the most positive man i've ever been around.
Steely03:: Yeah, I don't know how he does it (06' bullpen!)
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Ryan, have you ever faced Mike Gonzalez, and how big an acquisition was he for the pen?
RyanLangerhans:: marzy.... not sure. i'm going into spring with the attitude of winning the LF job
BravesFanSince85:: good attitude!
NRVHokie:: Ryando you have a favorite OF position ?
marzybrave:: Ryan, do you feel more comfortable as a starter or as a platoon player?
RyanLangerhans:: striker... well i watched chipper a lot...i was always a fan of Cal Ripken and Lou Gehrig
marzybrave:: Wow, you remember Lou Gehrig?
RyanLangerhans:: gr82... faced him in A ball, he's a big pickup for us. serious power lefty for late innings
RyanLangerhans:: NRVHokie.... i'm comfortable anywhere, but CF is my favorite
Steely03:: Ryan, how bad was June last year?
RyanLangerhans:: marzy.... i would like to be a starter but i'll do my best in any role
BRAVEDAD:: Hey langy who makes the best schrimp and crab legs in spring trainning
Steely03:: Joe's Stone Crab?
RyanLangerhans:: steely... one of the most frustrating times in my life, i was hurt during the long losing streak, and felt helpless sitting on the bench
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Ryan, you stated before that you intend to win the starting LF job. That brings up an interesting question. LaRoche commented last year that he needed at bats against lefties to get into rythm. Do you think it affects you being half of a platoon?
RyanLangerhans:: bravedad....that would be YOU
marzybrave:: Is it hard to stay alert during the games when you have to sit on the bench?
BravesFanSince85:: What size Bat do you swing?
striker42:: Did any player take you under their wing when you made the tem in 05?
RyanLangerhans:: gr82... it does to some extent...it helps me stay on the ball better
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Speaking of LaRoche, how much will he be missed both on the field and in the clubhouse?
RyanLangerhans:: marzy.... not too bad. plenty of guys to talk to.. i like to stand on the top step, that helps me
NRVHokie:: Ryan, have you ever played 1B ?
RyanLangerhans:: bravesfan.... 34inch 32 oz
RyanLangerhans:: striker... well, chipper did to some extent.... hudson was also very easy to talk to, and took care of all the rookies really well
striker42:: You watching American Idol?
marzybrave:: I know your career is far from over but do you have any desire to get into coaching or some other aspect of the game when your career is over, or have you even given it much thought?
paciorekpower:: what's your favorite thing to do on plane rides and long road trips?
Steely03:: Ryan, who's best at picking up the tab after dinner?
RyanLangerhans:: gr82....probably more so in the clubhouse, people could have fun at his expense and he took it well. great sense of humor, just a great guy all around
gr82bAnAUTiger:: 3 second delay
RyanLangerhans:: NVR... yes i played 1st in HS and still work out there during BP
RyanLangerhans:: striker... that's what DVR is for.. wife is cooking dinner and we will watch it later
Steely03:: I couldn't live without my dvr!
slickdaddy:: so ryan, who's the biggest prankster in the clubhouse? and have you ever been their victim?
RyanLangerhans:: marzy.... i would like to possibly coach at the high school level
RyanLangerhans:: paciore... play cards w/o a doubt...also like to go to the movies a lot
marzybrave:: Do you normally go down to Florida a few days before you are scheduled to report?
striker42:: Didn't you coach with KJ at some sort of offseason camp a couple years ago?
BaseballGM2k2:: Ryan as good as you 3 are....how does it feel playing defense along side the 2 guys to your right?
RyanLangerhans:: slick.... probably hudson or smoltz... they had a mini war going on last year trying to "one up " each other
striker42:: psst, GM2K2, they're to his left
BaseballGM2k2:: ya tha'ts what I mean
marzybrave:: Yea, the fans are to Langy's right
BaseballGM2k2:: to the right when we are watching tv though
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Has Hudson ever jumped out of your closet with a Scream mask on?
slickdaddy:: hahah
RyanLangerhans:: marzy... yes i do .... mccann, KJ and i are going to get there on the 15th
marzybrave:: Can't come fast enough!
