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Here's the chat with Braves' reliever Peter Moylan.

Peter Moylan has entered the room
<BillShanks> Okay folks... The Braves Show is pleased to have Braves' Reliever Peter Moylan with us tonight - LIVE from Australia, where it is already Wednesday morning. Welcome Peter and start the questions...
<hudson2> hey Peter
<PeterMoylan> Hey huddy
<thethe> Hello Peter, pleasure to have you here.
<PeterMoylan> Pleasure to be here the
<hudson2> you really became a nice option in the bullpen this year
<thethe> Three years ago Peter, did you ever think that this past season was ever a possibility?
<xman12379> Peter were you shocked by Edgar being traded so soon?
<PeterMoylan> what it as much a surprise to you as it was to me hud?
<hudson2> always knew it would be ok when i saw you coming out of the pen!
<hudson2> lol, a very nice surprise!
<PeterMoylan> the i had given up on my big league dream!
<thethe> Amazing how things change, Braves nation is glad you didn't give that
dream up.
<hudson2> we were declaring you the closer toward the end of the season
<hudson2> definitely glad you're here
<thethe> Are you hurting still after the rigorous season this past year.
<PeterMoylan> I would love a chance to close but right now i think raffy has it covered
<thethe> Have you recovered at all yet?
<xman12379> with you in the 8th and raffy in the ninth we can all rest easy
<PeterMoylan> I actually started working out again today! that was tough! shoulder feels pretty good though
<FUEagle> Nice to have you here Pete. How is the weather?
<bluehose1> Howdy Pete!
<PeterMoylan> FUE its pretty cold right now but its getting warmer
<BravesAgent47> Peter, was it hard on you to be over here in the states, while your wife was giving birth to your second child?
<PeterMoylan> Hey blue
<hudson2> Peter, you have more movement on your pitches then i've seen from just about anybody, just make hitters look bad!
<FUEagle> Peter we are already ready for 08. Im sure you would love the rest
<thethe> Which situation after your first full year stands out the most to in terms of
batter faced or situation?
<PeterMoylan> Agent47 it was pretty tough but it was something we had decided early in the year and it also allowed me to focus 100% on baseball
<skidlee21> Hello Mr Moylan
<BravesAgent47> I'm glad to hear that
<skidlee21> What do you like to do outside of baseball?
<PeterMoylan> thethe i think coming in with bases loaded and 0 out against the cubbies and getting out of it was when my confidence stated to grow and i felt like I really belonged
<JamieSanders> Peter, great to have you with us. What do you do in the offseason to entertain yourself? What is your favorite food?
<FUEagle> I remember that. I felt the same way about ya
<bluehose1> Have you and Phil Stockman gotten pretty close? I remember back in the Spring David O'Brien talked a lot about a cheer you guys had
<thethe> That was a special inning without a doubt!
<hudson2> Peter, went to Sydney a couple of years ago, beautiful country from what i saw. Thinking of going back next year, what would you recommend doing while there?
<thethe> Peter, who in your professional career has made the biggest impact on you in total and in the Braves organization?
<PeterMoylan> jamie for the last 4 weeks i have just relaxed! or been lazy how ever you want to look at it, but I started my pre season today so i will be pretty busy
<FUEagle> Are you anxious to get back out there?
<PeterMoylan> hudson you must go to Melbourne best restaurants in Australia!
<JamieSanders> Do you have a nickname? What do they call you in the clubhouse?
<hudson2> awesome, thanks
<seanyates> who is the toughest guy you've faced since being with the braves?
<PeterMoylan> Fueagle if i had my way the season would have never ended!
<PeterMoylan> Jamie most people call me MATE in the clubhouse! but back home its moylo!
<50PoundHead> G'day Mr. Moylan.
<PeterMoylan> Sean honestly the toughest guy has been church from the nationals, i cant get him out!!
<PeterMoylan> Gday pound
<50PoundHead> Pete, I hope Shanks sprung for the cell phone minutes.
<seanyates> haha yeah church is a good player
<PeterMoylan> hahahahaha yeah shanks did!
<thethe> Peter, who in your professional career has made the biggest impact on you in total and in the Braves organization?
