Kenshin Kawakami Interview

The Braves Show's Bill Shanks talks with Kenshin Kawakami, with the help of his interpreter.

SHANKS: How is spring training different here than in Japan?
KAWAKAMI: Spring training here is much shorter than in Japan. That's pretty much the big difference right there.

SHANKS: You've always been the man in your rotation in Japan. What's it like now to be one of the guys with the Braves?
KAWAKAMI: The major leagues is a place where all the best players come to, so I do have that in mind. So I just need to challenge myself and play the best game I can.

SHANKS: How do you think about your other starting pitchers in the rotation?
KAWAKAMI: Not just the starters, but the whole team, the whole organization has been great to me. I just want to respond to that sympathy I've been getting.

SHANKS: How good can this rotation be?
KAWAKAMI: I know I have to challenge myself. I feel this rotation can be close to the days with Maddux and Smoltz and Glavine.

SHANKS: The fans do not know what to expect since you've only been available to them on youtube. What do you want the fans to know about you as a pitcher?
KAWAKAMI: I don't have much velocity like pitchers here. My pitching style is having to balance myself well and having to pitch with my heart.

SHANKS: Has any of this whole process made you nervous?
KAWAKAMI: I feel like the organization and the fans have been great. I just want to respond to that.

SHANKS: So the fans have made you feel welcome?
KAWAKAMI: The fans have been really polite.

SHANKS: What about that first start in Atlanta? Will you be nervous?
KAWAKAMI: To be honest, I'll probably be nervous.

SHANKS: Have your teammates played any practical jokes on you yet?
KAWAKAMI: They haven't really been ragging me yet. Not yet. I've been to dinner with a few of them and they've been great.

SHANKS: Do you have to make any pitching adjustments to pitch here?
KAWAKAMI: It is a first time thing coming to the majors, so I will have to experiment a bit. My mechanics are important, but it's also important to learn the batters.

SHANKS: All the fans want to compare you to someone. Who should that be?
KAWAKAMI: There's nothing really I can say about that. I haven't really put up any stats yet, so I'm just going to try my best.

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