SJsftb27:: lol
RyanLangerhans:: striker...i did a middle school camp with him
paciorekpower:: who's the thoughest pitcher for you to go against?
marzybrave:: I heard KJ is making great strides in learning secondbase. No doubts he will make it
RyanLangerhans:: gr82...he hasn't gotten me yet.. i hope i'm not on his list
NRVHokie:: Ryan, any tips to teaching an 8 yr old good hitting technique ?
striker42:: Scary thing about Hudson is that he doesn't seem to prank people small. He goes all out.
gr82bAnAUTiger:: LOL. So outside Hudson, who's the goofiest teamate you've had in the Braves organization, any level?
marzybrave:: Eddie is a good prankster too!
RyanLangerhans:: NRVhokie....eyes down on the ball, and to swing with purpose, a lot of young kids take some swings just trying to make contact
RyanLangerhans:: striker... yes he does
marzybrave:: I'm sure you played with Spooneybarger!
RyanLangerhans:: yes i did spooney was quite a character
striker42:: So do you think the left field job will be an open tryout this spring?
marzybrave:: With a name like Spooneybarger you had to be a character
RyanLangerhans:: striker... i'm not really sure what to expect, but i plan on making the most of every at bat i get
NRVHokie:: thanks Ryan....my boys love your hustle and look forward to coming to see you in Atl this june (we are in VA)
RyanLangerhans:: thank you NRV
TXBravesFan:: Big fan Ryan, good luck to you.
RyanLangerhans:: how do you guys feel about the team this year?
slickdaddy:: pumped like I am every year at this time
RyanLangerhans:: thanks TX... where in texas?
marzybrave:: Division winner!
striker42:: Have you modeled yourself on another player?
paciorekpower:: i think we're going to be a stud team
TXBravesFan:: Beaumont
NRVHokie:: like the changes !!
striker42:: I love the team.
RyanLangerhans:: striker... not really... i just try to go all out
RyanLangerhans:: marzy.... why not NL champs or WS champs!
slickdaddy:: so ryan this is a random question, but i noticed in the issue of choptalk that your apartment featured in it that it looked like there was a pic of you rochy and hank williams jr in the background...was that hank jr?
slickdaddy:: and yes WWS CHAMPS!
striker42:: What can we expect from Thorman?
slickdaddy:: WS*
marzybrave:: Ryan, hang around Mike Gonzalez for a few minutes and you will be convinced that we are not only going to win the division but the World Series too!
striker42:: Gonzalez would make a great salesman.
RyanLangerhans:: slick... yes it was, he came down for BP one day with his grandkids and roach and i got a pic with him
slickdaddy:: thats awesome...love bocephus...not to mention i love that you have sabbath for your entrance music
RyanLangerhans:: striker.... i think scott will be fine, just stick with him if he starts out slow he's too good to slump for too long.... i wouldn't be suprised to see him hit 20 HRs
marzybrave:: Langy........... Indianapolis or Chicago?
RyanLangerhans:: striker... i like the attitude he brings to the 'pen as well as the team
RyanLangerhans:: marzy tough one.... i love peyton INDY
marzybrave:: I wish you could have heard his chat last week!
striker42:: What did you do in the second half of 2005 that gave you so much success?
striker42:: I love the balance this team could have
striker42:: A deep rotation, a fantastic pen, and more than enough offense.
striker42:: What do you think will be this team's signiture?
RyanLangerhans:: i was confident and just knew i was gonna beat that guy on the mound every time up no matter who it was.... last year...not so much. part of it was i couldn't turn on inside pitches with my top hand so swollen
marzybrave:: Were you shocked at the release of Giles?
NRVHokie:: Ryan, here is one question for you. You are the GM and can make one change/addition to the '07 Braves....what do you do ?
RyanLangerhans:: striker.... if we're healthy PITCHING, but i think balance is a good word to describe this team
striker42:: This team can beat you a different way every day of the week.
RyanLangerhans:: NRV... i'm gonna leave that one alone
striker42:: Shut down pen suday
striker42:: Dominant start monday
gr82bAnAUTiger:: So Ryan, you and your wife were on that house hunting show and bought a house, weren't you? What was that like?
striker42:: HRs tuesday
Steely03:: Ryan are you concerned about the defense on the right side of the infield with Thor and KJ?