<hudson2> Aussie Aussie Aussie.....Oi Oi Oi …
<50PoundHead> I hear Bill is a cheap SOB so he must like you.
<060606> Hey Pete-how do you like working with Bobby and Roger??
<hudson2> lol
<PeterMoylan> thethe i would have to say Dayton Moore he was the first guy I met and he made me feel comfortable from day 1
<thethe> DON"T GO TO THE ROYALS!!!
<thethe> We need you here!
<FUEagle> Yeah stay here
<seanyates> what did it mean to you to have your dad watch you play in NY against the mets after you initially didn't make the team out of spring training?
<BravesAgent47> Did you have anyone that inspired you to become a pitcher when you were growing up Peter?
<PeterMoylan> I love the braves guys im not going anywhere by choice
<hudson2> just don't hire Boras!
<thethe> But that is interesting however that an assistant GM made such an impact
on a relative unknown. Goes to show what type of person Dayton was.
<thethe> Were you surprised at how quick the trade went down Peter? Am I allowed to ask you about the trade?
<PeterMoylan> agent i was a shortstop untill i was 17 and it was a Twins scout that said i should try pitching! i guess it was the coke bottle glasses that help me make that decision too!! lol
<BravesAgent47> lol
<skidlee21> lol
<FUEagle> haha
<hudson2> lol
<hudson2> have you always thrown sidearm?
<PeterMoylan> thethe i guess im allowed to give my opinion on the trade. BILL?
<BillShanks> Sure
<skidlee21> Pete, Were you thrilled about being picked to pitch for your country in the WBC?
<FUEagle> yeah go ahead lol
<PeterMoylan> I think Yunel is going to be a superstar and starting pitching is what we need I think!
<FUEagle> I think we all agree with that
<thethe> Gee, I guess that was a resounding thumbs up!
<auburngal75> sounds like just what jeff francoueur said this morning on an atlanta radio show
<FUEagle> We loved Rent but this is what needed to be done
<thethe> Do you get the feeling around the team that Wren is going to be extremely active this offseason?
<PeterMoylan> skid that is the reason I am here right now! if it wasnt for the WBC i would still be selling Pharmaceuticals
<seanyates> what's your favorite road city to travel to and why?
<PeterMoylan> thethe from what i read i do think a lot of moves will be made
<auburngal75> is there someone on the team who is your pitching "mentor"?
<PeterMoylan> FUEagle renty was such a great guy he will be missed!
<hudson2> Peter has Smoltz helped you at all?
<FUEagle> ditto
<PeterMoylan> Sean I love San Diego! obvious reasons!
<thethe> How would characterize Roger McDowell as a man and a pitching coach peter?
<skidlee21> lol thethe I was just asking that
<PeterMoylan> SMOLTZ is my hero! We talked a lot about pitching! he spent half a season throwing side arm which was a huge help for me
<hudson2> awesome
<hudson2> Smoltz is great
<BravesAgent47> Thats great to hear Moylan. When you think the Braves you think John Smoltz
<thethe> sorry skid
<skidlee21> no its ok
<skidlee21> just was wondering if anyone was going to ask
<PeterMoylan> Roger was tough to crack at the start but so was everyone. I was some guy from Australia who hadn't played in the US for 7 years but now he is a great guy and coach! being a sinker slider guy he has alot to offer me too
<seanyates> how did it make you feel when bobby had the confidence in you to throw you out there in pretty much every close game?
<thethe> Our of the arms that you have seen in the Braves collection, who do you think will surprise the fans next year either in the starting rotation or in the pen?
<PeterMoylan> Smoltz is Braves baseball
<BravesAgent47> Did he adjust your mechanics at all Peter, or did he leave well enough alone?
<goteamgoteamgo> Peter, when you left the Majors in 1997 and went back to Australia how active were you in any type of baseball? Had you pretty much given up on the MLB or did you still have hope?
<PeterMoylan> pitching is all about confidence and it took his confidence in me for me to have confidence in myself!!
<PeterMoylan> agent he said to me in spring to just stop trying to throw the ball by everone and let the movement work! not so much said about my delivery
<BravesAgent47> If it aint broke, don't fix it!!
<PeterMoylan> go team i just played in a weekend league in Australia every Sunday so as you can imagine 80 games for me this year was a bit of a new experience
<seanyates> how do you handle being so far away from all of your friends and family?
