Morris hopes for solid season in Rome

Here's an interview from Spring Training with Josh Morris, who is struggling in Rome with a .165 batting average in his first 34 games this season.

SHANKS:Talk about your first spring training. How is it going?
MORRIS: Great. I was a little nervous coming in. I didn't know what to expect. But I've had a good time and been able to get to know some of the older players. It's been fun.

SHANKS: Now did you participate in Instructional League in the fall?
MORRIS: No they sent me straight to Rome, so I didn't go.

SHANKS: Well it was a long year for you so the rest was probably welcomed?
MORRIS: Yeah it was awesome. It was my first big break I ever had. Growing up it was like summer ball and then fall ball and then training. So it was a nice offseason last year. I enjoyed it.

SHANKS: What do you think about your season last year in Rome?
MORRIS: I started off slow, real slow. The adjustment from the metal to wood was a big adjustment. It took a lot longer than I thought it would. For a while there I had it going then I kind of tapered off there at the end. Overall I'd rate myself a… I don't know I did okay. I came in with a lot of big expectations, and to be honest with you at first it kind of got to me. Working with Bobby Moore to kind of shorten my swing there I had a run there toward the end so I'm going to try to build off that for this year.

SHANKS: Was the adjustment from aluminum to wood tougher than you thought?
MORRIS: To be honest, yes because I went up to the Cape (Cod League) and it only took a couple of games and I felt comfortable up there. I didn't think it would take as long. But it took a lot longer. There's some good pitching in the South Atlantic League. My hat's off to a lot of those guys. It took longer than I thought.

SHANKS: In a way, I guess it kind of slowed you down. You had such a great season at UGA. Then to be drafted and to expect you to continue to hit all those home runs might have been unrealistic. So does this in a way make you a better hitter now?
MORRIS: Oh yeah it humbled me. Home runs came easy in college with the aluminum bat and a long swing. You've got to shorten it up. There's very little margin of error. It definitely humbled me and gives me something to work toward.

SHANKS: Is shortening that swing still the primary thing you need to do?
MORRIS: I worked real hard in the offseason. I hope it pays off. I've just got to get back going.

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