RyanLangerhans:: marzy... yes i was. i thought if he left it would be via trade
striker42:: etc
NRVHokie:: love that answer !
marzybrave:: i agree with you about Gilley
RyanLangerhans:: gr82.... we didn't buy it, it was an investment thing, doing the renevations...my wife wasn't on there with me
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Oh my bad
TXBravesFan:: You've made a lot of great plays in the field, any stand out above the rest? That homer you robbed last year vs FLA (I think) was amazing.
Steely03:: Ryan, can the players tell when a teammate falls out of favor with the team?
RyanLangerhans:: steely... not really, KJ is a great athlete and a hard worker
NRVHokie:: Ryan....what do you think will happen with Andruw !?
RyanLangerhans:: TX,,, i'm not sure that one stands out, that catch pumped me up though
striker42:: Any predictions of ST surprises?
striker42:: (spring training)
marzybrave:: After playing with McCann now for a year and a half, tell us really how good a player you think he is going to be. The best catcher in the major leagues?
Steely03:: Ryan, who on the team should be on MTV's Cribs showing off their house?
RyanLangerhans:: NRV.... i really don't know i haven't talked to him lately, i really hope he stays cause he is a GREAT teammate
NRVHokie:: we do to......the ultimate Brave !!
RyanLangerhans:: striker... i don't know, haven't thought too much about it, i hope Boyer comes in healthy
striker42:: You're not the only one
RyanLangerhans:: marzy.... a few technical things catchin'(very minor), but everyone loves throwing to him. All Star for the next 10-12 yrs
RyanLangerhans:: steely..... AJ no doubt
striker42:: What will keep this team from having another June?
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Has Andruw given you any tips in the outfield? He's probably the greatest outfielder I've ever seen.
RyanLangerhans:: striker... staying healthy in the rotation, but the bullpen is probably #1.
Steely03:: Ryan, any minor league coaches in the system that made an impression on you?
striker42:: What's the coolest thing about being a major league baseball player?
Steely03:: Chicks dig the longball
RyanLangerhans:: gr82.... he's given my quite a few, he's always showing me little things about how to know where to play certain hitters
marzybrave:: How intimidated were you that first day in the major leagues after your callup?
RyanLangerhans:: steely.... brian snitker was great, coached me much the same way my dad did in high school
Steely03:: new 3b coach right?
gr82bAnAUTiger:: SNIT!
RyanLangerhans:: marzy.... it was wierd, everything seemed so big and so loud
RyanLangerhans:: steely... yes that's right
Steely03:: Top 5 CD's in your player?
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Ryan, can you compare 2005 to 2006 for us? What was so different about the teams, was it just the bullpen or was there more to it than that?
marzybrave:: Especially the big screen out in centerfield. It must have looked strange to see your face that huge!
RyanLangerhans:: striker... there's so many... the coolest is the guys you get to hang out with.... you realize they are good people(for the most part) and just a person like everyone else
striker42:: You ever get recognized?
RyanLangerhans:: steely... johnny cash, brad paisley, led zepplin, sabbath, and luke bryan
TallahasseeBravo:: Great to hear from you Ryan. How much do you think the injury effected your swing the second half of last year?
Steely03:: Nice
striker42:: Awesome list
Steely03:: Bill, is that where you get the black shirt from? Homage to the man?
marzybrave:: Johnny Cash and Led Zepplin in the same sentence?
RyanLangerhans:: striker... sometimes, sometimes not at all and then like multiple times in the same day
striker42:: I actually have Cash and Zepplin in my player right now
striker42:: Just to let you know, you were the wallpaper on my sister inlaw's computer for a very long time.
RyanLangerhans:: marzy... i have a pretty diverse taste.. good music is good music though you know
marzybrave:: Isn't that as diverse as Albert Pujols and Jesse Garcia?
RyanLangerhans:: lol
Steely03:: Man, to be in Folsom Prison when Cash showed up! The problem was, you couldn't leave when it was over!
Steely03:: Jessie Garcia...holy crap....
RyanLangerhans:: haha
striker42:: Marzy, are you insulting Cash or Zepplin. Either way you're wrong.
RyanLangerhans:: that's clever steely
Steely03:: I love that movie
striker42:: What's the most memorable play you've ever made?
marzybrave:: No not really insulting, just trying to figure out how they both fit in?
marzybrave:: Sort of like Willie Nelson and ACDC!