<bluehose1> How's the arm feeling?
<PeterMoylan> sean because you spent so much time with the the team they really become your family!
<thethe> Our of the arms that you have seen in the Braves collection, who do you think will surprise the fans next year either in the starting rotation or in the pen?
<Steely03> Peter, non-baseball question...favorite Aussie surfer???
<PeterMoylan> blue i started working out today and start throwing in 2 weeks. It felt good today but I will let you know when i start throwing again!
<PeterMoylan> taj burrows steely
<JamieSanders> Peter, is Raffy as quiet and mysterious has he seems on the outside? When you guys go out to eat, does he simply point at the picture on the menu?
<Steely03> Nice
<Steely03> Mick Fanning is about to win it all though
<bluehose1> Good... you pitched a ton of games this year, and I was kind of worried it would take its toll
<seanyates> do a lot of people back home know about your success as a MLB player or do most people in Australia not pay attention to US baseball?
<PeterMoylan> 2,0thethe i think manny acosta might become a started next year! he has 4 great pitches, zach shrieber is one to watch too
<Steely03> Peter...Midnight Oil fan?
<thethe> I hope the protect Zach I am just not sure wha tthe number crunch is going
to be.
<PeterMoylan> sean i can walk Australia and no one knows who i am. Its beautiful
<FUEagle> lol
<BravesAgent47> lol
<seanyates> lol
<PeterMoylan> steely! i was but Peter Garret is part of the government now!!!
<Steely03> yeah, but if you walked Western Australia you might not see anyone for a while
<PeterMoylan> very true steely! That's the OUTBACK for sure
<skidlee21> Pete, Who is the biggest jockster in the clubhouse? Huddson?
<Steely03> Yeah, Peter up and left and took a government job. I grew up worshiping Midnight Oil...still do.
<PeterMoylan> skid between huddy, pete or and brian mccann you really have to watch your back
<Steely03> sorry ya'll, I'm a wanna-be Aussie...seriously
<BravesAgent47> Peter, was it fun to sing "Summer Lovin" with Jeff Francouer on the jumbotron?
<Steely03> don't really eat that stuff do you?
<PeterMoylan> hahahahaha fun is one word to describe it!!!! i cant believe its now on youtube!
<skidlee21> Pere Orr? the connect 4 Champ? LOL
<FUEagle> LOL I got a kick out of that
<BravesAgent47> I know, I must say you guys should have won
<PeterMoylan> steely i grew up on vegemite! its an aquired taste!
<Steely03> Is Nigel Marvin an Aussie?
<PeterMoylan> who is nigel marvin?
<Steely03> Kind of like the croc hunter
<seanyates> could you tell that teams were making adjustments to you as the season
went on?
<Steely03> on Animal Planet
<PeterMoylan> agent i was going to appeal the decision but i just let it go
<thethe> Is that guy who won the world series of poker famous in Australia Peter?
<JamieSanders> nigel marvin is cool, but not as cool as jeff corwin
<50PoundHead> Is Air Supply the greatest Aussie rock band ever?
<Steely03> my 4 year old thinks he is nigel marvin and even is beginning to talk like an aussie
<Steely03> Air Supply isnt Aussie///
<PeterMoylan> thethe he put poker on the map in Australia joe hashim! you cant find hundreds of people playing at every casino everynight!
<50PoundHead> What are they then Steely?
<Steely03> People will argue AC/DC, INXS, Midnight Oil
<Steely03> lame
<cjones4mvp> Sweet!! we got pete. congrats on a great season peter, looking forward to another one :)
<PeterMoylan> thanks cjones i cant wait to get back!
<PeterMoylan> tallahassee bobby is one of the most geniune caring people I've met! he treats everyone the same and makes you feel like you are part of the team
<PeterMoylan> thethe i will throw the 3rd if it means i get to pitch! i loved throwing the amount i did this year it helps you will consistency
<BravesAgent47> Was it a big boost of confidence how Bobby seemed to rely on you the most out of the pen? It seemed to me througout the year that he always had condifence in you.
<PeterMoylan> Fueagle we would have really given the playoffs a shake! We would have been hard to beat!
