Beck ready to have complete, healthy season

Here's an interview with Casey Beck, a draft pick from last June likely headed to Danville next month.

SHANKS: How did you first spring training go?
BECK: It's went well. I just experienced all the new things that come along with it. Being able to play with the older guys that have been here before and learning a lot of different things.

SHANKS: What did you think when you were drafted by the Braves last June?
BECK: I was real excited to start career as a professional. I got down here and had a lot of fun for my first season. I'm excited about this season and what it has to offer for me.

SHANKS: What exactly was your injury last year?
BECK: I had an oblique strain. It really wasn't that big of a deal. I probably could have come back at the end of the season, but they held me out. I pitched at Instructional League and everything went smooth.

SHANKS: Were you always a reliever?
BECK: College I was the closer. I spot started a couple of games, whenever they need me to. And in high school I was a starter.

SHANKS: Since you relieved in college, how does that help you now in pro ball take on the same role as opposed to being a high school starter switching jobs?
BECK: I think it probably gives me an advantage coming into pressure situations that relievers have to do. In college we went to the World Series so that I came into a lot of big games, so I was able learn how to deal with big situations.

SHANKS: How hard do you throw?
BECK: I'm usually in the mid-90s. I have a slider, changeup, and I can throw a changeup, but being a power reliever I don't need it. If they decided to let me start I could throw it. The slider is my strikeout pitch.

SHANKS: What's the goal this year?
BECK: Stay healthy and do the best I can.

SHANKS: How much does the competition out here help you succeed and improve?
BECK: In baseball you always have to deal with competition. You know when you come out here you've got to stay on your toes.

Bill Shanks is the author of Scout's Honor: The Bravest Way To Build A Winning Team, a look inside the Braves‘ traditional scouting and player development philosophies. He can be heard on 680 the Fan in Atlanta and 105.5 the Fan in Macon. Email Bill at

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