The Braves Show's Offseason Coverage

Here's a look at the offseason coverage on The Braves Show.

With the Braves' season ending Sunday, it's now time to plan ahead for the offseason. While John Schuerholz will try to see which starting pitchers may be available, we here at The Braves Show will start our own offseason duties starting Monday, October 1st.

The Braves Show Talk Show will be a huge part of the offseason coverage. There will be two talk shows per week, Monday at 12:00 pm ET and Thursday night at 8:00 pm ET. These shows could be occasionally changed based on scheduling conflicts, but we will try to keep the shows set at the same time every week.

For the talk shows, we'll have time to about the latest trade rumors and we'll also occasionally have guests in to chat about the Braves. This will include Braves' players, prospects, executives, and reporters.

A huge tradition the last two offseasons has been the Tuesday night chats, and once again we'll chat in The Braves Show chatroom every Tuesday at 7:00 pm ET. The time may fluctuate from time to time, but that will be the scheduled time for the chats. As you know, the chats can sometime last for a few hours, so be prepared to talk about the Braves every Tuesday night during the offseason. And we will have some players and prospects in to chat this winter.

Podcast commentaries will also be provided with detailed discussions and opinion on the latest news involving the Braves.

For the third year in a row we will start our offseason coverage looking at the top 35 questions facing the Braves this winter. That series will start Monday. Here is a look at the topics being discussed this year:

October 01 - 01. Why did the Braves not make the playoffs in 2007?
October 02 - 02. What went right for the Braves in 2007?
October 03 - 03. What does the payroll look like for 2008?
October 04 - 04. How long can John Smoltz remain the Braves ace?
October 05 - 05. Is Tim Hudson finally back?
October 06 - 06. Can Mike Hampton return next season?
October 07 - 07. Can Chuck James take that next step?
October 08 - 08. Is Jo Jo Reyes ready for the big leagues?
October 09 - 09. Who will round out the rotation?
October 10 - 10. Will the Braves go after Tom Glavine?
October 11 - 11. Can the Braves trade for a starting pitcher?
October 12 - 12. Who will be the closer in 2008?
October 14 - 13. When will Mike Gonzalez return next season?
October 16 - 14. How good is Peter Moylan?
October 18 - 15. Will Mahay and Dotel be re-signed?
October 20 - 16. Is Royce Ring ready to take over as the lefty reliever?
October 22 - 17. Which minor league relievers will battle for a job?
October 24 - 18. How good is Brian McCann?
October 26 - 19. Who will be McCann's backup next season?
October 28 - 20. Can the Braves re-sign Mark Teixeira?
October 30 - 21. Is Kelly Johnson the long-term second baseman?
November 1 - 22. Will the Braves trade Edgar Renteria?
November 3 - 23. Can Yunel Escobar take over at shortstop?
November 5 - 24. Can Chipper Jones stay healthy next season?
November 7 - 25. Will the Braves trade Scott Thorman?
November 9 - 26. Who will be the reserve infielders in 2008?
November 11 - 27. What went wrong with Andruw Jones in 2007?
November 13 - 28. Who will be the Braves centerfielder?
November 15 - 29. Will Jeff Francoeur continue to improve?
November 17 - 30. Does Matt Diaz deserve a chance to play everyday?
November 19 - 31. What will the Braves do with Willie Harris?
November 20 - 32. Is Brandon Jones ready to be a big leaguer?
November 21 - 33. Which prospects could contribute in 2008?
November 22 - 34. How long will Bobby Cox continue as manager?
November 23 - 35. How will Frank Wren do as Braves' GM?

Along with the 35-part series on the Braves' top questions, we will also take a look at the competition. Just like the Braves do in their organizational meetings in October, we'll take a look at all of the other 29 teams in major league baseball and what they are facing this offseason. The reports will also include potential interest the Braves may have in certain players and identify potential trade partners for the winter.

Here is a look at the schedule for the reports on the other 29 teams in the big leagues:

October 01 - Tampa Bay Devil Rays
October 02 - Pittsburgh Pirates
October 03 - Kansas City Royals
October 04 - Baltimore Orioles
October 05 - San Francisco Giants
October 06 - Florida Marlins
October 07 - Chicago White Sox
October 08 - Cincinnati Reds
October 09 - Washington Nationals
October 10 - Houston Astros
October 13 - Texas Rangers
October 15 - Oakland Athletics
October 17 - St. Louis Cardinals
October 19 - Minnesota Twins
October 21 - Los Angeles Dodgers
October 23 - Toronto Blue Jays
October 25 - Milwaukee Brewers
October 27 - Chicago Cubs
October 29 - Seattle Mariners
October 31 - New York Mets
November 2 - Detroit Tigers
November 4 - Colorado Rockies
November 6 - San Diego Padres
November 8 - Philadelphia Phillies
November 10 - Arizona Diamondbacks
November 12 - Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
November 14 - New York Yankees
November 16 - Boston Red Sox
November 18 - Cleveland Indians

Over the next five weeks, we will also examine the free agent market. Each Monday we'll have a report on a certain position and potential targets for the Braves in that market. Here's the schedule for those reports:

October 01 - Free Agent Starting Pitchers
October 08 - Free Agent Relief Pitchers
October 15 - Free Agent Catchers
October 22 - Free Agent Infielders
October 29 - Free Agent Outfielders

The Braves Show will once again have a detailed look at the Braves' prospects. Starting in late October the website will provide player profiles on 125 of the Braves' top prospects, including interviews with the prospects and with scouts who have seen them play.

And finally The Braves Show will have extensive coverage of the breaking news of the offseason, including the latest rumors, trades, and free agent signings. When news breaks on the Atlanta Braves, you can count on The Braves Show.

The majority of this content will be available for our premium subscribers only. The talk shows and chats are exclusively for subscribers, and probably 80% of the articles will be for subscribers only. So if you're not a subscriber, CLICK HERE to subscribe to The Braves Show.

Bill Shanks is the author of Scout's Honor: The Bravest Way To Build A Winning Team, a look inside the Braves‘ traditional scouting and player development philosophies. He can be heard on 680 the Fan in Atlanta and 105.5 the Fan in Macon. Email Bill at

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