<thethe> Are you excited as to what the back end of this bullpen could look like if Gonzo comes back strong?
<PeterMoylan> agent i was just so happy to be able to repay his confidence by throwing well
<PeterMoylan> thethe we will have one of the best pens again next year! its going to be a crazy spring with all the arms we have
<thethe> I was wondering if you ever check in with your fellow country men in the Braves minor league system Steve Kent and the catcher who I always forget his name.
<FUEagle> Peter I think we are very close and we have a great shot in 08
<TallahasseeBravo> OK Pete, what's really better? Austrailian rules or American football?
<thethe> matthew kennelly I believe is his name
<FUEagle> I'll answer for Peter...American :)
<PeterMoylan> 2,0i saw steve kent yesterday! he is a great kid! kinelly is the other guy also great but they are both so young
<thethe> Just wondered considered you guys share the same homeland if it compelled you to have open dialogue with them.
<PeterMoylan> Tallahassee, i have grown to love NFL but i grew up with aussie rules, its hard to go past it
<BravesAgent47> How is that new baby of yours doing? She crawling yet?
<FUEagle> Whats your favorite restaraunt in Atlanta??
<PeterMoylan> not crawling yet but I think she is going to be a lefty!!!
<thethe> LOL
<BravesAgent47> lol
<FUEagle> sweet
<thethe> Fearless prediction for 2008 Braves team is what Peter?
<PeterMoylan> Fueagle I ate at the field most nights and then I would cook on the off days! i love sushi though any suggestions?
<hudson2> how does it feel knowing that Andruw probably won't be patrolling CF next year?
<striker42> Hey guys. Hey Peter!
<FUEagle> I cant help ya there lol
<BravesAgent47> You been to the Varsity yet in Atlanta Peter?
<striker42> Has anyone asked about a nickname yet?
<PeterMoylan> thethe i really believe that we will at least make playoffs!
<PeterMoylan> hey striker
<FUEagle> Mate
<TallahasseeBravo> No striker, but we have established some closet air supply fans amoung us....
<FUEagle> Mates the nickname right?
<thethe> Moylo they call him at home
<striker42> Glad you're here Peter. I was excited to hear you were coming. You've quickly become one of my favorite Braves
<PeterMoylan> 2,0hud having only been there 2 years its not going to be that strange for me but I know the other guys will miss him
<striker42> Do you have a nickname like "the dingo" or something?
<PeterMoylan> thanks striker! they call me moylo back home!
<striker42> Sweet
<PeterMoylan> In australia you just add an O to your name and thats the nickname!!! lol
<BravesAgent47> lol
<striker42> bobby just adds a y
<PeterMoylan> hahahahaha
<PeterMoylan> come on jonesy!! had 3 of those in september
<striker42> You seriously need to have a movie made about your story
<TallahasseeBravo> K pete, have you learned to hate the Mets with every fiber of your being yet?
<PeterMoylan> striker! if it wasnt for the rookie i think it would be a done deal
<skidlee21> lol
<FUEagle> Peter what was the rookie prank you when you arrived? Don't tell us there wasnt one lol
<striker42> You're story would be so much better. First you're an aussie which makes it cooler and second you're better than that guy ever was.
<PeterMoylan> Tallahassee, the mets will be hated for the rest of my life
<PeterMoylan> impossible sit up Fueagle! have you heard of it?
<TallahasseeBravo> You have officially passed the initiation!
<striker42> I've heard of it
<FUEagle> LOL
<striker42> Ran it to perfection once
<striker42> Had a guy walk in with nothing but a towel on at the perfect moment
<PeterMoylan> ahuh it involves a towel and someones butt!!!!
<goteamgoteamgo> the impossible situp is a classic
<DaneHill> lol
<PeterMoylan> yeah really funny guys
<striker42> That's awesome
<striker42> Did you ever have to endure rookie dress up day?
<PeterMoylan> striker last year i was a penguin!!!! but we were in Colorado so at least i was warm! gotta see the positives in everything
<striker42> LOL
<DaneHill> Pete, were you as surprised as most of us at JS's announcement to step away as GM?
<TallahasseeBravo> What is your favorite stadium Pete?