RyanLangerhans:: striker....probably the HR i hit in houston.. it was my first big league HR, in houston, in front of family, on my wife's bday, and most of all it won the game for us
striker42:: That's awesome
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Good one
TXBravesFan:: That was an awesome game
BillShanks:: Awesome game
Steely03:: Did you tell your wife you were going yard for her?
striker42:: I remember that game like yesterday
BillShanks:: That was Hudson vs. Clemens too, wasn't it?
RyanLangerhans:: yes it was
striker42:: You deposited one in the right field stands, correct?
RyanLangerhans:: yep
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Did you get that ball by any chance?
marzybrave:: I'll never forget it either. It was against Clemens wasn't it?
BillShanks:: That was one of the best Braves baseball games this decade to me. Awesome game
RyanLangerhans:: steely... honestly i didn't remember it was her bday until after the game
Steely03:: Better than Rick Camp?
striker42:: Classic Braves game
striker42:: LOL
gr82bAnAUTiger:: LOL
BillShanks:: Camp was in the 80s you old fart
RyanLangerhans:: gr82... yes i did
Steely03:: oh this decade
BillShanks:: lol
gr82bAnAUTiger:: That's awesome, Ryan, you have to trade a bat or something for it?
Steely03:: Man, I turn 34 on TH too...catching up to ya Shanks!
BillShanks:: Ryan's birthday is Friday, right Langer?
striker42:: Who did you hit the HR off of Ryan?
TallahasseeBravo:: Nah Bill. The best Braves game of the decade had to be the night we had the streaker sliding into home....
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Happy early B'day!
BillShanks:: Okay folk just a few more minutes with Langer
BillShanks:: Get your final questions in right now
RyanLangerhans:: it's Feb. 20
marzybrave:: The game from last year was Frenchie's grandslam against Washington was a memorable game
SJsftb27:: Happy Early Birthday!!!
RyanLangerhans:: dan wheeler
gr82bAnAUTiger:: <--- feb 28th here
BillShanks:: Oops the media guide must be wrong
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Who was the toughest pitcher you ever faced?
Steely03:: Ryan, if I see you in FL I'll buy you a Shiner Bock or three...
striker42:: Good pitcher. It's always sweeter to hit one off a good pitcher, aint it?
RyanLangerhans:: marzy... i was going nuts when jeff connected on that one
TallahasseeBravo:: Ryan, we're all hoping you can stay healthy and show the Braves what you can do full time this year!
Steely03:: Better guy with a bow...you or Rochey?
NRVHokie:: Thanks Ryan...hit one out for my boys against the Tigers this year on their June visit vs. the Braves : )
TXBravesFan:: What do they call you in the clubhouse? On the boards it's Langy, Langer, Langerbanger even.
RyanLangerhans:: steely....bow it's really close
RyanLangerhans:: rifle = me, shotgun = rochey
RyanLangerhans:: striker ... yes it is
striker42:: You a big angler as well?
RyanLangerhans:: striker... yes i am
striker42:: Favorite reel?
NRVHokie:: You should try small mouth on the New River here in VA !!
RyanLangerhans:: TX... Bobby calls me langer or langs.... most everyone else calls me langy.... diaz started the "banger" thing, but he calls me langy too
RyanLangerhans:: striker... any nice shimano
gr82bAnAUTiger:: A lot of folks around here call you Langerbanger
striker42:: I'm a zebco man myself. A bit old fasioned but it will bring in the 10 pound bass just the same.
Steely03:: I'm a Quantum guy...dad used them on tour...
Steely03:: well Zebco back then
marzybrave:: Did you have any luck hunting this off season? And what did you get?
RyanLangerhans:: marzy.... shot a bunch of does at me and rochey's place in kansas and then i shot an 11 point with my bow at chipper's
RyanLangerhans:: well guys i gotta run, shari just said dinner was ready
SJsftb27:: Thanks for chatting with us! Good Luck to you this season! I look forward to seeing you when I come down for ST!
TXBravesFan:: Thanks Ryan, best of luck!
BillShanks:: Ryan Thanks So Much!
RyanLangerhans:: thank you everyone
striker42:: Thanks Ryan. You've been great.
gr82bAnAUTiger:: Thanks for joining us, Ryan! Stop in again anytime! Go Braves!
marzybrave:: Thanks Ryan and good luck for a very productive season!
RyanLangerhans:: i enjoyed the questions and look forward to talking to y'all at the ballpark this year
RyanLangerhans left

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