<PeterMoylan> 2,0Dane i was mate! i had no clue during the season or even at the end! shows how much i know
<DaneHill> That was the best kept secret in baseball this year it seems
<PeterMoylan> I love coors field, but I love pitching at Shea! its great to silence 2,050,000 met fans
<cjones4mvp> haha, heck yea
<DaneHill> Wren's actually going to join us one of these weeks for some Q&A, poor guy. lol
<striker42> LOL
<cjones4mvp> i want to see Pittsburgh in person myself
<seanyates> does sitting in the bullpen ever get boring? what goes on back there?
<PeterMoylan> yeah pittsburgh is nice too
<cjones4mvp> i love great american ballpark in cinci and they say Pittsburgh is as nice
<PeterMoylan> sean we dont really do anything but talk crap till about the 5th! then we start to focus. A little anyway
<DaneHill> Speaking of pit, Shea is one
<seanyates> yes it is
<davidATL14> Pitt and SF are the two best parks in the NL IMO. hands down.
<cjones4mvp> ok pete, the last 2 years ive met about a dozen players in the hotel bar/restaraunt in cinci, i expect u to be in attendance next may when u all are in cinci :)
<gifthorse> Peter, your slider just seems devastating and I wish you would throw it more often. What has the Braves coaching staff said about using it?
<hudson2> Peter we really enjoy you staying in here this long and chatting with us.
<PeterMoylan> I will make sure I'm there cjones!
<cjones4mvp> and this year, we're beating those guys!! haha
<seanyates> has any hitter ever looked like they might charge the mound while you were pitching?
<DaneHill> Uh oh, we're all gonna show up in that bar/restaurant! lol
<striker42> I actually have a tendency to laugh hysterically when I see guys flailing at the slider after a couple sinkers
<FUEagle> Grr yeah the Cinci series hurt a little bit
<PeterMoylan> gifthorse a lot of the time i come in with runners on base so i want to get a ground ball! when i need a strikeout i use the slider!
<cjones4mvp> lol dane
<TallahasseeBravo> Pete, have you gotten the chance to meet any players who were your heros growing up?
<striker42> Besides baseball player, what's your dream job?
<PeterMoylan> sean being an aussie I think i can handle myself pretty well. I've only hit a handfull of guys and one of them was a pitcher!
<DaneHill> Pete, I don't know if you want to predict, but the prediction question of the offseason is...will Tex stay with Atlanta beyond next year? Fearless prediction there?
<seanyates> i think all of us believe you would be fine in a baseball brawl
<PeterMoylan> 2,0tallahassee, chipper is a god in the australian baseball comunity so meeting him was a dream. Now we are friends! my buddies dont believe me when i say it
<skidlee21> lol
<DaneHill> lol
<striker42> LOL
<PeterMoylan> 2,0Dane i know he like Atl and i think if we can find enough cash he will stay
<seanyates> do you ever goof off and swing the bat in BP?
<cjones4mvp> i think everyone loves chipper
<DaneHill> Speaking of, were the you and the guys in the clubhouse relieved once
the ownership situation with Liberty finalized?
<cjones4mvp> u can imagine my reaction when i met/talked to him 2 yrs in a row
<PeterMoylan> dane i personally didn't even know it was all going on
<PeterMoylan> its gone bill and i cant get it up again
<BillShanks> That was my problem on my prom night.
<seanyates> which opposing fans talk the most trash to you or the team in general?
<cjones4mvp> haha
<hudson2> lol
<PeterMoylan> hahahahahahahahahahaha
<skidlee21> lol
<DaneHill> lol, Patio can help with that
<PeterMoylan> PHILLY FOR SURE sean
<chap7721> hey everyone
<striker42> What's on your Ipod?
<seanyates> does anyone ever jaw back at 'um or do you just ignore it?
<goteamgoteamgo> being in the philly area myself and having gone tto games there, I can agree
<PeterMoylan> everything from john mayer to t pain i love all music
<PeterMoylan> I have a few words to say but they cant understand me anyway!! lol
<FUEagle> lol
<seanyates> that was fun
<davidATL14> Seems like a hell of a guy!
<striker42> I wish I had been here from the
start, I had a family thing crop up
<seanyates> ok cool
<cjones4mvp> man we've had some good
chats in here, thanks bill
<davidATL14> Richt call yu striker to see if he could keep martinez for one more week?
<FUEagle> i thought Bill ticked you off for a second
<PeterMoylan> haha
<striker42> What's your favorite sport to watch apart from baseball?
<PeterMoylan> I love the x games
<BravesAgent47> Did you see that skateboarder fall like 50 feet at the x games Peter
<striker42> That was wild. I saw that live
<BravesAgent47> That must of been rough
<FUEagle> He was lucky
<PeterMoylan> agent yeah i saw that! he was australian, im surprise he didn't just get up and try again! thats the Aussie way
<striker42> LOL
<FUEagle> haha
<NRVHokie> Great season Peter, you were fantastic to watch !!
<BravesAgent47> I was amazed he walked away from it, aussie for sure. lol
<PeterMoylan> thanks hokie
<chap7721> good luck next season peter
<BravesAgent47> Have you eaten at the Varsity in Atlanta Peter?
<PeterMoylan> thanks chap!
<skidlee21> you mention the Cubs game earlier any onther games you will remember for a while?
<PeterMoylan> hahahahaha yeah I smashed a few chilli dogs!!!
<macdwolfpack> Evening boys and girls
<BravesAgent47> lol, I havent gotten to eat there in a few years.
<PeterMoylan> Hi Mac
<murph3> Moylan is Austrailian for strikeout.
<striker42> Do you ever get recognized outseide the stadium?
<macdwolfpack> No questions just damn glad Peter is an Atlanta Brave and look for big things from him in 08
<NRVHokie> Do you prefer futbal or football ?
<NRVHokie> I think I spelled that wrong, my bad
<hudson2> Peter, pleasure having you in here and good luck next season!
<PeterMoylan> striker the more I pitched the more i was recognised, but I keep a pretty low profile! hard to miss with the tats though
<PeterMoylan> football 110%
<PeterMoylan> thanks hudson! i cant wait
<murph3> Neither can we.
<FUEagle> Im so ready for 08
<BravesAgent47> Thanks for your time Peter. I really look forward to watching you dominate next season. All the luck to you mate!
<macdwolfpack> Peter has your family settle in over here yet?
<striker42> What's your newest ink?
<NRVHokie> Nice....Come check out the Hokies next fall with Bill !! : )
<PeterMoylan> no worries agent!
<DaneHill> Thanks, Peter, help spread the word in the clubhouse that we're a cool bunch to chat with! :P
<MIBravesFan> Thanks for the time and your great pitching Peter! Enjoy your off-season with your family!
<PeterMoylan> no mac we are all in aus! i think we they will stay here again! our school years are so different and my 7 year old loves here school
<PeterMoylan> i finished my sleeve on the right arm striker!
<PeterMoylan> will do dane
<skidlee21> thanks for coming in a chatting and feel free to come back often we have no lives we are alwasy in here
<PeterMoylan> Thanks MI
<BravesAgent47> Do you have a webcam so you can't talk to your wife and kids during the season?
<FUEagle> Sad but true skid
<PeterMoylan> hahahahaha I will surprise you one day with another visit
<striker42> Skidlee's right. We're a bunch of pathetic losers with no lives outside of the
<BillShanks> Peter thank you so much for coming in the chatroom with us. It was great to talk with you. If you get bored over the winter and want to talk some Braves' Baseball, drop in at the same time every week.
<FUEagle> Come back Moylo
<PeterMoylan> agent we do it 3 times a week! i love the internet
<murph3> Did Paronto and Wickman take your food in the clubhouse?
<cjones4mvp> thanks again peter, enjoy the offseason w/ the family
<PeterMoylan> hahahahahahah be nice murph
<skidlee21> LOL
<murph3> LOL"
<BravesAgent47> Great to hear. Have a good afternoon there in Australia and thanks again!
<murph3> Sorry Peter
<PeterMoylan> no worried guys!!! Chat soon come on 08
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Bill Shanks is the author of Scout's Honor: The Bravest Way To Build A Winning Team, a look inside the Braves‘ traditional scouting and player development philosophies. He can be heard on 680 the Fan in Atlanta and 105.5 the Fan in Macon. Email Bill at

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